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Quietly whistling a simple tune, Mogami Kyoko happily made her way through the LME building, swinging her arms back and forth as she walked towards the familiar locker room. In higher spirits than normal—with no specific reason as to why—she opened the door to the changing room with a smile and stood in front of her cabinet, twisting the combo lock with her slender hand.

On normal days, she would have just placed her items inside the locker and be on her way to complete her regular (and usually tiresome) LoveMe tasks, but today something unusual happened. An odd item had suddenly caught her attention out of the corner of her eye. Kyoko scratched her head in confusion as she looked at the white piece of paper taped to the inside of her locker, just as she was about to change into her pink uniform. Slowly, she extended a hand and ripped the sheet off the metal door, turning the paper around to look at the word scribbled on the back.

Kyoko's eyes widen in surprise as she stared at the one simple word written in curly cursive as if it was written by a scribe. Twisting the paper this way and that, she tried to find a small note that would explain the meaning of this, but there was nothing to be found.

Suddenly, before she could give it another thought, the door to the locker room swung open and a natural smile crept onto Kyoko's face as she looked into the familiar countenance of her irritable best friend, Kotonami Kanae, who looked a little more disgruntled than she normally did.

"Stupid people. Can't they tell when a light is red or green? They could have almost run me over!" she said with clenched teeth.

"Good morning, Moko-san," Kyoko said cheerfully as she gave her a bright beaming smile.

"Thinking they're all cool with their fancy cars. Stupid boys," Kanae mumbled as she walked to the locker beside Kyoko and started to turn the combination. "I hate men."

Kyoko laughed and waved her hand in front of Kanae's face. "GOOD MORNING, MOKO-SAN!"

And for the first time that morning, Kanae turned her attention to her friendly co-worker and raised an eyebrow. "I heard you the first time."

"Well, you didn't respond," Kyoko said indignantly with a slight pout.

Kanae didn't answer as she swung her locker door open and hung her purse on the silver hook. But suddenly, her dark eyes trailed to the door of her locker and she found a note taped upon it as well. Narrowing her eyes, she quickly ripped off the paper and flipped it the right-side up to read the word on the back.

"What's this?"

Kyoko closed her locker in excitement as she exclaimed, "You got one too!"

"Got what too?"

She held up the note and waved it in front of Kanae's face. "What does yours say?"


"Sight," Kyoko replied simply as she looked down at her note again with furrowed eyebrows. "What do you think this means?"

And right on cue, Amimiya Chiori, their newest and third LoveMe member of the group, walked through and was just about to close the door behind her when Kyoko rushed at her in eagerness and cried at the same time, "OPEN YOUR LOCKER!"

Jumping nearly ten feet into the air in surprise, Chiori pressed her back against the wall and exclaimed, "WHY?"

"Just do it!" Kyoko said as she pulled Chiori to her locker.

Confused and slightly jostled, Chiori did as she was told and quickly opened her locker as Kyoko eagerly stood behind her with Kanae not too far behind.

Gesturing to the interior of her locker, she said in a stern voice, "What's the big deal? There's nothing in—"

But before she could get the last word out, Kyoko and Kanae both raised a hand with wide eyes and pointed at the same, familiar note taped upon the door.

Chiori turned her head to the side with a puzzled expression and tugged the paper off the door. Turning the sheet around, she read in a confused voice, "Auditory? What is this?"

Kyoko and Kanae showed their notes to her as well as they both shook their head. "No idea," they replied simultaneously.

Racking their brains, all three of the girls held out the pieces of paper and placed them together, forming a tiny little circle. They stood there for a while in silence as each of them tried to come up with a fathomable explanation for the note. But just when Kanae was going to say that they should forget all about it, a small knock came upon the door.

After exchanging the same surprised look with each other, Kyoko walked towards the door and opened it. As soon as she saw the familiar shadow, she automatically bent her head in a low bow as she cried, "President Lory sir!"

