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My name is Isabella no-last-name Swan, I was found at Fork's Memorial Hospital with no memories of my past,

the only thing I did know was my name Bella, it was written on a small piece of silver that was attached to my charm bracelet.

The only memories I have are that of my nightmares, the ones of the Yellow eyed man and two men Sam and Dean.

The wonders of my past haunted my every waking and sleeping minute, that was until the truth was revealed

when a certain pair of golden eyes walked through the cafeteria doors...

"Bella..." A distance voice called out to me through the darkness of the night. I shook my head trying to shake off the headache that was currently throbbing against my skull. Finally, my eyes opened and shock ran throughout my body, I was not in my bed where I fell asleep last night, I wasn't in the comfort and safety of my room, I was in an orchard a dark, gloomy, foggy orchard.

I looked around panic starting to settle through my body, there were trees everywhere; as I looked up I noticed that my hands were tied together and nailed against the midst of the tree. I pulled on the restraints slightly and I could hear the rattling of the chain against the tree.

"Bella..." A voice sounded to my right and I quickly snapped my eyes to the mysterious man who was staring back at me. His hands were tied together the same as mine.

"Where am I?"My voice broke as I noticed the darkness was settling in, the fog started to roll in through the trees and wrap around my legs. I tried to turn around, see anything but there was no one else around, no one out there to come and save us.

"Bella listen to me, I'm gonna get us out of this," the man shouted from my right. His eyes connected with mine and I couldn't help but see mine within his.

"Who are you? How do you know my name?" My voice broke through the sob that was stuck in my throat. The wind howled as my hair thrashed around my face. I tried to shake my hair away but nothing helped, the wind blew throughout the orchard and the leaves and fog blew in with it.

"Bella it's me, Dean... what's gotten into you?" I pulled against my restraints and trickles of my blood started to slowly run down my arms. I was going to die, someone had taken me from my bed and they were going to kill me.

"Charlie! Help me... somebody!" I screamed out as I thrashed against my restraint.

"Bella, calm down," Dean's voice yelled out towards me but nothing at this point in time was going to stop my panic, how could I possibly calm down? We were strapped to a tree for crying out loud.

My breath came out in short, sharp gasps as if I was having a panic attack. A strange howl in the wind caused my eyes to water; tears ran down my cheeks as the inevitability set in.

I tried to scream out for help but the words were stuck in my throat, I tried to pull myself out from my binds but the ropes cut deeper into my wrists causing more blood to flow down my arms. Dean's voice was shouting out to me but my mind couldn't comprehend anything apart from the screams in the wind, the rustling of the trees.

My eyes snapped forwards as a dark cloaked thing ran through the trees in front of me. A scream finally erupted from my lips, the sound echoed off the trees around me. Dean's voice yelled out to me as the thing ran around to my left. A gunshot finally silenced my screams as another man ran out between Dean and me. He turned quickly and looked directly at me.

"Bella!" He ran straight for me and started to untie my wrists.

"Help me please, please" I begged through the flowing tears that now continuously ran down my cheeks.

"Bella it's me, it's alright baby..." a pair of dark brown eyes stared back at me. I'd never seen this man before, but as soon as his eyes connected with mine my panic stopped. His eyes welled up as he freed my wrists and slowly pulled me into his arms.

"Sammy..." His name rolled off my tongue as if I knew it all along but as I pulled back to look at him, his eyes suddenly changed. The deep, dark brown eyes that mirrored mine suddenly turned bright yellow, his smile became wicked and his hands grew tighter around my arms.

"I'm coming for you Bella."

My eyes snapped open and my body flung forward, my hands braced themselves against the edges of my bed, my body was covered in small beads of sweat. I looked around and noticed that I was back in my bed, in my room and in my house. I was safe, it was just a dream. My clock radio light alerted me to the early hours of the morning, 4:17am, great another nightmare.

"Bella, are you alright?" I looked up towards my bedroom door as I heard Charlie's voice speak through it.

