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"Alright Chicagoland, it looks like we're in for a severe thunderstorm today. Warm air from the south is crashing with the cooler air from the north. This mix is bound to bring the 'Finger of God' to the Windy City. Make sure you have your umbrellas on standby!"

I groaned as I rolled over, my hand curling into a fist as I hit the snooze button. I did not; repeat did notwant to get up. I draped my arm across my face and rolled onto my back. I slowly popped one eye open and snorted. The sun streaming through my window seemed to be mocking the weather guy on the radio. The view from bed was saying the complete opposite.

Rain my ass, I muttered sitting up while scrubbing my hands over my face.

I threw my legs over the side of my bed and let them hang there for a bit. The thoughts of what was going to happen today ran through my head. I wasn't looking forward to going into the office. Nothing good ever came of it, especially if I was meeting with Aro and company. I just wasn't in the mood to deal with his wife constantly ogling me or getting the stink eye from Aro's entourage. That shit was getting fucking old real fast. The only thing that would make any part of this day worthwhile was Isabella.

I smiled to myself.

I remember when she first started with us, I would always watch her from a distance of course, but seeing her in her tight skirts, form fitting tops and fuck me heels always made my day. She was and remains oblivious how her inner and outer beauty affects people. Isabella has a way of making everyone feel welcome. Her friendly, albeit shy attitude, is what draws everyone. Thank fuck I was the lucky bastard that held her attention. Even if she didn't know it.

I slapped my hands on my thighs and stood. A shower was in order.

I walked to the bathroom stopping only to turn on my Bose music system. My morning play list already queued and ready to go. I rolled my shoulders as I flipped the bathroom light on. My fingers tapped my thigh as "All I Need" flowed through the speakers. I turned the shower on and waited. The six jets started to flood the enclosed space quickly making the room steam up. I grabbed a towel, tossed it on the sink. I stepped in and groaned as the water hit my skin. My muscles were thanking some higher power as the streams of water loosened them, massaging away the tension. I rested my head against the tiled wall remembering what had transpired last night. Isabella was in my office, her ass perched delectably on my desk; a silent offering. I screwed my eyes shut. Her touch continued to course through my body. Those dark, lust filled eyes and that come hither look that sent shivers through my body were going to be the death of me. I sighed then quickly washed my hair and body. As I turned the shower off me had a fleeting thought

I could definitely see myself getting lost forever in those eyes. Shit, who was I kidding? I was already lost.

I dressed for the day in my standard dark wash jeans, Henley shirt and Docs, splashed on some cologne then slipped my watch on. I went to my gun safe, quickly punching in the code. I picked up my .45 and slipped it in my waistband of my jeans, the cool metal sending a small shiver up my spine. I pulled my shirt down so it wouldn't be exposed, slammed the safe closed and picked up my wallet and sunglasses as I made my way to the kitchen. I needed coffee, bad. I cursed remembering that after last night's activities I had forgotten to set the timer on the coffee machine. I hated waiting for the fucking thing to brew. It took at minimum six minutes for the fucking thing to finish brewing. Yanking the pantry door open with more force than was necessary, I took a filter and the coffee out. I quickly slipped the filter into its holder and dumped some soon to be liquid crack into the basket. I turned the machine on and waited. My fingers were drumming on the slate counter as I waited. My mind drifted to the possible outcomes of today's meeting. I knew that Aro was getting frustrated with the lack of information I was providing him. He felt this should have been done and over with already. He had already told me that Isabella was a mark and that I was wasting valuable time on her. I inwardly scoffed. That man had no idea what secrets that beautiful girl had in her head. I had them already and I knew what Aro wanted, but that would ruin my fun. Her subconscious knew what her conscience wouldn't let come to light. Besides, I liked to see them sweat. Fuckers could and would wait until I was good and goddamn ready to give it to them. Don't get me wrong, I didn't have all the information that was needed, however, I'm not stupid. From the thoughts that I had already gotten from Isabella I could put the pieces together.

