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Time-line wise, this takes place in Year 4 for HP, right at the Graveyard scene, while for Stargate, it comes in the first season of Stargate: SG-1, after Cold Lazarus but before The Nox. Now I am expecting some knowledge of both HP and SG1 here, so I am not going into a ton of back story to make up word counts. If you read this and something is unclear, send me a PM or leave a review and I will attempt to either clarify or clear the section up in story. Now, grab a hold of something, get set, and get ready for my first NaNoWriMo attempt. It is going to be a wild ride!

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Season One: Chapter One: Circumventing the Prophecy

Harry stared at the figure of the newly reborn Lord Voldemort as Wormtail covered it with a robe, and felt an epiphany come across him. While fearing the name of a thing for no reason was at best, stupid, fearing what Voldemort could do would not be unwise. The power that Harry could feel radiating from this creature before him was immense, and hung palpable in the air as if waiting for a spark to ignite into a torrent of dark magic.

Voldemort stared at Harry, ignoring the cries of his servant below him, clutching a bleeding stump of an arm. "Well well, Harry Potter. I had originally planned to kill you tonight you know."

Harry, despite his fear, stood as tall as he was able while tied against a tombstone. "Change your mind and decide to give up this ridiculous Dark Lord stuff then?"

Voldemort, rather than getting angry at Harry and his reply, seemed genuinely impressed. "You have spirit boy. Your fear is plain as day in your eyes and thoughts, yet you stand tall and courageous against me. As I told you before, I can appreciate, even value courage. You do your parents proud to stand there and push away your fear." Voldemort would have continued, had not Wormtail's wailing and begging gotten louder. "Good help is so hard to find, excuse me Harry." Walking over to Wormtail, he looked down at the quivering figure before him. "Stop your incessant complaining fool, and give me your arm." As Wormtail raised the bleeding stump, Voldemort moved his wand in an intricate pattern, and a gleaming silver hand appeared.

Wormtail immediately quieted, staring at the hand in wonder. "Thank you Master, it is truly wonderful. Thank you."

"Never forget I reward good and faithful service Wormtail. Now, go prepare the ritual circle as I instructed. The time is quickly approaching." as Wormtail scurried away, Voldemort turned back to the watching figure of Harry Potter. "Now, where were we?

Harry stared at Voldemort incredulously. When it seemed he was actually expecting an answer he played along, trying to buy himself some time to get free. "You were about to tell me the reason you decided not to kill me."

"Ah yes, thank you. I have had many months planning my revenge, planning my rebirth. But one thought kept in my head, giving me pause. You and the protection placed by your mother had defeated me twice, could it happen a third time? Indeed, that was the very reason I waited so long. I could have used any person's blood Harry, but yours, yours had that protection in it. And if I used it, then that protection would no longer affect me." To prove his point, Voldemort put a single finger right onto Harry's scar, causing Harry to nearly faint from the pain. Voldemort jerked back, and Harry believed that perhaps the protection still held, but Voldemort's next words shocked him. "Well now, that was unexpected. A piece of me, in you."

Harry's blood ran cold. "What do you mean a piece of you?"

"Oh nothing too terrible Harry. Just a small portion of my powers. Something I hadn't meant to do and that I will rectify before the main event." He turned away from Harry for a bit, and began muttering to himself. Harry only caught a few words. "Shouldn't...Nagini...good safeguard...eight is a terrible number..."

Harry, in an effort to get more information, spoke up. "Main event?"

Voldemort whipped around and seemed to shake loose whatever he had been thinking of. "Don't get ahead of the story young Harry. I knew I wanted your blood to overcome the protection, so I plotted and planned, waiting for the opportune time. But what to do with the months I was waiting? I am not very good at being bored you see, always have to have something going on. There was another thought running through my brain, one that also gave me pause. Did you know that there was a True Prophecy about the two of us?"

Harry blinked at the seeming random thoughts spilling from the Dark Lord's head, believing that this random behavior was proof positive that Voldemort was a true mad-man, before that last sentence made its way into his mind. "What?"

