Wait You're Not A Masseuse PT 04

One Piece Fanfiction

Summary: Luffy just stares at the stuffed penguin before he goes to sleep. One shot dream-sequel to 'Wait, You're Not A Masseuse!'.

Pairing: Law, Luffy

Warnings: Rated T for language, bondage, mild sexual themes, & possibly OOCness

Disclaimer: I DO NOT own One Piece.

Droopy, obsidian eyes are locked in an epic battle with a pair of fake, glass and equally dark eyes. It's been five minutes since the pirate captain, Monkey D. Luffy, has been in a staring contest with his archeologist's prize… the stuffed penguin.

Despite him still being tired from his massage earlier this afternoon, he refuses to lose to the penguin, or as he calls it, the stupid bird.

As he continues his pointless staring contest —since there is no possibly way for him to be able to actually win against the inanimate object— his thoughts go back to Robin's persuasion.


Said rubber teen turns to looks at the older woman questioningly. She hadn't called him that after the whole Enies Lobby incident. "Uh, yeah? What's up?"

The tall woman walks over to him and leans on the rail, watching as the sun slowly starts to set. "I looked at Nami's newest map and noticed that we are heading in the same direction where an interesting island is,"

The words "Interesting" and "Island" make Luffy's ears perk up. He turns his gaze back to the sea, watching the reflection of the sun on the water's surface. "Really, what kind of island?"

"—just a simple island that has simple ruins and nothing more." She says in a monotone voice as a slight breeze washes over them.

Glancing back at Robin, the look of disappointment appears on Luffy's face. He was expecting to hear something a lot more fun. "And here I thought that it was something really exciting like an amusement park, or maybe it had lots of restaurants, or—"

"Maybe more massages?" The mischievous look is back in her eyes once again as she turns to see her captain's pouty face change into an embarrassed one.

Quickly averting her gaze he looks back to the sea, all the while trying to keep himself from blushing. Ignoring her last comment —or attempting to— he gives her his answer. "Well, we're not going to that boring island, Robin, and that's captain's orders."

Good, not only did he keep his voice firm but he also put his foot down and used the 'Captain's Order' authority on her. 'Good job Luffy, good job.'

Robin closes her blue eyes and smirks before opening them to see her captain's victory. Her, Nico Robin, defeated by him? It can't be possible… not in a verbal battle at least. "Oh well, if it's captain's orders than there's no way that we can go then,"

Luffy crosses his arms and nods his head a few times. Victory is sweet.

"—so I'll just tell Nami how your massage went instead." She says in a casual voice.


A sweet smile is plastered on her face as she examines her nails. "You didn't forget about our agreement, did you? Plus I'm sure that Nami wants to know how your first massage went." Of course it isn't possible for Nico Robin to be defeated by him. Really, her nails look good.

Blackmail sucks… a lot. It sucks so much. Whoever invented blackmail should die after being thrown into a volcano and fished out then castrated because blackmail really does just suck.

The famous blush of the day appears on Luffy's pretty cheeks once again. He gapes at the woman before him, completely forgetting about their deal, never mind telling Nami how his massage went. "No, no, no. No telling, no telling, no telling, no telling. Robin, you cannot tell anyone about it."

"Yes, and that means that we're going to that historical island, aren't we?" That same sweet, almost innocent smile is on her lips; however, if you were to look into her eyes then you would see that they are nothing near innocent. More like devious.

'Damn it! I hate massages! I hate Traffy! AGHHH!' Sighing while lowering his head in defeat, Luffy just nods. He doesn't want to say it out loud.

"I can't hear your decision captain." Really, hanging around Nami is too much fun. Not really the best influence but it's still fun. Besides Robin herself has a few bad habits that Nami has been picking up.

A sniffle comes from the defeated teen before he lifts his head. "We're going," sniffle, "—to the historical island Robin."

The man who claims to be the next Pirate King looks as though he's about to cry. Pirates are meant to go and have adventures, not read buildings. 'That is what she does, right?'

"And also, you have to come with Nami and myself the next few times we go shopping."


"And lastly,"

"There's more?"

"—during dinner I want you to share some of your portions with the rest of the crew."

Luffy is looking at the older woman completely agape. She didn't just tell him to cut back in eating, did she? The captain takes a deep breath and rewinds his brain before replaying what was just said in the last ten seconds. Once finished he grabs both of Robin's nicely manicured hands in an almost tight grip. "Y-you can't do that Robin…"

"It'll be until we get more food, Luffy. I'm sure that you can handle it." She starts to pluck his fingers off from her with an outgrown hand from her shoulder.

