Wait, You're Not A Masseuse! PT 03

One Piece Fanfiction

Summary: The Mugiwara Crew are having a miniature vacation at a resort island. After having fun Luffy wants to try something new and asks for a massage. Now he's stuck on the massage table with Trafalgar Law blocking the only way out and begging is never a good idea. (Final Chapter is up)

Pairing: Law-X-Luffy

Genre: Humor & Romance-ish (No, not really)

Warnings: Rated M for language, sexual themes, yaoi, and possibly OOCness.

?: Le. Jester. Vixen. (Vivè) DOES NOT own One Piece.

Everyone turns their heads to look at whose by the door.

Le. Jester. Vixen.: Turns back to the TV and face palms herself. "Please tell me she's not here…"

Buggy: Looks at Vivè confused. "Who is she?"

?: Runs to the couch and glomps Vivè: "Why didn't you tell me that you were watching movies?"

Le. Jester. Vixen.: "We're watching something, now get off…" Waits 'til the blonde hair, green eye girl gets off and scoots closer to Lucci, giving the new girl room to sit down.

?: Grabs the popcorn from the table. "Alright let's watch."

Buggy: "But who are you?"

?: "Oh me? My name's Rikku."

Le. Jester. Vixen.: "Aka 'Big-Mouth', now shush, I'm turning it on."


Mild confusion is seen across Luffy's face as lust is still dancing in his eyes. "What… do you mean…?"

Law thrusts his hips forward again, earning another moan from the younger male. "It's just like I said Mugiwara-ya, talk dirty to me," he moves his lips right next to the flushed ear, "—make me hard so I can give you an orgasm." He leans his head back and sees the teen's face redden even more, making his smirk widen.

"But," Luffy tries to lift his hips up so he can make the hard flesh in him hit whatever made him feel really good, not at all paying any attention to the semen spilling out from him all the while hot water continues to spray on them. However he's not able to get too far when the hands on his hips restrain his movements. He lets out a small, frustrated whine as he narrows his eyes at them man a little. "—I don't know h—"

The smirk stays on the older pirate's face as he continues to hold the other still. This will do nothing more than to make the feisty teen upset. "Of course you don't. This is your first time after all, but," he starts to pull his softening flesh out, "—I won't let you won't finish if you don't talk.

The annoyed teen bites on his bottom lip about the situation that he's in. A massage turning into a sex session and it won't finish until he talks lewdly to the bastard doing him when the damn pirate had already finished. Seriously, what's he supposed to say? He knows nothing about what people actually do during sex. Wait, no, he knows quite a bit but it's not like he has to care, so he doesn't bother trying to have it, especially with perverted people like this damn jerk.

Closing his eyes, Luffy tries to suppress the heat in his cheek. "Please, fuck me…?"

The doctor lets out a small chuckle. Now he's interested on how his rival is going about this. "You'll have to do better than that."

Dark eyes open as the young captain tries to figure out what to say. 'Damn it, why does this have to be so hard?'

"Let… me cum…?" That is the right word that people use, right. Yeah, he's pretty sure that it is.

The male enjoying this just shakes his head as he pulls himself out another centimeter or so. This is too much fun. "Try again."

How did that not work? He's pretty sure that's what people say when they're doing it. Hell, he's heard someone on Thousand Sunny say it before he just doesn't remember who it was.

'Why is this so hard?' The teen's bottom lip goes in his mouth and he closes his eyes again. 'I'm gonna have to say that. Ahh, it's so weird and the damn bastard is enjoying it.'

"I guess you don't want to finish then." Law pulls himself out even more, allowing the young pirate to actually feel it.

Luffy squeezes the shoulders while putting his head on the man's chest. "Stay in me… I," what he's about to do isn't begging; he's just really desperate is all, "—I don't want to say it…"

A low chuckle leaves the surgeon's mouth and he places his left hand on the back of Luffy's head, feeling the wet strands of hair in between his fingers. "Are you going to cry if I leave now?"

"I won't cry over something like this." Of course this isn't worth crying over. This is just a spur of the moment. "I just… I need to finish…"

Law lets out another chuckle and moves his hand from the dark tresses. "I guess I'll help you," the teen's head suddenly shoots up, "—but you still have to make me hard." Seeing the young eyes narrow again makes the grin stay on his face.

