Author's Note: I own nothing, as usual. Story is Magus/Schala, so you may want to turn away now if this isn't your cup of tea. Also, this is my favorite pairing, even though it is incestuous. If you read my other stories you'll realize I don't care whether a pairing is incest as long as its love. Feel free to flame. Starts out in Zeal when Janus was young. He's about 13 at the start and it takes place near the time when Crono, etc arrive. Magus as Prophet will be there eventually. Slight Chrono Cross reference. Very slight. I didn't like the game and don't consider it part of the CT world. I guess you could call this AU.

My Only Love

Chapter 1: Not Alone – 12,000 BC, Dark Ages.

Some people called these times the dark ages. Janus Zeal, Prince of his realm, was inclined to agree. He sat in his bedroom, door closed, in the darkness. Schala, his beloved elder sister, was with the Mammon Machine again. Mother was over working her again, he knew it. He could tell by the dark circles under her eyes when she came to him afterward. Schala would lay on his bed with him, holding him tightly in the darkness, not bothering with lights, and whisper to him softly about how she wanted to get away, get away from it all and never return and take Janus with her.

Why they couldn't, wouldn't, go, Janus had no idea. There was nothing stopping them from running. From going to the telepad on one of Schala's rare days off and just never looking back. It would mean leaving everything they knew behind. It would mean becoming an Earthbound one. Janus looked down upon them, he sneered at their filthy holes in the ground when he went with his sister on her trips to help them when she could. The young prince would become one of them for her, for her to be safe. The silk robes, the soft bed, his plush life, everything he would give up. A soft mew jerked him out of his reverie. Alfador sat on the end of his bed, staring at him questioningly, as if sensing his depression.

"Alfador...come here. Where is she? Schala's late tonight. I hope mother isn't harming her." He hugged the kitten to his chest. Janus didn't trust his mother. No, not his mother, not anymore. He HATED her. Ever since the Mammon Machine consumed her, she was no longer the kindly, loving mother he knew. She had spoiled him, loved him...they had been a family. He'd give anything for that again. Hell, Janus would even give up several years of his life to just sit down and eat dinner with mother and Schala as a family. Schala had given up much to protect Janus. He clasped his hands over the amulet on his neck, glittering slightly as he took it out from under his robes.

Schala's, his now. Janus had amazing magical gifts. Far greater than Schala's, than his mother's, than the Gurus'. People talked about him, saying he didn't have a speck of magic about him. They knew nothing. They didn't know that Schala gave him the amulet to keep mother from using him as she had her. If mother knew the extent of her youngest child's powers, even his young age of 13 wouldn't stop her from using HIM to power the Mammon Machine. Janus had begged Schala, had pleaded with her, to let him show his mother some of his power. He hated seeing how Schala came to him after working with the machine. Janus wanted to share the burden. He didn't care about people saying he didn't have magic. He knew better, and everyone who mattered knew better. The only ones who didn't know were his mother and the populace in general. He attended private lessons with the Gurus to train his magic. Only then did he remove the amulet.

The door to his room opened with a slight creak. Janus jerked, spinning around.

"Schala! You're okay!" He ran to her and wrapped her in a tight hug, "I was afraid...nevermind. I just...I'm so glad you're okay." Schala ran her hands through his blue-silver hair, holding him tightly to her.

"Of course I'm okay, silly, why wouldn't I be?" She smiled tiredly at him, attempting to not let her fatigue show. Schala sighed heavily and leaned on Janus as she moved towards his soft bed. Why Schala preferred to sleep with Janus, in his room, he didn't know, but he was grateful for it. He could keep on eye on his tired, soul-sick sister without her thinking he was worrying too much. As Janus supported Schala's weight as she leaned on him, he did worry about her. She practically collapsed onto the bed when they reached it. "I'm just tired, thats all. The extra work I have to do for mother...its just exhausting." She smiled reassuringly at Janus.

Janus didn't believe her, but let her think he did and nodded. The young prince climbed into the bed next to Schala and nuzzled up against her. She put her arm around him, comforting him. He didn't want to lose her, not now, not ever. Janus closed his eyes and tried to sleep, Schala's troubled and exhausted breathing making it difficult.