A code and Aro wanted it. It was ingenious actually. In the pages of the books that Isabella was reading slash editing, it would become more and clear, letters out of place here and there some small or large grammatical errors as well. After she would make the necessary corrections we would look it over and jot down the clues. Eventually, the whole code would come out. I was lucky enough to get hold of the code before Aro. I would make changes so, if needed I would have leverage. This was done when I was in bed with my girl. She knew what I was doing however because of the way I got the information, Isabella was none the wiser. To her it seemed like she was just doing a standard edit. Aro knew that she had things hidden, but I was the only one who could reach them. She never missed a thing. An errant comma or semi colon, a capital letter in the middle of a word, shit like that. Everything was very well hidden. I doubt that anyone would have thought of this as a way to shuffle things around without bringing any attention to what was, in reality, going on.

The smell of coffee brought me out of my thoughts.

Fucking finally!

I reached for a mug that was hanging under the cupboard. I filled my cup then topped it off with a healthy amount of Baileys for flavour. Bringing the cup under my nose I inhaled deep letting out a satisfied sigh then slowly let the hot beverage ensnare my senses.

Mmmmm that's the stuff.

How the fuck people go without this shit in the morning is beyond me. I shook my head quickly emptying my cup. I walked over to the sink rinsing it out and left it there. The housekeeper would take care of it for me. Stepping into the living room, I reached for the remote for the stereo and turned it off then tossed it onto the couch. Glancing over to the window I could still see the sun shining.

Weathermen, they don't know what the fuck they're talking about.

I grabbed my gear and made my way to the garage. I contemplated my ride today, deciding finally on my bike. It was warm and not a cloud in the sky. As I said, fucking Weathermen. I chuckled as the garage door opened up, the sun spilling into the large space. Putting my riding jacket on along with my helmet, I slipped the key into the ignition. Revving the engine for good measure, I put the bike in gear and sped out ready to face whatever the fuck Aro had in store for me.


I stepped off the elevator onto the sixtieth floor and slowly made my way towards the boardrooms. The office was empty; the only sound was my breathing and the low hum of computers that weren't turned off last night. As I walked through the maze of cubicles I stopped in front of Isabella's office. I pressed my hand against the closed door, my eyes closing at my touch. How much I wished I could tell her everything. How we were using her, how I was using her. I grimaced at the thought. If she ever found out it would be our undoing. She would hate us, hate me. Our asses would end up in jail or maybe worse. I could feel the bile rising. My hand fell from the door curling into a fist.

This fucking sucks. I rolled my eyes. Way to be optimistic dickhead.

Picking up my pace I reached the boardroom.


Walking to the back of the room, I pulled out a chair and sank down into the leather and waited. I'm not a patient person, so the fact that not one was here yet was pissing me off. It was an irrational logic but meh; I hated to be left waiting. I took off my sunglasses hooking them onto the collar of my shirt and placed my feet on top of the table crossing them at my ankles. Comfort before, well, anything. As I sat waiting I let my mind fall back to Isabella. How I wanted to do things with her. Outside of all this bullshit. She deserved more, this was a fact. What I wouldn't give to see her carefree on a beach, her hair blowing across her face and her sparkling with mischief. To hear her laugh, a genuine laugh instead of the fake ones I had heard from her when I saw her at the office. Of course she only knows me as Mr. Cullen and that I was her boss's boss but that never stopped her from giving me a heart wrenching smile that made my chest ache.

My inner thoughts were broken as I heard footsteps making their way closer. There was hushed whispering as the steps slowed as they approached the room. I snickered.

"I know you're there. You can come in now." My voice was light holding no anger.

I heard feet shuffling forward and was presented with a small group of fear stricken idiots.

"Uh… morning… um Mr. Cullen?" One of Aro's men stammered. I cocked my brow wondering why they were saying it as if it were a question.

"Don't be a bunch of pussies and get the fuck in here! I don't want to sit in this room all fucking day."

I snorted as Esme poked her head in from behind the wall

"Edward!" Esme admonished. "Don't talk like that! It's rude!"

I laughed and waved her in. "Good morning, Esme. And how are we this fine morning?" I smirked and winked for good measure.

She huffed and pushed past the others quickly making her way to me.

"Edward Cullen, you should know that I hate when you use foul language." Her arms were crossed across her chest and her foot tapped against the floor. I just looked at her and shrugged.