Luffy pushes himself up with his back hitting the shower wall as the hot water continues to spray over their bodies. "What's the point of helping me… if I still have to talk…?"

Putting his finger under the younger's chin, Law brings his face close to Luffy's, his mouth directly on top of the young's wet lips. "Just tell me what you want to do…" he ends it with a small thrust, getting another moan from the younger pirate.

As Luffy feels the wet mouth leave his he takes a deep breath and tries again. "I…"

Like he really knows what he wants to do. The only thing he needs is to finish so he can get away from this liar. Okay, technically he didn't lie he just never said that he was masseuse, Luffy just assumed that the man was the real therapist.

He bites his bottom lip while averting his eyes from the older man, finding the drain much more interesting at the moment.

Law turns the head towards him, making the blushing male focus on him again. "Don't you know that it's considered rude to not look at the person you're talking to? Now, tell me what you're gonna do."

Swallowing some saliva Luffy takes a deep breath as he stares at the doctor eye to eye. "I wanna…" His statement unfortunately dies as the words stay in his throat.

"I didn't quite catch that."

Gripping the older man's shoulder the reddened teen tries to say it firmer this time. "I wanna… suck your…" the blush seems to be getting darker on his face. 'I can't believe that I'm really gonna say this.' "…suck your dick…"

Well that's a start. Law closes his eyes and smirks. "Tell me more…"

'He wants more?' Thinking that this is the easiest route, Luffy continues with the questionable dirty talk. "I… I wanna taste that white stuff that comes out…" Apparently his blush can't get any darker. 'I must be out of my mind.'

"Yes, and what else?" He opens his eyes to see the blushing, sexy teen trapped between him and the wall; the lust in his eyes, blush covering his face, his hair soaking wet and dripping while clinging to his face, and water drops going down his face and body.

Frustrated with the stalling, Luffy doesn't even think as he talks. "I'll not only suck your dick but when that stuff comes out and if I miss any of it then I'll clean it up, even if it's on the floor. I'll lick it all up with my tongue." He can feel his body getting hotter the more he talks. "Geez, just do something. I don't care if you tie me to a flagpole and fuck me, just please, let me finish!" He starts to pant before his eyes widen from realizing what he just said. Apparently the jerk is looking a little baffled as well. "Was that… too much?"

Exactly where did the flagpole come from? The nearest one is at the amusement park and as kinky as that would be prying eyes do not need to see.

"Too much. The flagpole is really unnecessary at the moment. Now," Law moves a hand to the hard penis between their bodies and starts stroking it, hearing a moan before he squeezes the shaft to make sure that the rubber pirate won't be able to have his orgasm. "—let's get back on track."

"You're evil…" The teen whines. This is absolutely not fair. Why did this bastard of a jerk get to finish but he's not allowed to yet? Why does this asshole want to hear him talk dirty so much?

"I can be but I already had my orgasm. I'm not the one whose hurting at the moment so I can leave at any time unlike you, Mugiwara-ya." He doesn't really have to pull this card but what the hell, it's fun torturing his rival.


"Now let's continue."

"Fuck you…" Luffy tries to glare at the pirate but that doesn't work so well as he's still blushing. If anything, it looks like he's cutely pouting rather than glaring.

"Now Mugiwara-ya, if you said 'fuck me' instead then you might get a better result." Law slightly schools, but mostly teases, his rubber rival.

Moving his mouth, Luffy tries to think of a smart comment to say before he remembers that he did in fact say that. "Wait a sec, I did say that!"

"Yes, you did, but," Pressing his body against the younger's, the dark doctor huskily whispers in his right ear. "—it's how you say it that counts. Earlier, you were completely unsure on how to say it so the words came out more like you were questioning me if you were doing it right or not."

The rubber teen lets the advice sink in before he feels the hand let go of his aching flesh. He then feels nails lightly ghosting the underside of it, causing his eyes to flutter close and making his head lean back a bit. "Hnn—nnh..."

