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Chapter 11: Domestic Disputes

Harry waited in the infirmary, Teal'c and Jack making arrangements with Tuplo and the people of the Land of Light. Teal'c's son had been brainwashed by Apophis to use against Earth, and had been turned into a human bomb that could have wiped out life on the planet. Had it not been for Drey'auc, who noticed that a few of his teeth had been replaced after having lost them in training with Master Bra'tac, things could have gone horribly wrong. Luckily thanks to Harry's Legilimency and a bit of deprogramming, they had been able to return him back to how he had been. The young Jaffa was recovering now, waiting with his mother to head off to hide from Apophis. She waved Harry over, and he approached the two.

"How you feeling kid?"

"Much better thanks to you, Harry Potter."

"Don't mention it. I was glad to help."

"Perhaps if I had been stronger you would not have needed to." Drey'auc looked a bit distressed at this pronouncement. Rya'c seemed to close in on himself a bit, the mood darkening.

Harry sat down then, wanting to let the young man know the truth. "You did not want to be used against your father, right?"


"Then you have no blame. Anyone who is unprepared, or whose will is not strong enough, can be controlled by another. Whether it be hypnosis, drugs, mental conditioning, or spells like I use. No one blames you, and you should not blame yourself."

"I know what you say is true, but..."

"Hard for your heart to accept what your mind says?"


Harry thought for a moment, before leaning forward. "You want to keep this from happening again?"

"With all my being."

"Then I have some exercises for you." Harry spent the remainder of his time in the infirmary talking with the young Jaffa, teaching him the basics of Occlumency. When Teal'c came back to escort his family to the Land of Light, he found Harry and Rya'c in a staring contest. Harry blinked then, leaning back. "Very good. You might have a better grasp of this than your dad did. Keep practicing and remember that it is just a tool. It will help you, but combine it with your own physical training and force of will. You may not be able to stop this from happening again Rya'c, but you can make it damn near impossible."

"Harry Potter speaks truth my son."

"Father!" As Teal'c gathered his family together, Harry smiled, feeling a bit lighter than he had in a few days. It was always a good thing to help someone, no matter how small it seemed in the grand scheme of things. Rya'c may never come under Apophis' control again, he may stay out of the war against the Goa'uld entirely. Or he may play a larger role and Harry's exercises would help him. Harry was no Seer and couldn't tell the future, so he made sure that if he had an opportunity to help, then he would, no matter how small.


Outside Kate's office, unsure if she had time to see him today, Harry stood. With all the new recruits thanks to Elizabeth's efforts, personnel kept coming in. General Hammond had to authorize one of the unused floors to be changed into barracks in order to house the teams that had already been approved, and Kate had more that she had to evaluate to see if they would theoretically be able to handle it. He had been coming by every few days, but there had always been voices inside and he didn't want to interrupt. He was about to walk away again, when her voice called through the door. "You going to come in Harry or just stand there all day?"

He sighed, smiling at her as he walked in. "Do they teach that to you when you get a position of power?"

"Teach what?"

"Knowing who is outside your door without it being opened."

"Oh. Yes. But also, Orion installed a camera outside of my office door so I could see if anyone was too nervous about entering. A lot of the new members are afraid they might not pass the psych eval. After all, the 'gate changes a lot of things. So, some of them are nervous about actually seeing me, and need a bit of encouragement to come in. Kind of like you just were. Want to talk?"

"Not really, but I think I need to. You have a while?"

"My schedule is cleared actually. Was going to go for lunch and then call it a day."

"I can come back later then."

"Nope, not getting out of it that easy. I'll eat later. What's wrong?"

Harry sat down, back in his usual position on the couch across from her. He just sat there, not speaking, not sure where to begin. Kate, noticing his discomfort, decided to start things off. "Rough few weeks for you?"

Harry nodded. "Been trying to come down but after that thing with Rya'c..."

Kate nodded, not needing him to explain. "What's wrong Harry?"

"I'm just feeling a little...helpless here lately I guess."

"You did help save the world Harry, a few times. I'd hardly call that helpless"

"Oh yes, and in between, I let a convict with literally thousands of deaths on her heads escape, insulted a few high ranking members of the military structure which I bribed my way into with magic, can't find a way to get back to the wizarding world in order to save my friends from Voldemort, and nearly kil-killed my friend and team leader! I'm not a bloody hero, I'm a kid, a normal kid who screws up!"

Kate just let Harry rant, paying attention to when he had trouble getting the words out. "That's what's bothering you, isn't it? What happened with Colonel O'Neill?" Harry didn't respond, but the stiffening of his shoulders was enough of an admission. "Explain to me why you had to do that. Why you, and not Teal'c with one of the staff weapons or zats?"

"Power and time. We didn't have a lot of time left, and I can produce a shield that can stop both of those weapons. Combined with Merlin's Ring, the power I could put out was higher. More power equaled a better chance to get the aliens to communicate with us and save everyone. It was just logical."

"And you knew the dangers. So did the Colonel, and everything turned out fine, so what's bothering you?"

"I caused his death, even if it was temporary! All this bloody knowledge in my head and I couldn't do anything other than send raw brute force and hope that it worked! How many times am I going to have to rely on luck to save my family Kate? Luck is not the aspect I want to rely on to keep people safe!"

"You're doing it again Harry."

Harry stopped his rant short, turning to find her eyes staring at him. "Doing what?"

"Taking on more than is your responsibility, and not accepting the credit you are due." She leaned back as Harry slumped down against the arm rest. "You have been lucky, we all have, but you have let others study your magic, and I know the shields have already saved a few lives. Then there are the allies you helped make, the lives you helped save directly, and the fact that you are willing to do what needs to be done, regardless of what might happen to you." She stood up and crossed the short space, placing her hands on his shoulders, forcing him to look up. "You aren't normal. You're extraordinary. And you should be proud of what you have accomplished. I know that I am, and so are the others here."

Harry smiled, seeing her belief in what she was saying in her eyes, no need for legilimency. He nodded his head, standing up to head out. "Want to join us for something to eat? I'm meeting with the others in the mess."

"Sounds good."


Harry stepped out of the Lincoln Memorial, Sam and Jack close behind him. Daniel and Teal'c had gone to Abydos, the one year mark since Daniel's leaving meaning that if he had not returned, they would have buried the gate forever. Harry had gone with Jack and Sam at Daniel's insistence. Harry thought he may have been over stressing about Harry needing to get out more until Daniel had pointed out that Harry had been to a lot of other planets, but hadn't really seen that much of this one, in either reality. So, Sam and Jack had volunteered to get Harry around to the typical touristy stuff before they went to the awards ceremony. They had seen the National Archives, the Air and Space portion of the Smithsonian, and a lot of the memorials, this being the last stop on their list.

Orion had come as well, but had gone off to the British Embassy for some secret thing. Harry had joked with the others that Orion was still too much of a spy. They had laughed, but Harry had known them for long enough to tell when they were hiding something. Sometimes he cursed the fact that he had taught them all Occlumency, and was teaching it to others on the base as well. Still, every advantage they could get against the Goa'uld and all that. So far only SG-1 had mastered it, but others were learning at a decent rate.

"You three about ready to go then?" Harry spun, seeing Orion had somehow found and caught up with them without him noticing. He had a limo waiting for them, ready to head off to the awards presentation.

"Hey Orion. Ya know, somehow, I always seem to get lost in D.C., especially when I'm touring around."