"Whatever, Esme." My tone was void. "Do we have to this every meeting? If you hate my foul mouth in the morning then you should schedule these fucking meetings in the afternoon."

She huffed and sat down in the chair beside me. She could never stay mad at me. She knew I would never use my ability on her but it was always to be safer than sorry. I was a wildcard and could be swayed if there was any valid reason. I turned my head to sound of a throat clearing.

Aro, the fucking bastard.

If I was in shitty mood before, this made it worse.

"Edward, my boy, how are things this morning?" Aro gave me a sly grin as he tilted his head waiting for my reply.

"It's fucking swell, Aro. How are you and your fucking douchebag entourage doing this morning?" I sneered.

Aro let out a hearty laugh "Oh Edward, would you relax. We have business to discuss nothing more or less. This should be wrapped up quickly. We all have things that need to be attended to."

My eyes narrowed at that statement. "What fucking things?"

Aro smirked. "Oh you know this and that. We have something that needs to be discovered and we need it soon."

I growled at his meaning. "Do not go fucking with Isabella, Aro. From the reports I've seen she has at least four more books to read and corrected. That shit cannot be rushed!"

Esme reached for my arm "Edward, you need to calm down."

I narrowed my eyes, yanking my arm out her grasp. "I don't fucking think so, Esme."

I heard a sigh from the other side of the room. One of Aro's cronies was looking bored or irritated. I wasn't quite sure which.

I cocked my brow as I turned my full gaze on him. "Something you'd like to share with the group, asshole?"

He shuddered and tried to become one with the wall. "No, n-n-n-o sir, nothing at all." His head was moving from left to right so fast I thought it would disjoin from his neck.

I turned back to Aro, "So what the hell are you talking about?" My patience was wearing. I didn't want to hear about his plans for Isabella. Not because they bothered me but because if I had anything to say about it, they wouldn't come to fruition.

"The interested parties are getting impatient." Aro replied in a bored tone. My outburst seemed to have no impact. "Things need to get moving along. It seems that things have been stalled. We can't continue to wait like this."

Cryptic much?

I bristled. What the fuck did that mean? How in the hell could this be sped up? I mean were they going to turn her into a speed reader and hope that she didn't fuck up and miss anything? Something was not right. Esme could feel the energy vibrating off me and gently placed her hand on my arm. "Careful, Edward." She whispered.

I took a deep breath and motioned Aro to continue with a dismissive wave of my hand.

"Edward." Aro blew out a breath. "Isabella will be taking a small vacation. I, I mean we feel it's important for her to focus. Her being here with you, although unbeknownst to her is causing problems. She is here for one purpose only. To crack the code."

My hands balled into fists, my face flinching as my nails dug into my palms. I was pissed. They could not fucking take Isabella away from me. I felt the rage course through my body in waves. The need to seriously hurt someone had made its way to the forefront of my mind.

This was not happening.

I jumped out of my chair, it flying to the back of the room with the sheer force. My palms hit the table with a loud smack and I looked Aro straight in the eye

"You. Are. Not. Taking. Isabella!" I hit my fist on the table after each word in order to make my point. "She is my fucking mark and I will deal with her as I see fit." I was seething. Who did he think he was? She was given to me. I was the one to watch over her, not them.

Aro sneered. "Well Edward, it seems that this is out of your control. Isabella has already been booked on a flight. It's out of your hands. This shit needs to be done and you hovering over her and fucking her brains out is not productive!"

"You better change those plans." My voice was tight, controlled and menacing. I heard a gasp from somewhere in the room. My eyes cut to the sound but I didn't pay it much attention. Aro needed to understand. I wasn't budging.

Aro shook his head and stood, his eyes landing on some piece of art in the corner. "Edward, it's not going to happen immediately." He smiled sardonically. "That's not to say it won't be in the near future, but" he trailed off, his eyes never reaching mine, "The timetable has everything to do with you."

The fuck?!

I jumped from my spot on the floor ready to pounce on the fucker only to be held back by Esme.

"Edward! Enough. You need to be rational." She hissed.