"I-I'm fine," I choked out trying to speak as clearly and as calmly as possible. Chief Swan, or Charlie was my acting guardian. Seeing as no one knew who the hell I was, or where I even came from, not even me. My nightmares were the only memories that my mind could ever seem to remember. Sometimes they were calm and happy but then other times, most times they were like last night's dreams well more like nightmares.

Six years ago, I was found unconscious in Forks Washington's Emergency Room with no identification, and no name of who left me there. Charlie Swan was there for me though, he was trying to find a lead to where I came from or better yet what happened to me. When I was emitted into the hospital I had cuts and bruises all over my body, a broken arm, a concussion and four broken ribs and without stating the obviously amnesia.

After a week of searching and a week of my injuries healing I was sent to live with Charlie. Child services threatened to drag my sorry ass into the system, but Charlie wouldn't hear of it. He took me in like I was his very own daughter and he promised to keep me safe, he was the father I could never remember.

There was no point in going back to sleep now after a nightmare like that, I wouldn't be able to sleep for at least another night. I slowly slid out of my bed and walked towards my bathroom, as I slid under the water I let the hot water calm my body and relax my aching muscles. The images of the two men who have haunted my dreams flashed in front of my eyes, one minute they were my friends and the next minute their eyes changed colour and they would attack. I couldn't figure it out, who were they and what did they want from me? At the end of every nightmare that voice would always tell me that he was coming after me. Someone was after me...

As the water slowly grew cold I turned off the taps and stepped out of the shower. As I faced the mirror I wrapped a towel around my body and stared at my reflection. I ran my fingers over the black circular tattoo that sat in the middle of my left shoulder blade, another mystery to my life mystery.

Two knocks on my door brought me out of my inner monologue.

"Hey Bells, I'm heading to work now, I'll be home by five," Charlie's voice spoke again through my bedroom door. Ever since my nightmares started I forbade everyone from calling me Bella, everyone apart from Charlie that is. Something just didn't seem right when others called me that. It would remind me of my nightmares, of the yellow eyes.

"Alright Charlie, I'll see you later," I yelled back

"You gonna be alright?" I could hear the worry in his voice, Charlie would ask every morning after a nightmare if I was okay and if I wanted him to stay home with me and of course every time I told him that I was fine.

"Yes I'll be fine..." I yelled back. His footsteps slowly walked down the steps and I quickly yelled out again

"Be safe," his footsteps stopped as he called back up from the staircase.

"Always am Bells." His small laugh finally brought a smile to my face. Charlie was always there for me, he knew about my nightmares, he knew about the yellow eyes and the situations I would always find my dream self in. Every time I had a nightmare, Charlie and I would sit together on the couch after dinner and I would tell him about my dreams and he would stay there the entire time and listen to me. Even though Charlie was not my biological father there was no doubt in my mind that I didn't see him that way, he was there for me like a true father should be, but he was better than that, he was a father to a daughter that was not his own and more than that he was my friend.

As my clock radio finally went off I walked over to it switching it off, silence filled my room and the entire house, I was alone, again. Sighing, I stood up and walked over to my wardrobe and picked out my clothes for the day, after nights like I had I would always try to wear a bright colour; always hoping that it would make me happier by some miracle.

Today I chose a pair of black skinny legged jeans and a blue sweater, typical for the lovely rainy town of Forks and to top it off a bright green strip of material that I used as a headband. I grabbed my completed English essay from my desk and walked downstairs, there were photos hanging in the hallway from my past six years of living with Charlie. There were pictures of his ex wife Renee who I had managed to meet probably twice in my life.

As I reached the kitchen I noticed a giant pack of m&m's on the front table, Charlie. For some unknown reason these were my favourite, I could eat them anytime, anywhere; morning, noon or night I could eat an entire packet without putting on any weight. I picked up the packet and noticed a small note tapped to the front.


