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Being Hokage

Chapter one

Naruto sighed and looked out the Hokage tower window. The golds, pinks and purples were blending together in an artistic array, signifying that the day was almost over. He felt a kage-bunshin disperse and quickly filed through the memories.

'Let's see… An expansion to the Academy… Granted. Specialization classes… On hold until there is enough staff. More medical supplies… Granted.'

Another kage-bunshin dispersed.

'Genin Team Seven sent on first C-rank mission. Genin Team Nine is after Tora II- Serves them right. A Chūnin team consisting of Sora Akimichi, Tadao Inuzuka, and Mai Ko sent on a B-rank mission. '

If someone had told Naruto that being Hokage meant all that paperwork… He would probably say he'd use kage-bunshin to do it. When Tsunade figured out what he was doing she went hysterical. She couldn't figure out why she hadn't thought of that!

More kage-bunshin dispersed. Naruto was beginning to get a headache. Oh well.

Suddenly, the doors to his office banged open with no warning and revealed an irate Iruka dragging a group of Academy students behind him.

"What now?" Naruto asked, amused. These particular students were in his office almost every day.

"They un-did all the screws on my chair! Then, they dumped banana peels on Gina-Sensei! After that, they skipped class!"

"Now… That's all? You couldn't have just given them detention?"

"This is the fourth time this week, Hokage-sama!" Iruka explained.

"Okay, I'll see what I can do…" Naruto gave the group a calculating look. They grinned. "You can leave, Iruka."

"Hai, Hokage-sama!" With that, Iruka left the office, grumbling about how un-fair teaching was and how he didn't get paid enough.

"So, what, couldn't think of anything more original? I must've done that one a million times!" Naruto exclaimed once Iruka was clear of the premises. The students sweat-dropped.

No one could say they didn't have a one-of-a-kind, unpredictable Hokage.

After the students had been dealt with, Naruto headed home. He had a headache from his clones dispersing and he was sore from sitting all day. He couldn't wait to get home and eat diner… by himself.

Once again he realized how lonely he was. All of the original Konoha Eleven had found a spouse. He was the only one left who had no one to go home to. In fact, some of his friends even had kids. The group he had dealt with in his office were Kiba and Hinata's, Chōji and Ino's, and Shikamaru and Temari's kids. Hell, even Sakura and Lee got together, and Shino had married and had a couple of kids with someone in his clan. Sai, too, had found a wife with some comrade.

Talk about depressing.

The next day he woke early to train. When he was done (when his ANBU had started to threaten him), he headed to the Hokage Tower. It wasn't a long way there, but the walk had been enjoyable while it lasted. In fact, that was about as enjoyable as his day went. No more than two hours after getting to the tower, some ANBU reported that, on a simple scouting mission, they'd spotted none other than Sasuke Uchiha making his way towards Konoha.

The alarm was given immediately.

Sasuke grinned manically. Today was the day he would destroy Konoha and prove once and for all that the Uchiha are the best.

But first, to kill the Hokage!

Now, Sasuke had been in isolated training for the past eight years with no outside contact. He had no idea who was Hokage at this point. But he knew he could beat them, whoever they were. Unless it was Naruto… But dead-last would never be able to be Hokage! The dobe can't do anything, why make him Hokage?

He arrived at the gates and wasn't surprised to see them shut tight. He heard no sound from inside. The villagers were evacuated. He smirked arrogantly. Some wooden doors wouldn't keep him out! With a simple katon justu, the gates were up in flames and Sasuke Uchiha was in Konoha. Once again, there was no one around.

Sasuke made his way to the Hokage tower. He could see a figure standing on top, staring at him. 'Now, who will I be facing? Is it Tsunade? Or maybe Neji? Perhaps Shikamaru or, Kami-forbid, Kakashi?'

Sasuke's smirk quikly turned into a frown when he realized that it was exactly who he believed it wouldn't be—


Both young men were panting. The battle was hard, and neither Sasuke nor Naruto could get the advantage. Sasuke might not have known it at the begining, but Naruto was at a huge advantage. He had four ways to revitalize his chakra— three sage mode kage-bunshin and his controlled jinchūriki form. Unfortunately, he had used up all his chances at sage mode and was in the jinchūriki form. But even that was starting to waver. They needed to finish this, and now.

They looked each other in the eye. It was time. Sasuke charged up a large raiton jutsu that vaguely resemble Kakashi's Chidori. Naruto summoned some clones and made his strongest jutsu— Rasenshuriken hyped up by the demonic chakra that was his jinchūriki form.

The men sprinted at each other, aiming their respective jutsu.

They clashed.

The resulting explosion was felt in Suna. The resulting scream went unnoticed.

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