"Oh yes, it was the reason I choose you. It went like this: The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches...born to those that have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies... Originally that is all I knew. At the time, there were two couples that were expecting and had defied me, the Longbottoms, and the Potters. I decided to go after you."

"Why me? After all, I wasn't a pure-blood!"

"My boy, do you truly think that I believe that tripe that my Death Eaters spew? I was born from a noble line, the line of Slytherin, but a decaying one. My mother was a near squib. She had me with a Muggle man, and voila! The most powerful sorcerer in the world! New blood infused into a noble line and powers the like of which had not been seen in a millennium were mine to command, mine to control! Fresh blood is needed for the world to survive, but I need the power of the Pure-bloods to gain control of that world. I will take it, I will use it, and when I am done with them, will discard all but a few of the most faithful or useful, and I will reign over all for eternity!" Voldemort was shouting now, a crazed gleam in his eye. Harry silently reassessed his earlier statement, Voldemort was not a mad-man, he was a true sociopathic lunatic

Voldemort gained control of himself, and was once again portraying the calm, calculating teacher/storyteller he had been all night. "But that is none of your concern. You see, after being thrown from my physical body, I began to wonder, what if it wasn't your mother's protection that defeated me that night? What if instead, there was more to the prophecy, more to the story of you being the one to defeat me? I had to find out. I possessed one of the fools that work at the Ministry, then made my way to the Hall of Prophecy. I found the one that pertained to you and I, then sent a reducto at it, shattering the globe and letting it play. And it turns out, there was more than what I knew. The rest of the prophecy goes something like this: The Dark Lord shall mark him as his equal, but he shall have power the Dark Lord knows not...and either must die at the hand of the other, for neither can live while the other survives.

Harry's face paled as Voldemort stepped closer, the prophecy hanging like a weight between them. "That means that..."

"Yes my boy, either you kill me, or I kill you. But then I thought of another interpretation. I am the only one who can kill you, and you, are the only one that can kill me. I thought about ending you tonight anyway, making the prophecy fulfilled and just be done with it, but that would leave me vulnerable to other would be heroes. While I am confident in my safeguards against death, it never is a bad idea to have a back-up, to your contingency, to your plan B. After all, if you are the only one to kill me while you still live, then I have one more method of immortality at my grip. I just have to secure you someplace where you can't kill me."

Voldemort began to drag Harry to the spot Wormtail was finishing setting up the ritual, Harry fighting against him the whole way, but hampered without his wand and smaller physical stature. "I'll never let you win. I will fight you until you die or I do, leaving you open to Dumbledore or someone else!"

Voldemort merely chuckled, continuing to drag Harry in. "I know my boy, as I said, I admire your courage. You are, after all, able to face something even I shy away from. Death! The end of your existence, and yet you are willing to face it! Truly admirable. But, I thought and planned for months young Potter. I have a ritual in mind just for you. But first, the matter of that piece of me..." Voldemort placed his palm on Harry's scar, and this time the pain was more focused, more intense, but along with it came a pulling sensation, as if Harry was loosing something he hadn't known he had. He instinctively fought to hold onto it, not understanding what was happening through the pain, but knowing that if Voldemort wanted it, the opposite had to be some amount of good for him. He was partially successful, though he wished he hadn't been. The knowledge contained in the piece of Voldemort, decades worth of study and spells, flew into his mind, even as the actual piece of it, what he now knew was a Horcrux, left him and was reintegrated into Voldemort. The rush of information, the pain from Voldemort's touch, and the night's events finally took their toll on Harry, and he passed out on the ground.


Harry awoke tied to a marble slab in the middle of a set of lines and runes the like of which he had never seen, arms crossed across his chest, wand in hand. He tried to speak but found himself silenced. He looked around trying to spot Riddle or Wormtail, but his eyes were again drawn to the runes. He felt like he knew it, though he had never taken Ancient Runes. Suddenly this feeling of confusion was replaced with fear again as his eyes meet the burning reds of Voldemort.