The entire time that Robin has been torturing her captain with just words that sweet, innocent smile is plastered on her face.

When his fingers are all removed from her hands, he just blinks at the archeologist, processing everything that he is forced to do. The shopping and going to some old island isn't that big of a deal since he'll get over it; but sharing the food on his plate with everyone, counting eight people? Why?

"As captain, you can put me in my place if you want."

This brings the rubber teen back out of his thoughts.

"But know if you don't do all three of my requests then I'll tell Nami or maybe I'll tell Sanji-san first. Better yet I'll let Chopper know."

Nami probably wouldn't tell anyone since she'll just blackmail him like Robin. Sanji, hmm, he might beat the crap out of him for letting someone do that or just lecture him and then smoke his cigarette. But why does it feel like if she told Chopper then that would seem like a major threat?

"Robin~" The captain whines, hoping that it would work.

Turning on her heels, she starts to walk away with that smile still on her face. "I'm glad that we came with an agreement Luffy."

His stare turns into a glare towards the penguins before he yawns. Blinking his eyes a few times Luffy goes back to his staring contest realizing that he just lost. "Ah, damn it. Stupid bird, stupid arrangement, stupid Traffy." Luffy yawns again while stretching his arms. Well it is late and sleep is the best thing for him after his long day.

Laying back down on his hammock, the pirate lets out a long sigh. Everyone is sleeping or trying to at least. Between Usopp, Franky and Zoro their snoring will keep anyone up. Not like Luffy snores loud or anything.

He twiddles his fingers before turning on his side, finally tuning out the guys snoring before he sees the silhouette of the penguin. 'Stupid bird. That's right, Robin has to be on look out tonight. Heh, heh, heh.'

Turning his gaze back on the penguin, Luffy looks at it for a good six seconds before putting the bird face first on his hammock, making his back stick out —mostly its butt. With that realization the captain turns the penguin on its side before he turns the other way while his cheeks start to heat up, remembering what Robin had said earlier.

"I'm really impressed that you're not walking like one."

'Her stupid devil fruit abilities. Damn Traffy for being there? Why was he there anyways? No, I don't wanna know. Too much thinking. Food, roller coasters, food, sleep. Yes sleep, sleep is good.' He closes his eyes and drifts off to sleep.

"Do you see him?"

"Wow, he's gotta be worth a lot."

"I don't care how much he's worth, I want him."

"You want him? Too bad I'll buy him before anyone else can."

"While you all keep arguing over who'll buy him I'll already have bought him."

Hearing different voices makes Luffy close his eyes tighter before he opens them, only to close them again due to the harsh, blinding light. He slowly opens them and waits for his blurry vision to clear before his eyes almost pop out of their sockets. There, in front of him, is an audience holding white paddles with black numbers staring directly at him. Looking to his far left, Luffy sees a short hallway that is cut off by a curtain.

Luffy notices that he's sitting on the back of his legs in front of the room. He tries to get to his feet but when he moves the sounds of medal can be heard clanking against the floor and he feels that his arms are being restrained. Looking back he sees that his hands are chained to the floor as well as his ankles.

"He's really cute. I wonder what he can do."

"Who knows but seeing as he's so thin just makes me wonder if he'll break easily."

People seem to be everywhere in this dome-shaped building. To his left, to his right, even in the far back; there's no end to the sea of people.

The bound captain's concentration is broken when he hears more and more of what people are saying about him. Normally it wouldn't bother him, but having a hoard of people yapping about him while he's chained to a stage is far from normal, even for Luffy.

Completely annoyed, Luffy clenches his fists and grits his teeth. "What the hell IS GOING ON?"

This seems to quiet the building as all the spectators continue to look at the bounded teen.

"Ah, you're finally awake."

The teen turns his head to the right to see an ornate male coming from behind the curtain. Cheers can be heard as the man comes to the front of the stage with a microphone in hand.

"Where am I—"

The entire room darkens before two spot lights roam over the place, finally landing on the male with the microphone. "Ladies and gentlemen, this," the man points at Luffy, "—will be our only item for today."

"WHAT?" Luffy all but screams.

The lights come back on as all eyes, once again, land on Luffy.