"Esme, this fucker is pushing my limits! He doesn't have the final say on what happens with her!" My breaths were coming out hard and frantic. My world was being shifted and not having control of this was fucking with the rational side of me. I knew better than to push Aro. I wasn't afraid of him and he couldn't do any harm to me, per say. That bastard seemed to have a found a way to keep me under his thumb.

"I know." Esme smiled then leaned in and whispered "Aro knows this too but he's determined to get what he needs now and it seems pushing your buttons is key." She looked into my eyes and smirked "Don't worry dear, he won't do anything to Isabella, will you Aro?" she smiled at Aro but the look in her eyes said she didn't buy what she was selling.

"Edward the decision is yours." He stood, quickly turned on his heel leaving the room.


After much argument, Esme freaking out yelling and cursing Aro and his asshole behavior, his cronies were wishing the floor would swallow them whole. We were at a standstill. I could have used my ability but I chose not to. I wasn't in the appropriate mind frame. It would have ended very badly for everyone in the room, me included. My breathing was heavy and laboured; my hands were twitching with the entire furor running through me. I needed a fucking drink. I needed Isabella.

As I walked to her office I knew this was the wrong way to go about it. I had never come to her in the office. Well, not for this anyway. Reaching her door I noticed it was slightly ajar. I peeked my head from behind the door frame. What I saw knocked the wind right out of me. My dear Isabella was crouched down on her knees, her back to the door cursing up a motherfucking storm. My eyes swept across the room and I snickered. Papers were all over the place. It was like a tornado had hit her office. My eyes cut back to her beautiful ass on display for me. I guess my snicker was a bit loud because her head snapped towards me, narrowed eyes and all. I smirked and gave a slight wave. Her mouth popped open when she saw me. She scrambled up to her feet wavering slightly while she gained her balance. She adjusted her skirt and blouse while giving me a shy smile.

"Hello Mr. Cullen. I'm surprised to see you here." Her brows knit in confusion "Did we have a meeting today?" She questioned a little panicked. I watched as she made her way back around her desk flipping through her day timer, licking my lips as her pointer finger flipped through the pages to access her appointments for today.

"No, Ms. Swan, we don't have meeting." I said walking closer to her desk. "I was in the office and I thought I would just drop in to check out your progress. Everything going okay?"

Isabella let out a breath then looked at me and grinned. "Well that's great!" She gasped then covered her mouth while blushing hard. "I-I mean…" she groaned. "Never mind, that came out wrong. I meant it's great that I didn't forget our meeting… well if we had one!" She was stammering trying to backtrack. Her hands covered her face to hide the obvious embarrassment that had overcome her.

Fuck she was spectacular. I groaned as her blush made its' way down her neck flushing across her chest. The way her hands were on her face caused her tits to come together in the most mouthwatering way. That cleavage, fuck!


I wanted to sink my teeth into the perfect swells that were peeking out of her blouse. Her black skirt just fell above her knee and the shoes. Fuck me heels that made her legs seem to reach the heavens. I wanted those legs wrapped around me as I pounded into her with reckless abandon. I moaned with anticipation.

The sound of her clearing her throat brought me back to the present. I grinned and shrugged, unashamed of my outright perusal. She was fucking hot and totally fuckable. In about thirty minutes she would be totally and completely fucked.

As long as I get my way.

I saw her eyes sweep over my body, a tiny hint of blush colouring her cheeks. Yeah, she was eye fucking me.

Go ahead baby, look all you want. Soon I will give you an eyeful.

She shook her head as if to clear her thoughts then she brought her eyes to mine. "Everything is on track, sir."


Jesus Christ, her muttering that word was enough for my cock to spring to life. Yeah, big boy knew what he wanted. I clenched my fists. I was warring with myself. The realist in me knew that I should just walk out and meet up with her somewhere... anywhere. This was wrong, is wrong. I shouldn't be doing this here. The asshole in me said otherwise and disagreed completely. He wanted her up against the fucking window on display for everyone below to see. Well not really but the idea is the same. I shook my head. There are too many people and I just got out of a not so stellar meeting with Aro.