Charlie always had a way of making me smile and this was one of my favourites. A simple word, a simple gesture of his love for me and everything seemed so much better. I walked out of my house and clutched my backpack to my shoulder, for the past week I had been forced to walk to school. Stupid truck broke down on me and parts were going to take two weeks to get to Port Angeles, and then probably another week on top of that to get to Forks. There was however one good thing about having Jake, he was going to install my parts for mates rates. In other words free. The only good thing about today was that the rain had managed to hold off so the walk to school was actually quiet refreshing.

As I walked down the street I stared down at the silver charm bracelet that I had worn since the day I was found. Not once in my life have I taken it off. My fingers ran over the small B that reminded me constantly about the person who I once was, there was a dagger, a pentagram, a diamond heart and along the locket there was an inscription Love Daddy.

Suddenly, I felt a hand grip my shoulder and my instincts kicked in. I grabbed their hand and flipped them over my shoulder and threw them to the ground. My knee was placed on their chest before I realised who had attacked me.

"Shit Izzy, what you do that for!" I removed my knee from Mike's chest and pulled him to his feet.

"Mike you know not to jump on me like that, and its Isabella." I reminded him for the millionth time but as usual he would disregard whatever I said and go along with his little pet names for me.

"Yeah yeah, you want a ride?" He gestured back towards his silver suburban. I noticed Jess sitting in the front seat rolling her eyes at Mike. She knew not to sneak up on me, hell everyone did. Sometimes I think the guys did it purpose just to get my attention, my unwanted attention that is.

"Yeah, sure. Thanks," I picked up my bag and followed Mike back to his car. As soon as I stepped in I was hit with a breeze of warm air.

"Bella come on I'm sweating back here," Sam whined from the backseat. I looked down at the dial and noticed that it was on full blast and the ducts were directed straight into the back seat. I laughed slightly as I turned the radio up a little louder cutting off his whine. I looked over my shoulder and saw Sam trying to fan cool air over his face, while Dean was sitting next to me with a smug look on his face.

"Isabella?" My mind snapped back to the car where Jess had turned around and started talking to me.

"I'm sorry what?" She rolled her eyes and started her story all over again about the winter formal that was coming up next month. Jess and Angela were on the committee and they were constantly bugging me about it, trying to get me to change my mind and actually go to it. Dancing really was not my idea of a good time.

"Sorry Jess but I'm busy that weekend." She smiled weakly at me but dropped the subject. Little did they know that it would be exactly six years that weekend from when I was found and every year I go back to the hospital and I wait there hoping that someone would come looking for me. Charlie always tried to stop me from going, hell everyone tried to stop me. They said it wasn't good for me to keep going back, to relive that day over and over again. But it was something that I needed to do; it was my way of finding comfort.

My close friends Jess, Angela, Mike and Eric were the only ones who I felt even remotely comfortable talking to about my past with. Angela was definitely my best friend, not once did she ever judge me and she supported me through every decision I made. All accept not going to the dance that is.

As we drove up to the parking lot I noticed the same old usual buzz that the Forks high parking lot would have and I couldn't help but smile. Although I had no idea who the hell I was I definitely enjoyed this side of me, the routine, the knowing what was going to happen in my life right now.

"Hey Isabella, are you coming?" I looked back and noticed both Jess and Mike staring back at me.

"Sure." I smiled as I stepped out of the car, there was a light drizzle slowly coming down. Nothing that would affect the daily workings of Forks.

I stepped through the doors and walked towards my locker, Jess and Lauren was gossiping about something to do with the dance while Mike and Tyler were throwing a foot ball back and forth between each other.

"Hey Isabella." I looked up and noticed Angela standing by my locker, well hers as well, we're locker buddies.

"Hey Ange, what's up?" I unlocked my locker and quickly threw in my bag and grabbed out my first period books, English and Calculus great.

"Not much, hey did you manage to finish that writing assignment?" Ange closed her locker door and leant against it as she hugged her books to her chest.

"Yep all done, you?" I quickly shut my door as she pushed off and walked beside me

"Almost, can't seem to get the ending right. It seems so bland, I need a major twist or cliff hanger or something," she laughed.