The president laughed and waved a hand at her stance. "Now, now Mogami-kun, there's no need for so much formality. And hello there girls," he added with a smile as he greeted the other two while sitting on the back of his large camel.

Chiori and Kanae stood at each side of Kyoko and replied reluctantly, "Good…morning…sir," as their eyes trailed up and down the large animal that seemed to be highly bored walking down the halls of LME while it was chewing on some sort of brown gum in its mouth.

Although they were quite used to the president's flamboyant antics, it never ceased to surprise them just how far he would take it to make a statement.

Then from out of the blue, his eyes quickly trailed down to their hands where he noticed each of them holding a small, white piece of paper. He smiled widely. "I see you got the letters. That's good. After you get changed, come up to my office. I'll explain everything about the notes then," the president said with a suspicious grin.

And with one last wave, the president rode off on his camel, leaving all three girls dumbstruck as they watched him turn a corner, chuckling along the way.

Like a switch, all three girls quickly got changed and threw everything they had into their lockers, highly curious (and not to mention wary) as to what the president wanted them to do this time. Running at top speed, a blur of hot pink rushed through the crowded lobby, causing a lot of people to think that some odd wind was blowing through the company. When they finally reached the highest floor of the building, all three girls knocked on his large double oak doors with a painful stitch throbbing at their sides.

In an instant, his assistant automatically opened the door and silently gestured them to come in, where they found the president sitting in his throne-like seat with his legs crossed. He smiled warmly and motioned his head to the large plushy red couch so that they will take a seat. Kyoko sat in the middle as Kanae took her place on the right and Chiori on the left.

Leaning forward, he asked, "Do you each have the paper?"

All three girls nodded and retrieved the note from the pocket of their pink, janitorial uniform.

"Good, because those words will help you to complete the next task I am assigning to each of you. But to start off, I want you to tell me what you think those three words represent."

"Our senses," Chiori replied in a matter-of-fact tone. "Or at least some of them."

President Lory nodded as Kyoko and Kanae stared at Chiori in surprise. "Exactly, three of the five senses that help us to perceive the world around us. Now Mogami-kun, which one do you have?"


"And Kotonami-kun?"

"I have speech," she answered with furrowed eyebrows.


"Auditory for me," she replied as she looked down at the note in her hands.

"Good. Now that each of you are assigned a different sensory, your tasks will also differ appropriately."

"But what is our task, sir?" Kyoko asked politely. "What does sight, speech, and auditory have anything to do with acting?"

The president laughed and shook his head. "It has everything to do with acting. Every good actor needs to speak eloquently, connect with the audience and the cast through his eyes, and listen to his surroundings in order to know his cues. Wouldn't you agree?"

All three girls nodded slowly, not exactly sure where he was going with this speech.

"Lacking any of these qualities will make it difficult, both in the acting world and the real world. And we are all aware that sometimes things aren't always perfect and never go the way we plan them to. So, with that in mind, here will be your next task."

President Lory beckoned for his assistant once more who quietly walked over and carried two items in his hands. He handed two small ear plugs to Chiori and a black blindfold to Kyoko. Kanae narrowed her eyes as she tried to decipher the meaning behind these odd items.

And feeling as if a light bulb suddenly went off in her head, she turned her head to the president who met her surprised gaze with an amused one. "Yes Kotonami-kun?"

"You can't be serious."

"What do you mean?" he asked with an innocent-like smile.

"You want us to—lose our senses?" she asked incredulously.

Immediately, the other two whipped their head around as the president chuckled heartily. "Precisely that."

Their mouths dropped to the floor.

"For the next 24-hours, I want each of you to act as if you can't hear—"

He gestured to a disbelieving Chiori.

"As if you can't see—"

The president pointed to Kyoko.

"And as if you can't speak," he finished as he motioned to Kanae.

President Lory smiled widely and clapped his hands together.

"So, what do you think?"

All three girls remained frozen in their seat, stunned into absolute silence as they screamed within their head: