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Warden James Blackwell had a rather unusual problem to say the least. He could handle prison riots, disgruntled prisoners, and even the occasional break out attempt. But this was almost too much.

There was a baby in his prison yard. A baby for God's sake! Not to mention the thing was blue and had a rather… large head. He knew the head was supposed to be the biggest thing on a baby but there are limits! The thing's head was almost as big as his hand! He decided to ignore the small voice in the back of his mind that claimed the larger head made is somehow even more adorable

Honestly how on earth did the prisoners even get the baby into the prison? Magazines, cigarettes, and booze were the norm to be snuck into his prison but a baby?

Not to mention what the prisoners were reacting to the little monster. Rather than doing any number of horrible things to the child they had seemingly adopted him as one of them.

Really the sight of a bank robber attempting to blow out his cheeks, wiggle his ears, and cross his eyes to make the child laugh would be a bit disconcerting to anyone. The feeling only worsened when the "hardened criminal mastermind" suddenly looked up and caught him staring from outside the man's cell. Prisoner 70-5-2 grinned asked over the delighted giggles of the small babe in his lap.

"Hello Warden! Good of you to join us. Here to welcome our newest resident ain't cha?" he crowed with unmasked delight.

Blackwell floundered in confusion before finally replying. "Our newest…resident?"

Prisoner 70-5-2 laughed as he held up the giggling infant up for his inspection.

"See, since he landed here he belongs to us. Finders Keepers and all. So we didn't want him to feel left out."

Sure enough the baby was clad in a miniature prison uniform. Warden Blackwell wasn't even sure he wanted to know where on earth they came up with the outfit. After all he didn't even know how the baby had gotten into the prison. Surely the prisoner's tale of the child arriving in a miniature spaceship was true? Then again the child was a blue with a giant head so anything was possible at this point.

Warden Blackwell shook himself back to attention as he realized the prisoner was still speaking.

" …and since he is one of us now we arranged for him to be put into the records! We even gave him a number! See!" Prisoner 70-5-2 gently turned the cooing infant around so the Warden could see the numbers emblazoned across the small back.

0-0-0-0-0-0-0-6 was written across the tiny thing's back. Warden Blackwell heaved a sigh and tried to massage away the headache that was slowly building behind his eyes.

Some days it just didn't pay to get out of bed.


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