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08. In which there is drama III

Two days passed. They still haven't reconciled.

Juvia seemed to be the only relaxed one in the guild. After time well spent staring lovingly at Gray while he talked, stripped, and was merry, she made her way to the bar to find Lucy and Mirajane looking more worried than before while Natsu hung out next to them. "Where is Levy?" Juvia asked, looking around the huge room to spot her.

Mirajane frowned. "She saw Gajeel leave, decided 'enough was enough', and went to confront him."

"I hope things work out," Lucy sighed.

Juvia took a seat on a stool, smiling. "Juvia is sure they will. Gajeel is a good friend."

Lucy blinked. "I always forget you're on good terms with him."

"That is because everyone else is so busy being afraid."

"What was Levy's problem anyway?" Natsu asked.

Mirajane calmly dried a glass, the tension easing out of her shoulders after Juvia's explanation. "Gajeel never, ah, 'consummated' their relationship, and she thought it was because he didn't really want her."

Natsu furrowed his eyebrows and crossed his arms. "With the amount of pheromones that guy releases? She thinks he doesn't want her?"

"Not everyone has a dragon slayer's sense, Natsu," Lucy retorted and blushed. "And I thought you said they liked the library."

"Yeah! They like making out in the library." His grin grew wider and toothier. "Ooh, pervert-Lucy is imagining other things, huh?" She punched him to shut him up.

"But if that's the case, why won't he just do it?" Mirajane asked.

Rubbing his cheek, Natsu looked over to Juvia. "You knew about this, Juvia?" She nodded in response, and Natsu turned to the other two women. "Well, being raised by dragons gives you a certain set of morals…"

He was stalking away, scaring everyone in a ten-foot radius, when he stopped at the sound of a high-pitched shrill.


A shiver went down his spine—something that happens once in a blue moon—and he turned around to see a red-faced, pissed off Levy.

Ah. She looked beautiful.


He was quick to follow, despite the wound in his pride bleeding more and more. With one angry person following another angry person, the amount of empty space around them enlarged, people running in fear when they felt an invisible force field of rage.

The trek was silent and suffocating. It was when they entered her room of books that they snapped.

Right after Gajeel shut the door, Levy roughly pushed him against it. Grabbing his collar and reveling in his momentary shocked look, she pulled him down and slammed her lips to his. Instantly, their frustration was released in their passion, the only evidence of their fight left in the heat and desperation of their touches. Levy's fists held onto his collar, pulling him as close as she could, coupled with Gajeel tangling his hands in her hair, pulling her towards him. Small grunts and moans came from their throats and into their kisses. It was when Levy brought her hands to his and guided them over her breasts that the atmosphere was broken again.

Gajeel pulled away, his voice strained. "Levy, stop."

Levy felt it again—that bubbling sadness at the base of her throat, her eyes stinging. She frowned and swallowed, trying to hold back the choking sob rising. "I knew it." She stepped back. "You don't want me."

"I didn't say that—"

"You might as well have!" she yelled, the tears openly streaming. "You don't even want me! I bet you just really want those other women who are prettier and taller and stronge—"

But he grabbed her head and swallowed her cries with another kiss. It was much more tender and slower than their initial one, something no one would think he was capable of, but it was enough for Levy to lose all control in her knees. If it weren't for Gajeel's fast reflexes, she would've fallen over.

They parted, breathless, their touching foreheads perhaps more intimate than their arms wrapped around each other. "I want you," Gajeel admitted. "I want you so much that cold showers can't fix the shit you get me into." Levy blushed lightly. "But I can't have you until you're ready."

"But I am ready, Gajeel! I—" Her blush became deeper. "I love you…"

There was a hanging moment where Gajeel stared at her, as if the words that came from her mouth didn't exist. When she thought she had lost him forever with her stupid confession, his hand rose to cup the side of her face, his thumb wiping the leftover tear trails on her cheeks.

"When dragons mate," he started, "they mate for life."

Now it was Levy's turn to stare, her mouth dangling open. Hundreds of different words and thoughts ran through her mind in that single moment, and the only one that she sputtered out was, "So you don't love me."

Gajeel snarled. "Woman, stop putting words in my mouth!" He exhaled through his nose, trying to calm himself down. "You're still young. You say you know what you want, but you really don't."

"H-How do you know?" she countered.

"Levy, I'm older than you." He frowned. "Much older. I did shit and fucked around enough to know the game. I don't want to put you in a position that you'll regret for the rest of your life."

She still didn't look convinced. "So it's because I'm young. You think I'm some sort of baby—"

"I'm giving you an option."

"You just don't want me to be with you!"

Gajeel pushed her to the door, switching their positions and looming over her like a shadow.


Levy stayed quiet this time, her arms and hands close to her body like she was afraid. But she gazed at him, imploring if it was true.

The intensity of his confession seemed to drain his energy as he slumped over and let out a frustrated sigh. He leaned his forehead on her shoulder, his back bending to accommodate the height. "If I mate with you now, you can get sick of me in five years, maybe even less. You'll fall in love with some motherfucker and run away with him." He lifted his head but averted her gaze, understandably embarrassed because he doesn't disclose his feelings often. "You can have sex with other guys. I'd kill those motherfuckers and rip them limb from limb, but you can do it. You can leave me before I take you, and I'll deal with it my own way. But if you leave me after we've..."

He paused. The buzzing lights in the room became abnormally loud.

"I want to wait," he continued gruffly. "So when we do mate, we know what we're getting into."

Levy wanted to do something crazy. She wanted to burn her books, throw her bookshelves at each other, flip a table, something. Because here was Gajeel, who uncharacteristically poured out his fears to her, and she misunderstood his message. She felt like the idiot. Although, the more she thought about it, they were both scared of the same thing.

She put her hands on his shoulders and placed a short kiss on his lips. "Okay," she simply said.

And just like that, all the tension disappeared.

"Okay." Another kiss. "I won't leave you." And another. "And I won't have sex with other guys." Another. "As long as you wait, I will, too." Another.

Gajeel started to get in on the pattern and left small kisses on his own accord. "Damn straight." Another. "I wouldn't mind kicking someone's ass, though."

Levy giggled. "You do that even if I'm not sleeping with them."

"Yeah, whatever." Another.

"You know..." Another. "It'll be all right if we just...fool around, right?" Another. "I mean," another, "as long as we don't do the deed."

"Are you fuckin' serious?" Another. "Do you think I'll be able to fuckin' control myself?"

"Oh, I don't know, maybe we can give you a chastity belt or something." Another.

"What the hell?" Another. "How the fuck would that work?"

"Well, you're the one who can transform your body into iron. You work it out."

Gajeel growled, sick of the tiny kisses that didn't do anything to help his growing need, and took her mouth whole. "Bed. Now."

Levy laughed as he picked her up and threw her over his shoulder.


"Were there ever any other women?"

Gajeel's chest was against her back, his arm wrapped tightly around her waist and his nose pressed on the back of her shoulder. He looked up while she craned her neck to see as much of his expression as she could.

"Yeah." He shrugged. "But you're the only one I thought about mating with."

If Levy was standing up, she'd keel over. She opted for a deep blush instead, since she knew this was his version of a love confession.

Her mouth curled into a smile. "So…you're a virgin, huh?"

"FUCK! After all the mushy shit I said, that's the thing you remember!"

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