Gripping the shaft once more, Law finishes his lesson for the moment, hoping that the teen gets the gist of it as he continues to whisper in the ear. "Normally people demand what they want when they talk dirty but in your case," a hot tongue licks the outer shell of the ear, "—I want you to beg me to suck my dick Mugiwara-ya."

Completely not hearing the last part Luffy rolls his hips to feel the dick in him. Even though it didn't touch that mysterious spot that made him feel so blissful, it still feels good. He just has to reassure himself that it's still there, still inside of him.

Trying the advice that was just given to him, the teen attempts to talk again. This time he makes sure that his voice is stern. "Use… your dick to fuck me hard." As he's talking his eyes are getting darker with lust and his voice is starting to have a needy tone in it. "Make me scream your name so the next island will know what you're doing to me." Luffy can feel the hard flesh inside twitch as he continues. "When you're 'bout to finish, I want it in my mouth. Please, let me see how good it tastes."

Using his free hand, Law lifts the teen's body up then slams him down in his hardening arousal. "Tell me more."

"Ugn, use that white stuff that's in me… to—ahh to fuck me hard…" Luffy leans his body forward and wraps his arms around the surgeon's neck as he starts to beg in Traffy's ear. "—hnnn… haa… let me… make—ahh… sounds for you—ooh…"

Hearing more moans coming from the younger is making Law's flesh even more erect as he's moving a bit faster, using his previous cum as lubricant in the still tight canal. "Tell me… more Mugiwara-ya…"

"Ahh… aah… I wan—ughhh… want you… to go fas—sahh…" Luffy puts his forehead on the shoulder, "—fast in me… aah…"

The doctor pushes the body against the wall before using his free hand to grip a thigh and pull it open even more before he thrusts even deeper. "Mmn… do you want it hard…?"

The flesh inside of him is getting even harder as it keeps pulling out and thrusting back in as the young captain pulls his head up. "Har—harder… I want it… harder… in me—ahhhn…"

"That's right…" he slams himself into the younger body, "—keep talking… like that…"

"Aaahhh… hhaaa… fuck me… aahhhhnn…" Luffy licks his lips as he feels his back moving up and down on the wet wall as the doctor goes even harder inside of him. "…yes… there… keep—aaaahh… f-fuck me there… ahhhh… hhhaaa… aaaggn…"

"Mugiwara-ya… keep moaning like that… hha… and you'll be sucking… really soon…" Law continues to hit the teen's prostate, hearing more of the lewd, wet smacks of flesh and the lovely sounds of his partner's moans.

"Aaaahhhh…! Fuck me… nyah… more—aahh… aaagnn… hhgnnnn…" Having the hand gripping the base of his aching flesh is barely hurting but it's nothing compared to the pleasure that he's feeling right now. Saliva is starting to come out from the sides of his mouth as he keeps begging and mewling for more. "Haaa… hhhaa… hhggggnnn… p—please… I-I wanna… suck—oooh… I wanna suck your… nnghn… dick…. aaahnnn… aaagghh… let me… taste it—aaahhhh…

Ceasing his thrusts, the surgeon lets go of the erection in hand and replaces it with the younger's, making sure that he doesn't cum. Law takes the teen off of him, both of them groan from the sudden loss of contact; one out of feeling the heat leaving as the other feels empty.

As soon as Luffy's feet touch the shower floor, he automatically goes on his knees and grabs the shaft of the older man's erection, quickly hearing a low moan. He licks his lips again as he sees a white drop at the tip but he's unsure of how to go about it.

Sensing the younger's hesitation, Law places his hand on the back of Luffy's head, lightly scratching it. "Didn't you say you wanted to taste it? That you were going to swallow it and lick everything that you missed?"

Luffy looks up glaring at the smirking man with lustful eyes. "I know, I know… I just—"

"Just think of it as food that you swallow or something that you like to lick but be mindful of your teeth." Law schools the rubber pirate. Seriously, teeth are a dangerous thing around that piece of flesh.

Luffy moves his head closer to the now weeping flesh and licks the drops off the tip, letting it roll around on his taste buds before swallowing. The hand grips the root of his hair tightly but the pain goes straight to his groin. This time he licks the top of the mushroom-shaped head before lightly nibbling on it, hearing another low moan coming from the older man. He then puts the tip in his mouth and starts sucking as his hand slowly goes up and down the shaft.

