The Devils Hypnotist

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How the hell did I end up in this predicament?

Oh yes…my one night stand from a singles party at Alice's house. It was the best night of my life, but now I'm beginning to rethink the whole one night stand thing.

"Bella what are you thinking about? You seem to be off in space?" Alice was giving me a look of sadness and understanding. She has been helping me through all of this mess and trying to figure out the best

way to get through this.

"Alice. I'm okay. Just letting my mind wander."

She gave me a skeptical look.

"I think it's more than that."

Indeed it was.


The night of the party at Alice's, she told me to 'dress for anything' so I dressed in a midnight blue halter with a body hugging pencil skirt. I figured I'd go for the casual slash naughty librarian look. After I finished dressing, I applied my make up. I went for the smokey eye look dark grey shadow with black eyeliner, a little blush even though my natural blush worked just fine) and the final touch an almost nude lip gloss. It had been months since I'd seen any action so I figured, if there were any potentials this would be the best way to go.

Little did I know, he would walk in and rock my world.

When he walked through the door, the entire house turned to look. He was the most beautiful man I'd ever seen. He was wearing a tight black v-neck shirt, ass hugging jeans that were distressed in all the right places, Doc Martens and the best sex hair on the planet. As I was surveying him, he glanced around the room and our eyes locked. He had the deepest, suck-you-in-with-one-look green eyes. And not to mention his hair. It was most beautiful shade of copper i had ever laid eyes on. The man was sex on legs and he knew it.

As he turned to shake hands with Jasper, I caught a glimpse of a tattoo just under the sleeve of his shirt. I squinted to get a better look until he turned towards me again and my face heated up like a tomato.

It was as if he could sense my presence. the room suddenly got very hot. I couldn't move. I had tunnel vision. He was the only person I saw. My legs started to feel like cement cinder blocks had attached to them.

Damn blush, it gives me away every time.

He gave me a crooked smile that made my panties wet and drop at the same time. My lungs refused to take a breath.

How the hell can one smile do that?

He started to walk towards me in a predatory way. My heart started pounding in my ears. He looked like a mountain lion going in for the kill, and I was so ready to be mauled! I turned my face away so he couldn't see the blush creeping back up. All of a sudden I felt his warm breath on my ear, and I shivered in response.

Gah! Does he always get this reaction or is it just me?

"You are the most exquisite creature I have ever seen." My breathing hitched and he chuckled.

"Do you want to get out of here?"

He'd been in the room for all of five minutes and he wanted to take me home.

Cocky much?

I turned around and my breathing stopped. His eyes were almost black with lust. His warm breath washed over my face and I was done.

The tension between us was electric. It was as if we were drawn to each other. The hair on the back of my neck was standing on end and my stomach started to coil.

I looked around the room to let Alice know that I was leaving. Not that it was any of her business, but I didn't want to have to listen to her bitch.

He cocked an eyebrow at me, silently asking permission.

"Okay", was the only reply I could get to come out of my mouth.

He gave me a little smirk making me feel as stupid as I sounded, before grabbing my hand and pulling me through the crowd and out the led me to a car; or should I say the sex chariot that belonged too the sex god in front of me. It was a white Maserati MC Sport-line with windows tinted so dark that I couldn't see in. It was the sexiest fucking car I'd ever seen. The contours screamed sex and I wanted to fuck or be fucked on the hood. He opened the door for me without speaking a word, pulled my hand up and kissed the inside of my palm. It was the most intimate and erotic feeling I had ever experienced. This guy knew what he was doing. As I settled into my seat, he walked around to the driver's door gracefully. It looked like he was gliding. I wondered if he was aware of the hold he had on me.

Of course he's aware, Bella, or you wouldn't be in his car right now!

My stupid brain needed to shut up. It had been too long and this gorgeous man was taking me home. Preferably to fuck me silly, or at least to give me a mind blowing orgasm!

He turned to me, smirk still in place and said "Shall we go?"


I looked over at him, and nodded. Nothing else was said. It didn't need to be. We both wanted the same thing and it didn't matter how we got it.

When he turned on the engine I almost came in my seat. The purr of the powerful car was orgasmic in itself. He reached over and grabbed a case out of the glove compartment. My body started to hum with the proximity of his body to mine. He "popped" the CD in and the harsh bass of Prodigy came blaring through the speakers.

Jesus Christ, this man is an orgasm wrapped in a hot-as-fuck sex god.

He pulled onto a street that was lined with large willow trees. They were lightly swaying in the breeze and I felt like I was in a movie. Even the street was humming with sexual energy. There was nothing romantic about tonight. It was pure need and lust wrapped up into one erotic build up


He pulled up to a house and I almost fell out of the car.

It was big. Not just four bedrooms and nice backyard big; it was 3 floors of sheer beauty. The driveway was pitch black; it looked like it was made from slate. And the grounds? They were covered with well manicured trees and flowers. The front of the house was glass from ground to roof. I got a little nervous wondering if his neighbors would be able to see what we were doing.

"Stay here."

Those were the only words he said. I just nodded as he lifted himself from the car. He came around and opened my door and I gave him a small smile. I couldn't remember the last time someone opened my car door.

I thought chivalry was dead

We walked to the front door. He pushed a button - no house keys for this man. I made a mental note to ask him about that.

As we entered the house there was a large foyer that was covered in marble,and my shoes made a clicking noise on the floor. I stood in the middle of the entrance hall and waited.

He stalked over to me, turned me around and pulled me in for a rough kiss. His hands ran down my back a cupped my ass...hard.

No, there would be nothing romantic about tonight.

We backed up and the back of my knees hit something soft. I let out a squeak. Out of my peripheral vision I saw it was a circular bench. My mouth dropped open because it was the only thing in the foyer.
It was waist high, covered in black velvet with brushed silver studs around the edges. I could imagine myself with my ass in the air waiting for him to fuck me. My panties got soaked at the thought, and of course true Bella fashion, I blushed.


He looked at me with those piercing green eyes, a small smile playing on his lips and ripped open my shirt saying,

"Now Isabella, I told you last time we met I would not be easy on you."

My eyes widened in horror.

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