Sam smiled at the others, ruffling Harry's hair just for the hell of it. As Harry swatted her away, she turned towards Jack. "No worries sir, these are my old stomping grounds."

"Sorry to hear that."

The four climbed into the limo, Harry grabbing a drink after getting a nod from Orion. "It couldn't have been too bad Jack, after all, Sam wouldn't have stayed here if it wasn't needed, right?"

"You got that right Harry. But still, trying to get the Stargate program off the ground was no easy task."

"You know, you're lucky this thing is soundproof back here Captain. My driver for the day isn't exactly cleared for that knowledge."

"I could always talk about it as the name for our cover story Orion. Deep space radar telemetry sounds like something some bureaucrat would call the Stargate Program to make it seem bigger than it was."

"True." The four shared small talk, until Harry noticed that they had stopped outside of what looked like an English manor, not the building where the meeting was set to take place at. "Uh, guys? Where are we?"

"The British Embassy. Ambassador Meyer has something for you Harry."


"Yes. Come on then." The group walked in, only for Harry to see General Hammond there as well. "Everything ready sir?"

"All set up Orion. Harry, you have any questions?"

"One. What the bloody hell is going on?"

General Hammond's eyes widened in surprise, before he turned towards the three other members of his command. "None of you told him?"

"We wanted it to be a surprise, sir."

General Hammond laughed, before clapping Harry on the shoulder and leading him into a room where the Ambassador and a small group was waiting. "Here he is Mr. Ambassador, and apparently he has no idea what's happening."

The ambassador barked out a laugh at that, smiling at Orion. "Still hold secrets close to the vest Orion?"

"What can I say sir, once a spy, always a spy."

"I suppose so." The ambassador turned towards Harry, who was still a bit befuddled about what was happening. "And this must be the young man of the hour. How do you do Mr Potter? My name is Christopher Meyer, Ambassador for Her Majesty to the United States."

Harry shook his hand, still not sure what was happening but trusting his team and instincts. "Hello sir."

"Wondering what's happening?"


"It's quite simple Mr. Potter. You have given freely aid which will not only save the lives of the men working at the SGC, but have fought with them tooth and nail in defense of this world. Orion and General Hammond both felt that such a drive and commitment to your fellow man at such a young age needed to be rewarded. It took a bit to get everything organized, as the reason for this can not be publicly acknowledged yet, but, it is is my singular honor to introduce you to His Majesty, Prince Charles of Wales."

Harry stood flabbergasted as the older gentleman stepped forward. "We are honored to meet you young man."

"Your Majesty!" Harry bowed a bit, the history lessons he had absorbed from both his own lessons and Voldemort's coming to the fore. The wizarding world, although acknowledging the Prime Minister and Muggle Government, still held the crown as a supreme authority. The crown just didn't exercise that power.

"Rise. I have been told by Ambassador Meyer of what you have done for us, both in science, service, and as a representative of the British people. I do not have long here, and the reasons for this honor are still not public record, as the Ambassador has mentioned. But, it is due to those accomplishments, that I am pleased to induct you into the Order of the Companions of Honor."

Harry was still stunned, bowing his head out of reflex as the ribbon and medal were placed over his head. The other people in the room were clapping. "Rise, Mr. Potter. We must take our leave, but upon discovery of what you have done, and what you continue to do, we felt you deserved no less." Harry nodded, stuttering out a thank you as the Prince and his group made their way out of the embassy, and he supposed, out of the country.

He only snapped out of it when Jack clapped him on the shoulder. "So, does this mean I have to call you Sir Harry now?"

The Ambassador spoke then, gathering the few materials he needed. "Actually, the Order of Companions of Honor does not confer a knighthood Colonel. He is entitled to use the letters CH after any signed correspondence, but other than that not much changes. It is the least we can do though. I wont keep you any longer, as I know you have your own awards ceremony to get to, so if Mr. Potter can just sign here..." After doing so, not sure exactly what he was signing but figuring he could ask Orion about it later, Harry and the others got into the limo again, this time heading back towards the building the Air Medals would be presented at.

Harry was still in a bit of shock, fingering his medal and staring at it, before turning to Orion. "Why?"

"You deserve it Harry. We all thought you deserved to be rewarded. I wish we could do the same for Daniel and Teal'c, but Daniel is still a bit of a laughing stock in the science community, and until we come clear about the Stargate Program he will remain that way. Rewarding him publicly would lead to questions we just aren't ready for. Same for Teal'c."

Harry nodded, silent the rest of the way to the ceremony.


Harry stepped into the room behind the others, his medal across his chest for all to see. He had almost taken it off in the limo, but Orion had said that since this was an awards ceremony, it should traditionally be worn. Harry had kept it on then, stepping out into the light. The building didn't look all that different from the many other office buildings he was used to seeing, but he supposed that was the beauty of it. No one would expect the President to be presenting awards here, and he supposed the people in the room were smart enough to know when not to talk about something, even if they didn't know exactly what was going on. Harry spotted General Hammond already in the crowd, having arrived by his own car earlier than they had.

Sam noticed him too, turning towards Jack. "I see General Hammond's already doing the rounds."

"Oh yeah, the man is a player. Knows how to work a room. Punch?"

"Yes sir, thanks."


"I'm good for now Jack."

As Jack went to get the drinks, General Hammond spotted them and waved the two of them over. As the two approached, the other man, also a general judging by his rank insignia, turned towards them, and upon seeing his face, Sam stopped short. "Dad!"

"Hello Sam."

"I invited Jake myself Captain, thought it might be a nice surprise for you."

Harry smiled seeing Sam looking a bit gobsmacked. "And we all know how much you like surprises, especially springing them on other people." He didn't even try to dodge the swat to the back of the head, fully expecting it.

"Shut up Harry. And thank you sir, that was sweet of you."

General Carter seemed to be looking at his daughter oddly from the familiarity she was displaying with Harry, but ignored it as he started talking. "George and I served together back when the Air Force really was this country's first line of defense. Who's your friend Sam?"

Sam had been about to retort that the Air Force still was the first line of defense, but her father's question caught her off guard. She smiled a bit sheepishly. "Right, sorry. Introductions. Dad, this is a member of my team, Harry Potter. Harry, this is my dad, General Jacob Carter."

"Pleasure to meet you sir."

"You too son. Although, I have to ask, how old are you, you don't look out of your teens yet."

"That's because I am not sir, I turn 18 this year." Technically, he would only turn 16, but the time differenes between this world and his own had the Harry who had died in the plane crash be 18. So, they had decided to stick with that for his age. It was a bit weird having suddenly gained two years in age but they made it work.

Jacob's eyes widened a bit before turning to General Hammond. "You have a lot of teenagers working in...what the hell was it again?"

"Analysis of deep space radar telemetry. And no, Harry here is a British national. He was in a plane crash years ago, leaving him in a coma until last year. He was adopted by one of my people, given duel citizenship, and started working with us when he made a few contributions."

Jacob looked back at Harry, appraising him. He seemed a bit doubtful. "Must have been some contributions."

Sam defended her friend, pointing out the medal around his neck. "He was inducted into the Order of Companions of Honor recently dad. Trust me, Harry is a great help."

"Got that right." All eyes turned to Jack who had returned with his and Sam's drinks. "Sam?"

"Thank you sir."

General Hammond turned to Jack, introducing him to Jacob, "Colonel Jack O'Neill, Jacob Carter."

"Carter, as in...?"