Law leans his head back as he rubs the back of the teen's head. "That's right … now take more into that hot mouth of yours… mmm…"

Luffy obliges and takes half into his mouth. He uses the flat of his tongue to lick the underside before taking the hard flesh out of his mouth.

From the sudden loss of heat, Law grips the teen's hair tighter. "Damn it… Mugiwara-ya… what are you—ugn…!"

A hot yet timid tongue licks the head once more before licking all the way down to the base, licking the thick fluid from the previous climax before the water can wash it off. Luffy lifts the flesh up as he licks the underside, running his tongue against the vein. He does it again but this time adds a little more pressure to his tongue and can feel the hand grip his hair tighter.

Law closes his eyes and starts to pant a little. "Yes…"

Luffy nips at the foreskin before making his way down the heated flesh, all the while nipping and licking before he removes his mouth. Bringing the head up, he licks at the slit with the tip of his tongue, getting a louder moan from the other male before he sucks hard on the head.

The doctor opens his eyes and lets out a deep breath. "I swear… if you don't take more in… I'll make sure that you can… never have sex for the rest of your life…" The kid is clearly playing with him. Is this payback for the massage earlier? Or perhaps from all of his teasing?

The heated teen nibbles at the tip before removing the flesh before looking up at the sexually frustrated man lewdly shocked. "You can't do that… This is my… first time…"

Law closes his eyes again and sighs before looking back down to the teen, remembering that fact. 'Damn virgin.' Of course he doesn't know what he's doing, he's just guessing. Well he better do what he begged for or else there is going to be a problem for someone. "Mugiwara-ya, you said that you wanted to taste me…, so I expect that from you."

"Uh…" A blush dances across Luffy's face as he looks back at the hard flesh in his hands. "—just shut up and let me do this. I'm only doing it because you won't let me finish any other way." Once again, he puts the erection in his mouth, taking in two-thirds as he starts to suck.

Running his fingers through the dark brown, nearly black hair, Law pushes the back of the head towards him slowly as impatience is going through his body. He feels teeth somewhat scraping the sides of his flesh, irritating the skin a bit. "Your… teeth Mugiwara-ya."

Luffy looks up through his bangs and tries to apologize with the flesh still in his mouth. "Mawwy." He opens his mouth wider as he gets more of Traffy's dick in. 'Why the hell did I even apologize? It's his fault anyways.' He gets as much of the penis in his mouth until he feels the tip touch the back of his throat. He mildly panics before the hand on his head gently rubs his scalp.

Better tell him how to or else Law might feel unnecessary pain on his precious piece of flesh. "Mmm… relax those muscles…"

The rubber teen moves his head up a bit before going back down, taking more of Law in and as he feels the tip again he relaxes his throat muscles, getting a moan from the older pirate. Trying to ignore the low moans from Traffy, Luffy starts to deep throat the man as he sucks hard on the thick flesh in his mouth.

"Oh damn… yes… suck my dick…" Law has to brace himself against the opposite wall as he's getting a blowjob from the rubber captain. He didn't expect the massage to turn out like this but this is a hell of a lot better than what he thought would happen.

Luffy starts to bob his head up and down, letting his teeth graze the underside of the cock on the way up and stopping to suck hard on the tip before going back down. Looking up at the older man through half-lidded eyes, he sees the older pirate looking back at him, which makes the blush on his face intensify. Going back to his blowjob, he deep throats him once more and this time he starts to moan for the hell of it, sending vibrations from his vocal chords straight into the dick. Breathing through his nose, he goes up before back down one last time, sucking hard on the member.

"N-ngghnn…!" Law pretty much vice grips the back of the head as his other hand is pressed against the slippery wall while he cums hard in that hot mouth, shooting his white, thick seed inside.

Completely unprepared of the sudden substance, the thick, white liquid starts to leak out the sides of Luffy's mouth before he forces himself to swallow the rest of the load. The taste is starting to become delicious to the teen as he continues to suck the head of the dick, milking the man completely until there's nothing left.

Law looks down after he catches his breath, seeing his sperm come out from both sides of the teen's mouth and going down his chin as well as on a spot or two on the shower floor. He looks back to his patient to see him lick one side of his mouth before his tongue slowly licks to the other side, all the while lustfully looking at the doctor.

