America sat facing the middle of ten screens. "Thanks for agreeing to this, guys and girls!"

"I am tired, we should get this over with soon, da?" asked the first screen which projected Russia.

"The awesome me is wide awake!" shouted Prussia on screen number eight.

"And very drunk," said screen ten, Hungary. Screen nine, Romano, sighed. Screen three, England, rolled his eyes.

"Right, so welcome to the first ever live Mafia game played by nations. To prevent arguing over characters, Estonia and I have programmed our characters to look like the players." America joined the game so all could see an example. His character was blonde with blue eyes and glasses and was wearing a brown bomber jacket.

Russia joined the game and America's character ran up to him. "You two did good job, da?" Russia found a mirror and seeing his face was the exact same as it was in real life. He saw his scarf and smiled, reaching into his coat to arm himself with his pipe. "I even have my pipe."

"Ai ya!" proclaimed China from screen seven as from screen six Belarus snuck up behind Russia. Screen four showed a confused Ukraine while Canada shyly gave her helpful hints from screen two.

"Has everybody joined?" A chorus of 'yes' filled the room. "Good, your assignments are being given to you. Don't give your positions away. There will be one cop, one doctor, two mafias and the rest of you will be innocents. During the day, we have to vote who we think is mafia. At night, the mafia 'kills' a victim. We start at night. Good luck."

After five minutes the sun rose in game and Ukraine was dead.

"It was Russia," Romano accused. Belarus agreed, as did England. Only America and China didn't but Russia was booted from the game.

"You killed an innocent," Russia sighed. That night, America was killed.

"It was Canada," England accused. Canada was innocent in the end. That night, China was killed, who turned out to be the doctor.

England was accused. "I'm the fucking cop!" He wasn't believed and was kicked off, only to discover the truth was being told.

That night Hungary was killed. The mafia: Belarus and Romano, won.