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Angeal sat placidly behind his desk, reveling in the fact the day was almost done and then it would be Saturday. His day had gone smoothly so far; Genesis and Sephiroth stayed out of each other's hair, training with Zack had gone smoothly and he hadn't seen or heard from the young man the rest of the day. Hopefully he was doing something constructive with his time…

With a flourish of his pen, Angeal signed a paper and set it aside in the stack of finished papers, then leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes. He was looking forward to the weekend, two wonderful days of peace; well, relative peace anyways. He was planning on taking a long nap, rearrange his living room, water his plants and catch up on some reading. Doubtless Genesis would show up at some point, wanting to be fed. The man was practically helpless when it came to cooking anything and he wondered how he survived when no one was around to feed him.

Angeal smirked to himself, then frowned when his office door burst open,

"Angeal, Angeal!"


With a sigh, Angeal sat up and opened his eyes, leveling a irked look at his student who looked wired as usual.

"Yes Zack?"

"How many nom's could an om nom nom, if an om nom could om nom's?"

"So much for using his time constructively…"

Zack's face was perfectly serious and he leaned forward, waiting an answer. Angeal had to wonder what kind of parents Zack had, dropping their child on his head so much.

"I can't believe I'm about to say this…"

"You have to divide the number of om's by 6 and then multiply the answer by 90." Angeal replied with equal seriousness.

Zack stared.

"Isn't…there a less complicated way to figure it out?"

Angeal sighed, "Zack, get out."

"But Angeal…!"


Zack turned on heel and quickly left, hollering for Kunsel.

The weekend would not get there soon enough…