"As in my father, yes sir."

"Get out. Pleased to meet you. I see you already meet my other team member."

"Yes, George was just telling me about that. Special circumstances. Must be interesting work in deep space radar telemetry."

"Well it's so damn fascinating."

"I'm sure it is. Otherwise you wouldn't be receiving the Air Medal." Jack looked a little uncomfortable, not that Harry could blame him. There was some serious tension starting to build up between the two Carter's. "We have our moments. Um, will you excuse me? We just don't get out of Cheyenne Mountain enough. I'm going to grab some air. Outside. General. Captain. General."

Turning towards the door, he found Harry was tagging along beside him. "Rough room."

"You said it boss."

"Hungry? We could go grab a bite to eat."

"Sounds like a plan, you're buying right?"

"What am I, made of money?" The two bickered in good fun as they made their way to a restaurant, Jack looking longingly at a bar before sighing and passing by. Heading into the restaurant he picked out, Jack was glad to see that it wasn't very crowded. After the had a good lunch, they were just about to finish their drinks when they were approached by a man in a tweed jacket. "Can I help you?"

"Colonel Jack O'Neill and Harry Potter, right?"

"Depends on who is asking."

The man sat down without invitation, getting Harry to tense a bit. The vibe he was getting off of the man reminded him of Rita Skeeter. "You are one hard man to find, you know that Colonel?"

"Who are you?"

"Armand Selig. I'm a journalist."

Harry groaned, realizing that his earlier impression had been dead on. "Great, the press. I'm going to grab a refill Jack if we are going to be here longer."

"Don't bother Harry, we're leaving."

The two stood up, heading for the door, before the reporter's next words stopped them short. "Heading back to the Stargate so soon?"

As Jack made to pull out his wallet to pay for the meal and stall for time, Harry began casting a few notice me not, SEP, and silencing charms around their area. "The what?"

"Big round grayish thing, can't miss it. At the bottom of Cheyenne Mountain."

"I don't know what that is."

After making sure that the charms were fully working, Harry stepped up right behind the reporter, casting a silent stunner into his back. As he slumped down against the table, Harry cast a quick look and was pleased to see that no one had paid them any mind. "Jack, who the hell is this guy?"

"No idea. Listen, you stay here, keep him stunned. You made it so no one will notice anything out of the ordinary right?"

"Yeah sure you betcha."

"That's my line. Anyway, I'll get Sam and General Hammond. You keep our friend here out of it, we'll be back."

Harry nodded, keeping an eye on the sleeping journalist as he chewed on some of his ice. Thoughts were spinning through his head, and he knew that more than likely he was going to have to read the man's mind if he was going to get any answers. A short while later, Jack arrived with not only Sam and General Hammond, but Orion as well.

Sam was apparently talking as they entered. "...bad can it get?"

"Bad, the domestic repercussions alone, half the government will want to bury it, the other half would want a piece of it. Then there is the international fallout from Russia and China when they find out that NATO has been keeping it from them..."

Harry cast a few subtle locomotion charms on the man, giving him the appearance of moving while keeping him knocked out. "Let's take this discussion somewhere private yeah? These charms will hold up under a lot of scrutiny, but 3 obvious military people, a man and teenager in a suit, and a reporter tend to cause a bit of interest."

"Car's outside."

After loading up the car and driving away, Orion turned to look at the still unconscious man. "I know this guy, he's a decent investigative journalist. Any chance he just found out by accident?" Seeing the disbelieving looks he was receiving, he sighed. "Didn't think so."

"I can't help but wonder who the source could be."

"That's the problem running a multinational program like this. It could be any one of hundreds of people."

"I can't believe it is one of ours General, everyone at the SGC knows the stakes."

"Orion's right. It's more likely political."


"The guy was not a happy camper when he left Sam. I can see him doing this."

"One way to find out. Harry, do that voodoo that you do."

"Got it Jack." A few spells had the man stuck to the seat, not paralyzed but he wouldn't be getting up till Harry released him. A rennervate and the man came to.

Seeing the people around him, and unable to get up, he started speaking loudly. "You have no right to hold me here, release me at once."

"Don't think so. You have knowledge, knowledge you shouldn't have. We need to find out how you acquired it."

Seeing that Harry appeared to be leading the investigation, the man relaxed a bit. "I've heard about you. The boy wizard from another reality. I think you might have more trouble with me than you think."

"See, that's where you are wrong. General, how do you want this done?"

"Scan him Harry." With permission given, Harry focused on the reporter, reaching out with a Legilimency probe. The man had a well organized mind, an asset in his profession, but even better for Harry. He went to search for the memory of when he got the information about the Stargate, he ran across something he wasn't expecting. He pulled out, sitting back in shock. "Well?"

"This is a bit worse than we thought sir. Someone has access to our files. He has Occlumency shields."

"Damn, so you can't read him?"

Selig seemed smug in his seat, listening to them talk. "That's right, my sources are my business, not yours, and this little capture of ours will only make for a nice end piece on my article."

Harry pulled out his wand, ignoring the man. "I didn't say that, now did I. Just need a bit more force. LEGILIMENS!" Harry blew through the shields Selig had, pulling the memory to the fore. While Occlumency prevented a passive scan when anyone used it, in everything Voldemort had read and practiced, it took magic to block a brute force attack. No muggle had ever been able to stop a full powered spell. After getting all the information he needed, he pulled out again. "No help there boss, no one I've ever seen, and he was acting 'on behalf of interested parties who wish to see the truth revealed'. I got all the information he had though, and where he kept the back-ups, contact information, everything that could connect to SGC."

"Definitely sounds like Kinsey."

"No proof though Jack. Alright Harry. You know what to do."

"Yes sir. Lesser of two evils." General Hammond and he had long ago discussed what would happen if they found someone with knowledge they shouldn't have, that they had no legal hold over. The secrecy of the program was too important at this point to risk. Years down the line, Harry would fix the damage if he could, but until then, he had a job to do. Turning towards the reporter, Harry focused on what he wanted the spell to do, before calmly chanting. "Obliviate." The spell rocketed from his wand, slamming into Selig's head and knocking him back. Harry then cast a subtle compulsion charm, a much more minor version of the Imperius spell, to discourage Selig from ever looking into the Stargate programme again. He would take any information given to him, then promptly dismiss it as a joke or hoax. Like the Imperius, it could be shaken off with strong enough will, but without the memories that the SGc, or magic in particular, existed, it would be nigh on impossible for him to break the spells until such time as Harry did the removing. He followed that with a stunner, leaving the man with no knowledge of who they were, the Stargate, or anything associated with it. "It's done. What happens now?"

"Now, we go back to the ceremony, after dropping this man somewhere and calling a cab."

"I saw a bar on the way to lunch, we can set him up out there." After telling the driver the way, and getting the man set up and calling a cab, the group started to make their way back towards the limo, silent. Harry sat in silence, not talking. He conjured a set of paper and pens, getting to work on writing down everything he had learned from the journalist. When he was done, he handed the pad to Orion, who was already on the phone, getting the situation taken care of. Finally he turned to his direct CO. "I hate having to use my powers like that Jack."

"I know, but you know..."

"'It's for the Greater Good.' Hated that phrase when Dumbledore used it too. Bad thing is that I understand the need for it. Merling, I'm 15 years old, despite my ID saying I'm older. This was a job that people trained for, Ministry Obliviators were some of the highest paid employees, at least when the Ministry wasn't corrupt, just because going in someones head and ripping out their thoughts and either replacing them or just wiping them away is wrong. The average amount of time spent there was 5 years, and that was only with good Mind Healers to talk to!"