I pressed my palms on her desk and leaned in, my actions causing her to lean in a bit. I brought my lips just below her ear and inhaled. She smelled amazing. No, amazing was not the right word. Some sort of fruity shit mixed with a flower. Intoxicating. I could see the pulse point in her neck pick up speed and her breathing was coming out in short little pants. Her hands shaped into fists. My guess is she was trying to figure out what was going on.

I had her.

Mine! My inner asshole was fist pumping.

Sue me.

I gently lifted my hand to cup her chin, raising her face enough to meet my stare. The sensation of her skin was overwhelming. I felt the familiar shock jolt through my system as I ran my finger along her cheek. Her deep brown eyes looked into mine, no hint of hesitation whatsoever. I then leaned close to her ear whispering the words I knew would have her melting into me.

"You want to be my dirty girl, Isabella. Don't you."

With that murmur, her breathing hitched then started coming out heavy and hard. A shiver ran through her body and she began to tremble. This Isabella knew me. This Isabella wanted me body and soul.

I pulled back a little and the deep lust in her eyes said enough. I lightly nipped along her jaw trailing down to her neck. My hand made its way to the nape of her neck, snaking it into her hair which I wrapped around my fist forcing her head to tilt up and look at me. I saw nothing but love with a whole lot of lust mixed in. I knew she loved me but it would never come to be real. This version of us was intense, raw and needy. This version of us didn't do caring and caressing. Nope, it was always hard and fast. When she was spent that's when I took my time with her. It was the only way I could show this side of me without it blowing up in my face.

Without warning she grabbed my shirt pulling me to her. Something flashed in her eyes. If I wasn't looking into them I surely would have missed it. Her mouth crashed onto mine, her tongue forced its way into my mouth. She was ravenous. I hadn't given her the opportunity to get like this last night. I dominated her, made her bend to my will. This kiss was pure Isabella. She wanted to run the show and I would let her.

For now.

My hand tightened in her hair needing to get her as close as humanly possible. It always felt as if we could never get close enough.

She broke the kiss and with all the force she had pushed me into the wall directly behind. I was caught off guard by her boldness. Yes, there had been times that she got wild but this was new. She never took the initiative like this. I think me depriving her the night before was enough to bring out the hellcat within.

I smirked as she slammed and locked her office door. Her hips swayed as she walked over to the stereo in the corner. She quickly raised the volume and let out a satisfied groan as the music got louder. My eyes rolled into the back of my head when the song registered. She was trying to kill me. A sexy lip bite adorned her face as she made her way back to me.

Sex addicts, drugs, and vampires

They permeate my life

Don't know which one I'm gonna be tonight

She had her eye on the prize. Slowly, ever so slowly she undid the buttons on her blouse one by one. My eyes stayed locked to her slender fingers. My tongue ran across my bottom lip in anticipation. She pushed the blouse away from her shoulders; the swell of her beautiful tits was in my line of site. I almost jizzed myself. Just her bra itself was enough to make a grown man weep. I let out a low growl as she ran her finger across lace covered nipples. My jeans were uncomfortable and my cock wanted out. I indiscreetly adjusted myself, my eyes never leaving the path her hand was following.

I know you think I'm crazy

You think I've lost my mind

I'm locked and loaded and got you in my sights

My hands were itching to reach out and pull her to me. I felt as if I had never fucked before. I was willing my cock to settle down. Christ's sake, she hasn't even touched me yet.

You are my nemesis

The one I can't resist

I got a one track mind

She reached out, her hands slowly snaking up my shirt. Her nails clawed down my chest leaving a beautiful pain in their wake. My abs flexed under her touch and my leg stated to bounce. I was getting agitated. I loved that she wanted to explore me but I wasn't in the mood. I needed to get inside that tight pussy.

I'm numb I've got no conscious

Can't get you off my mind

You're in my line of fire every time

My eyes darkened as she fell to her knees. The pulsing beat of the song spurred her on. She ran her hand up my legs briefly resting on my thighs. Her eyes trailed up my body while her hand made quick work of my jeans. The button fly was open and my dirty girl groaned when she saw I was commando. The tip of my cock was engorged and leaking. I needed release.

