Challenging magic by planet p

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Naoko opened her eyes a crack and let out a small, wistful sigh. Today would typically play out as all of the other days that week had, she predicted. She would be fired, as she always was, which would lead to her being short on money, and her land lady would be back on her case about the rent, as she always was. Sometimes, life was just too predictable, just too boring, she thought.

Of course, she decided, as she sat up and got ready for the day, that was only her perspective. If she could change her perspective, perhaps she could change the outcome of her day, too. And make it a good day - no, a great day - instead of just a typical day!

Eyeing herself in the mirror, she wondered what could possibly be the problem in her life. She was young, beautiful and talented - and also a magician. Was it possibly that people did not believe in magic anymore? That they did not look for the wonder in the world anymore and, when they found it, regard it as such; with excitement and happiness?


Perhaps that was her very own problem, too, she thought - the magic had lost its appeal for her - but, with a shake of her head, she quickly dismissed the thought. How could it be?

Later that day, she once again found herself in a familiar predicament: without a job, and without any means of making an income. What was more, before firing her, the manager had showed her an ad that he thought might interest her: mostly as it involved money, for the successful person who could prove that magic was real.

Naoko hadn't known whether to be flattered (was the managing saying that she had real talent?), or offended (was he merely have a laugh at her expense, so to speak?), but she did desperately need the money. As she mulled over monetary matters, she reminded herself that the man who'd advertised offering the money was also a physics professor. Such a person, she thought, was unlikely to believe in magic just because they already had formed such a strong preconception of it, and would not be swayed easily. Of course, the fact that he was advertising for challengers could mean one of two things: that he truly did want someone to come along who would change his mind, or he just wanted people to come along whom he could have a laugh at and insist to that magic was not, and never would be, real.

Giving a heavy sigh, she decided that she might as well give it a shot - all she had to lose was a bit more of her pride, and she really did need the money.

Perhaps Professor Ueda was only looking for a little magic to help him believe that there was also good things as well as fun things in the world - well, he was a physics professor (talk about fun, anyone) - and, in that case, she would be happy to help out: it'd cheer her up, too, to be able to cheer someone else up, and maybe she'd even make a friend.

With that in mind, she decided that she would definitely give it a shot. After all, what was the worst that could happen? She could come away without the money, or she could - and she could also have helped someone to connect with the magic of life and every day again.

She smiled into the mirror, going for her best smile. Yes, she would do her very best today.