Jack didn't have anything to say to that, but just nodded while Sam wrapped her arms around Harry. They spent the remainder of the day in silence, the mood much more subdued. What should have been a day of celebration and accomplishment had turned out badly for one and all.


After receiving their medals from the President, the team had made their way back to Cheyenne Mountain, Daniel expecting them on Abydos. Harry still wasn't sure what he had done was the right thing, even if he did understand it. He was looking forward to talking to Daniel and Teal'c, Daniel because of the closeness between them, and Teal'c because he had been forced to do bad things before as well, in efforts to save lives.

It would have to wait though, because as soon as they stepped through the gate a Goa'uld was activating his shield while Daniel and a Jaffa in full armor were scrambling for cover. "What the hell?" Harry dodged coming to stand next to Daniel. Calling up a shield, he was able to block the blast from the hand device the Goa'uld sent his way, then grabbed his friend and pulled him back into a alcove. "Daniel, who the hell is that and what is happening?"

"Heru'ur. An enemy of Apophis. He's trying to get Sha're and her child."

"There are a lot of things I need to ask about later."

"Cover me!" Harry looked up as Jack popped back up, emptying his clip into the shield. It didn't do anything, but it allowed Sam to zat the remaining guards into oblivion.

Heru'ur was way too smug for Harry's liking though. "You dare challenge me?"

"I was thinking about it." Jack pulled a knife and threw it into Heru'ur's hand, managing to pierce the ribbon device, and the hand it was wrapped around.


With a press of a button, transport rings came down and managed to carry him off. Harry and Daniel moved out to join the others, Teal'c revealing himself in one of the guards armor. "Hey big guy."

"Greetings Harry Potter."

"Somebody explain to me what just happened?"

"It's a long story Jack."

Sam looked at Jack, a faintly impressed look on her face. "Good thing you remembered the shield's deflection capability's directly proportional to the amount of kinetic energy directed at it."

Jack looked over at her, and Harry was almost certain that he saw a smirk appear. "Right. We should get out of here."

Before they could begin though, the Stargate started dialing in. Daniel and Teal'c both shared a glance before speaking in unison. "Apophis."

"Bloody hell, today just isn't my day!" Harry cast the same charms he had on Apophis' ships, hiding them from plain sight while still allowing them to communicate. As the gate activated, Harry turned towards Jack. "What's the plan here boss? Take him out?"

"I'm out of ammo, and he will probably have a few guards with him. Stand ready, just in case."

Through the 'gate stepped 2 Serpent Guards, then Apophis and five other Jaffa. "Jaffa, Kel Amaunet!"

"I am here" The team and Apophis both turned to see Amaunet enter the room, striding towards the Goa'uld group. "Our child...stolen, by your enemy, Heru'ur. Forgive me for failing you." She bowed her head, expecting to be punished.

"Jack, say the word and I start slinging spells."

"No Harry, you're the only one with any defense right now, and we would probably be taken out before we could return the favor. Daniel, I know it's Sha're but..."

Daniel didn't seem to hear him, just staring out at the two Goa'uld. He slowly nodded. "It's too risky right now. We couldn't guarantee her safety, let alone ours."

The Jaffa dialed the gate, and soon, SG-1 was left alone in the chambers. Harry removed the spells, staring at Daniel in concern. As Sam went to dial the gate, Harry reached out and touched Daniel's arm, causing the man to turn to him. "Stupid question, but are you alright?"

"No, no I'm not." Daniel looked on as the wormhole stabilized, turning towards the gate as Sam put her IDC in. "But, I will be."

"Let's go home campers, end this day before it gets any worse."


A few weeks had passed, Daniel and Harry both spending a bit of time talking with Kate, and they were almost completely back to normal. They had been assigned a new mission, and had just stepped through the wormhole. "Well, this is different. Looks pretty modern, but I don't see people."

"Allow me Harry, to welcome you, to a ghost town."

"A very advanced ghost town. The architecture may indicate an Earth ancestry."

Jack was about to respond, when he heard a squish. Looking down, he found his foot firmly in some kind of yellow gunk. "Ah man." He shook his boot a few times, trying to get the junk off. "Any idea what this is?"

"Hate to say it sir, but it looks like they might have a bit of a pigeon problem."

Harry started laughing at Jack's expression, before turning his gaze upwards. "Hey Sam? If they have a bird problem, then where are all the birds?"

The group got quiet then, Jack continuing to try to scrap off his show even as he moved his hand towards his gun. "Whatever it was, it was recent." He scanned the skies again, then turned to look behind them. He stopped when he caught sight of Daniel with a camera, recording if the red light was anything to go by. "Daniel, what are you doing?"

"Recording for posterity."

"For how long?"

"Right before you put your foot in it. Literally."

Jack sighed, knowing that he had asked for that. Harry, not one to let an opportunity slide, grinned at Daniel. "He stepped right into that one."

"Again, literally."

With that, the two of them let their snickering out, still being alert, but really, it was too good of an opportunity to pass up. Jack decided to ignore them, turning to Sam who was trying to keep the amusement off her face. "Conjecture, Captain?"

Sam looked down, avoiding eye contact with Jack though Harry could still see the grin on her face. She checked the readings she was getting again, before looking back up. "My data is consistent with the probe sir. No radiation, the air's almost 100% pollution free. Teal'c. It doesn't seem very likely that the Goa'uld are responsible for this does it? I mean, with the people and animals of this planet being...well, gone."

"That is correct Captain Carter. A Goa'uld attack would have resulted in much more damage, and any technology would have been destroyed..."

Suddenly, something large whizzed by them, making Jack duck down to the ground. "Gah. What the hell was that?"


"Oh...crap." Jack as usual had summed the situation up nicely. The thing that had whizzed by turned out to be a giant insect, looking like a cross between a dragonfly and a mosquito. It had a large stinger on it as well, and from the look of it, it wasn't for show. The liquid was practically dripping off it. It had landed on Teal'c, and was easily covering the entirety of the big guy's back. Harry pulled his wand, wanting the focal point precision from aiming, and Jack pulled his gun. When he cocked it though, the noise must have scared whatever the thing was, as it flicked its tail, burying its stinger into Teal'c before flying away. "Damn it! Carter, Novocaine."

"Yes sir."

Teal'c was in obvious pain, so whatever this thing was was really potent. Harry heard a buzzing noise and looked up, wanting to make sure the thing wasn't coming back. What he saw wasn't just one bug though. "Jack, we need to get out of here."

"No, seriously?" Jack's voice was laced with sarcasm, trying to help Teal'c get to his feet.

"No. Seriously." Daniel's however was not. He had noticed the same thing Harry had. Sam and Jack looked up, and they too saw the mass of flying insects approaching them. "I'm dialing!"

"Right, Harry, get Teal'c to the gate, we'll hold them off!"

"No, I can hold them off better than you, and pop back when the gate is open. Trust me!"

With no time to argue, Jack and Sam lifted Teal'c, trusting in Harry. Harry called on Voldemort's memories, calling forth one of the spells he had not wanted to use before. It's sole purpose was in it's name: War-fire. It was actually two different spells melded together. One produced a pilot light at the wand tip, searing white and as hot as dragon flame. The next turned the air in front of it into a air fuel mixture in a corridor that Harry's will decided.