You are my nemesis

The one I can't resist

I've got a one track mind

And now I'm losing it

I pushed my jeans down letting them pool at my ankles. I wrapped my hand around my shaft and slow stroked trying to relieve some pressure. Isabella rested on her heels as she watched me, her eyes darkened with lust. I loved that she got off watching me touch myself. I swiped my thumb across my slit, moaning in pleasure. Isabella whimpered. Her hips were moving with purpose. She was trying, unsuccessfully I have to say, to get some kind of friction. I could smell her from my position against the window. My girl was ready for me. I weaved my hand into her hair pulling her mouth towards me. With her hands still resting on my thighs she leaned in and ran her nose up my shaft and when she reached my engorged head her pink tongue darted out and lapped at the pre cum that was pooling. In one swift move and a very loud moan she engulfed my cock in her sweet mouth. I banged my head against the window. The sensation was mind blowing. I hadn't had my cock in her mouth for some time and it took everything in me not to thrust hard and fast into her mouth. She looked up at me through her lashes as her mouth worked my cock. Her teeth, tongue, sucking and nipping were quickly bringing me to my peak. I thrust my hips forward causing Isabella to groan. The vibration sent a shockwave up my shaft and I almost lost it.

"Hold on, babygirl." I ground out through rough pants.

I began pounding and thrusting with wild abandon into her hot mouth. Between Isabella's moan and humming I couldn't slow down if I wanted.

I need another hit

I think you could be it

I've got a one track mind

"Touch yourself, baby. Let me watch you fuck yourself!" I spoke huskily through gritted teeth. My thrusts never wavered as her hand snuck down her body. She lifted her skirt up with her hand giving me a bird's eye view to her drenched pussy. I almost came then and there as I saw her sweet juices coating her thighs. I smiled inwardly knowing I'm the one who does this to her. I make her pussy leak like that. As her hand met her wet slit she moaned, her index finger making small tight circles against her clit. Her mouth worked my cock faster as she dove in; three lucky fingers were in her heat.

"Fuck! Damn baby!" I panted "That is a beautiful site." She was wearing the sexiest garters I had ever seen. My fingers flexed.

One flick to get them off.

Turn the lights out

Lay your head down

Now you got me where you want me

I'm the pain and you're the pleasure

Can't you read the signs?

I've got a one track mind.

I could feel my stomach starting to coil.

"I'm close, baby" I whispered.

Shit, I don't even think she heard me with all the fucking moaning, groaning and growls that were coming from around my cock. I watched enraptured as Isabella pleasured herself. My thrusting started to become erratic. I tightened my grip on her hair as my orgasm shot through me like a cannon. I jerked my hips, growling out her name as I came in hard long hot spurts into her mouth and down her throat. She swallowed everything, like the good little girl she was. Her self fuck session never stopped and her hand never faltered.

In one swift move I pulled her off me, lifted her up pressing her against the window. Her eyes were wild and dark. This just fueled the fire.

"My turn, I want to taste you." I growled into her neck.

She nodded her head and gently tried to push me down on my knees. Placing hot opened mouth kisses down her chest, I pulled the cups of her bra exposing those beautiful tits to me. I ran my nose between the valley while slowly swirling my tongue. I brought my mouth to her nipple pulling it into my mouth. She let out a tiny squeak as I sucked hard. I pushed her skirt up while hitching her leg over my shoulder. I looked up at my beauty. Her eyes were sparkling, her chest was heaving as she tried to catch her breath. With one gentle kiss to her thigh and an open ogle session with her swollen clit I went at her pussy like a man who found an oasis in a very large desert.

I wanna love you till the bitter end
Get underneath your skin

I wanna pleasure every part of you

And take you from within
Turn the lights out
Lay your head down
Now you got me
Where you want me

I slammed three fingers into her holding back nothing. My thumb applied pressure to her clit. Her hips bucked forward at the same time I curled my fingers rubbing her sweet spot. I watched as her face scrunched up, her teeth turning her lip almost white with how hard she was biting down. Her chest was bowed out in offering. I placed my hand on her hip to hold her against the window. Isabella was squirming. That shit was not happening.

"Don't move away from me!" I growled. My fingers never slowing as my thumb applied more pressure. Her hands found purchase in my hair and were tightly fisted gripping the roots. I winced in pain. That shit may be hot but her hurt like a motherfucker. She saw my reaction and loosened her grip.

