Wait, You're Not A Masseuse! PT 01

One Piece Fanfiction

Summary: The Mugiwara Crew are having a miniature vacation on a resort island. After having fun, Luffy wants to try something new and asks for a massage.

Pairing: Law-X-Luffy

Warnings: M for language, sexual themes, and possible OOCness

Disclaimer: I do not own One Piece.

Le. Jester. Vixen: "So, Law gets a shot of everyone's favorite Mugiwara (my Boshi-kun). This is probably why he left here early."

Buggy: "It could actually be."

Le. Jester. Vixen: "Why are you still here? Didn't you say that you wanted to see Boshi-kun get tortured, although he might torture Boshi-kun in a different way."

Buggy: "Well, you see… uh-" 0/0

Lucci: Walks in and sits in the middle of the couch.

Le. Jester. Vixen: "Wow, you guys just keep coming out of nowhere…"

Lucci: Looks at the tomboy for a second before turning back to the tv screen. "I just want to see who will try Mugiwara."

Le. Jester. Vixen: "Aren't you being possessive with Boshi-kun?" ^./^\'

Buggy: Starts to slowly scoot towards the edge of the couch. 'This guy's creepy.' -o-

Lucci: Crosses his arms and places his right foot on his left knee. "Stay where you are if you want to live Clown."

Buggy: Instantly sits back down. "H-Hai…"

Le. Jester. Vixen: 'I think he's still upset about Buggy changing the channel.' She shrugs her shoulders. "Now that that's done, you guys want anything to eat or drink before we watch?"

Buggy: "Now that you mention it I'll have a-"

Lucci: "We're fine, just turn it on."

Buggy: "OI—"

Le. Jester. Vixen: "Alright."

Buggy: "Hey!—"


The sky is blue with a few fluffy clouds passing by as the sun is shining brightly. There's a little breeze as the wind blows. Serene Town, a summer island within the Grand Line, is a place to relax and to have fun. In this town there are spa resorts, a golf course, a few swimming pools, several inns, a few restaurants, and an amusement park where the infamous Mugiwara Crew currently are.





The ride that four of the nine pirates are on is called The Air Soarer, which is a two-seater ride. As the ride starts to go in the air, it starts to slowly spin; the higher it goes the faster it becomes until it reaches the highest peak, which is about fifteen stories in the air. From there, the passengers will continuously spin round and round for another two minutes or so before The Air Soarer begins to slow down. Once it's at a reasonable speed the ride will then descend back down, making sure it comes to a complete stop before touching the ground.

The navigator looks from the café table she's sitting at to see four of her friends screaming their heads off before she continues to drink from her straw. "They're so loud."

Robin, who is sitting to the left to Nami, chuckles a bit before taking a sip from her tropical drink. Looking to her left she sees Sanji and Zoro at the at the Test-Your-Strength game before she shakes her head, witnessing both of the men arguing over whose stronger between the two.

"What was that, you directionless moss head?" The blonde takes a step closer to his rival.

"I'm not directionless. People just make it too damn complicated, damn swirly brow." The green haired male says as he rests his hands on the hilt of Shuu-sui, ready to attack if need be. "I hope that you don't think that you're actually stronger than me, pervert cook."

Sanji's visible eyebrow twitches before he grabs the front of the swordsman's open blue shirt, only for the latter to pull the black sword out from its sheathe.

"Um… excuse me, Sirs…"

Both of the pirates turn toward the game propter. "Huh?"

"Um, p-please don't fight here… and you're really holding t-the line." The poor man says as he's trying not to look so nervous.

Both heads turn the other direction to see a crowd around them before they look at each other.

Zoro sheathes his swords and points his thumb to the mass of people behind him. "We'll see who's stronger by defeating them."

Sanji lets the swordsman go before lighting his cigarette. "You really are an idiot," he then takes a drag from it.

"What was that?" Zoro's left eye twitches.

"Just hurry up and let me go first, dumbass."