With a bit of concentration, imagining the corridor of fuel in front of him, creating a large rectangular shape, he called out the spell. Immediately the wand tip lit up, burning the fuel he had set. A giant explosion of flame rose up, literally a wall of fire separating the team from the bugs. Keeping his concentration and will focused on what he wanted to do, he pushed the flames forward, burning the insects, but more and more kept coming. With a quick look behind him he saw the wormhole stabilize so with a last bit of effort, the fire pushed forward again then went out, Harry popping next to Jack and throwing himself through the wormhole. He came out the other side, tumbling into a crouch. "Lock it up Walter!" As the Iris closed, Sam called for a medical team for Teal'c. As they were loading him up, what sounded like hundred of thuds sounded from the other side of the iris, impact of the bugs as they splatted against it.

"My God." Harry turned to see Orion looking at the wound on Teal'c's back that was already showing signs of something, discolored and bad looking. General Hammond there too, looking at the gate as the thudding seemed to finally taper off.

He turned to the team as the wormhole disengaged, shock on his face. "What was that?"

Jack looked back, still a bit in shock at how many had tried to come through himself, especially after Harry had turned up the heat on them. "Those were bugs sir. Big, ugly...bugs."


SG-1, General Hammond, Orion, were waiting outside the infirmary for Janet. As she stepped out, Harry could tell the news wasn't good. "He seems to be suffering from the side effects of a viral infection. Fever, aches, chills, the works."

"And Junior isn't helping?"

"No. But that's not the worst part."

Harry walked into the lab, hearing Janet talk about something to do with Teal'c's DNA as he stepped in. "Hey big guy."

"Greetings Harry Potter. I must ask, do you know of any magic that could help me in this situation?" Harry could tell that Teal'c was in pain, from the strain in his voice and the sheen of sweat. That he was asking for magical help was another clue. In the time Harry had been with the SGC, Teal'c had NEVER asked for help via magic. Jack, Daniel, and Sam had all done so at one point or another, but not Teal'c. Harry had used magic to help Teal'c, when he apparated them past the Hammer and a few other times, but that had always been Harry offering, Teal'c never asked.

"I wish I did Teal'c. Voldemort wasn't that interested in healing. I can numb the effects, but the backlash hits all at once later on like I did before for your leg, or I can cut and cauterize. That's about it."

Teal'c nodded, and Harry placed a hand on his shoulder in a sign of support. He walked back out of the lab just as General Hammond was saying something.

"He'll be here by the end of the day Captain."

As the group split up, Daniel and Jack walking into the lab with Janet, General Hammond and Orion walking towards the elevator, already in discussion, Harry turned to Sam. "Who will be here?"

"A friend of mine from the Pentagon, Dr. Timothy Harlow. He's a DNA specialist, so he may be able to help where Janet can't."

"Hope so. Once again, I fell pretty damn useless."

Sam wrapped her arm around her young friend, pulling him in tight for a hug as they walked off. "You can't do everything Harry."

"Doesn't stop me from wishing I could. Or that I at least had access to some magical books. There are entire fields of magic dedicated to healing and medicine, and I don't know any of them!"

"Healing not something Voldemort studied?"

"Nope. He focused on power, rituals, things that can control, harm, or kill. He relied on his spell knowledge and sheer power to make sure he won his duels. Any healing or potions he needed he went to a few he trusted. He wasn't stupid, he knew that in some areas he was still an amateur. Why have people like Snape if he could make potions himself?"

Sam nodded, thinking that made a large amount of sense. Even with the Occlumency training from Harry she knew that she couldn't learn everything, despite what Colonel O'Neill thought. "Come on, let's get to my lab and put the finishing touches on that unlocking device. We can't be of any help here for a while."



Harry and Jack were walking towards General Hammond's office, both wondering what the summons had been about. Dr. Harlow had arrived and was working with Sam and Janet to find a cure, so they were both hopeful that this would be good news. After they knocked and had been told to come in, Jack stuck his head around the door. "You wanted to see me sir?" Harry noticed Orion was already in the office, his face stony and unreadable. General Hammond jerked his head to the other side of the room, disdain on his face at whatever he was indicating. Harry and Jack both turned that direction and identical scowls crossed there face. "Oh for cryin' out loud. What the hell is he doing here?"

Harry though, had smirked as he noticed the insignia on the man's uniform. Seemed that what Dr. Weir had told him about the repercussions from the Tollan incident were true. "Easy Jack, let's see what Major Maybourne wants."

Jack grinned as Maybourne fumed. Maybourne got his emotions under control, then stood and offered a salute to Jack. "Colonel O'Neill."

"At ease, Major."

General Hammond had a slight smirk on his face as well, before he got serious again. "I thought you might need to see this Jack." Jack sat down and read the papers, Harry staring over his shoulders. A feeling of dread settled over him and Jack actually tossed them aside in anger. "You have got to be kidding me!"

"It's an official order Jack. I have no choice."

"What about the red phone? Or the PM?"

Orion shook his head. "The British Ambassador and Prime Minister are unavailable, and so is the President. We can't override this one Jack. It comes from the Joint Cheifs and the NID both."

Maybourne had the gall to actually look smug. "This facility is front line. Your mandate is search and retrieval. While I may have been...misguided," Here, Maybourne looked to be biting his tongue, wanting to lash out at those he felt responsible for his demotion, "in my actions with the Tollan, the tribunal agreed to let me continue on as head of the military research and development for our battle against the Goa'ulds. As a source of information Teal'c has been invaluable to your operations, and now he may prove equally invaluable to mine. This organism could be a biological weapon we could use against the Goa'uld."

"He saved the world you ponce. Does that count for anything in your book, Lt. Colonel?"

"Absolutely young man. And I'm looking forward to thanking him, and you, personally."

"That's another thing. Consider that request to interview Harry denied. No way am I going to let you interrogate a member of my team with no other reason than because he hasn't given enough help according to your views. The PDS system has already saved lives, that's plenty of help."

"The NID and members of the Joint Chiefs disagree. And the interview will be happening, now, or when I get the official order. And if I get an official order, it will be done at my facility, not here, and it will be much longer than the two hours I have set aside tonight."

Jack stared down Maybourne without blinking. "General, request permission to beat the crap out of this man."

General Hammond appeared to be seriously contemplating the request, and Maybourne was starting to get nervous. "Unfortunately, permission denied Colonel. But I am making one amendment to your little inquest Maybourne. You want to question Harry, you do it in the presence of one of the other members of SG-1, myself, Orion, or Dr. Weir."

"General, I am afraid that wont be possible."

"Then you can take your request and stick it up your arse Maybourne. The official order only covers the situation with Teal'c. You want to interview Harry, you do it the General's way." Orion was glaring daggers at Maybourne, the loathing in his eyes plain for all to see.

Maybourne returned the look with gusto, but nodded, realizing when he was beaten. "We will begin tonight at 1900. I'm looking forward to picking your brain Mr. Potter."

Harry's eyes were glowing in barely contained power and rage. "General, have I demonstrated the Cruciatus for you yet?"

"No Harry. And you wont be doing it today."

"Yes sir."


Harry popped into Sam's lab, just as she was berating Dr. Harlow. "Please, don't tell me that you're ignorant here. I don't want to feel sorry for you."

"Maybourne's people can be unscrupulous, but if Teal'c is to have any chance, it is with me. And I will do the best I can."

