America was standing at the podium. He was supposed to be speaking on global warming, again, but his throat was dry. "I need a soda," he croaked.

"Where are they?"

"There should be one by my briefcase.

Latvia found it and brought it to him. "Thanks." He cracked it open and drank it without thinking. He then gasped and dropped it, falling to his knees, face turning white. "Poison."

"I swear it wasn't me!" Latvia cried. "You all watched me! All I did was take it to him."

He watched four people walk up to him as Lithuania also swore Latvia's innocence.

Romania? Strange. Umm, I think that's Iggy. I can barely see. That is Ukraine beside him, I think and Russia?

"America, can we do anything?" England asked.

"I need basil, Iggy."


"To detox? Why else!"

Romania pulled some basil out of his bag. "I always carry stuff like that."

America took it and poured them in his mouth. Then he began to make motions like using a salt shaker. Everybody stared blankly.

"Camp town races?" asked England.

He swallowed.

"What the hell, Iggy? Salt!"

England dug through his stuff. "I have salt."

"Too salty!"

England put it back, offended. "Bloody hell. Salt is too salty."

Ukraine had a bottle of horseradish in her hands. "I have horseradishes."

"Thank you, that's perfect." He ate those, and began to wave his hands around.

"An orchestra?" asked Romania.

He glared. "I need a shock!"

Romania, Ukraine and England turned to discuss how to shock him. Ukraine offered to slap him but the idea was rejected.

"I know how to scare him," England said.

He was thinking about shouting at them to do something when somebody pulled him to his feet. Oh, shit, I forgot about Russia. Suddenly lips were on his, and he jumped. Oh my, he's kissing me! The kiss was broken and he gasped. He crumbled back to the floor, the color returning to his face with a vengeance. He hid it in his hands when he realized he was blushing.

Later on in the meeting, America walked up to Russia. "Um," he addressed the wall, but Russia knew he was talking to him. "Thanks, buddy."

"You are welcome."

America looked at him.

"The wall told me to say that."

Both smiled and let out a small laugh.

Italy smiled at them. "Doitsu?"

"Ja, Italia?"

"Wouldn't Russia and America make a cute couple?"

"I don't know."

No song for this one. It actually was a classic scene from Whoverse.

Doctor Who that is. The new Who, season/series 4 with David Tennant and Catherine Tate.