"Tch, whatever, love cook." Zoro steps out of the blonde's way and crosses his arms with a smirk on his face as he gets ready to watch the cook humiliate himself. "Remember, you can't hurt your precious hands too much. Who'll cook our food if you do? Wait, never mind, I'm sure that one of them will make something that actually tastes good in your place."

Letting out a puff of smoke Sanji walks up to the plate, lightly bites down on the cigarette to make sure that it doesn't fall out, and takes hold of the handle of the heavy hammer. "Just shut up, shitty sword freak, and watch how it's done."

Placing his feet shoulder width apart, Sanji uses his leg and lower back muscles to lift the overweight hammer before slamming it down on the target. Once finished, he places the hammer back on the ground and watches the lights go all of the way up, making a ding sound when it reaches the highest peak. Taking a drag from this tobacco stick, the cook walks out of the line and up to the propter.

Zoro nods his head as the blonde walks past him. "Heh, not bad, cook."

Said male looks back at the lazy man, grinning. "Well, what did you expect?"

Zoro replies in a deadpan voice. "You to fail miserably."

The curly eyebrow twitches before he calms himself down, not wanting to make another scene. "Just hurry up and go, damn sword freak."

Zoro completely ignores him as he steps up to the plate and easily lifts the heavy hammer high over his head with only his right hand.

"Stupid show off."

The swordsman slams the hammer down on his target and watches as it reaches the highest peak before letting the hammer drop and walks towards his annoying crewmate. "Huh, did you say something?"

Sanji takes another hit from his cigarette just so he doesn't have another argument with the man and turns to face the propter. "Aren't we supposed to get a prize or something?"

"Oh uh, yes, yes you do. Please, pick something that you like."

They see a selection of plushy animals in a variety of sizes.

"Ah, Nami-swan would love this teddy bear." The propter picks up the big, white bear with light blue eyes.

"Che, you're such an idiot." Why would the damn cook pick something like that? Never mind, it's probably for one of the girls that he constantly swoons over.

"So says the man who can't follow simple directions." The cook grabs the oversized bear before taking a step back to see what his idiot crewmate is gonna pick.

"Shut up." Zoro walks up and places a hand on his chin, trying to figure out what to get. 'All they have are stupid animals. Who would want a stuffed animal when we already have Chopper?' His dark orbs dart back and forth trying to find something at least vaguely interesting before something catches his eyes and he point at the animal. "I'll take that."

Sanji's mouth opens slightly, almost dropping his cigarette, before he starts to laugh hysterically. "Hahaha… why the hell-haha… would you want that? Hahaha…"

The propter doesn't ask but just grabs the stuffed animal and hands it to the green haired man. Zoro takes it and starts to walk quietly back towards the table where the females are. Sanji shakes his head, still trying to hold his laughter as he follows the swordsman. When they finally reach the women Sanji twirls and hands the white bear to Nami.

"Ah, thank you, Sanji-kun." The navigator takes the bear and puts it on the empty chair next to her as she smiles at the blonde cook.

Sanji sighs happily at the orange haired female, taking in her appearance. She has a cobalt blue head band on, a white short sleeved button up that's opened, revealing her green and white bikini top, blue denim shorts that shows off her legs, her signature sandals, and her bracelet and log pose.

Turning from his orange haired beauty, Sanji noodle dances his way over to Robin before his cigarette drops from his mouth. He sees that damn, lazy, shitty swordsman handing his dark haired beauty the little penguin that he won. "How dare you—"

Robin lets out a warm smile as she takes the little bird from the first mate's hand. "Thank you, Zoro."

"Yeah, sure. I wasn't gonna keep it." Zoro scratches the back of his head before turning, intending to walk away. A hand grabs his own and he turns to see that its Robin.

"Please, won't the both of your join us?" Robin offers.

Zoro looks at the empty chair and sits next to the archeologist, unconsciously noticing what she's wearing… or not wearing. She has a lavender bikini top on, a white sari skirt with green, yellow, and indigo flower patterns with some black sandals.

"Robin-chwan, I'm sorry that you couldn't get anything better than that puny penguin." Sanji says as he pulls up an empty chair and sits between his two lovely ladies.