Our assignment was to create a short story that was gripping, on edge. Something that would keep the reader guessing, sitting at the edge of their seats wanting to read more and more, that kind of thing.

"What have you got so far?" I asked.

"Well, I've got the two main girls and they've gone on a school camp and they get lost in the forest, right and they spend days wondering around trying to get out and they come across animals and bad weather... but I just don't want them to be like- oh look there's the way back, you know what I mean?" she laughed pleading with me for help

"Well, maybe you could make it so that there's someone following them the whole time and it could be a native and he tries to hunt them, then finally when they think they're safe he turns and attacks them. You could end it by letting the girls see the man and then he attacks and then nothing, cliffy much?" I laughed.

Ange stopped walking and stared back at me with her eyes widening.

"Ange?" I questioned.

"Isabella that is brilliant! How the hell did you come up with that in less than thirty seconds? What's your story?" she laughed and skipped to my side again quickly.

"Well, it's about a boy and girl, partners. The guy goes away for a weekend and when he comes back he finds his girlfriend hanging from the roof bleeding and then suddenly she bursts into flames..." I swallowed quickly remembering the dream that I had had, over and over.

She was gorgeous, a student at some university, I remember her dressed up for some Halloween party as a nurse covered in fake blood. But that night when she was attacked, the blood wasn't fake.

"Jesus you're amazing!" Ange laughed as we stepped through the doors to English, we made our way down the back and sat in our usual spots.

"Alright class settle down." Mr Birdie walked in holding several stacks of paper. Great, pop quiz time people.

"Ben would you please hand these out to everyone." Ben quickly stood up and started passing the quizzes around.

"Hey Ange." I looked up and noticed Ben blushing down at Ange, when I looked at Ange she had the same blush.

"Hello Ben," she whispered as he handed her a piece of paper. His hand touched her and their eyes snapped back to each other.

"Mr Cheney, would you please leave your romance to after school hours." Mr Birdie rolled his eyes back at us.

"Yes sir," Ben choked out and quickly handed me a quiz before rushing through the rest of the class. I quickly elbowed Ange and she looked back at me still blushing.

"Nice blush there Ange," I whispered and she elbowed me in the ribs and mouthed a shut up.

"Alright you have until the end of the class to finish the quiz. If you finish early please get back to work on your assignments, remembering that they are due tomorrow." Mr Birdie nodded before sitting back down at his desk and opening a book as we started our papers. As I read through the questions the answers just popped into my head knowingly.

I had managed to finish the quiz within half an hour leaving the remainder twenty minutes to sit in silence. I pulled out my notebook and started doodling along the borders just trying to pass the time, I noticed Ange had finished shortly after me and was rushing through her story. As I looked back down at the small vines I had drawn up the side of the page a ripped piece of paper hit my elbow.

I looked up to Ange and she mouthed open it.

I laughed and quickly unfolded it.

Do you mind if I use your idea for my ending? Yes / No
Don't laugh at me!

I did laugh however, and quickly circled the no and added a quick note at the bottom,

Of course not you freak ;)

I threw it back to her and as she read it she laughed and quickly covered her mouth as we both looked towards Mr Birdie. He eyed us both suspiciously but went back to his book, Ange and I were model students who always got top of the class and never miss behaved, well almost never.

"Alright class time is up, please place your quizzes on my desk when you leave."

Ange and I quickly grabbed our things and placed our quizzes on Mr Birdie's desk before walking out of the room and towards Calculus.

"So Ange you and Ben huh?" I winked at her

"Shut it Swan!" she smirked back and picked up her pace slightly.

"Oh come on Ange, we both know that you like him and it's obvious that he likes you too." She slowed down and looked back at me, that same blush covering her cheeks.

"You really think so?"

"Definitely, I think you should ask him out."

"No way I can't do that!" she gasped.