"Oh, if he's the only one being sold then he must be something special."

"Aw, but I wanted to see a vibrant, you lady too."

"Forget young lady, he's vibrant enough."

Luffy ignores everyone's banter as he's trying to break free from the chains, only the hear more of the metal clanking against the wooden floor. "Damn it all."

"This item that we have here is truly special. Not only is he a rookie pirate captain, but he's also taken out so many people whose names are known worldwide."

Large, dark eyes widen a bit before he glares at the fancy, microphone man. "Let me go!" Unfortunately his outburst seems to go unnoticed as everyone continues to listen to the flamboyant male on stage.

"As you can see," the man walks up to the snarling teen before gripping the face firmly, ignoring the look in the future slave's eyes that would most people have a second thought. "—this pirate has a lot of spunk in him so he wouldn't get tired from whatever you want to do with him." Releasing the face he puts his hand in the dark hair, shaking the head around a bit. "Oh my, this untamable looking hair is a lot softer than I thought." He looks back to the crowd of interested people. "Just imagine what you can do with him."

As soon as the bidder finishes his last comment, cheers can be heard within the dome building, making Luffy somewhat cringe. He can take loud noise but even he has a limit. This… this is just ridiculously loud.

Once the room quiets down —much to Luffy's liking— the bidder resumes his item's brief introduction. "Now, I will say the name of this infamous pirate, the very same pirate who shook the world with his recklessness. He is the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates."

"No, it can't be…"

"Is that really him?"

"I thought he looked a little familiar."

"How did anyone manage to catch him?"

Drum rolls can be heard from behind the curtains causing Luffy to look in that direction.

'Is all of this really necessary?' That thought passes as he comically sweat drops. Yes, this is a dire situation to be in but do they really have to go that far with just introducing him?

"He is the one, the only," —drum roll— "—Monkey D Luffy!"

Screams and cheers resonate throughout the building once again. Luffy tries to cover his ears with one of his shoulders but it doesn't work since his other ear is still uncovered. Irritated with the loud noises he decided to end it. "WILL YOU ALL JUST SHUT UP!"

Somehow that really seems to work which surprises him since all of his other vocal attempts were just drowned out and ignored. Blinking a few times Luffy lets his eyes roam over the spacious room to try and at least figure something out before he pretty much chokes on his own saliva.

There, in the middle row, in the middle seat is none other than that damn pirate: wearing that white furry hat with some strange black polka-dots imprints, black sleeved yellow hooded shirt with the Jolly Roger, those strange tattoos covering the jerk's arms, that oversized nodachi —which he still can't figure out just who has the time to actually make that and why— and that smirk, that damned smirk that seems to let him know that the older pirate is clearly enjoying this show. Luffy notices that the bastard's crew is missing, not even the white talking bear is there with the jerk.

"Y-you…" Luffy sputters, trying to figure out if it's a good thing that the Heart Captain is here or a really bad thing.

"Did you hear that?" A random person right below Law says. "He wants me to buy him. I'm so happy." Said person starts to squeal in delight.

"No, he was clearly talking to me."

"No way, don't you see that his eyes are locked with mine. We're meant to be."

'I think I'm gonna puke…' Again, in a dire situation he should be worried, but with how these people are acting was making it extremely easy to not be worried.

"Ladies, ladies, please calm down. Yes, someone is going to buy him and I'm sure that he'll make a lovely slave."

The bound teen instantly turns his attention to the weirdly dressed guy on stage. "WHAT? I'M NOT GOING TO BE ANYONE'S SLAVE!"

The ornate bidder turns to look at the bounded captain. "But Straw Hat Luffy, this is the reason you were brought to this place. You do realize where you are, don't you?"

Obsidian eyes widen as his mouth opens to try and talk but his vocal chords seem to fail him at the moment.

Turning back to the audience the auctioneer continues. "Now, where should the bid start at? How about what we start at 500 thousand berries?"

Paddle number 35 raises. "550 thousand."

Paddle number 76 raises. "750 thousand."

"Ah ha," the bidder grins at the person holding paddle 76. "Jumping the gun already. Do we have any other takers?"

Paddle number 15 raises. "790 thousand."

Paddle number 89 raises. "820 thousand."

Paddle number 73 raises. "973 thousand."

Paddle number 22 raises. "10 million."

"Ah! We've reached the millions." The bidder starts to slowly walk back and forth across the stage. "You must remember that not only is he a pirate captain, an infamous one at that, but he's oh so young. You can take your time with doing whatever you wish to him."

The last comment makes the crowd scream with excitement.

Paddle number 12 raises. "35 million."

Paddle number 65 raises. "38 million."

Paddle number 04 raises. "44 million."

The ornate man continues to make things a little more exciting. "44 million berries? Is that all Straw Hat Luffy is worth? Even the marines and World Government would be disappointed."

Paddle number 56 raises. "58 million."

Paddle number 07 raises. "69 million."

Paddle number 39 raises. "83 million."

Paddle number 33 raises. "99 million."

Paddle number 27 raises. "112 million."

Paddles number 91 raises. "154 million."

Ignoring the voices of the different people, Luffy continues to try and break free from his binds. It shouldn't be this hard to get out of this, so why can't he do it? They're not even made out of seastone.

Biting his bottom lip out of frustration the young captain looks at Traffy with determination in his eyes but those same eyes are getting a little weary as they see how the older man is looking at him. Not only does the jerk have that stupid smirk on his face while his chin is propped up on his hand, but he seems completely entertained about this situation.

Paddle number 54 raises. "285 million."

Paddle number 77 raises. "290 million."

Paddle number 62 raises. "300 million."

"Oh-ho, 300 million berries. If I'm not mistaken then that's Straw Hat Luffy's current bounty. Does anyone want to continue?"

Luffy turns to look at the man who dare to try and buy him. The man holding paddle number 62 is slim with dark brown hair and he looks like the classy type of person but what makes Luffy glare at the man is the lecherous smirk that he's wearing before he slowly licks his lips at the teen which makes Luffy in return clench his bound hands. "Damn it, let me go!"

The ornate bidder shakes his head and walks behind the expensive item, grabbing strands of hair and pulls the head back a bit. "I can't do that Straw Hat. Can't you see that these good people want to buy you?"

"I don't care!" Luffy tries to yank his head free but the weird guy's grip seems to be really tight. "Now let me go!"

Ignoring the demanding teen, the bidder continues. "300 million. Can anyone beat that?"

The crows of people either look down or to the side seeing how they don't have enough money.

"Well if not, then we'll have to end it here. Going once, going twice—"

Paddle number 09 raises. "305 million."

Everyone turns their attention to the man who has his right leg crossed over his left while his arms are resting on top of the chair he's sitting in. His head is lowered, making his hat cover his face as the paddle he's holding is lazily lifted in his right hand.

The classy lecher stands up from his seat, clearly upset that the purchase for his soon-to-be-new-slave is interrupted. He refuses to let someone like the young pirate slip from his hands. The boy is going to please him no matter what. The paddle goes back up. "310 million."

Law turns his paddle, mildly chuckling. "325 million."

Paddle number 62 raises. "365 million."

Law keeps twirling the paddle in his hand. "369 million"

Paddle number 62 raises. "378 million."

Law finally stops twisting the paddle. "382 million."

Number 62. "400 MILLION!"

The auctioneer nearly drops his microphone from the last bid. He sure is glad that he's gripping the vocal object tight while the two bidders were going back and forth or else the object would have fell and probably broke.

Luffy, on the other hand, is looking completely shocked. There is no way in hell that he's gonna be someone's slave, but he can't get out from his restraints and the damn weird guy on stage isn't gonna let him go. His only chance for freedom is if that damn Traffy —dare he say it— buys him.

But, this creepy, perverted guy…

He, he just said a bid that is way too high.

Luffy turns his head to Traffy, who is just looking at him still clearly amused.

"So," the classy guy starts, "—can you beat that, bastard?"

Luffy, as well as the rest of the room, looks at Traffy. He knows for a fact that what he's feeling at the moment is showing in his eyes. He knows because of the way that Traffy is smugly smirking at him but at the moment he doesn't care. Dependence and nervousness is what Monkey D. Luffy is feeling. He is completely depending on the Heart Captain to buy him but if there's a chance that Traffy can't and if his defiance doesn't come out by the time that perverted bastard get to him then he's nervous to know of what that son of a bitch will try to do and he doesn't want to even try and think about it.

'Please if anything, just please don't lose.'

The auctioneer walks until he's at the edge of the stage. "Number 09, can you go any further?"

Law turns his attention to the classy man. "Is that the highest that you're bidding, Sir?" Mockery is clearly laces in his voice.

An equally smug grin, added with a pinch of lewdness, is placed on the man's face. "As a matter of fact, I'm proud to say that it is. Why? Can't you do any better than a measly 400 million?"

Letting out a small breath Law closes his eyes and leans his head back. "I suppose that I can't."

Luffy's eyes pop out of their sockets at what was just said. Traffy doesn't have the money to save him?

Anger rises to fill his body as he starts to thrash against his restraints. "What the hell? Are you gonna let this son of a bitch win just like that. You're pathetic!"

Law just chuckles at those words as the auctioneer holds the microphone to his mouth. "So, 400 million berries is the limit then? Going one… going twice… sol—"

Paddle number 09 is tossed on the stage, landing right next to the item's body. "400 million and 1."

Everyone turns their attention back to the fuzzy hat male as he smiles at the bounded teen. "400 million and 1 berries. Is that alright with you, Mr. Auctioneer?"

"Y-yes it is. Going once… going twice… Sold. Monkey D. Luffy is sold to buyer number 09 for 400 million and 1 berries."

Number 62 breaks the handle of the paddle before throwing it on the floor. "What the hell? I have the most money here. Why the hell did you win?"

Laughing, Law gets up from his chair and makes his way to the door to pay for his slave—erm, item. "Simply because I had an extra berri to spend."

A lot of talking can be heard throughout the auction house. Different murmurs and whispers about how the man was lucky to buy such a prize as the teen as well as quite a few not so nice remarks about how that man is a bastard for putting on a show like that. How he had to humiliate number 62 and blah, blah, blah.

"Well ladies and gentlemen, that is all that we will have for this month. Please, come again the first of next month to see what we will have. Until then, please take care." The curtains closes, separating the stage from the auction house's front exit.

The ornate male turns his attention to the young pirate who has his eyes closed but looks relieved. Clenching his fist, the auctioneer walks up to the item and raises his fist in the air, ready to strike the teen. "You have no idea how much you could have cost me with you damn outbursts, kid."

Luffy sees the oncoming attack and is ready for it. Even if he can't defend himself, he knows that it will barely hurt him if he even feels anything since he's rubber and went through his grandfather's hellish training.

"I don't think that's how you're supposed to treat my new item, Mr. Auctioneer."

Both head turn to Luffy's left to see Traffy emerge from the other side of the curtain.

"I-I'm sorry Sir. It won't happen again."

"I'm glad to hear. Now," Law unsheathes his nodachi and places the edge of the blade to the man's throat. "—would you be so kind as to releasing him."

"Uh, y-yes Sir." Once the blade is removed the man hastily grabs the keys out of his pocket and unlocks the cuffs on the teen's hands and ankles. Afterwards he stand back up, bows at Law and quickly retreats behind the curtain on the other side of the stage.

Taking off the rugged metal from his limbs, Luffy starts to rub his aching wrists before he tries to stand up only to fall back down with a quiet yelp. The young captain rubs his ankles to get some feeling back in them before looking up to glare at the taller pirate.

"What's with that look Mugiwara-ya?" That same smirk returns to Law's handsome features.

"You're a complete asshole."

"Is that anyway to talk to someone who just saved you from being sold to a pervert?"

Luffy stumbles a bit as he tries to balance himself on shaky legs. "You're still a jerk. Why did it take you so long to help me out?"

"If you wanted," Law takes a few steps forward to the rubber pirate, "—I could have just kept playing and let him buy you. Of course I would have rescued you after he had his fill with you."

Luffy just glares at the smirking man. "Asshole."

"You're welcome Mugiwara-ya." The Heart captain turns around and starts walking towards the curtain where he came from before he stops to look at his prize. "Are you just gonna stand there? They will chain you back up if they don't see you with their master."

Luffy's eyes widen. No matter how much he detests the situation right now he knows that the jerk is right. They would try to get a hold of him but even so— "Wait a damn minute."

"Hmm?" The Heart captain faces the teen who starts to walk towards him.

"You're not my master and," by the time Luffy reaches the doctor he grabs the front of the yellow shirt, "—I'm not a damn slave."

Grabbing a hold of the younger's hand, Law takes it off of his shirt and pulls the teen close to him. "By the World Government and to the public, Mugiwara-ya, you are mine legally."

The rubber captain tries to pull himself out of Traffy's grip. "I thought that you were gonna let me free."