Robin raises a hand to her mouth and softly chuckles. "That's alright, Sanji," she looks at the little, dark blue penguin that's hardly bigger than her hand, "—I think that this is rather adorable."

'Damn that moss head, getting attention from my lovely Robin-chwan.' Sanji's head turns in all directions before looking to the navigator. "Where's Franky?"

"Oh, he's out buying some more fuel for Sunny."

Before anyone can say anything else, they hear an excited yell from the east.

"Woah, that was AWESOME!"

The four at the table turn their attention to the other four coming their way.

"What do you mean 'awesome?' I thought I was gonna die." The sniper says while clenching his hand to his chest, trying to ease his rapidly beating heart.

"You too Usopp…? I thought so too… when I… flew off…" The young reindeer says as he holds the top of his pink hat, walking exhaustedly towards his crewmates at the table.

"I thought I was going to die as well. Wait, I'm already dead. Yohohoho." The skeleton says before he stands behind the strong swordsman.

Zoro turns to his captain, placing an arm on the back of the chair with a small smirk on his face. "Had fun?"

Said teen's eyes sparkle with excitement before he answers his friends question. "It was so much fun. You gotta go on it with me next time."

"Next time?"

"Uh-huh. When it was going up it started spinning and the higher it went the faster it got. Let's go right now!" The over excited captain is about to go towards Zoro, intending to pull the man if he has to.

Usopp has an aghast look on his face. "What next time? You had to grab Chopper after he was sent flying."

"How were you able to grab him while we were spinning so fast, Luffy-san?" Brook asks as he sits down on an empty chair.

Chopper climbs up and sits on Robin's lap, still panting. "I… don't care how… I'm just glad… that he did."

Robin smiles as she pats the top of the pink hat.

Nami shakes her head and smiles before she gets up. "Well, you guys are gonna have to wait here for a while." She cuts them off before anyone has a chance to object. "I'm gonna get a massage. Do you wanna come, Robin?

"That sounds like a good idea." She picks the tired reindeer up from her lap and hands him to Zoro as she gets up from her seat.

"Wait," the first mate looks to the thief, taking the still shaken reindeer. "—why do we gotta wait?"

"Because we had to wait for you guys to have your fun." Ignoring the protests from Zoro and Usopp, Nami turns to Robin. "Alright, let's go."

As the girls starts to make their way towards the spa building, Luffy puts his signature hat on and follows them. "Hey, wait up."

Not only do the two females stop walking to look at him but all of the guys look at their captain clearly confused.

"Y-yeah Luffy, what is it?" Nami asks, wondering what he can possibly want.

The rubber captain gives them a bright smile. "I wanna get a massage too."

Everyone's eyes widen and their jaws practically drop —except for Robin — as they're in shock from their captain.

The tall woman says a similar statement that everyone is thinking. "I thought slow things would bore you, Luffy."

Luffy scratches the side of his face before he smiles. "It does but I wanna see what the big deal is about getting one. I mean, when Nami gets one she's always nice right after it so I wanna see what kind of mysterious power it has if it can even make her be nice."

The navigator puts her hands on her hips and shifts her weight to the right side while pouting at her captain. "What do you mean? I'm always nice."

Luffy, Zoro and Usopp look deadpan at her as they all think the same thing. 'When are you nice?'

"But," Nami's pout turns into a smile as she crosses her arms, "—this is a good turn of events." She turns her attention to the other guys. "See, you guys can learn something from Luffy."

"You do realize what you just said, girlie." Franky comes to the same table with his sunglasses over his eyes.

Nami just face palms herself, realizing what words just came out of her mouth. "I take that back."

"Shishishi. Yosh, Nami, let's go." Luffy and Robin both start to walk towards the spa building as the navigator follows them.

The guys look in shock that their captain, Monkey D Luffy a.k.a. Mr.-I-like-having-fun-and-getting-everyone-in-some -kind-of-trouble, that he would actually follow the girls for a… massage.

"So," Usopp starts as he continues to watch the three shrink into the distance, "—500 bucks says that he'll only last five minutes before he runs out." His hand goes into his pockets to grab some money before putting it on the table.