"Come on Ange, why the hell not? And don't give me that boy's should ask out the girls bullshit because that's history baby... live in the now, ask him out," I laughed at my little rant as we walked into Calculus.

"I don't know," she sighed as we sat down in our usual seats

"You're a strong independent woman, just ask him," I shrugged as Mrs Barks walked in, grumpy old bat was going to give us hell as usual.

The rest of the morning seemed to go by quickly, that was until Biology. God, I hated but loved biology all at the same time, yes I actually enjoyed the subject but hated the teacher. Mr Banner was always having a shot at me for one reason or another. Apparently Charlie had fined him for speeding and apparently he had pot in his system or something, and of course I wasn't supposed to know but Charlie couldn't keep himself from laughing when he walked through the door that night.

He even went as far as making me sit by myself for the year, there was an odd amount of students in the class and there was absolutely no possible way that there could be a group of three! So I laughed and took it, there was no way I was going to let him intimidate me. Hell, I was the smartest one in class and he knew that, hell everyone knew that but he would always insinuate that I wasn't. And every time that he tried to challenge me on something I would give it back twice as hard and make sure that I was right!

"Miss Swan can you please tell the class what are the main parts of the Eukaryotic Cell?" He eyed me off suspiciously.

"The eukaryotic cell can be divided into two main portions... the cell membrane that separates the intracellular space from the outer space physically delimiting the cell... the cytoplasm, the interior portion filled with cytosol and the nucleus, the membrane-delimited internal region that contains the genetic material." I stared back at him, Swan-1 Banner -0.

"Wrong Miss Swan, it's the endoplasm not the cytoplasm." The room fell awfully silent.

"Uh no I'm pretty sure its cytoplasm," I laughed, there was an awkward silence in the air, it was as if we were waiting for the remainder of the class to all ooooh at us like it was some Biology standoff.

"Let's see shall we, somebody look it up," Mr Banner yelled out to the class as everyone grabbed their textbooks and started searching for the answer.

"Come on people," he yelled out impatiently.

"Um Mr Banner sir..." Mike held up his hand as he looked at me then back to the book.

"Mr Newton what's the answer?" Mike seemed to stutter before answering.

"She's right sir, its cytoplasm." To say that he was pissed was an understatement. If this was a cartoon then we would be seeing steam coming out from his ears and the little sound effect of a whistle as his face went red with anger.

Just as he was about to speak the bell went off.

"You have chapter three and four to read by tomorrow, we will be doing a practical on cell division so you better know your stuff," he grunted and dismissed the class.

As soon as we all stepped out of the door Ange and Mike were by my sides and we cracked up laughing.

"Alright guys I'll see you later," Ange waved at both of us as she ran towards the Arts block while Mike and I headed towards the gym.

Coach Clapp was definitely my favourite teacher of all time; he was a young guy probably twenty-four or twenty-five straight out of collage and moved back home to teach.

"Hey Coach what we doing today." I threw down my bag with my jeans and sweater in and looked down at the stupid Forks high physical education mandatory uniform, attractive much.

"Hey there Swan, you up for some traditional Forks Dodge Ball?" He lifted a round red ball into his hands and wagged his eyebrows at me.

"You better not put me on the girl's team or so help me..." I groaned.

"Whatever Swan, you wanna be captain then?"

"Hell yes!" I jumped up excitedly as everyone started to make their way into the gym.

"Alright everyone Isabella and Lauren are captains. We're playing a huge battle of dodge ball, girls start picking." He looked at me and I started off.

"Mike," I spoke out, he cheered slightly and ran to stand next to me.

"Thanks, no way in hell am I going with the blonde," he whispered in my ear as Lauren picked Jess, no surprise there. So we went back and forth picking people for our sides until everyone had a team.

Let's just say that our team dominated, we absolutely slaughtered them. Lauren was sent to the nurse's office after breaking three nails and swearing that her hand was broken.

By the time school had finished I grabbed my things from my locker and started my long walk home, Mike had offered to drive me but I really wanted the time to clear my head, plus it wasn't raining so that was an added bonus.