Harry, still angry about having to answer Maybourne's questions, spoke then. "You had better. If anything happens to my friend, you and the NID will see why Voldemort was considered the most feared Dark Lord of all time."

Sam turned, the cold fury in Harry's voice letting her know that something else had gone wrong. "Harry?"

"It seems that Major Maybourne has decided to interrogate me on the help I have been giving, or in his mind, haven't been. Is the prototype ready?"

"Yeah, here. It should work on anything now. The British techs are all excited over it and wanted to make it look a certain way, it's what took an extra bit of time."

"Thanks. Come on Sam, They are getting ready to move Teal'c."

Shooting one last look at Harlow, the two made their way to the infirmary, Harlow following behind them at a safe distance. They met with the rest of SG-1 and Orion in the hallway, able to see Janet trying to keep Teal'c there. "General, I have a right to stop this. He is not well enough to be moved."

Maybourne was back to sounding smug again, the smirk clear in his voice. "Fortunately, I have a second opinion." Harlow stepped into the infirmary and nodded, and they watched as an SF reluctantly finished putting a bio-hazard suit on Teal'c.

Daniel shook his head in disbelief. "How can we just let this happen?"

Jack rolled his head, muscles tense from his own restrained anger. "What do you want me to do?

Sam shook her head, her own frustration apparent, but still trying to see the good in the situation. "As much as I don't trust Maybourne, I have to admit...Timothy is the best and he gave me his word he was going to help Teal'c."

Janet and General Hammond joined the group as Teal'c was lead away. Jack was the first to speak, noticing the manacles on Teal'c. "What's with the chains?"


Harry pulled the device he had gotten from Sam, pointing it at the manacles. With an electric hum and a red light appearing, the manacles unlocked, dropping to the floor. When the men tried to reattach them, Harry turned it on again, allowing the manacles to drop once more. Finally Maybourne just had the men pull Teal'c along, the chains left on the floor. "Seems the new toy works Sam. I think that was a successful test, don't you General?"

"I think so son."

As the group dispersed, Harry slid the device back into his pocket, before he noticed Orion was staring at it. "Orion? What's wrong?"

"...You have a sonic screwdriver?"

"A what?"

"That thing you just used. Where did you get it?"

"Sam and the other techs designed it, why?"

"You really don't recognize it?"

"Should I?"

Orion shook his head, before throwing his arms over Harry's shoulder. "Oh Harry, I have just the thing to take your mind off of the Teal'c situation and the hearing with Maybourne. I'm going to introduce you to a mad-man with a blue police box, who goes by the name of Doctor..."


Just as Harry and Orion had finished the first episode of the the seasons Orion had with him, Orion's phone rang, letting them know that something had gone wrong with Teal'c's transport. By the time everything had been straightened out, the rest of SG-1 had returned, Teal'c's Goa'uld being sustained thanks to the knowledge that they had gained back when they had first captured some on Chulak. Maybourne was in the infirmary, in a right fury.

"I want as many personnel and canine units as this base has at my disposal 5 minutes ago!"

Jack and Daniel entered, followed by the rest of the group. "All of whom report to me. I'm running this search."

"This is still my responsibility."

"Oh, I'm holding you responsible Maybourne, don't you fret. But the troops are SGC. I'm running the show. Do you have a problem with that, Major?"

Maybourne steamed, but had no choice. "No sir." Maybourne grabbed his jacket, before stopping and turning. "In the end I suppose its for the best. After all, I have an interrogation to prepare for. 1900, two hours Potter. Be ready."

SG-1 all frowned at the reminder of Maybourne's little inquest. Harry looked like he was ready to pull his wand again, so Jack placed his hand on his shoulder. "Easy. Take him down with words like you did before at the hearing. Right now we need to look for Teal'c, and you need to get ready." Turning to Harlow, his voice became much harder. "What happened?"

"Well he just went crazy. He's so strong. I've never seen anything like that."

"What about the larval Goa'uld?"

"I don't know, he must have taken that out himself."

Daniel turned at that, his expression one of total disbelief. "Why?"

"He told me he'd rather die than change into something else."

"Well there has to be quicker, less painful ways to kill yourself, even for a Jaffa, Jack."

"I don't think that's the way its going to happen. I mean, I doubt that he will die."

"Maybe you didn't read the reports all the way through Harlow, but he depends on that Goa'uld to live."

"The alien insect's venom is affecting his physical makeup. With every passing moment, he is ceasing to be a Jaffa. The larva may be the only thing that's holding that transformation back."

"Wait, so by taking out Junior he might be expediting this change?"

At Harlow's nod, Jack turned questioning. "Why would he do that?"

"Well the metamorphosis...it could be altering his mind."

Jack considered that for a moment, then turned back to Harry. "Right then. You need to go get ready and some rest for Maybourne. If we haven't found Teal'c by the time its over with, we will need your Point Me spell to find him." Spotting Orion coming back inside,

"Orion, you will be in there with Harry right?"

"Not with this situation. While you were talking I got in touch with Dr. Weir. She was scheduled for a meeting tonight but she pushed it back to next week when I explained the situation. She's coming down to meet Harry now."

"Good. Head to meet her Harry, and discuss what you are going to say and not say during this. We'll find Teal'c."

Harry walked out as they began discussing strategy, keeping his wand in his pocket as he meet Elizabeth. He thought to himself that this was something else he could lay at Maybourne's feet, his list of things to answer for was piling up, hopefully he would have to answer for them someday soon.


"Speaking for the record, we are here for an informal inquest about the dimensional traveler Harry Potter, and his actions in aiding the SGC and Earth's military forces. Please identify yourself for the recording, I am Major Maybourne, US Air Force and military liason member of the NID"

"Harry Potter, member of SG-1"

"Dr. Elizabeth Weir, chief Diplomat of the SGC."

"Thank you." Maybourne still seemed to be fuming a bit at having Elizabeth there. Orion had explained that Elizabeth may provide another little chink into Maybourne's psyche, after all it was thanks to Harry AND Elizabeth's actions that he had been demoted. "Now that we have been identified, I will start off with the main reason behind this inquest. Mr. Potter, the NID is concerned that the amount of information and aid you have given to the United States Air Force operation the Stargate Program has not been adequate."

"Adequate as defined by whom, Lt. Colonel?"

"By the NID, Dr. Weir."

"And for the record, what is the head of the SGC, General Hammond's, opinion."

"General Hammond's opinion is not relevant in this case Dr Weir, as this deals primarily with research, which is my department, not front-line defense and acquisition, which is his." Maybourne looked particularly smug to be able to cut off that line of defense, turning his attention to Harry. "Since your arrival in this dimension, you have provided very little in aspects of research material, providing enough research just to produce one device, albeit a useful one, in the PDS system."


"Excuse me?"

Harry pulled out the Sonic Screwdriver as Orion was insisting it be called. "Sam and the other techs finished this this morning. The British techs helped design the final concept based on a TV show, but what it basically does is unlock any lock. Door locks, cells, locked chests, even manacles and handcuffs."

"I see." Harry enjoyed the look of irritation that crossed Maybourne's face, realizing that his trouble with the chains yesterday may be due to Harry but without any proof there was nothing he could do. "While that is again useful, especially considering the amount of trouble SG teams tend to get into, the point stands. You have been here for a year at this point, and you have contributed two items, both defensive in nature. You by your own admission have the knowledge of the darkest wizard from your reality in your head, spells that can devastate entire armies. And yet, not only have you not used them, you have not allowed anyone to study them. Having faced the Goa'uld, you know the danger we face. How do you justify your inaction?"