"Sorry, baby." She said all breathless.

I smirked. Silly girl. I would take whatever pain she gave me. My fingers dug into her hip. I was going to leave marks. Isabella started to tremble and thrash against the window. I could feel her pussy start to clamp down onto my fingers. I looked up at her, her mouth opened with the force of her breathing. My mouth dropped to her clit and I bit down hard. She growled then moaned.

"That's it. Give it to me! Tell me who owns your orgasms when you come apart!" I commanded against her clit.

Within seconds of my order her hands grabbed my hair pulling fiercely, screaming my name along with a long string of profanities. Her pussy pulled my fingers in deeper as she convulsed and came in my mouth and around my hand.

Turn the lights out
Lay your head down
Now you got me
Where you want me
I'm the pain
you're the pleasure
can't you read the signs
I got a One Track Mind

As she came down from her high I placed a light kiss on her clit before she slid down the window, a breathless sweaty mess.

"Thank you for that." She gave me a goofy grin dropping her head to my chest. I wrapped my arms around her holding her close. I buried my nose into her hair inhaling deep. Lifting my head, I pushed her hair from her face.

"Let's get you to the couch, baby." I chuckled as she gave me a little pout. "You look like you could take a nap." I grinned and winked at her as she stood up, her legs shaking from the residual aftershocks.

I pulled my jeans up following her to the couch. She fell onto it very unceremoniously. She was fucking spent and sated.

I smirked. Isabella was beautiful when she was blissed out. She curled up into herself.

"I love you Edward." A small smile played on her lips as she quietly drifted off to sleep. I fixed my clothes and ran my fingers through my hair. "I've missed you, baby. I don't like when we spend so much time apart." I frowned, cupping her face, my thumbs skimming under her eyes. They fluttered closed at my touch and I smiled at her "I know, babygirl." A small smile graced her lips at my words.

I hated this part.

Placing a kiss her forehead I whispered that I loved her too. Too bad she wouldn't remember what transpired or with whom.


After making my way home and taking a well deserved nap, I got up and decided to go to the club. I most likely wouldn't be seeing Isabella tonight. I huffed under my breath. Aro, the asshole probably asked her to stay late. The meeting was a bust and he needed to flex his muscles. Keeping her late was the only safe way he could. I showered, changed then jumped in my car and made my way to the club. As I was driving I noticed the sky starting to cloud over. I guess the weathermen were right. Looks like we were getting a nice storm.

I reached the club in no time. Rules of the road be damned. Speed limits are suggestions.

With a slight bounce in step from the high, courtesy of Isabella and her mind blowing blow job skills, I pushed the door open. The scent of smoke and stale beer hit me. My nostrils flared in disgust as I passed the bar and made my way to the VIP area. The boys were whooping and hollering. I smiled as I sat at one of the tables. Emmet was fist pumping and doing a little happy dance in his seat. I glanced over and saw that there was a card game going on. Jasper sat with a scowl on his face while Emmett was waving his arms around. It looked like he was trying to prove a point with his gestures.

I snapped my fingers to get the waitresses attention. She smiled over at me while I motioned her to get my drink. She nodded her head in acknowledgement. I leaned back in my chair propping my ankle on my leg tapping my fingers in time with the deep electro beat. I felt the table shift as the waitress placed my Crown double, one cube of ice only in front of me. I smiled crookedly and winked my thanks. Jasper turned his head in my direction giving me a slight nod in recognition.

"Hey man. How's it going?"

I shrugged taking a sip of my drink. "Same ol' same ol'. How's your night?"

Jasper screwed up his face then frowned.

I laughed almost choking on my drink "It seems Emmett is being his normal douchey self."

Jasper nodded while he flipped off Emmet. "Yup. Fucking asshole took five grand off my hands." He scowled. "I swear to God that fucker cheats!"

I chuckled, reaching into my pocket to grab my blow and smokes. I sparked my cig taking a long pull then exhaling out through my nose while dumping the white powder onto the table. "What else is going on? I don't see Aro here. I thought for sure that he would be at the club after the shitty meeting we had today." I cut the little mountain into lines while reaching for a bill from my wallet.

