I miss you by planet p

Disclaimer I don't own Mille or any of its characters.

It's not fair, you know

That someone so young should have to go the way

That you did

I miss you, too


But next year

And the year after that

In ten years

I'll be older than you

And people will expect me to forget

And move on.

Move on

I know that's what you'd want for me

That I'm happy

And not sad

Now that you're gone

But I can't help wondering

How you are

Wherever you are.

Are you happy

Or sad?

Are you well, now

Has the pain lessened

Or gone away

All I want to know

Is that you're okay, too

Then I will be too

I promise.

So, wherever you are, darling

I hope you're doing okay

I will try to, too, because I know you're hoping the same thing for me, too.

I miss you.