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Vincent looked down at the small, thick square being offered him in the palm of the hyper-active ninja's hand, then looked back at her face wordlessly. To be honest, he wasn't sure if she was showing him the strange item, or offering it to him and if it was the latter, what was he to do with it?

"It's chocolate Vinnie! GAWD, it's not going to jump up and bite you!"

Chocolate. Ah yes…he vaguely remembered chocolate from when he was younger, although it was generally in liquid form and hot. His father would make it for him when they were exploring, saying he wasn't old enough to have coffee. As a boy he had always wanted the rich smelling drink the adults always had, but once older Vincent had found he didn't care for the taste of coffee at all.

"Why are you showing me this?" he questioned, looking back down at the chocolate which was starting to succumb to the heat of Yuffie's hand.

Yuffie stomped a foot and huffed at him, "I'm offering it to you!"

Vincent could tell she was starting to get royally irritated with him, so he speared the square with a claw in order to save himself from the wrath to come and prayed she would leave him alone now. However, Yuffie being who she was, continued to stand there, hip cocked, eyes locked on him like some missile, waiting. Waiting for what, he wasn't sure.

He gave her a look that simply asked why she was still standing there, invading his space. He had taken her chocolate and now she needed to leave.

"Eat it."

Not a request or a suggestion; a command. He eyed her warily.

"How can I be sure you are not trying to poison me?"

By this point Yuffie was wondering why she even bothered and was feeling like shoving the chocolate between those perfect pale lips and down his sexy raspy throat.

"GAWD Vince, why would I want to poison you? I mean yeah, you're kinda irritating with your whole 'atonement for my sins, punishment, everything in life is my fault blah blah blah,' but I don't want to kill you."

To prove this point, Yuffie licked the melted chocolate off her hand and licked her lips, "See? No poison."

Vincent eyed her, waiting for her to drop dead…or maybe hoping for her to drop dead. But a minute passed and the ninja still stood, irritated and healthy, so there was nothing left but to appease her. With an internal sigh, he raised his claw, eyed the dark piece of sugar, then brought it to his lips and bit off the tiniest piece of the corner he could manage.

His tongue moved the piece into his mouth and there it slowly melted. Yuffie was watching him expectantly and was rewarded with a tiny widening of his eyes. She smirked triumphantly.


"It's…tolerable." he stated simply, then turned and stalked off, cape swishing behind him.

Once fully out of her prying little ninja eyes, Vincent popped the rest of the square into his mouth and savored every molecule of it. It wasn't half bad, but he would die before letting Yuffie know that.