"Mmm…," he slowly strokes the base of the flesh in his hand, "—you taste so good…"

The doctor let's go of Luffy's head as he smirks at the aroused teen. "You missed a spot… Mugiwara-ya."

Luffy looks down as sees a small puddle of semen on the floor right under him. Lowering his body down, the teen starts to lap up the cum, moaning while doing it. Once done, he gets to his feet and presses his body against the older male's.

Grabbing the base of Luffy's neglected erection, Law starts to slowly but firmly stroke it. "You seem so… sexed up…"

"Aaahhn… aaaaahh…" Luffy throws his head back before he's pushed to the opposite wall while still being stroked.

"Do you want to scream my name?" His finger pushes against the slit, feeling pre-cum spew out before rubbing the thick substance on the rest of the cock.

"Fuck… yesss…" Luffy's legs are starting to feel like jelly and he's glad that Traffy is there to give him standing support. The hand starts to go faster and harder, making him writhe in between him and the wall while bucking his hips. "Hnnn… ahhhh… yes— hhaaa… T-Traffy make me cum… nyah… faster… please—nnngghh…"

Law leans down and starts to suck on the teen's neck. Luffy tilts his head to the side to give him better access as the teen's hands grab the surgeon's shoulders to keep his balance. The doctor's free hand goes to a nipple, pinching and tweaking it before he lowers his head down to suck on the other.

"Yes… aaahh… aaaaahh… aahhhhnnnn… aagggnnn… PLEASE… LET ME—HHGGHNNNNN…"

The hand that's playing with the nipple moves to his testicles, massaging them thoroughly, one after the other. He can't take much more as something snaps in him. "Aagh… ahnnh… yes-ssah… hhggnnn… yes I—I'm so—ughn close… hhhhaa… hhhggn… AAAAAGGGGHHHHHNNNNNN!" Luffy arches his back as he shoots white, sticky, thick cum all over Traffy's hand before he slumps backwards, heavily panting.

The surgeon brings his cum covered hand to his mouth and starts to lick the substance off. He sees the blushing teen watch his every movement and smirks, licking his pinky finger clean. "Did you want some?"

Without even answering, Luffy shoots forwards and his mouth is over the index and middle fingers, licking, swirling his tongue and sucking on the two appendages tasting his own semen. Even when it's all gone, Luffy continues to suck on the finger until he feels a finger pinch his right nipple. "Ugn—"

Law takes the initiative and puts his mouth over Luffy's, instantly thrusting his tongue in. He can taste Luffy's cum inside of the younger's mouth as he sucks on the tongue, making the rubber pirate moan. Releasing the tongue, Law finally separates his mouth from the other, leaving the both of them panting.

Luffy feels his eyes start to droop as his lustful state is dissipating. He grabs onto the older pirate as he closes his eyes and tries to let sleep take over him, even if he is standing up, but is suddenly shaken from the latter.

"You can't fall asleep. Your nakama are probably waiting for you right now."

The young eyes fly open at that. 'That's right, I was only supposed to get a massage, not…this.' Luffy pushes himself off of Traffy before trying to lean down to pick up the forgotten bar of soap only to stumble on his own feet before panting against the wall.

Law chuckles at the teen's failed attempt before getting the soap himself. Without talking, since he doesn't the strength to multitask at the moment, he starts to wash the teen. Apparently the normally feisty pirate is too drained to complain at the moment so he just continues. Once he's finished with the front he turns the body around and smirks.

"Why… are you… taking so long?" Luffy is getting a little cautious. Sure he feels a lot better, and tired, but he still didn't trust the man who started this whole thing. Not getting an answer as he feels the soap rubs against one of his butt cheeks, He asks again. "What are you—ahhhh…"

"I suppose I could have fucked you with this earlier." He moves the soap out of the rubber pirate's ass before shoving it back in. "Don't worry, I'm just cleaning you."

"Why the—ahhhh-hnnn…" This has to be the oddest feeling for Luffy; getting fucked by a bar of soap, even if it is just to clean him.