The rest of the guys all look at each other as they put some money on the table. "I'm in."

Serene Spa Paradise

When the three pirates make it to the receptionist's desk, Nami rings the bell and patiently waits for someone to come. "Really Luffy," she turns to face her captain, "—I'm still surprised that you decided to come with us."

"Really?" The young captain puts his right hand on his chin and tilts his head to the side. "I don't see what the big deal is about me coming."

'Of course you don't.' Nami turns her attention back to the desk, about to ring the bell again but stops when she sees a lady come out.

"Yes, how may I help you?' The lady asks, readying her pen as she grabs a sheet to fill out.

Nami starts as she places both of her hands on top of the desk. "I would like massages for the three of us. Preferably in private rooms if you can."

Luffy nods his head once, impressed at Nami's talking skill. 'I thought you just walk in and they give you a massage.' Who knew. Feeling a hand tapping the top of his shoulder, he looks back to see Robin sitting down, reading a magazine. When she looks up at him, she motions him to come sit by her. He smiles and nods his head before sitting by his friend.

"And what kind of package would you like ma'am?" The secretary is still writing information down on the not-so blank sheet.

Nami turns to the archeologist. "What kind of massage do you want Robin?"

Robin looks over to the navigator. "I would like to get a Hot Stone Massage, Nami."

Nami gives the black-hair woman a thumbs up. "Good one." She turns her attention back to the secretary. "One Hot Stone Massage; I myself would like a Deep Tissue Massage; and the last one will be a Balinese Massage. All full body massages. And I will only let a female touch mine and Robin's bodies. If you dare get a guy," Nami leans in closer to the receptionist, almost looking scary. "—you'll regret it."

The secretary says nothing as she finishes writing down the information. "Would you like anything else ma'am?"

The copper-head pulls back to stand up straight and smiles to the woman. "No, that's it."

"A-alright, since there's a special today," the secretary lies but she doesn't want to get harmed by the customer, "—it'll only be 65 berries." This younger female is quite scary.

Robin shakes her head as she inwardly laughs. 'Nami-san always scares them into giving her a discount.' She looks to her right and sees Luffy staring at nothing in particular in a daze. "Luffy…" She places a hand on his shoulder, startling him a bit.

"Oh, it's just you. Is it time already?"


They both look towards Nami who making her way to them.

"She said it'll be another 5 minutes at the most. Nice woman she is." A satisfied smile is on Nami's face.

"Nami, you do realize that you're grinning like a madman."

"Oh, am I? I must be happy that there's a special today." Her negotiating skills are almost flawless.

"Really," Luffy decides that if there's a special then food must be involved. "Is there any food that comes with it?"

"Not that type of special Luffy." Nami sits next to her captain, picking up a Keep Yourself Fit magazine, flipping the pages but not paying any attention to it.

The captain slouches back in his chair as a pout comes on his face. "That sucks."

Both of the females laugh at their friend's sudden childish action. All three of their attentions go to the door right by the receptionist's desk opening. "The Hot Stone Massage is ready for you, ma'am."

Robin gives Luffy her magazine as she stands up and walks to the door. She sees them both wave at her before she exit's the lobby. "I'll see you both sometime shortly."

Nami stretches her arms over her head before she looks at the rubber-man. He's wearing a white short-sleeve hoodie with red trimming that's unzipped, clearly showing off his well toned torso. He's also wearing dark blue short pants along with his simple sandals. She shakes her head at him. 'He never changes.' The thought brings a smile to the navigator's face. "Luffy…"

The said captain turns his head to her. "Yeah?"

Nami doesn't know why she called him, but that's alright because today the Straw Hat Pirates are just gonna have fun and relax before they go back into the unpredictable sea, also known as the Grand Line. "I'm glad that you chose to come here. We're having a lot of fun."

"Yeah, we are." The rubber captain smiles brightly at her as she smiles back at him.

"The Deep Tissue Massage is ready for you, ma'am." The secretary holds the door open patiently waiting for Nami to walk through.