Elizabeth leaned forward then, her eyes cold as she stared down Maybourne. "Harry has done more than you have Lt. Colonel. He is part of the team directly responsible for this planet's continued survival, and the Personal Defense Shield system has already saved lives. Be very careful about asking someone to justify their actions when they stand far above both your own and your organization. After all, how much did the NID's supposed 'Goa'uld Buster' missiles actually cost, and how much damage did they actually do?"

Maybourne's temper flared, his eyes narrowing and his fists clenching at the reminder of that particular failure. "The missiles did cost a fair amount, but again, my purview is research and development. We had no idea that they would be that ineffective against their defensive shields."

"None besides my team and I's warning at the hearing Dr. Weir presided over at the end of last year."

"Speculation on your part, nothing more at the time. And we have again wandered off topic. I have no powers, Mr. Potter does. So Mr. Potter, what do you say? Why have you limited your arsenal and what you allow us to study?"

Harry sat back, and went over what he wanted to say in his head. He and Elizabeth had talked about many of the ways that Maybourne would take this inquest, and this was one they had spent some time on. "Several reasons Major. One is that I haven't had many opportunities to use them. Most of the time I have been allowed on missions have been covert insertions or encounters with small numbers of Jaffa and Goa'uld. As such, the spells you are referring to are indiscriminate about what they destroy. One of my most powerful spells that I have used since coming here is a Russian battle spell. It was able to devastate a sarcophagus, sending it into thousands of pieces. If I used it on one of our missions I run the risk of injuring allies or team members."

"And the reason why you haven't let us study that spell, or others like it?"

"Too dangerous. Not only to cast at something to allow scientists to study it, but to allow it to be used."

Maybourne looked at him in disdain. "Anyone but you, is that it?"

Harry was starting to get angry now, Maybourne seemed intent on making it seem like Harry should be giving him and his cronies the worst spells in his arsenal. "No. Anyone who hasn't studied and understands the dangers inherent in using them. Would you allow someone who hadn't studied, been trained to use, and understood the consequences of a nuclear bomb the chance to use it?"

"Mr. Potter, the situations are not analagous. A nuclear bomb is capable of killing thousands and causing untold destruction. You, despite your powers, are just one man. I hardly think anything you could do would be equal to such devastation."

"AND THAT'S THE PROBLEM!" Harry slammed a fist onto the table, anger finally getting the best of him. Maybourne's casual disregard for what magic was capable of made him forget the advice Elizabeth had given him in keeping his cool, but the warning grip on his arm reminded him, allowing him to take a deep breath and regain his calm. "Magic is a wonderful force. It can make lives easier, more fun, more entertaining, but then you get to the dark arts. Dark arts are called such not because of their use today, but because they were, with VERY few exceptions, conceived to be used for an evil purpose."

"Your point? Things that were conceived for evil can be used for good."

"Yes they can, theoretically. But there is something you need to understand. And honestly, I can't explain it in a way you will believe unless you experience it for yourself. Some of the most powerful spells I know are the Unforgivables. With your permission, I will cast an Imperio on you so you can begin to understand."

Maybourne looked unsure, but, having called Harry out on what his spells could actually do, to turn a demonstration down now would be both cowardly and hypocritical. Harry knew he couldn't afford that, not if he wanted to maintain his position after the tribunal. "Very well. Please, proceed."

"Imperio!" The spell washed over Maybourne, and the same look that Omoc had worn once before at the SGC appeared on his face. "Alright Lt. Colonel. This spell allows me complete control over you. Meaning that I can give you any order I want, and you have no choice but to obey, unless you can beat my will. And considering I can shake this off from Voldemort himself, I doubt you can do it. Now, stand up and walk around the room, narrating for the recording." Maybourne did just that. Before coming to rest at his same position. "And I don't have to verbalize the commands." Harry focused on Maybourne, before sending out a mental command to the Lt. Colonel, asking him to reveal something embarrassing about himself then waiting for the response.

"I enjoy watching Power Rangers."

Harry released the spell, letting Maybourne come back to his senses. The older man collapsed into his seat in shock, his face ashen white. Harry, for the first time, found himself having some sympathy for the man and as such, his words came out much more softly, but no less firm. "Total control Maybourne, no stopping, no breaking the mental conditioning, brainwashing, whatever you want to call it. Complete control of anyone and anything that I want. Care to see another, the Cruciatus?"

Maybourne still seemed a bit shaky form realizing the power in the Imperius, shook his head no. "That's fine, I don't need to see it."

"No, I think you do." Harry conjured a spider, taking a cue from Moody, enlarging it so that it was about a foot tall. "Crucio!" The spider collapsed, twitching in pain and, thanks to its size, actually making loud enough noises for its distress and pain to be audible. "Pain. Pure, unending pain. It overstimulates the nerves, sending a signal to the brain. Unlike other causes though, the magic keeps the nerves in perfect working order, so that the pain sensation never lessens, never degrades, never goes away."

Harry lifted the spell and the spider collapsed, unable to move. "And if kept on long enough, as I did to this one, it can cause permanent brain damage. That spider won't move again. Men and women have been driven to the point of breaking and beyond by a mere moment of contact, especially if they are not used to pain or the power of the caster is high enough. Like Voldemort's power. Like mine." Harry vanished the spider, looking up at Maybourne. "The last Unforgivable I will not cast except in combat. And then only as a last resort. It is the Avada Kedavra, the Killing curse. I used it against Hathor, so you have the proof of that one you need."

"Why show me these particular spells, Mr. Potter?" Maybourne seemed to have recovered form his shakiness, his face regaining color as he straightened his notes on the table, but his voice was much less hostile now, so Harry hoped he had made an impression.

"To make a point. Imperius has no effect of Goa'uld, because the host body is not in control of its body. It would work on Jaffa, but controlling multiple people has to my knowledge never been done. You can of course order someone under your control to cast it on someone else, thereby getting control that way, but with no other wizards here, that way is closed to me. Crucio causes pain to the target, but would it effect the Goa'uld? I don't know. And it is one of the very few curses that requires constant focus and contact between caster and victim, so using it on one Jaffa doesn't really give us an advantage. And as for the Killing Curse, the bullets, staff weapons, and zats do enough. I refuse to allow anyone to study the AK."

"While that does make sense from those particular spells, an instant kill weapon would be an advantage Mr. Potter."

"Yes, but one that presents more problems than advantages over what we currently have. An AK, not to mention the other two Unforgivables, are not stopped by my shields, and therefore not stopped by the PDS. The truth is, bullet wounds and staff blasts depending on where they hit can be healed. A blast from an AK kills, no matter where it hits. And the effect goes through clothing and armor. The reason is worked on Hathor is that the host body was shut down instantly. Everything that allows the host, and the parasite Goa'uld, to live are stopped immediately. Everything dies. Even the beneficial bacteria that humans carry cease to function. You are dead. Full stop. No chance of recovery, no chance of survival without using whatever ritual my mother used to protect me. And not even Voldemort knew what that was. A Jaffa ducks out of the way and you stand just as good a chance as killing your team mate as you do an enemy."

"You have described those three, but I still do not see the comparison to a nuclear warhead."