"Awake again? Very good, your mind is truly resilient. All that knowledge must have been a terrible strain on your mind. I find myself once again impressed." Harry allowed his face to show his confusion, but as Wormtail cast the last rune, the knowledge of what is happening, and where Harry had learned it, filled his mind with a clarity that must have shown, as Voldemort began laughing at his expression. "You recognize this don't you? After all, I studied it looking for ways to gain more power by pulling things through the rift it forms to an alternate universe." Harry struggled to say something, but was unable to. Voldemort released the silencing spell, amused to hear what his young nemesis might ask.

"How the HELL do I know this? And what's the point, as you obviously never succeeded!"

Voldemort let a full-throat laugh escape him. It seemed wrong to hear a natural laugh coming form someone Harry knew to be evil. "You haven't accepted it yet have you? The reason you know, is because I do. Your body instinctively fought to keep something it had become used to within you, fighting my magic. It failed, but not before the knowledge and years of study and hunting about obscure rituals, magics, and powers was copied into your own brain. You know, in theory if not practice, everything I did the night I killed your parents. And the other question? While I was never able to figure out how to pull things from other universes, I was able..."

"...to send something from this one to the other." Harry felt the words coming from his own mouth, heard them in the silence of the night, but his body and mind were numb. They latched onto a last, desperate hope. "I know the ritual, I will find a way back!"

"You may have indeed my boy, but what does this ritual require in terms of power?"

"A concentration of natural magic, so?"

"So? That is everything in this ritual Harry. No mortal, no matter how powerful, is able to break open the fabric of reality to another universe. It requires immense power. The only way to do so, is to tap into the natural power of the Earth, and the concentrations of magic that are found throughout the world that allows access to that natural power. While there is such a concentration here, in fact the concentration of magic was one of the reasons Slytherin set some of his family here, if you could see all the runes, you would find that I am targeting a very specific universe, out of the infinite number out there. I am targeting one, where on the entire planet Earth, there is no magic! And with no magic to call on other than your own..."

Harry's face was ashen white, as the repurcussions filtered through his own mind, knowing thanks to the new knowledge in his head that everything Voldemort was saying was true. "Then I'll never be able to power the ritual and get back..."

Voldemort laughed again, and now it was something Harry expected to hear. Cruel. Mocking. Absolutely full of schadenfreud at Harry's horror. "Quite correct. So, you will live, unable to kill me, unable to return home, locked away in a world that is not your own. Goodbye Harry Potter. Victory and immortality, as it was always meant to be, are now mine to grasp. All thanks to you!" As Voldemort finished casting the ritual to open the rift, Harry could see through to the other side, a collection of soldiers and people, milling about some kind of bunker or underground complex. They could apparently see him as well, as they began closing heavy metal doors and raising weapons. No sound was transmitted, but from the flashing lights some kind of alarms had been activated.

The last thought he had before Voldemort sent him through the rift, laughing manically the entire time, was of his friends left behind to face this monster. He could do nothing but scream defiance, a long, loud cry of "NOOOOO!"


"Well Colonel, are you ready to get back out there again?" General Hammond faced SG-1 and it's leader, Jack O'Neill. "After what happened with the crystal beings..."

"I would prefer not to talk about that sir. And yes, I am ready, and so is my team."

Daniel Jackson leaned forward to face his friend. "Jack are you sure? I mean after what happened..."

"Yes, Daniel. I'm sure. Now General, where are we headed?"

"Well, the dialing program gave us a new address today, the MALP already shows Earth-like conditions, so...What the HELL is THAT!" The normally calm and collected General Hammond was staring out of the window of the briefing room, finding the space in front of the Stargate fluctuating and pulsing, before seeming to rip in half. Everyone got up and immediately ran to the control room. Hammond activated the base wide intercom. "Security team to the gate room, lock-down the mountain, medical team stand-by!" He turned to Captain Carter, already at work at one of the computers in the base as the alarms started blaring. "What's happening Captain?"

"No idea sir, whatever it is, it isn't related to the gate. It's not drawing any power, but producing some form of energy we aren't familiar with."

"Teal'c, this strike you as a Goa'uld tactic you are familiar with?"