Nami gets up and places her magazine on Luffy's lap, right on top of the one Robin gave him. "Guess I'll see you later Luffy. Let me know what you thought about your massage, alright?"

"Sure." Luffy nods his head towards her as she waves to him and walks through the door before leaving him in the lobby by himself. He looks around the lobby and sighs. "I should have brought some food at least."

Resting his chin on his hand, Luffy looks at the clock slowly ticking away before he takes a glance at the door. His eyes starts to close as he feels himself dozing off before the door opens once more.

"Sir, your Balinese Massage is ready." The same woman holds the door open for him.

Luffy takes a deep breath before he gets up and places the magazines on the seat before he walks to the door. He smiles at the woman as he walks passed her, through the door. Hearing the door close, he sees the woman lead him down the hallway.

The hallway is big and there are a lot of doors down it, about four yards apart from each other and they all have numbers imprinted on them.

Luffy opens his mouth to say something but decides against as he just continues to walk in silence. After a while they suddenly come to a halt in front of the room 33.

The secretary opens the door and lets the teen in before she walks in herself. She sees how he's looking around the room, anxious to touch things but doesn't want to mess them up before she giggles a bit. Lifting the file, she asks the patient a question as part of her job. "Is this your first time, Sir?"

The seventeen year old turns his attention at the secretary, letting a small laugh out while taking his hat off. "Is it that noticeable?"

She giggles some more before giving him a smile. "Don't worry, I'm sure that the therapist won't hurt you," she says in reassurance.

The teen smiles at her before he notices that she's leaving him in this big room by himself.

She stops before closing the door. "There's a bathroom over there," she points to the corner of the right wall in the back before looking back at him, "—so anytime that you might have to go you can. There's also a shower in there if you feel like you've have too much oil on you. If there's anything that you need, just ring this bell," she points at the little black button by the door before continuing, "—and someone will come if the therapist can't help you. Enjoy." With that, she leaves and closes the door, leaving the teen by himself yet again.

The pirate looks around the spacious room. On the wall to his left he sees a rack with different bottles and on the bottom rows there are different stones and the back wall has a giant portrait on it of a mountain top behind an electric waterfall. His eyes beam with excitement as he walks up to the machine made waterfall. Before he reaches it he sees a door to his right, remembering that the woman from before said that's where the bathroom is.

The door behind Luffy opens, making him turn around and he sees a person wearing a light blue shirt with tan pants walk in and strangely enough the man's wearing a fuzzy hat on his head. That must be his masseuse.

"So, you're here for the Balinese Massage, Mugiwara-ya." The therapist asks while looking at the file that he's holding.

Luffy starts to walk back to the front of the room but stops when he sees a finger point towards the bathroom.

"Please, take your clothes off and wrap yourself in a towel, unless you want me to cover your clothes in oil."

The teen blinks before scratching his head and laughs. "Ah, yeah, that's a good idea, huh?"

"That would be nice." The masseuse answers as he places the file on the counter to his right.

Luffy turns around and walks to the bathroom, closing the door behind him. Something about that guy seems really familiar but he can't recall why. Shrugging that feeling aside, the young male starts to undress himself, starting with his shirt after he sees several clean towels on the counter.

'To think that I would run into Mugiwara-ya in a place like this. This is turning out to be a good day.' The masseuse looks at the file and reads the type of massage to do before he chuckles to himself. "A full body massage, huh? I should make this a little fun."

The therapist walks over to the left wall to pick out two of the many oils and herbs from the selection. He chooses the Lemon Balm Herb since the essential oil is very popular in aromatherapy and the scent will help relax the patient's body. The second item that he chooses is Almond Oil, knowing that it will increase the skin's hydration without being to oily. Once he has the items in his hands, he puts the herbs into a mixing bowl and starts crushing the herb, making the oil come out. Once he's satisfied with how much there is he adds the Almond Oil into the mix. A minute or so passes as he pours the newly made oil into a disposable bottle then washes his hands.

Taking his hat off, the therapist places it by the file. He walks to the massage table and places his oil on the moveable tray, waiting for his patient to come out from the bathroom. 'If Mugiwara-ya didn't recognize me yet then I think I will play with him for a while.'