"Let's look at another field of magic then. Transfiguration is one of the most useful fields of magic. It allows us to change objects from one form to another. Your pen?" When Maybourne placed his pen on the desk, Harry reached his hand and waved it over it, transforming it into a needle, then a flower, then a coin, then back to a pen. "With Transfiguration, I can, theorectically anyway, turn any object into any other object, barring some exceptions. One reason we haven't looked at it a lot is because each spell is powered by thought as well, envisioning the process happening. But an example of where magic could be just as deadly as a nuke? I transfigure a stockpile of fatal dosages of cyanide into a piece of gum, which I give out free to everyone."


"Transfiguration wears off." Seeing Maybourne's look of confusion, Harry went on. "Even if it has already been consumed. Meaning everyone who had eaten that piece of gum has now been fatally poisoned. And it isn't limited to poison. I can set up a air-born virus, set it as a nice smelling perfume, and give out free samples in a mall. Hours, days, whenever it wears off is dependent on the power put in the spell. But it will wear off, and now hundreds, maybe thousands of people are carrying around a deadly bio-weapon, able to kill people with every spray."

"My God..."

Harry stopped speaking then, looking up at Maybourne's eyes. The Major actually looked horrified at the thought, so Harry thought that finally, he might be getting through to him. "Exactly. And my spells are not picky about who they effect. I could cast a large scale spell and devastate an army, but in the process I would do the same to ours. Would you be willing to do that Maybourne, kill 10 of our own people in order to maybe kill ten of theirs? Voldemort didn't care about collateral damage, but I do."

Maybourne said nothing, merely seemed to be shocked into silence, before with effort he pulled himself together a bit, then spoke again. "Can I assume you have similar reasons for other spells?"

"Yes. Aside from the time it takes to fine tune the equipment that Sam and the other scientists create, magic, for all the wonder it has, can be deadly. That is why I will only share defensive, light arts techniques for Sam to study. I will use the spells as needed, like I did with War-fire earlier to hold off those bugs as we ran to the gate, but only in cases where I believe it to be an advantage, and only when I can be fairly sure that I wont hurt anyone but the enemy."

Maybourne considered Harry and Elizabeth silently for a moment, before he stood, gathering his notes. "This ends the inquest Mr. Potter. You have explained your actions, and I am satisfied with the responses. Thank you for your time." As he turned off the recorder, he turned back towards Harry and Elizabeth, who had stood as well. "Off the record Mr. Potter, I owe you an apology. I saw magic as a new avenue of power to help our planet. I did not think of the consequences, nor what the cost might be."

"Everything has a cost Maybourne. Bullets, staff weapons, the insects and virus affecting Teal'c, making him hide and run away. Even magic. Sometimes it is just a drain on my own energy, other times it is disastrously more."

"Understood. I will explain the situation to my superiors, and I can say this. Your efforts, whatever you offer, will not be questioned by my department again. Now if you will excuse me, as you have said, Teal'c is still out there, and I have to check on the search."

As he walked out, Harry and Elizabeth both stared at his retreating form. "Huh. He actually can have a conscience."

"Not much of one if he is still trying to hunt down Teal'c to study him."

"A small bit is all you need Harry. Given time maybe he will actually turn out to be a decent human being."

"Maybe, but I doubt it. Want to pop up to General Hammond's office and see what is happening before he gets there?"

"Sounds like a plan"

Harry grabbed her hand, popping them both to the briefing room, just as Sam was explaining something to General Hammond. "I know you think Maybourne put him up to this just to get a specimen of the insect sir, but I think, at this moment, we don't have a whole lot of options. Going back to get one of the bugs may be the only way to save Teal'c."

"And you trust Dr. Harlow? After he called in Maybourne"

"He made a mistake, thinking Maybourne and the NID could be trusted. But now he sees their true colors, he is willing to help."

"And if all else fails, I can scan him." The two turned to see Harry and Elizabeth at the door, Sam frowning at the idea of needing to scan Harlow. "It's a useful talent Sam. And if Maybourne actually seemed to understand the idea that some magic is too dangerous to study, then I can accept that I can do a bit more."

"You do enough son, but it would make me feel better about this if we could."

Nodding, Harry popped down to the infirmary, noticing Harlow and Janet working. Janet hearing the pop, looked up to see him. "Everything go alright with the Major, Harry?"

"Just fine. Elizabeth thinks I may have actually gotten through to what little conscience he has left. So Sam thinks you may be able to help after all Dr. Harlow?"

"Yes. If we can get a sample of the bug venom, then with some experimental RNA inhibitors I should be able to reverse whatever is happening to Teal'c."

"And you didn't offer this before. Why?" Harry focused on Harlow's eyes, slipping into the man's thoughts. As Harlow talked, he saw everything. How Maybourne had learned of his being called to the SGC and telling him to contact the NID if it looked like something they may be able to use against the Goa'uld. Harlow thinking that the NID would allow him to cure Teal'c but instead come to realize that they wanted him to turn. His relief when Teal'c managed to escape, his fear of what might happen if they couldn't get to him in time, and a desire to see Maybourne fall for deceiving him. Harlow worked to preserve all life, and would never have agreed to help if he understood what the man had been planning. He pulled out, nodding to the man. "I believe you. We'll get the bug, you do whatever you need to. Save my friend."

"I'll do my best."

Harry popped back into the the briefing room, seeing that Jack and Daniel had been called back. "He's on the level."

"Then SG-1, you have a go."


After the team had managed to get one of the bugs back, Harlow had been able to reverse the effects, saving Teal'c. Then he managed to impress Jack and the rest of SG-1 by "accidentally" destroying all the samples. Now Teal'c, Daniel, and Harry were visiting a little girl that Teal'c said had helped him, even hiding him from the searchers for a bit. He had picked up a few toys for her along the way, and Harry had gotten some as well, just for the heck of it. They found her playing in a warehouse, stopping in surprise when she spotted them. "Teal'c! Hi!"

"Greetings Ally."

"You're okay."

He nodded, smiling warmly down at the young girl. "Indeed. Thanks to you I am feeling much better."

The girl grinned a bit bashfully. "Aw man, it was no sweat. You look better. I guess you can't really tell me what happened...all that top-secret James Bond stuff right?"

"That is correct. But to show my gratitude, I have brought you a new weapon."

He pulled the new giant Super-Soaker Water gun from behind his back, and Ally gasped, her eyes nearly popping out of her head at the toy. "One with increased range and firepower."

"Wicked!" Harry smiled hearing one of Ron's familiar phrases from the girl, thinking he would have the exact same reaction if he knew what it was. "This is so cool! Have any time to play?"

Daniel started to speak then, a bit apologetically. "Uh..actually we have to-" He stopped when a bit of water splashed into his eye. He looked over at Teal'c to find a large water stain on his chest. Ally laughed, which set Harry off, before she ran off to hide. "Guess we shouldn't have loaded it, huh?"

Teal'c pulled out a pair of sunglasses while Daniel wiped more water off his face. "How else would she defend herself?" Teal'c turned his own gun on Daniel then, firing point blank range. Some of the water from this blast managed to hit Harry, the cold surprising him.

"Oh it's on now big guy."


Teal'c rushed off after Ally, leaving a laughing Harry and Daniel. As Daniel tried to shake the water off his shirt, Harry handed one of the other two guns to him. "Shall we?"

"What the hell, I'm already soaked." The two shared nearly identical maniacal grins before rushing after the two, the sounds of laughter and shouts of surprise filling the warehouse.

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