Thrusting the soap back in, Law continues. "I'm sure that you don't want to walk around with cum in your ass until you washed yourself, right Mugiwara-ya?" He takes the soap out and places it on the counter from the shower stall before he watches the soap bubbles coming out of Luffy's ass. 'Isn't that ironic…"

"You're an… asshole… The biggest one… who ever lived… you know that?" Luffy pants as he turns his body to let the water rinse off his back. When he's finished, He pushes the older captain out of the way so he can get out.

Law leans against the shower door and watches the teen grab one of the fresh towels on the counter before drying himself off and starts to put his boxers and pants on. "But I'm glad to know that you enjoyed your massage."

Luffy finishes buttoning his short pants and puts his sandals on before turning to glare at the dark doctor with a light shade of pink tainting his cheeks. "Shut up…" Grabbing his shirt and famous straw hat, he walks out of the bathroom making his way to the door. He puts his shirt on before his hat before he presses the button by the door and waits for it to open so he finally get out of the room. 'Man, I hope I don't see him ever. Damn bastard."

He finally makes it to the lobby and sees Robin sitting down reading the same magazine she was reading before she got her massage. Luffy's slight irritation suddenly disappears when he sees her. "Oi, Robin."

Said archeologist looks up and smiles at her captain. "My, Luffy, you were in there for a while. I'm sure that you enjoyed it."

A tinge of heat starts rising to his face as he scratches the side of it. "Uh, yeah I did."

"It looks like your hair is still wet." Robin states as a few droplets of water fall on Luffy's shirt and chest.

Luffy notices this and lets out a small laugh. "Yeah, well he put too much oil on me and I took a shower."

Robin lets out a small laugh before she narrows her eyes a bit.

Luffy sees the sudden change in his friend and turns around to face the person behind him.

"Why are you here Trafalgar Law?"

"Nico Robin, huh? Don't worry, I have no intention to cause you any problems." The Death Surgeon nods his head towards her before placing a hand on Luffy's shoulder and smirks. "We should do this again, Mugiwara-ya." and with that, he leaves.

"I wonder what that was about." The raven-haired woman then notices the reddened complexion on her captain's face and she figures it out. "You didn't…"

Luff rushes to her side, sitting right next to her as he places a finger on his lips, silently asking her not to finish. "Please, don't tell anyone."

She blinks before letting out a small laugh. "He didn't force you into it, did he?"

The blush on his cheeks gets darker as he averts his eyes from her. "No, I mean it wasn't intentional but one thing led to another." He looks back at the woman. "Please, I'm begging you, don't tell anyone."

A mischievous grin comes on Robin's face, making Luffy a little nervous, before she places a hand on his back. "Don't worry captain. I won't so long as you do me a few favors."

Luffy blinks twice before he gapes at his crewmate. "You're… blackmailing me?"

"I suppose I spend too much time with Nami-san." She turns her attention to the door as Nami walks out. "How was your massage?"

"Robin, Luffy. Oh wow, I feel like I'm in heaven." Nami lets out a content sigh as she nearly skips over to the two. "Since we're all here, let's go back to the others, ne?"

"Uh, yeah. Let's go." The three of them walk out of the Spa building.

"Please, come back again." The secretary yells to them, waving.

Nami waves back to the woman. "I'm sure that we will."


"Oi, guys!" Luffy waves to the rest of crew as they're sitting at the same table. Once the three are at the table, the first thing that they see is money covering the top. "What's this?"

Zoro has a smug smirk on his face. "It's all mine, that's what."

Ussop crosses his arms and looks to the side, "You don't have to rub it in."

Nami walks to stand right next to the swordsman. "What's going on?"

"Well, Ussop wanted to see how long Luffy would last from getting a massage and Zoro said that he would stick it out until the end." Chopper explained.

Nami smiles as she sticks her hand out. "Well then, time to pay up."

"Huh," the swordsman looks baffled at the relaxed, orange-hair girl. "—what're you talking about?"

She places a hand on his shoulder. "Remember that you owe me money."

"Wait, no I don't. I paid back my loan."

