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Just a Intro

It seemed like just yesterday she attend that dance with her date, her childhood crush. It seemed like only yesterday they kissed under that mistletoe in Paris.

Sadly, all those were broken. In one little moment she was never meant to see.

It seemed only yesterday she saw him kiss her so called friend, his best friend's ex-girlfriend.

Maybe he was right. Maybe she was being a little too harsh on him.

Then again maybe she wasn't. Then again maybe she was being a little lenient on him.

It seemed only yesterday she was taken in by a man she hardly even knew. It seemed only yesterday she went back to school as if nothing ever happen.

Just | a | Romance◊

It hurt. It just hurt so much.

It hurt to see her suffer, to see her in the arms of another. It hurt to see her in the arms of his best friend.

It was his fault. It was her. It was both of theirs'.

It was his fault that she was crying, that she was walking through the doors with a smile. His fault that she was talking briefly with him, that she was handing something off to Sakura and walking away with tears in her eyes… It was his fault that he glance at Sakura before following his girlfriend.

If she was still his girlfriend, if she forgave him, if he just had the guts to go and beg for forgiveness from her father, her cousin, her sister and her on his knees.

It hurt having to walk away.

Just | a | Romance◊

What was happening? What was happening to her? What was happening to make her whole world crash down around her?

Was she always this stupid? Or was it something that just came with the New Year?

What was happening to everything she tried so hard to keep for the last 16 years of her life?

She should have known better. She should have just left her jealousy behind. She should have known with one look… that she was going to be blamed for all of this.

What was happening to make Hinata give her the necklace? What was happening to make Sasuke glare and then follow that Hyuga? What was happening to make Naruto run out the front doors of the school?

What was happening to make her break down inside?

Just | a | Romance◊

Whatever led him to follow her was between them. Whatever led him to invite her in that first night was between them. Whatever led them to become this close was between them.

Could things really change between them this fast; with just a change of feelings?

Whatever led him to have a comfortable psychology session with her was between them.

Why couldn't he just follow his own advice? Why couldn't he have just left her in the rain?

Could he really be softening up just a bit?

Whatever led him to her was between him and someone that wasn't her. Whatever led him to actually feel empathy for her was between them? But whatever led him to stop her that night was between him, him and him.

Author's Notes:

1) I really liked how I did this opening. It's different then my normal route but I like it.

2) Before any of you review for my grammar in the beginning I know that the proper way to say the title of this is "Just an Intro" but then it wouldn't have matched with the title. Ever noticed that? My title have to connect with the title (The Homecoming; The Summary, The Journals, The Party?).

3) I already have my first chapter finished so I might post it when I post the next chapter for The Homecoming.

4) Hope you enjoyed the Intro.