The Prophet watched as Schala left the room of the Mammon Machine, lips curling in disgust and hatred. He knew what she did in there, what the Queen made her do and how it hurt her. He couldn't stand it, he just couldn't stand it. Nor could he just sit by and watch it happen. Not this time. He would save her. It was just a matter of when and how without messing up the current timeline. Magus didn't want to erase himself from existence, and he was fairly sure thats what would happen if he just went into his younger self's room, took the beautiful princess off the bed, threw her over his shoulder, and went back to the gate and took her to 600 AD, or even better, 1000 AD. Things were more peaceful then.

Magus had no idea if he were exempt from the effects of time travel. If he changed something, would it change him? He wracked his brain, trying to remember Gaspar's lessons on time travel, and, more importantly, alternate timelines. If he just took Schala away now, what would happen? Would there be some alternate timeline where Janus never became Magus, and Zeal never fell, but Schala vanished? Without Schala, Queen Zeal couldn't power the Mammon Machine. Unless removing Schala from this time period also removed the spell she had placed on Janus's amulet to suppress his incredible magical powers...then Zeal would fall, but Janus would be in Schala's place.

Prophet's head began to ache. Oh, how he wished he had paid more attention in class when he was younger. The dark wizard honestly didn't care what happened to alternate timeline Janus, if that was what happened when people changed history, because he wasn't really him and it didn't affect him personally, at least not the present version of him. Still...he didn't want to risk it. Even if there were alternate universes where the very thing he wanted to do had happened, it still wasn't worth the risk of Magus vanishing out of existence as soon as he got his beloved sister back. Schala was everything to him, and he wouldn't lose her, or risk being separated from her, ever again. This time, it would be different. He would rescue her when it was time. When Lavos was summoned. Schala vanished then, as did his younger self, the Gurus, and even Queen Zeal. Perhaps THIS was why Schala had vanished. Perhaps Magus had rescued her, and that was why she hadn't been sucked into a gate, as he and the Gurus had. Prophet's head throbbed even harder. Time damn confusing.

The Prophet was jerked from his thoughts by a loud knock at the door.

"Prophet! Prophet! Are you deaf or something? The Queen calls for you! She says its important. As if you're more important than me..." The last part was mumbled by the knocked, but Prophet heard it. He recognized the loud, irritating voice as Dalton, the Queen's former favorite. Prophet had quickly usurped that position with his knowledge of the future garnered from having been Janus and the powerful magic she sensed he possessed. Magus snarled irritably. "What is it, Dalton? What does she want at this hour? Midnight has long since passed! The both of you should be sleeping! Isn't Zeal the country of dreams?" He flung open the door, revealing an angry, impatient Dalton.

"It is not in my, nor your, interest to question the Queen, 'Prophet'!" Dalton said the last word with a sneer, as if he didn't believe Magus were truly a prophet. Unknowingly, Dalton was right. He was not a prophet, but that didn't stop him from having knowledge of the future, and the Queen didn't have to know that he didn't really have the gift of foresight.

"Very well, little man, move and I shall see what the Queen wants." Magus attempted to shove past Dalton, but was met with resistance. The irritating little man was trying to block his way. Prophet called up a minor Lightning spell, to move him out of the way and give him a nasty shock, but Dalton apparently had more to say. "If you were really a prophet, you would know what the Queen wants, wouldn't you? I'm on to you false prophet. I know you're a fake. Somehow, you know whats going to happen, but its not through the gift of foresight. You forget that Zeal is the kingdom of magic. Though I don't look like most true-born Zealians, I have magic too. YOU are not a prophet. You don't have that kind of magic. How you fooled the Queen and Princess, whose magic certainly dwarfs mine, I'll never know. But know this, false prophet, I won't let you ruin my plans."

Magus shoved at Dalton and let loose the lightning spell, knocking him back against the wall and onto the floor. "Be careful, little man, or I'll reveal your plan to the Queen. Would you like that? Would you like me to tell her that you're planning on attempting to usurp the throne? To oust the true royal family and take your place as King of Zeal? What would she do to you then, Dalton? Would she feed you to Lavos? Or would she torture you herself for treachery? I don't know, and I don't care, but I do know that if you don't get the fuck out of my way and stop bothering me, you WILL find out. Good-bye, Dalton." Magus walked past Dalton, kicking him in the ribs for good measure, since he was still lying on the floor where Magus' spell had knocked him. Time to find out what the Queen wanted at such a late hour.

End Chapter 1. R/R.