"Indeed not General Hammond. Nor is it a technology any Jaffa or Goa'uld I know of have encountered before."

"Whatever it is, its related to a wormhole but not exactly the same."


"The similarities make me think that this is some form of gateway, like the wormholes the gates create, but we can't see to the other side of those wormholes like we can with this one." Carter looked up again, then stopped in surprise. "General, is that a human boy strapped to that table? And what about the red-eyed thing behind him, it looks like it might be humanoid at least."

"It is a boy, no idea of the other. Is that thing incoming or outgoing Captain? If that is a human child in trouble I'm sending in a few teams of Marines."

"Impossible to determine sir."

They watched as suddenly the table seemed to lift, flying forward, before the bonds holding the boy to it snapped, letting him fly out and crash onto the ramp that lead to the gate, dazed and obviously injured.

Daniel looked as the boy struggled to his feet. "Well guess that answers that question. Incoming traveler."

Carter took note of the injuries and blood flowing from the various cuts the boy had. "We may need that med team up here sir."

Despite that the boy was clearly in pain he quickly got up and ran back to the already closing rift. "NOOO! Voldemort when I get my hands on you you're dead!" Right before he could reach it, the rift closed firmly with a final pop of displaced air. That last sound seemed to sap the boy of his energy, leaving him broken and defeated on the gate ramp. The security team approached slowly, guns at the ready, before the boy turned back to them. Realizing that he was facing several armed men he raised his arms high, a wooden stick in his hand the only sign of a weapon. "Uh...hi? Don't shoot, okay, cause I think I am about to pass out." Sure enough, the boy collapsed on the ramp, leaving an entire level full of confused men and women.

One thing was clear though. He needed help. Hammond reached for the mike. "Medical team to the gate room, full quarantine procedures." As the door opened the team quickly rushed in, checking the boy's vitals and getting him on a gurney before running out of the room at full speed, Janet already calling out for medicines and procedures needed. "SG-1, I'm postponing your mission until we find out just what the hell happened. If our defenses can be breached that easily I want to know how, why, and what we can do to stop it. Once that boy is stable enough to talk, I want you and Daniel to debrief him Jack. He sounded like he was English, but we can't rule out that it was another world we were looking into. If so, it would be a major advantage against the Goa'uld to be able to get people to the proposed Alpha Site without the use of the gate. Captain, you work on figuring out what that thing was, and if we can replicate it. Use whatever resources you need. Teal'c, I want you standing guard in the infirmary just in case this is a Goa'uld trick. I don't want to put a full detail around the boy just in case he is human, but if not, I want a team of guards in the hall outside the infirmary and you inside. I don't want another event like what happened with Kawalsky."

"Yes sir."


Harry felt himself slowly gaining consciousness. The sound of medical equipment and the fact he had an I.V. in his arm let him now that at least wherever he had landed was Muggle. He could only hope that Voldemort had gotten it wrong and that some part of the world had a high enough concentration of natural magic so he could get back. He slowly cracked opened his eyes, noticing that most of his superficial wounds had healed, and the mark on his arm where Wormtail had drawn blood was bandaged tightly. His leg was stiff, but not as bad as it had been in the maze or the graveyard, so he supposed it was on the mend as well. Having taken stock of his situation he kept his eyes closed, listening, trying to determine if these people were friend or foe.

"While your control over your breathing and bodily motions is impressive, I know you are awake, young one."

Harry gave it up as a lost cause and looked around to find who had spoken. He found a veritable mountain of muscle and bone standing against the wall observing him. "Where am I? Who are you?"

"You are in the medical facilities of this base, under the care of Dr. Janet Fraiser. I am Teal'c. I am under orders not to answer anything else at this point in time. We have several questions we must ask you before we can share anything else. Our security depends on it."

"O...K. Am I a prisoner?"

A new voice spoke up from the other side of the bed. Harry turned and found himself facing an attractive older woman in medical garb. "Not yet. That depends on your intentions to the people here. You are however under quarantine. You appeared in our base with no explanation, so until we can determine whether or not you are bearing anything contagious, or are in danger from anything here, we have to keep you here for your safety and ours."