As I walked up to the house I sat down on the porch swing out front and swung myself slowly. The rain started coming down and I watched as the drops bounced off the roof above and fell down onto the grass below the porch. My thoughts wandered back to my dream this morning, to the orchard, Dean and Sam. What did it all mean and what the hell did the yellow eyes mean?

"Hey there kiddo." I looked up and noticed Charlie walking towards me; I hadn't even noticed his cruiser pulling up into the drive.

"Hey Charlie." He sat next to me on the swing and pulled off his hat, shaking off the water.

"How was school?" He stretched his arm over my head and placed it onto the back of the swing.

"Fine, scored an extra point against Banner today," I smirked as Charlie burst out laughing.

"Good one kiddo, glad you still got some firepower within ya," he tickled my ribs slightly making me laugh.

"Yeah yeah, you know I'm the best, anyway what do you want for dinner?" I slapped my hand down on Charlie's knee and pushed myself up.

"Whatever you want kiddo, I'm happy with hotdogs if your game," he winked and stood up next to me.

"Sounds good," I laughed as he opened the front door and held it open for me.

By the time we both had two hotdogs each and were sitting on the couch watching a game of football, Charlie finally opened his mouth and asked about the nightmare last night.

"It was just a normal nightmare," I shrugged.

"Dean and Sam again?" he asked as I nodded.

"Any weird things happen this time?" Charlie pressed me for more information.

"Yeah suppose you could say that... I was tied to this apple tree in the middle of nowhere and Dean was there as well tied to another tree. Then there was this thing that kept running through the trees, it was dark and really fast. I screamed out and then Sam came in and shot it..." Charlie had his same blank look on his face, the same face he had on every time I told him my dreams. He was unreadable.

"And then when he untied me, his eyes changed and yeah..." I looked back down at my hands.

"Yellow? And the message?" Charlie asked as I nodded again.

"Yeah, the same old thing- I'm coming for you Bella," I slightly mocked the threat, trying to make it seem less threatening that what it really was.

"Well that one sounds like a tough one baby, you okay now?" Charlie threw his arm around my shoulder and pulled me into his side.

"Fine, it's just that message," I sighed and placed my head against his chest.

"I know baby, but you know I'd never let anything happen to you right?" I looked up and saw the seriousness that he had in his eyes.

"I know Charlie." He leant down and kissed my forehead before we turned back to the game in silence. After a while of just sitting there and watching television Charlie grabbed the remotes and turned off the game.

"Alright kiddo lets head to bed." Charlie had given up on the rest of the game, we were losing majorly. I grabbed the plates from the coffee table and placed them in the sick, I'd wash them tomorrow.

"Night Charlie," I called out as I walked into my room.

"Night Bells." Even though we were both in our rooms, with the doors shut we could both still hear each other through the thin walls.

I stripped off my clothes and chucked on one of Charlie's old training t-shirts with the big letters of F.P.D on the back. I lay down in bed and flicked off my lap. As I finally felt my body relax into the comfort of my bed I silently prayed that I wouldn't have any nightmare tonight.



"Bella wake up now!" my eyes flashed open as a hand clamped down over my mouth. Charlie was standing over me with a panicked look in his eyes. He held his finger up to his lips telling me to be quiet. I nodded quickly and he took his hand away from my mouth.

"We need to hurry and Bells, not a sound okay?" I nodded as he grabbed my arm and pulled me off the bed. He dragged me down the stairs quickly. When we reached the front door Charlie hastily yanked it open but froze. There he was...

"Well, well, well, lookey what we have here." He stepped through the door as Charlie swiftly stepped in front of me.

"Long time no see," Charlie laughed at him. Suddenly they both turned to look at me, both of their eyes turning to that same piercing yellow.

"Charlie..." I stuttered out as he gripped tighter onto my arm.

"It's always been me Bells." His smile grew wicked, nothing I've ever seen from Charlie.

"Why?" I questioned

"Because we've been waiting for you."

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