You die when you are killed

Chapter 1

By: Autumnxdbz


Autumn Blake


Autumn :(me again and looks like eve again): Age 13, blonde hair blue eyes black shirt with red tie and red school girl's skirt.

Detective Bertch: A fat lazy detective that is always on the scene.

Yukai: Autumn's assistant, brown hair brown eyes, orange dress with frills and orange headband 13.

Sven: A retired detective (actually fired) who helps the two kids solve cases. He is also Autumn's guardian. He looks like Sven from Black cat.

Stacy: Yukai's sister who supports Autumn's and hers job. Has no idea that they are really looking at dead bodies.

The case of the 13 year old love story:

Autumn: Hey, Sven!...Sven! SVEN!

Sven: ~he wakes up suddenly and falls out of his chair!~ What?

Autumn: I'm home.

Sven: Lousy kid!

~The door slams~

Autumn: Oh, and Yukai is with me.

Sven: Oh great!

Autumn: Sarcasm is NOT nice!

Sven: Yeah yeah whatever! Oh, and Autumn! Be sure not to make plans this weekend!

Autumn: Huh, why?

Sven: We got invited to a party.

Autumn: Really? Who would invite your retired ass?


Autumn: If it is, then why do you cuss out the T.V. when the lottery numbers don't match yours?

Sven: Whatever, we are still going!

Autumn: Can Yukai come?

Sven: Sure if it is alright with her sister.


~The day of the party~


Sven: H-hold still! Yukai grab her legs will ya?


Autumn: Why do I have to wear a dress?

Sven: Because it is a party.

Autumn: But we don't even know the dude, so why should we even go? We shouldn't so stop undressing me! RAPE! FIRE! RAAAAPE!

Sven:OUCH! Stop kicking and put on the damn dress!

~!hour later they got it on her, it was a yellow dress had a cute little yellow flower at the top (ill)~

Autumn: This is so wrong!

Sven:Shut up. Were almost there and we won't stay long I promise.

Yukai: Yeah Autumn, it will be fun!

Autumn: It better be!

~They get there a little late thanks to Autumn's tantrum but are in time for the speech~

Autumn: Oh great no more seats left!

Sven: Stop complaining!

Man: "i would like to thank every one who made this possible for me! I owe it all to you!~

~Everybody stands up and cheers, the light turn off, BAM, they turn back on, everybody is confused and the man is laying on the floor~

Women 1: AHHHHH!

Women: Somebody help!

Man: someone call a ambulance!

~They call the cops but it was to late, he was dead~

Detective Bertch: Victim's name is Yoshi Acatota, looks like eh was accepting a gift when the lights suddenly turned off, when they came back on, was dead.

Autumn: -Anyone could have figured that out-

Sven: Autumn! You ready?

Autumn: ~she nods her head~

Yukai: Yep.


Cops: Huh? ~they go to comfort the girl leaving the body unintended~

Sven: sir, over here!

Detective Bertch: Huh? ~He follows Sven, leaving the area unoccupied as well~

Autumn: ~She goes over to the unintended body an starts to investigate~ Hm...!

What's this? ~She leans in closer and picks up a piece of hair from his body, it was brown and long, it looked like girl's hair~

Cop: Hey kid what are you doing! Get away from there! ~he grabs Autumn who quickly hides the hair in her hands~

Cops: This is no game, go play or something!

Yukai: I'm sorry Autumn! I couldn't cry any more! My tears ran out!

Autumn: It's ok, but look at this! ~she shows Yukai the hair~

Yukai: Huh? A Girls hair?

Autumn: Yeah, it was on the victim's body!So lets look for every girl around here with long brown hair!


Autumn: Hey Sven!


Autumn:~she motions for him to come over~

~She explains to him everything and makes a plan~

Sven: Alright, lets do it!


~they look around for every woman with long brown hair, they found 3 of them and told them a lie about how the detectives wanting to speak with them~
Lady Eclair: Why would a cop want to speak with me?~35, bank dealer~

Madam Lane:I did nothing wrong! ~39, story writer~

Mrs. Slate: I can tell you one thing, that it was not me~46 bartender~

Sven: Yeah yeah I know, I don't believe any one of you lovely ladies did any of this but we have to question everybody and the thing is one of the cops found a long piece of BROWN hair on the deceased and you girls are the only female with long brown hair!

Lady Eclair: That proves nothing!

Sven: Okay okay calm down! Just tell me where you were during the murder and that will be that!

~they told him where they were when the lights shut off~

Autumn: So, lady Eclair was in the stand with her husband when the lights went out, Madame Lane was in the restroom when the lights went out and Mrs. Slate was outside smoking. Hm, if the light was out for 3 minutes then anyone of them could have done it and got back to their usual spots!

Yukai: If that is true then how do we point out who the killer is?

Autumn: I don't know.

Sven: Looks like this one is gonna be hard, sorry Autumn looks like you are gonna be in that dress for a long time.

You die when you are killed

Chapter 1


I would like to thank you all for reading my first murder mystery story! Hope you enjoyed it!

See you next time!