"Dr. Fraiser I presume?"

"Indeed Mr...?"

"Potter, Harry Potter. Are you the one who fixed me up?"

"Yes I am. Your injuries weren't too severe, you were mostly dehydrated and suffering from blood loss from that knife wound and leg injury, which reminds me, I would advise not putting to much pressure on that leg for a while. Now, just a couple quick things, where are you from?"

"I don't think it will matter, but I'm from Little Whinging, Surrey, England."

"Okay, age?"


"Parents names? Since your a minor."

"James Potter and Lily Evans-Potter. But you might have trouble contacting them."


"They're dead."

A silence fell for a moment, before Janet let the Chief Medic of the SGC mask slip a bit. She put her hand out onto Harry's shoulder, looking him in the eye. "I'm sorry, about bringing up bad memories."

"You couldn't know. No harm no foul, and as for bad memories, that seem to be all I have at this point Doc. So, you've patched up my hurt, and Mr. Teal'c mentioned something about some things you wanted to ask me?"

"Right." Janet took a moment to collect herself, and she was back in Doctor mode. "If you feel up to it, then Colonel O'Neill and Dr. Jackson would like to have a few words with you."

"Okay. I have a few more questions of my own, and you have been kind enough to answer a few already. Only proper I return the favor."

"Nice to see a young man with manors. Stay here, and I'll send them in."

Harry looked over to the I.V. strapped to his arm and the various machines he was plugged in to. "Wont go anywhere Doc, promise."


Janet walked outside of the infirmary and found both Daniel and Jack waiting on her. "He's up, and in a good mood all things considered. Very polite."

"He say anything about where he was from Doc?"

"He did Colonel. Mentioned a town called Little Whining in Surrey, England. Gave me his parents names as well since he is a minor, but he says they are dead."

"He's an orphan?" Daniel seemed to pay special attention to this, something Jack took notice of. He knew about Daniel's past, from digging into it and from what Daniel had told him, but he wouldn't say anything in front of the Doc unless he did first.

"Yes. I'm heading to the labs to do some checking on him. But he seems to be from Earth. If he hadn't seen the Stargate, or arrived as he had, I would have suggested just leaving him completely in the dark. As it is, you may have to fill him in on everything."

"Everything Doc? That's a bit hasty don't you think? The Stargate is supposed to be a secret."

"I understand that Colonel. But this situation is not a normal one. Whatever happened, he arrived through some form of portal. So if he is from Earth, then he must have gotten where he did somehow. Considering what we know, I think that being honest may be able to help him open up and trust us, let us help him and possibly get him home. Also...I don't know why, but something about him makes me think he should be able to handle it."

The two SG-1 members shared a quick glance before heading into the room. Teal'c stood against the wall, in a what seemed to be a staring contest with the young boy. Jack, never one to let such an opportunity pass, spoke up. "So, he beaten you yet T?"

"Indeed not O'Neill, though he has lasted longer than you did the first time you showed me this contest. Will you be questioning him now?"

"Yeah T, we got it, thanks." Daniel was snickering softly into his hand at the fact that a teenager outlasted Jack in something, so Jack just gave the space monkey a push as Teal'c walked out the door, not breaking eye contact until the door closed. The boy leaned back on the bed, and started blinking rapidly.

"Cor, I'm glad you two came in, I didn't want to give up but I don't think that man is human! No way a normal man can hold his eyes open that long!"

Daniel and Jack gave each other a silent look, before Daniel stepped forward, deciding to take the lead since he shared some common ground with Harry. "Yeah about that, we have some things to tell you, but you have to sign a few things first. I'm Dr. Daniel Jackson by the way, and the one back there trying to steal Teal'c's cake is Colonel Jack O'Neill."

"Hey! I am not stealing, I'm simply making sure it doesn't go to waste."

"Right Jack, whatever helps you sleep at night."