Luffy walks out of the bathroom with his a towel over his waist and makes his way to the center of the room looking a bit lost. It's completely obvious by now that he's never had a massage. "So, um…"

The masseuse chuckles a bit before he speaks. "Don't worry, I know that this is your first time getting a massage. I'll be as gentle as you want me to be." He smirks from seeing how the younger is just looking at him, tilting his head a bit from trying to figure out what that could possibly mean before shrugging his shoulders. Wanting to start on his fun, he offers to the teen. "We can get started on your back if you like."

The teen nods his head. "Uh, yeah."

"If you would."

Luffy sees that the therapist's hand is pointing towards the table, indicating that he needs to get on it on order for him to start. Lifting himself onto the table, he sits down before turning to lay himself on his stomach and his head goes on the horseshoe shaped pillow. The sound of steps going towards him are getting louder until he feels heat hovering over his back and he lets his eyes close.

"Can you lift your hips up for me?"

The teen doesn't question the masseuse as he does as he's requested but takes a sharp breath as he feels two hands go under his body to unwrap the towel from the side of his waist.

"Don't worry,"

Luffy can feel a warm breath by his right ear.

"—I won't do anything improper to you." Skilled hands slowly undo the knot on the side of the towel.

For some reason the man above him seems to be going to slow, 'or maybe I'm just imagining it.' Once the hands finish untying the cloth Luffy feels one of the hands softly press the end of his back, letting him know that he can lay back down.

The older male walks over to the mobile tray to rub his self made oil on his hands before he places them on the top of the younger's shoulders, feeling the body tense most likely from reflex. "Relax, you're in good hands." A few seconds pass before the younger completely relaxes and he runs his hands down the back, letting the oil spread all over the naked flesh before moving his oily limbs up against the sides of the teen, pleased to hear a small sound emerge from the younger. Perhaps a small gasp…

The hands retrace their steps up the back, roaming over the shoulder blades towards the inside of the upper back before reaching the base of the neck. Continuing to move, the thumbs and forefingers go up to the base of the skull, lightly scratching the scalp on the way and the digits reach the top of the head. The pinky and ring fingers move as far as they can to the sides of the head, lightly massaging the hair follicles before the masseuse lightly drags the digits back down to the bottom of the skull. The hands move to go behind the ears and pays attention to that area for a while, all the while the index finger and thumb from the right hand starts to play with a few strands of hair.

Luffy closes his eyes as he feels fingers scratch his scalp back and forth before the balls of said digits apply pressure on the top of his neck. Thumbs rotate in circles with more pressure than he thought they would before the feels two fingers add a lot of pressure to run down the middle of his neck then more fingers knead the sides of it. 'This is really weird.'

The therapist draws his hands back and rubs the tips of his fingers into the palms of his hands, getting the unused oil from his palms before going back to his patient. He roughly drags his fingers against the neck once more before moving them down the shoulders. Using his thumbs, he slowly rotates them in inner circles for about fourteen seconds before rotating them the other way for the same amount of time. He then pushes his palms against the shoulders while making sure that the ball and socket are in their proper place.

As the masseuse continues to work on his shoulders, Luffy decides to break the silence. "So, what's the big deal about massages?" He feels more pressure against his shoulders, a little harder than he expected, but the sudden pressure starts to feel really comfortable.

"Why do you ask, Mugiwara-ya?" The professional man uses the tips of his fingers to slowly run down the shoulders before he starts to apply more pressure right about the shoulder blades, kneading it thoroughly.

Luffy almost forgets to answer the quest as he immediately begins to relax some more under the strong hands. His neck and shoulders, heck even his head, feels a lot more… who knows what they feel but it's a lot better than how it was just a few minutes ago.

"Uh," the teen lets out a soft sigh as he feels the bottom of the palms slowly make their way to the center of his back, all the while firmly rubbing against it. "—oh yeah. One of my friends loves getting these and it seems to be the only thing that makes her really nice, well other than her oranges and money."

