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In The Beginning Of Everything

Dean and Sam Winchester have been on the road all of their lives. Sam tried to get away, but he was brought back into the game by his brother and younger sister. He never thought that he was going to be back hunting, but after losing his girlfriend Jessica to the same demon that killed his mother he just couldn't resist getting back into the game. Sam sighed .

"Sammy whats wrong?" Dean asked

"nothing Dean now just drop it."

Dean sighed as he pulled up at the bar

Sam got out and walked into the bar. Cat and Dean followed him into the bar. Savia and Cassie had just started working a case there and they had to make a cover so they got jobs as bar tenders. Dean smirked when he saw a blonde behind the counter he just couldn't take his eyes off of her. Cassie smiled seeing him and Sav knew what she was thinking. Cassie walked over to the table

"What can I get you?"

"Ummm…Three beers and your number?" Dean replied

"I don't give out my number to strangers that I just met."

"Well maybe we can get to know each other."

"I don't know maybe." She smiled "Ill be right back with your orders."

Dean smiled. Sam and Cat couldn't believe what he had just done, but they knew him so well. Sam looked at the other bar tender and smiled slightly. He couldn't believe that a girl that hot would be working in the bar. Sam made sure he didn't make it suspicious to his brother and sister that he was actually checking another female out. They never let him live it down after the whole Maddison thing since she was a demon. Cassie walked back behind the bar and smiled.

"You know you're the biggest flirt in this bar Cas?"

"Sav I cant help it if the guys just attract themselves too me."

"Cassie I love you and you know that, but I don't think I can take one more of your one night stands."

"Sav you just need to get laid yourself."


Cassie laughed as she took back the beers to the table. She set them down with a smile before she walked back to the counter. Dean watched her walk back to the bar and smirked. He was thinking that he was going to hit that fine piece of ass tonight. Sam drank his beer watching Sav closely. Cassie looked from behind the counter at him.

"Oh Sav you have an admirer."

"What are you talking about Cassie?"

"The tall handsome guy over there." She pointed at Sam "Is watching you like eye candy. Which means he is so interested in you."

"No it doesn't."

"Yes it does. Now you have to talk to him."

"Cas, I swear I will kill you if you don't shut the hell up."

Cassie smiled as she went back to work. Sam smiled at Sav when he saw that she was looking at him. Sav smiled back unsure why he was looking at her, but she wasn't about to say anything. Cat noticed Sam and she smiled. She knew that it was about damn time that Sam was going to get him some action and she knew that Dean was going to get some too. She was going to be lefted out of this one since her boyfriend was on his own hunting trip with his demon dogs, but she wasn't going to ruin anything for Sammy because he did need to get laid no matter what anyone thought. She was just wondering if it was the right time for her brothers to get some when they are hunting something that could take them out of the game forever.