Harry smiled to himself, hearing the two arguing back and forth with no heat behind it reminded him of his friends back in Hogwarts. He immediately began signing the papers, figuring that as soon as he could get out of here, he could start hunting down any magic on this world. He might just cast a spell and hope that he could explain it the Ministry when they came. It was his best chance, as any concentration of magic would always give rise to magical people that lived in the area long enough, and those people should have a way to detect him.

Daniel and Jack watched as Harry signed the papers in a flurry, glancing at them just enough to know what they were. When he was done, Harry looked to the two of them. "Okay, I've agree not to speak about anything I see, hear, or am exposed to, what's so important?"

"Well kid, hang on for a bit of a reality check." Jack told Harry everything about the Stargate program, from its inception, the original mission through the gate, up to its current status as far as equipment, teams, and official mission was. Needless to say, Harry was stunned.

"So, you guys step through that big ring I saw earlier, traveling to different planets, looking for allies and technology to use against these Goa'uld. All the while you also protect any people that are under attack and help them find new worlds?"

"That's the basic gist of it, yeah."

"And here I thought my story was going to be hard to believe."

"Your story?"

"Yeah, but suddenly it doesn't sound so implausible." Harry began telling him his life story, from the Prophecy being made and Voldemort attacking him as a baby, to the memory transfer in the graveyard, and being sent through the rift. Seeing Jack and Daniel's disbelieving looks, Harry asked if it was alright to head outside, someplace secluded.

"Doc Fraiser said you are healthy enough to be questioned, so I guess a walk to the top of the mountain should be fine, but why?"

"Because if you give me my wand, that wooden stick I had when I fell through the rift, I can cast a few spells and prove it to you. And by doing so it will let me see if Voldemort was right, and there is no magic or magical society in this universe."

Daniel and jack shared a look before Daniel shrugged. "He did just come through a wormhole like creation that wasn't connected to the gate, maybe he is telling the truth."

"Fine, you go get Carter and Teal'c, I'll call the Napoleonic power monger and General Hammond to clear it with them."

Harry raised his had, before realizing how silly it must have looked. "Sorry but, Napoleonic power monger?"

"Doc Fraiser."



"And you believe this story Colonel?"

"I don't know if I believe it, but it seems just as likely as anything else, and plus, if that was a cover story, it was damn near perfect. Not enough details to seem to be rehearsed, but not so few as to be obviously fake. I say we let the kid try sir."

"What about you Captain, what is your take on this?"

"I'm against the idea of magic, at least till I'm proven wrong. Nearly everything ascribed to magic in our past has been science that we haven't understood, and what we call magic now is either still that or just smoke and mirrors designed to fool others. However, the idea of alternate universes is plausible. The multiverse theory says that for every choice we make, there are an infinite number of universes that are affected. For example, in one universe, Ra may have taken the gate with him, meaning no SGC. Or perhaps Earth is still under his control. Another could be that the SGC and Earth are advanced beyond the Goa'uld. It could even be possible that something in the past caused there to be no Goa'uld at all, or for there to actually be a place where magic is real. I guess what I am saying is it is possible sir. Plus we will have two armed air force soldiers and a Jaffa there should it look like something is going to go wrong."

"And me."

"Yes Daniel, I am sure the thought of the archeologist has the Goa'uld shaking in their boots."

"Enough you two. Dr. Fraiser, is there any medical reason why we shouldn't do this?"

"No sir, from what I have heard he is lucky to be in the shape he is in. Give him a cane to support his weakened leg and I think he should be fine."

"Very well, SG-1, take him topside and see if his story holds true."


"Good lord, how many floors down was that place?" Harry was enjoying the sunshine and movement out in the fresh air, getting used to the cane had been a bit of a problem, but he was managing it fairly well.

"The infirmary was at sub level 21, the room where we met was sub level 28."

"Bloody hell. That's pretty far down. So, where are we going?"

"A shooting range set up a little ways up the mountain, secluded, and able to be accessed only by people that work in the mountain. Just up a bit more."

