The Love Doctor

"Love is like gum, when it sticks on your shoe. It drives you crazy"

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Summary : She's the best when it came to the field of love. She gives advice and finds their Mr. Rights. Fixing up relationships from left to right, she's Mikan Sakura, the Love Doctor of Alice Academy, but why is it that she can fix others' love problems but she can't fix hers? Would she ever find her Mr. Right, or would she end up with Mr. Wrong? NxM R&R Please.

Chapter 1 : The Doctor is always in

"Mikan! Thank God I found you! I need your help!"

Ahh. . what a nice way to start my day.

Hi. I'm Mikan Sakura. 16. I'm in Year 3 Class A. 5'6 in height and 48 kilos in weight. I have chesnut brown hair that curls at the tip and big brown hazel eyes. I have a small button-like nose and red full lips. And I am the Love Doctor of my school, Alice Academy.

It's not that I'm really a doctor. They just gave me that nickname because I'm the heroine of the loved and loveless. It all started on my first year. My friend, Sumire broke up with her stupid excuse of a guy, Mochu. I gave her some advice that worked and she is now running a relationship with Koko for 2 years straight, no fights and/or misunderstandings. Because of my consulting, but seriously though, I think they just truly love each other.

Back to the point. The person you just herd awhile ago was Anna. She's a really sweet girl and a wonderful friend. But she sucks as a girlfriend. She's almost always my first patient for the day. And I am wondering of what Anna is fussing about now.

"What's up, Anna? Anything new?" Rule 1 on love counseling: Never say "What's the problem this time?" Girls with heartbreaks or confused hearts are way too emotional. Always act as though you don't know what the problem is and start off with a simple greeting.

"It's Kitsuneme! I saw him with another girl!" Augh. Not this again. Anna's really possessive of Kitsuneme and she jumps to conclusions easily. She gets jealous all the time and its really tiring to convince her that he's not cheating on her, but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

"Are you sure it's not Naomi,again?" Naomi is Kitsuneme's younger sister, she's a year younger than us and because of her overly developed body she's got a lot of perverted guys waiting to jump her. And because Kitsuneme is such a loving and protective brother, he walks Naomi to school everyday. The bad thing is, Anna gets jealous easily and she doesn't even look at who the girl is before she runs off to me and asks for advice.

"I don't know. I didn't see. I just couldn't take seeing Kitsu-chii walking with another girl so I ran off to you!" See. When it comes to her guy, she goes berserk. Guess it's time to work my magic.

"Anna, how long have you two been together?"

"2 years, 3 months, 15 days, 15 hours, 36 minutes, 45, 46, 47,48, 49, 50, 5-"

"Okay, Anna, you don't need to be really precise. Now did you guys ever have a serious fight?"


"Has he ever cheated on you?"


"Has he ever looked at another girl, asides you?"


"Do you love him."


"Do you trust him?"


"That's all there is to it Anna. All you need is trust and love. And you both have that. Now go on. Go to your class. First period is almost up."

"Thanks, Mikan! You're the best! If you weren't here to give me advice, me and Kitsu would've broken up already." And off she went to her class all cheery and high.

If I would get a dollar for every person that told me I was their life saver, I'd be stinking rich. Too bad though, I work for free.

Tsk, I better head off to my first class,too.

Second Period : Biology

"EEEEK! Take that away from me!" Tch, stupid girls. Screaming just because of these frogs. They're actually cute so I can't believe these girls ran away from them.

We're currently inside the laboratory. Biology's my second period and we are currently dissecting frogs. I feel sorry for this jumping little slime balls but I can't let go of them and get a failing grade now, can't I? So here I am, slicing the frog with a scalpel. I started off at its throat up to its butt. I waited for some blood to squirt at my face but no such luck,it just spilled out it's organs.

I jotted down all its parts and headed off to the next procedure. It seems as though I'm going ahead with the experiment. The others are still having a hard time cutting the flesh.

I can't believe the frog was still alive even when I sliced its skin. Even as I removed its lungs, stomach, kidney and other organs! Until it was left off with a heart beating really slowly. I finally removed it and with one final kick from the frog, it now lay there, unmoving. I examined each part and when I got to the heart, which was really small that it looked like a piece of meat or something, I mildly squished it, loving the feel of it through my surgical gloves. I was so in to the heart when suddenly a voice startled me from behind.

"Hey, can I have some of your ammonia?" a guy with silver hair and grey eyes approached me. Hmm. . what was his name again? Keeichi, Youhey, oh. .yeah. . Youichi.

"Uhmm. . sure, here you go." I handed him my bottle of ammonia and proceeded on playing with the heart of the frog.

"Here. Thanks." I heard Youichi and just told him to put it on my table. I thought he already left but I was shocked when I saw his face mere inches from mine.

"Uhmm, what are you doing?" I asked the weird guy staring right at me and the heart that I'm holding oh so carefully in my hands.

"I should be the one asking you that. What are you doing?" What does he think I'm doing? I'm doing the experiment like the others, why is he asking that as if I'm doing something wrong?

"doing the experiment like the others, what else?" he didn't seem to believe me. Now seriously, what is wrong with this guy?

"Hah, no shit, Sherlock. Now seriously, what are you doing? You've been poking that freaking heart even before I asked for ammonia." Oh, so that's what he means. I didn't know that I've been so engrossed with this heart for that long. I wonder what this guy thinks of me now?

"It's the only organ that actually has blood." Well, that was the truth, I was really disappointed when they weren't enough blood to satisfy me.

"What, so you're a vampire." Woah. This guy made me want to gag. A vampire? Seriously? Haha. I can't believe he just said that! Just because I like blood doesn't mean I'm a vampire.

"Woah, man. I think you need to go to the doctor and get your head checked. Vampires don't exist man. That's just bull." I commented trying hard not too laugh too much.

"Okay, so can you check me out?" Haha! Wait, what did he just say? Did he just say what I think he just said?

"Uhmm, sorry but come again?" I'm pretty sure he didn't just say that.

"You're a doctor right? A love doctor. You're pretty famous around the school. So why won't you check me out." Was this guy flirting? First he goes all mental and now he's flirting? God, this guy's unbelievable!

I was about to say something unnerving when he suddenly bursted out laughing. Is this guy playing with me or is he really just retarded.

"You should've seen your face! Man, that was priceless! Alright, so I'll tell you my real purpose for coming up to you." The nerve of that guy! He played with me! Augh I hate him. He is officially in my list of Hate, not that I have one.

" I have a friend, who needs help." He suddenly turned serious when he said that, hmm. . must be serious then. It's been long since I've had a long time patient. The last one I had was Yuu and Nonoko but their doing great on their own now and is in no need of my services anymore. Guess this is a new job.

I've set my mind into business and asked him the details.

Hmm. . this is an interesting new patient, but it might take me awhile to fully heal this one.

Chapter 1 END

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The dissection described was how i dissected our frog (asides the fact, that I wasn't the one that cut the skin) everything was done exactly how I did it. And I played with the heart, too. Cause I'm a blood lover :D

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