A chuckle comes from the older man as he places his elbow on the middle of the naked back, slowly rotating it and applying more pressure before going back to use the bottom of his palm. "You'll find out. My, you're tense, Mugiwara-ya." The therapist moves his left hand to grab his patient's side while he uses his finger from the right, pinching the same spot that his palm was previously at before folding the skin, finally able to feel the muscles start to relax under his touch. When he hear a soft, almost inaudible, sound come from the teen's throat again, he grins.

This is what Nami likes? No wonder. This is pretty good. Almost as good as Sanji's cooking. 'No, nothing's as good as his food.'

Luffy feels the mysterious filled fingers go further down as the hand that was just holding him leaves until they reach the end of his back, working their way down to his sides. Feeling the lightly oiled digits reach his sides makes his breath slightly hitch but he doesn't know why though.

"It's because the muscles there are tender." The masseuse sees the teen's head turn a little to the side, probably going to ask how he knew but the head turns back and he continues to work. Using the balls of his fingers, he rakes down the sides to the teen's hip and then drags his fingers back up before going back down once more but this time he finally reaches the bottom of the feet.

Luffy takes note of the sudden pressure as his fingers slightly fidget. Even though the pain is noticeable it felt strangely good, especially when it went away.

Grabbing the teen's left foot, the masseuse lightly rotates it clockwise for seven seconds before pulling it a little, then rotates it counterclockwise until he hears a light pop.


"I apologize, Mugiwara-ya." The older male places his thumbs on the bottom of the foot and starts to rub hard against the limb, working his way up to the toes before going back down. He presses small circles against the heel of the foot before roaming his finger against the center of it. Reaching the bottom of the toes once more he rubs the base of each one for five seconds before he spreads his fingers out and drags the digits down the foot once more. He moves to the other foot, repeating the same actions while he takes his time.

Once finished with the bottom of the feet, the therapist puts more oil on his hands before moving them to rub against the back of the teen's calves, loving the way that the soft skin feels under his touch. He lightly claws at the muscle before using his palm against it, making sure that his touch is either really rough or barely there.

Luffy lets out a content sight as he feels the strong finger rub his body, feeling any tension immediately melt away under the touches. The scent of lemons and something sweet reaches his nostrils and he just feels completely at ease. "The oil that you're using,'

"Yes, what about it?"

Skillful hands feather along the back of the teen's knees, causing him to let out something in between a soft gasp and a small moan. The hands do it again before fingers knead the back of his thigh. Luffy has to think about what he was trying to say before he finally remembers. "—does it have mysterious powers or something?"

The absurd question throws the doctor off, making him stop touching the teen's body before he remembers that this young man has never been massaged before, especially by a professional. Letting out a soft chuckle, he moves his hand to the other thigh, drawing small circles with the tip of his pinky finger before massaging the limb. "No, it's nothing like that."

"Oh." The pirate is a little disappointed to know that it isn't the oils that made Nami so nice. He was so sure that the oils had some kind of mysterious powers. If it's not that, then what it is?

The therapist finishes the back of the teen's back and is ready to massage the front of the body. "Can you turn over for me, Mugiwara-ya?"

Luffy lifts his head up a bit. "Huh? Oh, sure."

The pirates pushes himself up to sit down, making the towel that was covering his bottom to fall off, before he swings his legs around and lays down on his back. He doesn't mind if he's completely nude in front of the masseuse since they're both males. Once he's settled on the massage table, he closes his eyes as he's ready for more.

The therapist takes a hold of the teen's left hand only to have his patient pull it back out of reflex again. "It's alright," he grabs the hand once more and starts to massage it, "—I won't hurt you."

"Sorry." Luffy gives the older male an apologetic smile before he takes a deep breath and closes his eyes again.

"It's fine." The masseuse rotates the wrist like he did with the teen's ankles before moving up to the arm, thoroughly rubbing it with the balls of his fingers. When he reaches the inside of the elbow, he folds the skin, feeling the muscles on either side of his fingers before making his way up to the shoulder. Walking around the table, he gives his patient the same treatment, which takes about three to five minutes.