"My, you're so naïve, but I think that I can live with that." The doctor lets go of the hand and grabs a hold of Luffy's chin, placing his mouth to the teen's ear. "Don't worry, I won't keep you for too long."

Luffy tries to look at the other captain but the firm grip on his face makes him stay still. "Really?"

Pulling his head back and letting go of Luffy's face, Law pats the top of the younger's head. "Really, you just have to do a few meaningless things for me, alright slave."

That was has only been used three times today and yet Luffy can't help but get mad at it. Slave. Slave. Slave. There is no way that he can get used to that word, especially if it's used on him, but he also can't lash out of the damn asshole who save him just because of that word either. So trying his hardest, Luffy is just gonna attempt to ignore that word whenever it's used, especially if it's directed to him.


Both heads turn to the front of the stage, even if the curtain is in the way.

"Where did my 400 million berries go?"

Law chuckles before he takes a hold of Luffy's hand and walks behind the curtain to exit the building from the side door.

"What was that about?"

"Oh, nothing really. I just borrowed his money."

Luffy stops walking once they're outside, which makes the other pirate stop as well. His attention turns to the grinning man before he realizes what just happened. "You… stole his money?"

Law brings his face close to the young pirate's, who takes a step back from the lack of space. "Well, I am a pirate after all and really I didn't want to use my own money if I didn't need to."

"You… you're unbelievable." The rubber teen just stares Traffy in awe before shaking his head.

"We are pirates after all, Mugiwara-ya. Stealing is part of being a pirate, you know that. Why use my own money if someone is willing to spend all of theirs?"

"Whatever," Luffy starts to walk away. "—I don't' care."

Law grabs the teen's hand causing the young captain to come to a halt. "And besides, I told you that I wanted to see how much you were worth as a slave earlier today."

"Earlier today?" Luffy is at a complete loss. "No, you said that when you were—" Remembering what happened that day causes heat to rise in his face.

Clearly amused, Law edges Luffy on. "Yes, when I was what, Mugiwara-ya?"

Turning his head away from the other Luffy answers him sounding completely embarrassed. "When you were giving me a… massage." He almost hates that word as much as he hate "slave" now.

"Oh yes, your massage. Well you enjoyed it."

Luffy snaps his head up and is about to retort back but is cut off when Law continues.

"But like I said, that happened this afternoon. Aren't dreams a wonderful thing? Now the next time that we meet you can tell me how much you're worth as a slave."

Total shock. Luffy knows that he's gaping at the man. 'This is a dream?' Taking his memory as far as he can before he woke up in this place he remembers his and Robin's one-sided deal, his atrocious dinner, and his staring contest with the stupid bird before he fell asleep.





"Now, let's get you working Mugiwara-ya."

Luffy sits up with a start in his bed. He looks around and sees that dark. Snoring can be heard on either side of the room and that brings a smile to the young captain's face. He takes a deep breath before he sees the silhouette of the penguin. Without having a second thought, he picks the bird up and walks out of the men's quarters.

He heads to the kitchen only to see Robin walking from his destination. "Luffy, you're not going to the kitchen are you?"

The captain is beyond hungry. He only had half of a plate and the archeologist didn't allow him to have any more than just that one plate. How is he supposed to survive until they reached the next island like that?

Ignoring his stomach for now, just for the sake of keeping his massage between himself and Robin, Luffy shakes his head. "No, I just wanted to give this back to you."

A small smile goes to her lips. "Thank you."

Luffy smiles in return before walking back to the men's quarters. Before he leaves her sight, Robin finishes talking. "I just hope you don't have any dreams about massages Luffy."

"Shut up~" Luffy whines before going below deck, his face heating up in another blush for the night.

Robin looks back at the penguin before she walks towards the rail. 'He really is fun to mess with sometimes."


Le. Jester. Vixen.:

So this is the dream-sequel from Unwanted Dreams. Why I actually deleted Unwanted Dreams... who knows but I, at this very moment, am working on the actual sequel. I know that it's long overdue but hey it'll be worth it. And for those who want the lemon, sorry but I don't write those anymore. Don't lynch me about it either because if you do then I'll die and I won't be able to write anything.

Getting off track here. But yeah, this chapter was just for my deleted story and yeah. Expect the sequel hopefully by the end of next week. And yes, this does mean that I have a little bit of time to write. Yay! But for how long, I'm not sure so don't be surprised if I go M.I.A. for another few months.

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