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Edward slowly pulled up at the house and I instantly saw the curtain in the front room move, great we have an audience...

"Looks like your brothers are spying," Edward whispered leaning over into my ear, I jumped slightly when he spoke not realising exactly how close he was to me.

"Um yeah suppose I should..." my voice got lost in Edwards eyes, close up I could see the complete difference to that of yellow eyes. Edwards were soft and loving; he was real whilst yellow eyes was a demon sent from the pits of hell major difference.

"Bella... are you alright?" Edward questioned still staring back at me.

"Peachy," I barely whispered looking down at Edward's lips that were all but inches away from mine. I looked back up to his eyes and noticed they were on my lips. He moved closer so slowly that I could now taste his scent on my tongue and I wanted more, I needed to taste him. WAIT!

I pulled back quickly thinking about what was almost about to happen.

"I'm sorry I've got to go," I quickly go out of the car and closed the door.

"Thanks Edward," I screamed out not looking back at him and ran through the already opened door. Dean, Sam, Bobby and Charlie were all there standing in the living room staring back at me. Dean looked like he was ready to attack me, or Edward I wasn't too sure about it yet. Sam seemed to have a hidden smile on his face along with Charlie. And Bobby well he looked a lot like Dean.

"What?" I questioned throwing my bag to the ground. I went to make a quick getaway and run to my room when Dean stopped me.

"Hold it there missy," I stopped just at the bottom of the stairs and turned around slowly.

And Now...

"Who the hell was that boy?" Dean spat out the word boy like it was disease or something. Like he could talk, he brings home a different girl every other weekend.

"Well, that's none of your business... but if you must know that was Edward, he is in my biology class and yes I've tested him out - he's clean. So if you don't mind I've got homework to do." I turned back towards the stairs and a clearing of a throat stopped me again, Bobby this time.

"What now?" I shouted. Bobby went to say something when Sam stood up obviously trying to keep the conversation calm and collected. That was Sam for you.

"Bells, we're just concerned, you told us you were going out with a group of girls and then you come home with Edward..."

Right, I did say that, didn't I?

See what I mean about Sam, cool, calm and collected.

"If you must know, I did go out with the girls and they found awesome dresses if I do say so myself and man Port Angeles has nothing really to even consider a dress -"

"Bella!" Dean interrupted.

"Fine then Dean, I thought I saw something following me so I went to check it out alright. I found out who it was and it ended up being just a bunch of drunken guys. No demons, so don't stress."

"Are you alright, did they touch you?" Charlie stepped forwards and ran his eyes over my body making sure that nothing was out of place.

"Charlie I'm fine, I would have taken care of them myself, but Edward came around the corner and saved me," I held my hands up and air quoted with my fingers. I noticed Dean and Sam laugh slightly. They both know that I can take down both of them easily enough, so a couple of drunken guys would be training for me.

"Well, if it's any consolation this Edward guy did save them from getting their asses kicked," Bobby laughed.

"So then Edward took me back to Ange and Jess and well they had already eaten so Edward offered to buy me dinner and drive me home later, which he did and no Dean he didn't try anything, Charlie he didn't touch me, Sam yes he was a complete gentlemen and Bobby all the above." I smiled answering all of their next questions before they had a chance to ask them.

"Satisfied?" I looked at each of them as they nodded.

"Good, now I'm going to my room, please knock before barging in." I kissed them all on the cheek before running towards my room.

"Just like her mom," I heard Bobby's voice echo through the walls. I stopped for a second before walking the rest of the way and closed the door behind me.


Was I really like her?

I started stripping off my hunter gear and emptying out my pockets when I noticed a small piece of paper sticking to the back of my phone.


Call me, I'll always be here for you...


His elegant writing made his words even more genuine. He really did care about me, he made the effort to give me himself without me noticing. I heard a quick knock on my door as Sam peeked his head through.

"Can I come in?"

I nodded and he closed the door behind him.

"So Edward, huh?" I had to laugh, this was Sam's way of making sure that I was okay. I shuffled back on my bed and gave him some room to sit next to me. I handed him the note Edward had just given me and he read it over a few times then smiled back at me.

"Do you like him?" Sam asked handing the small note back to me.

"It's not like it matters, as soon as dad comes no doubt we'll be off again. It's like the dance, even if I happened to maybe consider going there's no point getting attached to some guy when I'm just going to have to leave soon..."

Sam wrapped his arm around me and pulled my back towards his chest like he used to do when we were little.

"We don't have to leave baby, we can stay here. We will make sure your safe," he whispered into my ear while placing his chin on my shoulder.

"I know you would Sammy, but that's why I can't. I can't be that selfish and make everyone stay on guard duty just because I like a guy," I sighed.

I knew that everyone in this house as well as my dad would stay and protect me to the max, if it was what I wanted. Hell, I'd do the same for any of them.

"Maybe so, but the dance doesn't have to be a commitment thing, you could just go and have fun with your friends, hell I could make a swell partner," Sam tickled my sides slightly as I laughed.

"No chance in hell, way too many of my friends ogle over you and Dean enough as it is." I laughed again placing my head back on his chest.

"Well we are irresistible," he joked.

"Sammy?" There was one question I was waiting to ask and I really wanted to do it alone.


"Did you go to college?" I asked, biting my lip hoping that he wasn't going to get angry with me. His arms gripped slightly tighter around me but nodded.

"What did you major in?"

He sighed before answering, "Law at Stanford," I turned around and stared at him in shock.

"You were studying to be a Lawyer!"

He smiled and nodded.

"Yeah, a little different from our careers now," he laughed. I just stared back at my brother completely shocked and then I started to barrel questions out at him.

"How was it? Did you learn heaps, how far did you get into it?" He seemed taken back slightly at my eagerness but I always knew Sam was made for College, he was smart and friendly and amazing, hell he was a Winchester.

"Bells, it was amazing the classes the dorms everything. There was this one time me and my roommates were going to this Halloween party, man you have never been to a party until you've been to a college one," he laughed.

"How long were you there for?"

His eyes seemed to get darker.

"Three and half years..." his voice deepened, it seemed to sadden.

"Why'd you leave?" I spoke softly.

I was afraid of the answer he was about to give. Was this why Dean and Sammy were fighting before, what could have happened that tore my brothers apart. I was scared that he was forced to leave because of me. I could see it in his eyes that he loved it there, if he had the chance he would go back and finish.

"Something happened Bells, something really bad." His eyes started to water, I felt the need to pull him into my arms and comfort him but I needed to know what happened.

"Sammy, please tell me."

His eyes finally reached mine and a single tear fell down his cheek.

"I met this girl, Jessica. God, she was amazing..." his eyes lit up as he trailed off speaking about her.

"We moved in together, we found our own apartment and everything, she was studying to be a nurse. It was the weekend when Dean came around, it was the first time I had seen him in years, he had a job and dad was nowhere to be found. When I got back home..." another tear fell from his eyes.

"What happened, Sammy?" I held onto his hands holding them tighter.

"Yellow eyes go to her."

My eyes widened, my heart raced.

"He pinned her on the roof, just like mom." I felt my whole world come crashing down. My dream, the college girl, boy gone away for weekend... This was my fault, it was my fault mom had died it was my fault Jess was murdered it was my fault Sam was forced back into this job. I pulled my hands around from Sam not wanting any form of contact with him, everything I touch gets poisoned. Everyone around me dies, who was next Charlie? Sam? Dean? Edward?

"Bells?" Sam's eyes looked up at me with concern. I shook my head and quickly shot up off the bed.

"Bella?" Sam followed my movements and went to grab my arm and I jerked backwards.

"It's m-my fault," a tear fell from my eyes as I backed myself against the wall.

"Bella this wasn't your fault." Sam's eyes filled with fear.

"Don't touch me!"

He stopped where he was but didn't move away.

"Bella listen to me, none of this is your fault, it's yellow eye's doing this, not you baby." He went to step forward again as I stepped to the side, moving away. Suddenly my bedroom door flung open and Dean, Charlie and Bobby burst through.

"What's going on?" Charlie questioned. Dean looked from me to Sam and then back to me.

"You told her didn't you!" Dean pushed Sam up against the wall and held him there by his shirt.

"Stop it!" I shouted.

"Look what you've done now Sam!"

Sam looked at me, regret filling his eyes.

Charlie stepped forward and I stepped away. My back was now against the window. I had to get out of here, I had to think. As Bobby tried to break up my brothers, Charlie stood back and assessed everything not knowing what to do. With the small distraction I yanked open my window and I launched myself out onto the tree.

"Bella!" I heard Charlie's voice call out to me from my bedroom. I quickly climbed down the tree and ran for it. I kept running faster and faster until the house was nowhere in sight. When my breath was starting to take its toll on me I realised I was almost at the secret place. This was where I used to go all the time when I had flashbacks of my memories. It was a small open field in the middle of the forest filled with flowers. I stumbled upon this place one time when I was hiking and go seek with Jacob. It was our game of hide and go seek to the extreme. It involved walkie talkies, camping gear, maps and a compass.

I sat down in the middle of the meadow and lay back looking up at the stars; the stars were my sanctuary the gateway to heaven some say but for me its peace. I could feel my phone vibrating in my pocket no doubt that it were my brothers and family back home. I sent Charlie a quick message saying that I was fine and I'd be home later. After that the ringing had stopped and one message came back from Charlie.

Be Safe. I love you xoxo

I closed my phone back up and placed it on my stomach. As I watched the stars sparkle above me all I could think about was my mom. I don't remember her at all, the only memories I have of her are the ones I've been told by everyone else. Everyone always says I'm like her, that I'm just as stubborn as she was or I have her eyes or I'm as strong as she was but I see none of that.

"I need you mom," I whispered out into the night sky. I wondered if she was looking down at me or was that whole angels watching down from heavens was a load of bull. But where ever she was I missed her like crazy.

Suddenly I felt my phone vibrate and I looked at the screen to see which brother it was when I noticed it was a number I didn't know. I deliberated whether or not to answer it, just as it was about to go to message I hit the little green button. I didn't dare speak, I was just waiting to see who it was first...

"Hello Bella?" the voice I heard surprised me.

"Edward?" I snapped my hand over my mouth regretted speaking.

"Yeah, um how are you?" He sounded nervous.

"Which one of my stupid brothers called you?"

That's when I remembered the little paper with Edward's number was still at home, on my bedside table.

"Sam," Edward said hesitantly, obviously not wanting to get my brother in trouble.

I sighed. "Of course he did, thinks he can come back after all these years and run me life!" I felt the anger rise up in my throat.

"He was just worried about you..."Edward defended him.

"What do you want Edward?" I spat through the phone.

"To make sure you're alright." His voice softened and it melted me like butter.

"I'm fine," I said as a small tear fell from my eyes.

"You don't sound fine."

I shook my head trying to get rid of the tears, God this was embarrassing. A hunter doesn't cry not to anyone and especially not on the phone to a boy she likes.

"What's it to you anyway? What do you get out of this?" I interjected.

"I care about you Bella. I want to make sure you're safe, always. And I'm not getting anything out of this, not like what you're thinking. I want to be there for you I want to be the one you turn to for help, I want to be your secret teller, I want to be someone who you can trust..." I couldn't respond, there were no words that I could think of to say to that.

"Bella are you there?"

"Um, yeah, I'm here," I choked out.

"Do you want to talk about it?" he asked as though he sincerely wanted to know the answer. Maybe he was one of the rare guys who were still good on this planet.

"You shouldn't want to talk to me Edward," I whispered. No one should want to talk to me. I cause death, I am death.

"I'm not following," he whispered back.

"I should go…" I was about to hang up before his voice stopped me.

"Don't go, Bella please." His voice pleaded with me. I lay there in the grass contemplating what to do. To stay or go.

"Please tell me where you are and I'll come and get you," he pleaded with me.

"You can't," I whispered.

"I can and I will, please tell me where you are."

"No, I mean you can't. I'm in the forest, so unless you can fly you won't be able to find me." I laughed slightly.

"Bella, what are you doing in the forest in the middle of the night, it's not safe." Edward's voice got higher.

"Edward," I warned.

"Alright, I'm sorry, please, where is the nearest road?" he asked.

"Calvin Avenue just off the highway," I spoke knowingly.

"Please tell me you didn't walk that whole way!"

"I didn't, I ran." I laughed finally stood up and brushed myself off.

"Okay, well, I'm going to start heading back, I'll be at the road in about fifteen minutes if you're there that's cool if you're not I won't be angry." I hung up the phone before I could hear any more promises or any other heart to heart moments.

As I headed back towards the trees I quickly messaged Sammy.

Thanks... I'll be home soon xoxo

There was no way I could stay mad at Sam, he did something that I didn't have the guts to do. He gave me Edward, he gave me someone to talk to other than my bizarre family. Sometimes there are things you just can't talk to family about, sometimes all it takes is a talk with a friendly stranger.

There was no doubt in my mind that after tonight, if Sammy hadn't called Edward that I wouldn't have ever spoken a single word to him. I still didn't like getting close to someone but Edward seemed different to everyone else, special.

Sam messaged back quickly with an 'anytime and sorry'. I shoved my phone back in my pocket and started to run towards the road. I knew that it wouldn't take me fifteen minutes to run back, hell I was a lot faster than that, but I really didn't want Edward to see me all gross and sweaty at least an extra five minutes would give me time to cool off.

I was half way back when I felt those eyes on me again, the same eyes that have been following me for days. I turned around quickly searching the darkness for the enemy. A rustle appeared to my left and I snapped around quickly trying to find the source.

As a blur flashed to my right, I turned quickly and noticed the outline of something running around me, circling me, hunting me. Something was out there taunting me and here I was defences less, no weapons no charms nothing but my bare hands and by the speed of the thing my hands wouldn't do much good. My basic fight or flight instincts kicked in and I ran for it, maybe I could get to the highway in time and Edward would be there and we could get out of here before that thing attacked... but what if Edward got killed just like mom and just like Jess...

'Death…. You're death!'

I banished the thought quickly and ran, I pulled out my phone and hit the speed dial, Dean.

"Bella, baby, please come home..." Dean's worried voice rang through the phone.

"Dean shut up, there's something following me. I'm in the woods, it's fast." I spoke softly but loud enough for him to hear.

"Where about are you?" I could hear my brother running to the front door and getting the Impala ready.

"Dean what is it?" Sam's voice echoed in the background.

"Where are you Bella?" Dean yelled louder. I stopped in my tracks as the figure appeared dead in front of me.

"Dean..." I whispered out.

"Bella!" his voice yelled through the phone as I saw the creature in front of me.

"Vampire, Calvin Ave..." The man in front of me smiled wickedly when I spoke its name. His blood red eyes were glaring at me taunting me with what was going to happen to me shortly.

"Hang up the phone Isabella." His voice spoke clearly with a French accent. I did as I was told not wanting to provoke the monster further. I tried to keep calm, trying to keep my heart beat at a steady level there was no doubt that he could hear it.

"Who are you?" I spoke firmly.

"My name is Laurent," he answered nodding his head slightly.

"Where is your coven?" I asked knowing that most vampires do not go out on their own. Where there's one there are many.

"Around, dealing with another issue." He looked around as if surveying the area. As I looked back he suddenly appeared closer.

"Why are you here?" I lifted my chin, showing not a single ounce of fear.

"For you of course, there's quiet the bounty on your head."

My eyes widened. Yellow eyes...

"Now that's the reaction I was looking for, your heartbeat tells me everything." He stepped closer as I stepped back. Laurent closed his eyes and smelt the air.

"But you do smell quiet appealing if I do say so myself, I wonder if I could just take a bite." I stepped back again preparing to fight, or run or something. He appeared dead in front of me, his hand gripping around my neck.

"Let go of me bloodsucker," I spat as he pushed me up against a nearby tree.

"Oh, I don't think I'll be doing that." He leant his face forwards to my neck. Just as he was close enough his grip around my neck loosened as his lips touched my neck. I pushed back against the tree and slid out from his grasp. I crouched down and avoided his swinging fist, my hands touched the ground and I grabbed a rock and sliced it across my arm revealing my blood.

One thing vampires couldn't resist was blood, as my blood trickled down the rock I threw it in the opposite direction. Laurent's eyes followed the bloodied rock and sprinted after it and with that I ran full force in the other direction and straight into something hard.

A set of hands steadied me on my feet as I tried to break away.

"Bella it's alright it's me."

I looked and saw Edward right in front of me.

"Edward run, we need to get out of here now," I looked back and saw a blur heading towards us. I turned around in front of Edward preparing for attack.

"Now - now lookey what we have here," Laurent stopped in front of Edward and I, his eyes looking up and down me then back to Edward. I felt Edward's arms wrapped around my stomach trying to pull me away from Laurent. Stupid gentlemen I'm trying to protect him!

"Go away Laurent, this is between you and me," I growled back.

"Well I'll be happy to settle with both." Then he lunged at us. Just as I was about to duck I felt my body being throw into the air. I looked up and saw Edward's arms still wrapped around me. Suddenly my feet hit the ground and Edward let go of my waist and stepped in front of me, in front of Laurent. My mind was going crazy trying to process what just happened.

"Laurent you're not getting her, run back to James and Victoria and don't return." Edward's voice was strong and angry. His arms were out wide blocking Laurent's path to me.

"So you're one of Carlisle's clan..." Laurent stood up and relaxed out of his crouch. Carlisle... Doctor Carlisle?

"This is our territory leave now or suffer the consequences." Edward didn't relax like Laurent had.

"Very well young one." Suddenly a growl erupted from Edward.

"You will never lay a single finger on her, you think one more thought and I will rip you to pieces right here, right now." I went to step away but Edward's hand stopped me and pulled me closer to his back.

"You're a talented young one, but know that this isn't over. There's a bounty on her head and I'm going to collect." With that he was gone.

Edward slowly relaxed and turned around to face me, his eyes didn't meet mine but they looked down at my cut. I gulped. Was Edward what I thought he was? His hand that was still holding my hip slowly moved up my stomach and to my shirt. I was about to say something when he ripped a small piece off and started wrapping it around my cut.

"Are you alright?" Edward spoke softly still not looking at me.

"Yes," I whispered.

He tightened the bandage in a knot and let go of my hand.

"Thank you," I whispered again trying to get him to look at me. He went to walk past me but I held my hand up against his chest stopping him.


His eyes slowly lifted to mine.

"Is this your secret?" I asked knowingly as he nodded.

"You're a vampire?" I confirmed and he nodded.

"But you don't drink human blood?" I asked, his eyes snapped to mine and widened.

"How did you know?" he asked loudly.

"Your eyes, true vampire's eyes are red. But yours and your family's are yellow."

He nodded again.

"We don't ever hunt humans, we live off animal blood."

"Huh," I smiled.

"What is it?" Edward stepped closer and I was surprised when I didn't flinch backwards.

"Uncle Bobby had been doing research about the missing wildlife, we thought it was the Windego but guess not," I quickly shut my mouth hoping that Edward didn't just catch my mistake.

"Windego? That was that thing in the forest the other night?" he sounded angry. Wait!

"How did you know it was the other night and that I was there..." my mind ran back through the memories of that night... the second blur...

"You attacked the Windego! Edward how stupid could you be, that thing was dangerous only fire can kill it! God what the hell were you thinking!" I stepped out of his arms absolutely furious.

"Bella, it was going to kill you. It was hunting you down, what else was I supposed to do!" Edward stepped forward annoyance filling his voice.

"What does it matter Edward, why do you care if I was being hunted down? I'm nothing to you."

He took a quick step forward and pinned me up against a tree.

"Bella I care about you, I thought I made myself clear on the phone. I never ever want anything to happen to you. I will always protect you, even if it means going up against other monsters..." His voice weakened when he spoke the last word, trailing off.

"Edward you're not a monster," I said firmly.

"How can you say that? Of course I am." He released me from the tree and stepped back and I stepped forwards quickly turning him and pinning him against the same tree. His eyes widened at what had just happened.

"You listen to me right now Edward Cullen, you are in no way a monster. A monster is someone who attacks and hurts others. You do neither, in fact you've risked your life twice now to save mine. That is not a monster in my books..." I let my hands go off his chest and stepped backwards. If anyone's a monster here than it's me...

"You're not the monster here Edward," I barely whispered taking a step backwards.

"What and you are?" Edward tried to laugh it off as a joke, but it hit me right in the stomach. I turned away as a tear ran down my eyes. My own monster inside was my weakness, no matter how strong I was that would always hit me.

"Bella..." he stepped forward and wrapped his arm around me but I pulled away. The same feeling of being cursed ran throughout my entire body.

"Don't." My arms instantly wrapped themselves around my stomach trying to keep myself together.

"Bella you're not a monster, how could you possibly think that?" Edward's hand slowly rested on top of mine and tried to release my grip from my waist.

"Everything I touch dies Edward, you're not the monster here I am." A small sob broke my lips and I took off running before he could say anything else, I couldn't face him anymore I couldn't face anything. Suddenly a pair of arms wrapped around my waist and stopped me. I tried to break free of his grasp but he held me tighter as a loud sob broke through.

"It's okay." His voice that usually calmed me only made me angry. I turned around in his arms and punched him dead in the chest. He pulled me closer and wrapped my hands within his chest.

"Shh, Bella it's alright," he soothed again.

"No its not... I'm the monster Edward... I'm the reason my mom's dead!" I choked out as the tears flowed down my cheeks.

"I'm the reason my brother's girlfriend was murdered. I'm the reason everyone and everything is after me!" Edward held me closer as I cried into his shirt.

"Everything will be okay I promise." I felt Edward's lips press against my hair as he lifted me into his arms. My hands wound themselves around his neck as I buried my face into his shirt.

"You can't know that," I barely whispered into his chest as my hands gripped firmly around the base of his neck.

"I will keep you safe; no one's going to touch you." His lips fell onto my forehead as he pulled me closer to his body. Edward held me to his body as he walked us out of the forest my mind was going back and forth over the evens that had just happened.

"Vampire huh?" I barely whispered.

"Hunter huh?" he whispered back.

"You're not afraid?" My eyes locked onto Edward's and I could see his anticipation for my answer.

"No, are you?" he laughed slightly and shook his head.

"I'm more dangerous than you give me credit for, Edward."

"I know."

I snuggled my face closer into his chest and breathed in the honey scent that was currently flowing around me.

"Do you always break into a girls bedrooms?" I whispered as Edward froze.

"How'd you know?" His eyes filled with worry, scared that I was probably either going to call him a pervert or attack him, either way.

"You destroyed my salt line and your scent was in my room when you dropped me home the other night," I explained.

He nodded and started to walk again when he realised that I wasn't going freak out.

"Salt line?" he questioned.

"Yep, keeps away demons, ghosts, spirits. It's our number one defence force."

"Sorry I ruined it."

I nodded silently and placed my head back on his chest.

"So why exactly did you break into my room?"

"I was curious about you."

"Curious how exactly?" I asked, intrigued.

"I couldn't read you," he answered.

I stifled a yawn into his chest as Edward laughed slightly.

"You're tired Bella get some sleep." At which I shook my head.

"You read minds?" I let my eyes close a little longer than usual and then opened them again quickly.

"Everyone apart from yours," he told me.

I felt a smile tug at the corner of my mouth.

"Another freaky wonder from yours truly," I yawned again slightly laughing.

"Close your eyes beautiful." Edward's voice made my eyes close against my will as he pressed his lips against my forehead.

"Thank you," I whispered after a few minutes of walking, Edward hadn't let go of me, never letting me fall.

"For what?" he queried.

"For keeping your promise," my voice sounded drowned out as I talked through my sleepiness.

"I'll always be here for you Bella, whether you like it or not," he laughed out the last line.

"Good," I mumbled out before my eyes gave into the darkness.


A loud scream woke me up quickly. I looked up and noticed Edward standing defensively. I looked back and noticed my entire family staring back at us, with rifles pointed at Edward.

"Let her go now!" Charlie screamed holding the rifle up towards us. I noticed Bobby holding a crossbow with no doubt the arrows were soaked in dead man's blood. I jumped from Edward's arm and stood in front of him.

"No stop!" I screamed out, Edward had his arm wrapped around my waist still.

"Edward, they're not going to hurt me," I whispered as he loosened his grip but still didn't let me go.

"Edward? Edward's the vampire!" Dean yelled staring back at Sam.

"No!" I shouted quickly.

"I mean yes he is but not the one who attacked me. Edward saved me!" I yelled back. Sam was the first one to lower his weapon along with Charlie. Dean and Bobby on the other hand did not.

"Dean please trust me, Edward was the other person in the clearing with the Windego. I told you I wasn't imagining things; Edward was the one who tried to stop it!" I yelled out and he slowly lowered his gun.

"Uncle Bobby you taught me how to protect myself, Edward's family don't drink human blood. They live off animals, he smelt my blood and didn't even flinch." I held up my bandaged arm to prove my explanation.

"He smelt your blood?" Bobby questioned lowering the crossbow.

"Yes, it was the only way I could distract the other one, Laurent. That's when I ran into Edward who stopped Laurent from attacking and then fixed me up."

Everyone seemed to relax. Suddenly everyone grew tense again and Edward looked over his shoulder. I followed his gaze and noticed three other people walking through the trees. Two of them I had remembered from school Alice and Jasper and the other I hadn't seen before.

They all ran up towards Edward and spoke to him softly.

"Bella, please come here now." I looked back and saw Dean staring at me worry etched on his face.

"I will not harm her," Edward snapped at Dean, obviously reading his thoughts. Carlisle stood forward and placed his hand on top of Edward's shoulder. Suddenly a wave of calm washed over all of us, I looked around trying to find the source when I looked towards Jasper.

"What is he doing?" I whispered to Edward. All four sets of eyes appeared to mine.

"Doing what Bella?" Alice stepped forward and held onto my hands.

"Jasper, I can sense what he's doing." I whispered. She looked too Carlisle who then turned to face my family.

"My name is Carlisle Cullen and these are my children Alice and Jasper and you've already met my son Edward."

My brothers stood their ground not really knowing what to say so I stepped up.

"These are my brothers Sam and Dean Winchester, Charlie Swan and my Uncle Bobby," I spoke out as each of them waved slightly.

"I think it would be best if we moved our conversations to a more private location," Carlisle suggested.

"That would be great thanks Carlisle," I said, speaking for my family once again. Dean's eyes snapped to mine, warning me.

"Bella, could we speak to you for a minute?" Bobby said slightly, I knew this voice. As soon as I was close enough he would grab me and run.

"They're going to whisk me away aren't they?" I whispered to Edward as he arms tightened around me, he nodded.

"If you would all like you could all come back to our place where we could discuss things further," Carlisle spoke again.

"Bella," Dean's voice grew harsher. I turned back to my family and greased them off.

"Stop it right now all of you, we will honor their invitation with respect, and you four will be on your best behaviour. Do I make myself clear?" They all looked at each other then nodded.

"Fine but don't even think about asking me not to bring my crossbow," Bobby stated as I rolled my eyes.

"As long as you promise not to fire unless provoked we will not have a problem," Carlisle accepted again. My family seemed to like his response and finally agreed. Carlisle gave out the address as Bobby got back into the Impala. Charlie's beeper went off and silenced all of us.

"Chief Swan here... yes... I'll be right there." Charlie hung up the phone and looked back at the boys.

"You take care of my girl alright," he looked back at me.

A small gasp behind me snapped my eyes to Alice, her eyes were completely hazed over. Edward's arms tightened around mine. I went to ask Edward what was going on when Alice whimpered. Jasper had his arms wrapped around her and held her like Edward was holding me.

"Charlie don't go!" Alice yelled out. Her eyes snapped back to normal as she yelled out towards my family.

"There was a robbery at Newton's store, there's no one else." Alice shook her head furiously.

"No, it wasn't a real call that was Laurent. He's trying to get to Bella through you." Everyone stopped and stared back at Alice. My hand gripped onto Edward's arm.

"Edward is that true, is he going after my family now?" I barely whispered out.

"Yes." Edward's voice was pained as he answered me truthfully, my eyes snapped to Charlie.

"Don't go please," I begged.

"I think we should all head back now, things have just gotten more complicated." Carlisle spoke and we all nodded.

Edward led me to his Volvo and pulled off his jumper and held it out for me, I hadn't even realised that I was shaking until I felt the warmth of his scent wash over my body.

"How are you holding up?" he whispered tucking a strand of hair behind my ear.

"Honestly I have no idea," I whispered back as his hand cupped my cheek, as I leant into his palm I felt my eyes droop again.

"You're tired love." His words made me smile, my heart swelling.

"Bella baby?"

My eyes involuntarily opened and Sam smiled weakly at me.

"Hey Sammy," I whispered as my drowsiness took over.

"She's just tired, she's had quiet and eventful day." I heard Edward's whisper.

"How'd you?" Sammy's voice echoed through my mind as a headache took over. I placed my head into Edward's chest letting his cold body sooth my head.

"Hey Bells you okay?" I felt a hot hand on me and I quickly pulled back as I opened my eyes I noticed it was only Sam. But something was different his hand was burning against my skin. My head throbbed as I placed my hands on the sides of my temples.

"Sammy," I winced out as my head throbbed harder. I groaned out trying to suppress a small scream of agony.

"Bella!" I heard panic screams of my name which made everything worse. A scream fell from my lips as my knees gave way. A set of cool arms caught me and steadied.

"Carlisle." I heard Edward urgently whisper trying not to agitate my throbbing head. I felt several cool hands on me and it helped but then I felt another burning one and I could bite back my scream. My eyes flew open and I saw Dean staring back with a pained look in his eyes.

"What's happening to her?" he yelled as I winced.

"Shit sorry Bells." His hand went to stroke my face again but I pulled away quickly not wanting to feel the burn again.

"I'm not going to hurt you baby."

I shook my head trying to speak but every movement I made hurt more.

"Bur-ns," I gasped out scrunching my fists through my hair.

"She's burning up," Carlisle stepped forward and placed his hand on my forehead.

"Bella, when I touch your skin how do I feel to you?" he asked as he placed both hands on my cheeks.

"Good," I breathed out slowly.

"Doc, what does that mean?" Dean looked back at Carlisle. Edward held out his hand to Dean and as their fingers touched Dean quickly pulled back.

"You're ice," he confirmed.

"Bella is burning up at our touch. As you can see we sometimes burn humans like ice, but with Bella it's soothing her," Carlisle spoke to my family and then back to me.

"Then touch her!" Dean shouted and then apologised back to me. I placed my head against Edward's chest as his hands cupped my cheeks. It was good but not enough, I need more. My hands gripped around the bottom of Edward's shirt and lifted it slightly trying to contact with his skin.

"Great I have to watch my sister strip her vampire boyfriend." I heard Dean groan.

"Shut up... helps," I whimpered as my head pounded. Edward's hands left my cheeks as he slowly lifted his shirt off and then pulled me back against his chest.

"We need to get her home now, she's burning up, if this continues she'll need extra fluids." Carlisle's voice spoke softly around us. I felt my body being lifted and I buried my face deeper into Edward's chest absorbing as much of his ice skin as I could.

"I'm not leaving my sister," I heard Dean yell out into the night as a car engine started.

"Dean please..." I whimpered out, all this arguing was definitely not helping.

"You can drive Dean," Edward's voice rang out as I was placed inside Edward's Volvo. Edward's arm released me for a moment and the wave of heat flashed over me.

"Edward!" I screamed out as my heart raced and my hands began to shake. His arms were quickly back around me and my face was placed back onto his chest.

"Thankyou... thankyou..." I whimpered into his chest as my hot tears ran down my cheeks and onto his bare chest.

"Drive, Dean now!" Edward ordered.

"Hang on baby," Dean's voice echoed over the roar of the engine.

"Edward," I choked out.

"Shh love, don't talk." His hands cupped my cheeks trying to cool down my face.

"What's happening to me?" My hands gripped around his neck and threaded through his hair.

"I don't know baby," his voice broke in defeat, this was something Edward couldn't protect me from. He couldn't protect me from myself.

I closed my eyes and let them wander off into the darkness of Edward's chest.

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