After a few more minutes, Harry spotted the range, but only because he was told where to look. It was a secluded area, and unless you knew where it was, you probably wouldn't find it. Perfect for a top secret shooting range for when the inside of the mountain would drive you crazy. After they had set up and Teal'c had secured the area for their private use, by order of General Hammond, Harry set to explaining what he could about magic.

"Everything and everyone has a small amount of magic on my world. In most of the population, that amount is just enough to occasionally affect a few things. You desperately need to get to work on time or you could lose your job, so you subconsciously call on your magic and it helps you pick a route that will not be clogged with traffic. In times of great need, it can lead to feats that seem super human. Such as a man able to leap a 5 foot fence and land without injury on the other side when trying to get to his family, or a parent suddenly being able to lift something they normally couldn't to get to their child. Adrennalin plays a part, but that same instinct that triggers that chemical also triggers the magic in a person. Some have more magic in them than others. If that level is high enough, you get a witch or wizard. When properly trained, they can cast spells for all sorts of things, using the magic in their body to let them circumvent, and sometimes break entirely, what were the laws of physics on my world."

Harry then went through several charms, curses, hexes, and transfiguration spells, using the knowledge that Voldemort had inadvertently granted him. As he cast more and more spells, the members of SG-1 had no choice but to believe that magic was real. Harry eventually became desperate, and concentrated on the biggest, most eye catching spell he could cast in an effort to get someone to appear. "Expecto Patronum!". Immediately Prongs sprang to life, galloping around, radiating positive emotions. After a few minutes, with no dementors to fight or messages to carry, the Patronus faded, leaving a stunned SG-1 behind, and as the minutes ticked by with Harry searching the clouds for a sign of an owl, and no word from him, the group began to get a bit antsy.

"That's impressive stuff Harry, but what are you looking for?"

"Proof I'm not alone."

The minutes ticked by, and at the 20 minute mark Harry finally closed his eyes and conceded defeat. "Seems that Voldemort picked correctly. That amount of magic next to a military instillation should have had people here before I had finished casting. I'm the only wizard in this universe."


"Incredible. I'm sorry about what happened son, I truly am, but you have to admit that finding someone who is capable of using honest to God MAGIC is an incredible thing."

"I completely understand General. Its pretty much how I felt when I first found out about it too."

Harry and SG-1 were in the briefing room, discussing the options with General Hammond. "Well son, is there anyway you can get back without this, concentration of natural magic?"

"Not that I or Voldemort know of. What I just did topside is parlor tricks compared to what this would do. I am pretty damn powerful, but not that powerful."

"Excuse me, General?"

All eyes turned towards Dr. Fraiser as she stepped into the room. "What is it Doctor?"

"I did some checking, turns out that this world did have a Harry, James, and Lily Potter. They were on a tour of the US, and were unfortunately on United Airways Flight 585."

"Why do I know that flight number?"

"It crashed right on final approach to Colorado Springs sir. All three were presumed killed as the crash made some remains hard to identify. I'm sorry Harry."

Harry felt tears spring to his eyes, yet another chance at a family lost. Sometimes fate was just a bitch. "Thanks for trying Doc."

"I wish I could have done more. There is some good news, as far as getting you set up with a life here Harry. James and Lily were agents with MI-6, so their DNA was on file. I compared it to Harry here and it reads correct. Except for coming from an alternate universe, he is their son."

"How does that help us Doctor?"

"The medical facilities at the Air Force Academy Hospital helped treat a few of those patients. Since I still have an office there, I can create some paperwork saying we had an amnesia victim among them, that I was the primary, and now he has regained some of his memories, while others are still lost. The three were also the last of that particular Potter line, so there shouldn't be anyone to go against the story. The funerals were closed casket, and with no family left, he can become the Harry Potter from our universe. Give him a few personal tutors to get him up to speed, he could resume a normal life."

"Thanks Doc, that means a lot. Don't know how I will be able to pay for any of it though. In my universe I was pretty well off thanks to my parents, here I am flat broke. Merlin, I don't even have a place to stay here."