"How long have you been doing this?" Luffy asks as he feels the strong hands on the top of his head with the thumbs lightly rubbing his eyelids. It feels really weird to have his eyeballs lightly pressed against and going in circles, so why does it feel so good? 'Hmm, who knows. I still think that it's cause of those oils.'

A finger runs down the bridge of his nose before more rub against both of his cheek bones, doing some weird designs in the process. The seventeen year old shrugs that off as he feels the strong hands rub against his collar bone and slowly make their way down his chest.

The question makes the older man hesitate for a few seconds before he quickly speaks. "I've been doing this for a while. You can say that it's a… side job actually."

As the fingers roam down the chest one accidentally runs over the teen's nipple, causing the young body to jump a little. The therapist lets a smirk creep on his face. He avoids the other skin button purposely, wanting to tease the body a bit more than he's been doing. Instead, he slowly moves his fingers down the toned abs, letting them roam in the crevices between the visible muscles, kneading them a bit before he reaches the taunt stomach. He makes sure that his touch is light against the skin that's sensitive, watching how some of the muscles start to spasm in need for more contact.

Looking up at the young pirate, the masseuse sees that his patient has his eyes closed and his hand is trying not to fidget as much. "Are you alright, Mugiwara-ya?"

"I-I'm fine." Luffy speaks out quickly while he trying to keep his body calm from whatever changed it. Ever since the physical therapist-guy touched his chest his body started to get out of control. 'It… it's just my imagination. He knows what he's doing, that's why he's checking on me.'

That thought is thrown out of his head when he feels warm, coated fingers lightly touch the skin under his waistline and continue to roam lower until he feels the thumb and index finger start to slowly rub against the shaft of his penis. His eyes fly open as he sits up on his elbow. "W-what are you…" his breath hitches a bit, "—doing?"

The older man closes his eyes and smiles before looking up at the startle teen. "I'm giving you a full body massage, of course." His fingers move a few centimeters higher, feeling the flesh the he's holding start to get warmer. He turns to look at the pirate in the eye. "Are you enjoying yourself, Mugiwara-ya?"

'That name… only one person called me that, but who?' Feeling the fingers on his private flesh go up a little higher, with a lot more pressure added, Luffy falls back on the heavily padded table swallowing saliva that seemed to come out of nowhere. 'Who was it?' The fingers move back down and slowly start to knead the base of his member once again, making him close his eyes tight and bite his lip to keep from moaning.

"It seems to me that you are, Mugiwara-ya."

Luffy's eyes shoot open as he remembers. "T-Traffy…"

Said pirate chuckles as the younger finally remembers him and the fact that the younger can't pronounce his name. "Yes, it's me." The fingers go all the way to the tip of the teen's warm flesh and they rubs against the slit before going back to the base to slowly torture the teen once more.

"Sta-stop—ah…" Heat surges through Luffy's body as those fingers continues to massage him. He bites down on his lip again as he's unconsciously clenching his hands. The other pirate's free hand grabs one of his.

"You really shouldn't do that, not after all of the hard work that I did just to make you feel good." As the last word is being said, Law runs his fingers up the length again and rubs the slit, making his patient's body tense before a low sound emerges from his throat.

Luffy closes his eyes tighter and leans his head back into the horse shoe pillow. "Nnghn…"

The surgeon stops in order to put more oil on his hands. As he's doing so he sees that the younger's body is shining from the oil on it. He also notices that his patient's cheeks are just a tad redder than they should be.

As soon as Luffy gets his breathing under control, he tries to glare at the older man. "Why… are you here?"

"Ah, isn't that a good question to answer. You're right, I shouldn't be here since I'm not a masseuse." His grin comes back on his face as he sees the young male's eyes widen with what he said. He knows that Luffy won't be able to get of here easily.

It dawns on Luffy that he's totally screwed. The door is a few yards away from him and this man has a weird power. 'Damn, why didn't I pay attention to what he can do back at Saboady.' He tries to lift himself up but his body is too relaxed to move like he wants it to. The words that the older pirate just said finally registers as he looks up at the doctor. "Wait, you shouldn't even be in here. You're not a masseuse! And stop touching me!"

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