"Yes, but you never paid my interest." She takes the money from his hand before deciding to give something back to him. "But because I'm feeling so relaxed right now, I'll let you have 10 Berries that you don't have to pay back." Before Zoro can say anything she starts to walk away, carrying her oversized teddy bear. "I'm gonna go rest on Sunny for a while."

Luffy sighs and walks alongside Nami. "I think I will too. Massages are too much." Really, he was just tired from the last part. He really doesn't want to explain to his crew as to why he's exhausted. It's bad enough that not only does Robin know but she's using it against him. He doesn't need anyone else to know.

With the same smirk etched on her face, Robin picks up her penguin from the table and follows the other two, leaving six baffled males looking at their retreating forms.

"Okay, is it just me or do all three of them seem… different?"

"No, they are most definitely different."

"Not only was Nami being somewhat generous with her money, but Robin had a creepy grin and even creepier gleam in her eye."

"Yeah while Luffy was way too quite. What was that about?"

"I could be wrong but I think that he was blushing."

"You too? I thought I was just seeing things."

"Massages… they really are mysterious."

Aboard Thousand Sunny

Robin walks past Nami, who is lying on a lawn chair on Sunny's deck wanting to sun bathe, as she makes her way towards the men's quarters. Opening the door, she sees her captain laying on his stomach on the couch. "How are you feeling Luffy?"

Said captain turns to see Robin with her stuffed penguin and sighs. "I'm alright, just… thinking about how the hell I let that happen."

"Do you regret it?"

"No, just wasn't really expecting it."

Robin walks up to his bed. "Here." She hands him the little penguin.

He raises his eyebrow looking at the stuffed animal before looking back at Robin. "What's this for?" He takes it anyways and watches the archeologist make her way to the door to leave the room.

Robin stops and looks back at him, smiling. "Don't forget that you have to do what I want for a while."

Luffy pouts at her, mumbling "I know."

"And the penguin…" she points to the object.

The captain looks down at it.

"I'm really impressed that you're not walking like one."

A blush spreads through his face as he quickly looks at her before she turns leave. "Shut up!" He throws the penguin at her but she already made her way out laughing.



"I'm glad that you didn't hurt my captain, Trafalgar Law."

"Ah, Nico Robin. Of course I wouldn't hurt him, after all, he only came for a massage."

"Yes, but it seemed to turn into something more than that. If you did hurt him, I would have to kill you, you do know that."

"That's only if I didn't get to you first. So, how may I help you?"

"That was actually quite a show, making him beg. I would have never thought he would be the type to."

"But of course, with your devil ability, you would be able to see. How much did you actually witness?"

"From start to finish actually. I need to make sure that he's alright, he is my Captain after all. And because I've witnessed what you did with him, I can now ask him for things and he can't help but let me get them."

"Ah, so you blackmailed him. I didn't think that you were that type of female."

"Well as long as I can get a few things from here and there it'll be fine. So Law, would you like to know where we're headed next?"

Fin —

Le. Jester. Vixen.: "I knew it. Robin would be the type of person to have dirt on everyone, but man, poor Boshi-kun. That's the type of thing you don't want to be blackmailed about."

Rikku: "What are you talking about Vivè, you blackmail your friends all of the time, including me."

Le. Jester. Vixen.: 'Damn, I forgot that Big-Mouth came.'

Buggy: "So are you a pirate or something? I've never seen or heard of you."

Rikku: "Nope, I'm a sphere hunter."

Le. Jester. Vixen.: "She's also a thief. Hmm, I wonder who's a better one between Big-Mouth and Nami…" Notices that Lucci's gone but sees a little piece of paper in his place.

Note: Heading out to talk to a certain person. ~Lucci

Le. Jester. Vixen.: "Oh well, so let me know what you thought about 'Wait, You're Not A Masseuse' as I work on bloody 5 more stories. Just when I thought I only had 4 left another bloody one pops into my head.

Buggy: "Oi Vivè, what was with the 'flag pole' part?"

Rikku: "Yeah that seemed, weird…"

Le. Jester. Vixen.: "Sorry, I was kinda stuck on trying to make Boshi-kun talk dirty and me taking a cold shower mind you, I was thinking of the scene and that just popped in my head. When I thought about that, I must have been laughing my ass of for at least 5 minutes straight. I thought that it was funny. 'til next time, take care."