"You can stay with me." All eyes turned to Daniel. "My apartment is more than big enough, especially now that I have the office here. I already know what the truth is, so we don't have to worry about it slipping out accidentally, and I found out Catherine Langford kept me listed as a civilian consultant all the time I was on Abydos, so I have a good bit of money saved. With what I make now, I should be able to cover everything fairly easy, at least until Harry can get on his own feet. If you want to I mean."

"I, well I don't know what to say. You don't know me all that well Dr. Jackson, why offer this?"

"I know what its like to be alone, and the rest of my statements hold true as well. Plus, we might find some technology some day that could help you get back home. After all, isn't that what we are supposed to do? Bring back advance technology to study?"

"Well, I suppose. Technology can certainly do things magic can't, the Stargate is proof of that. Whose to say we wont find some technology that can do what magic can?"

"I'm sorry, we?" Daniel and Harry turned towards Jack, having forgotten about the others. The rest of the room had gotten quiet, letting the two decide between themselves if this would be an idea to explore.

"Yes we." Harry turned so he could see General Hammond and Colonel O'Neill. "Sirs, I'm a fighter. Have been for a while. I can use magic, have years of study of it under my belt thanks to Voldemort, and it could be a big advantage for you. From what Daniel and Jack told me, SG-1 gets into some pretty interesting situations that magic could help out in. With permission sirs, I would like to join up with SG-1."

"I'm sorry son, I can't allow that, you are far to young to join up with the military."

"Age is relative sir, I have the knowledge of someone more than triple my age. I may not be up to speed on non-magical education, but I have experienced enough to qualify as an adult."

"Maybe so, but your physical age means no as far as I am concerned."

Surprisingly, it was Daniel that tried to sell the idea next. "General, he has a point about the magic stuff though. I know Sam wants to get some readings when he casts spells, so she can try to replicate the effects. And with the amount of trouble we get into..."

"Daniel, need I remind you that a lot of that trouble is because of you?"

"That's beside the point Jack. If I am going to be his legal guardian, at least on paper, I say he can come on non-combat missions. He has a reason to be out there, just like me. What kind of hypocrite would I be if I denied him that?"

General Hammond sat in silence for a moment, looking at all the parties involved. There were several advantages that could come from having Harry as part of his command, not to mention a few benefits to the boy himself. Then there were things he knew had to happen, things he couldn't speak to anyone about yet. Harry was going to be part of the program in some way, but from what he knew, it would be years later. No need until that point. It was Harry that decided it for him though. The look of pleading, to be doing SOMETHING to get home, was plain on his face. What kind of man could deny him that? "Very well. Harry will be a civilian consultant, just like you are Dr. Jackson, in SG-1. Only on missions where his talents could be useful, and only on missions where chances of encountering the Goa'uld are low."

"General, are you sure?"

"Yes Jack." Before Jack could voice another objection, Hammond fixed him with a Look. He rarely used it, but when he did, even Jack O'Neill knew better than to argue with him. Giving a nod to the man, Hammond turned back towards the latest SG-1 member. "Now Harry, the only reason I am allowing this is you have shown yourself to be trustworthy so far, and the skills you have shown, plus the circumstances of your arrival show you are able to handle dangerous situations. You will still have to have the tutors, and now you will have to be trained in the procedures and operations we have, along with working in time for Captain Carter's tests if you are agreeable. This will be a heavy work-load son, I wont lie to you. And I will not accept slipping grades due to off-world missions. The minute it seems that going off-world affects your ability to succeed outside of the SGC, it will be revoked until such time as I deem it can be restored to you. Do we have a deal?"

"Yes Sir!" Seeing the smile on his face and the gratitude in his eyes made General Hammond realize he had made the right decision.

"Oy. Now there's two of them that will ignore me." Jack's smile took the sting out of his words. "You know Daniel, it might be time for you to get into a stricter training regime as well. Teal'c, think you could arrange a program that can get these two into top fighting shape for their size and build?"

The smile on Teal'c's face reminded them all that this was a Jaffa who once served as First Prime to Apophis. It was positively evil. "Indeed."

Harry gulped a bit in apprehension. Maybe this hadn't been such a good idea...

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