Jasper snorted. "I don't think he'll be coming. My guess is he's trying to steer clear of you." My head snapped to look at him.

"What the fuck does that mean?" I leaned down and snorted my lines. I tilted my head back to keep my nose from dripping. "It was no different than any other meeting! Why the fuck is he in hiding?"

Jasper sighed. "You didn't hear then?" He smacked his palm to his forehead and muttered, "Obviously not you idiot. If he had Aro would be here." he muttered to himself. I cocked my brow needing clarification. "Aro has gone out of town." He paused then eyed me warily then rushed out the next words.


I gaped. My mind went blank. Then I saw red.

What. The. Fuck!?

My nostrils flared as I clenched my jaw.

My hand unconsciously wrapped around my glass keeping a tight grip. Anger tore through me. I jumped up, launching the table in front of me across the room. It broke into large pieces against the wall.

Everyone froze. The craziness was emanating of me in spades. I was furious!

Hadn't I told Aro not to do anything in regards to Isabella? I was seething. Aro disregarded my wishes. He took her and to top it off I had no clue where they went.

My head was spinning. Nobody defied me. I didn't care if Aro was the head of the Family; I made my point very clear this morning!


Emmett and Jasper were huddled in the corner. Fear was in their eyes as they stared at me. My hand reached to my back, wrapping around my gun. I yanked it out swiftly and pointed it at one of Aro's men. He smirked and shook his head, "it wouldn't be wise to kill me. If word of you killing one of us gets back to him, and I assure it will, there will be no coming back."

I laughed. Hard. "Well, we'll just have to see won't we?" I took aim and put a bullet right between his eyes. He fell into a heap on the floor. I shoved the gun back into my jeans and made my way over to him. Blood was pooling around his head. I knelt down and gripped his hair.

"Fucker." I spit on his face as it fell back onto the floor.

I turned my face to Emmett and Jasper, cocking my brow waiting for an answer.

"We don't know, man." Emmett said from the other side of the room. My eyes were glued on his but he didn't waiver as he pushed off the wall, the fear in his eyes turning into determination as he started towards me, hands up to show me that there was no threat. My body was tense as he clapped his hand on my shoulder. "I know what she means to you." My head jerked towards him. He just shrugged. "We all know what she means to you. You're good but not that good, brother. Don't worry we'll help you find her."

I glanced over to Jasper who was nodding in agreement. "She's my Alice's best friend and she is one of the most selfless loving people I know. We won't let Aro fuck with her or hurt her in any way." He nodded to himself solidifying his statement.

"I will fucking find her." My jaw was tensing with worry. "I will find her and kill that fucking bastard!"

I had to get out of here. My lungs were struggling for air at the mere thought of Isabella being taken away to God knows where and to do... I blew out a breath. I wasn't going to think that. Aro was many things but he would never cause her any harm. She was still very valuable and he needed her.

Fuck that! I need her.

I pushed my way through the crowd. I didn't care who was in my way. I needed air. I heard Jasper yelling for me to come back. I ignored him and kept up my pace. I pushed the back door opened, my fists clenching. My body was shaking with anger. I was breathing so hard that I was starting to get lightheaded.

"THAT FUCKING BASTARD!" I screamed into the dark night.

I had to come up with a plan. Aro probably didn't say a word to anyone in regards to where he was taking her. He had this planned already. That much was clear. That asshole played me this morning.

Taking deep breaths to calm myself it was as if Mother Nature herself wanted to add to my misery. The sky opened up and torrential rain started falling followed but a burst of lightning a loud crack of thunder. I bent over resting my palms on my thighs. The rain was coming so fast that puddles had already started to form. I lifted one hand and pushed it into my hair, my grip impossibly tight. My Isabella was out there somewhere, and nobody would stand in my way. I would find her and bring her back.

I turned my face up and let the rain attempt to drown my anger. I let out a hysterical laugh when I heard the lyrics coming out of the club...

"The machine watches over this unfortunate boy

A monument for forever versus me and you."

There never was a more accurate statement than that.

Thanks for reading :)

J xx