Meeting Esme and Carlisle

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We drove up the driveway and as I looked in the rear view mirror, I noticed that the gate closed immediately behind the Jeep that, I think, belongs to Emmett. It was locking us inside this compound, making sure that I can't escape, even if I managed to somehow get away from these guys.

We pulled up in front of the mansion and there were two large men standing on either side of the large double doors that stood as an entrance to the house. I looked over at Edward and he gave my hand one last reassuring squeeze before opening his door and making his way over to open mine. I ducked my head as I got out of the car so Edward couldn't see the fear in my eyes. We made our way up to the doors as Jazz and Emmett joined us. Jazz went up to the guards and whispered something to one of them. I watched as the mysterious man looked me over, making me believe I was their topic in the discussion.

Edward must have noticed the way the guard's eyes raked over my body because Edward placed his arm around me and adjusted his suit jacket so that it would relax down his sides. It was almost like he was trying to show that he had a gun or something in his jacket. I don't know why that guy looking at me like I am a piece of meat would make Edward all protective, but it made me feel more sure about entering what seemed to be my new prison.

We had barely made it inside when a lovely woman with light brown hair with caramel colored highlights framing a beautiful heart-shaped face, greeted each of the boys with a glance-to make sure they were unharmed, I presume-and a warm hug with a gentle kiss on the cheek. Then she looked at me as if she was analyzing if I was a threat to her family or not. It seemed almost silly to me that this woman was worried about protecting her children and husband from a small woman like me; especially, finding out they were gangsters and seeing them in action guaranteed me to believe they definitely did not need the protection that she believed she could provide.

The woman seemed to see no risk from me and asked Edward, "Who is this son?"

He looked nervous as he looked at his mother; he almost appeared to revert back to an adolescent right in front of my eyes. He ran his hand through his hair and answered, "This is Bella, Bella Swan. We need to take her to go see dad right now, then we can explain everything to you. Is he in his office?" She seemed to have sort of an understanding of the situation before her sons even explained anything to her.

She reached for my hand and smiled while reassuring me, "Everything will be OK, dear. Carlisle really is a nice man underneath it all, despite what my sons or anyone else may have told you." I smiled at her with as much conviction as I could, but considering everything it probably wasn't very convincing. Edward was the one to break the silence, telling me he was going to brief Carlisle on everything and that I should wait with Esme while he did. I nodded-not really trusting my voice to hide the fear I felt but I didn't want him to hear any sign of my terror.

With one last look at me, he headed up the stairs and disappeared around the corner; Esme invited me into the sitting room to wait until Edward returned for me. I thanked her and followed her into a room just to the left of the foyer. We sat down on a beautiful cream colored sofa that I was sure I could never own myself, mostly due to the fact I would probably trip and spill something on it to ruin it.

Esme brought me out of my thoughts very quickly, and for that I was grateful. "Bella everything will be OK. I meant what I said about my husband being a kind man." she said with a look so convincing that she could have told me her husband was a wolf and I would have believed her.

"I believe you Mrs. Cullen, but I am still afraid. I know I saw something I shouldn't have today, and I know that witnesses to those sorts of things don't really make it out in one piece. I am very grateful for the kindness Edward and the others have shown me so far, though it goes to show they were very lucky to have you as a mother." She smiled at me warmly and it reminded me of my own mother. It wasn't a significant resemblance though since Renee was more flighty than Esme seems to be.

I heard someone enter the room and I looked up to see Edward standing in the doorway. His face showed no emotions, and I really don't know what that means for me. "Carlisle wants to see you now, Bella. Follow me please," was all he said as he came forward and offered me his arm. I turned to Esme and thanked her for her hospitality. I conjured up a small smile which she gave me in return.

As Edward led me up the large staircase, I got up the courage to ask him, "What is going to happen now?"

We stopped and he turned me to face him. He looked me straight in the eyes before saying, "Bella, you're going to talk to Carlisle.

I won't be in there with you, so I need you to be straight forward and honest with him."

"I will," I promised him. I hoped honesty would save my life but everyone has their doubts.

We headed down the hallway and came to a halt in front of a large set of mahogany pocket doors that Edward knocked on. A man that I could only assume to be Carlisle called for us to enter. Edward slid the doors open until they disappeared into the walls. He held his arm out like a true gentleman, beckoning me forward to enter, and left me with a man that would decide my own fate.

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