I'm going to start by saying that this is my first Harry Potter fanfiction and I'm always open to new ideas for this story. Also, I have a dilemma I'm trying to decide over in this story regarding Harry's father. If you think you can be of some help, please PM me!

Warnings: SLASH! LV/HP. (Which means Harry/Voldemort) Dark/Evil/Smart Harry

Summary: What if Harry discovered magic at an earlier stage? Full of riddles already from a young age, Dumbledore realizes that the difference between Tom Riddle and a young Harry Potter might not be so big after all...

Your cruel device. Your blood, like ice.
One look, could kill. My pain, your thrill...

You're poison running through my veins.

Chapter 1: Poison

Dumbledore was in an exceptionally good mood today. The reason why? Ha was about to meet the boy who would be the savior of the Wizarding world. A pure symbol of the light. Harry Potter.

Albus Dumbledore was practically giddy as he made his was across the impeccable lawn on Privet Drive 4. It really was a nice neighborhood. What evil could possibly be existing here, in between the colorful flowers and neat houses? Surely, nothing, Dumbledore reasoned.

Knocking on the door he waited for it to open. First, it was quiet, before the shuffling of feet could be heard. Next, there was a clicking sound, almost like a lock being closed. How… odd. Before Dumbledore could ponder further on the subject, the door opened.

The man… well, let's be honest here, more like whale, who had opened the door, eyed the wizard on his doorstep with a critical eye, almost like he wondered how anyone would dare knock on his door dressed in purple robes. This, in itself, probably wasn't that common here, when you thought about it.

"What do you want?" The whale spoke with narrowed eyes. "If there's anything you want to sell, I'm not interested!"

Dumbledore, completely taken aback by the hostility in the man's voice took a step back before clearing his throat.

"Oh no," Dumbledore began as merrily as he could. "I simply wish to speak to you about a member of your family having a place at my school."

Abruptly, the man's whole demeanor changed and he tried a charming smile (Which looked completely inappropriate on his face) before opening the door and inviting him in.

"Should I get Dudley now, or do you perhaps want to speak to me first?" The man, who Dumbledore had figured out, must be Vernon, said.

"Oh. No," Dumbledore said again, eyes twinkling in their usual way. "It's Harry I would like to speak to."

Vernon abruptly froze and any resemblance of a smile was quickly replaced by anger.

"That freak!" He burst out before he could stop himself. He turned around sharply to with narrowed eyes to look at the headmaster. "You're one of them then, aren't you?" He spat, visibly trying to conceal his obvious dislike of 'them.'

To say that Dumbledore was surprised would be an understatement. He was completely floored, but he tried covering it up with a wide smile.

"I'm quite sure I am no freak, sir. I simply wish to speak with Harry." Dumbledore repeated, as calmly as he could.

Vernon grumbled under his breath, to quiet for Dumbledore to pick up the exact wording, but knowing they were not pleasant was easy to realize. He was soon showed to a living room and sat down in one of the couches. Vernon simply stood there, as if he didn't want to leave him unsupervised.

"Would you please get Harry for me?" Dumbledore said finally, when he realized Vernon had no intention of moving. Vernon did not look thrilled at the idea, but nonetheless, turned on his heel.

However, the footsteps didn't travel far, nor did they move upstairs as Albus had expected. Instead, he could hear the distinct sound of a lock being opened; under the stairs?

Suddenly, Dumbledore had a sinking feeling in his stomach. Surely, he had let his mind make up things? A cupboard?

His lines of thoughts were interrupted when Vernon practically shoved a small and thin boy inside the room. The boy, however, snapped his head around in what Dumbledore assumed was a glare. Vernon paled and barely hidden fear showed in his eyes before he left without another word, not looking back.

Then, the boy turned around and the sinking feeling returned tenfold in Dumbledore's stomach.

Cold green eyes were appraising him, looking fairy cautious. Those eyes reminded him only a small bit of Lily. There was no warmth in those eyes; instead he was vividly reminded of the color a certain curse looked like.

The boy was not tall, but definitely not short either. No glasses rested upon a delicate nose, as Albus had faintly suspected. After all, many generations of Potters had inherited the bad eyesight. James unruly hair wasn't present either, instead a tamer version of pure black silk rested atop his head.

High cheekbones were on a just as delicate face, skin a bit pale, but not sickly so, rather closer to glowing. Another thing Dumbledore quickly noticed were the straight posture and almost regal look the boy held.

All in all, Harry James Potter, looked every bit like a pureblood right there and then; a proud one at that too.

"Your staring is starting to make me uncomfortable, sir," The smooth and velvety voice made Dumbledore snap out of whatever trance he had been put in and a grandfatherly smile spread across his features.

"I did not mean to stare, I was just surprised by how much you have grown, and that's all. Last time I saw you, you were but a small baby," He said, smile still bright on his face.

The green eyes snapped up to his face after the word baby.

"You knew me when I was a baby? You knew my parents?" The words were close to a whisper and Albus could clearly hear the surprise in those words.

"Yes. Your parents were both very dear to me." He answered.

A hope seemed to enter Harry's eyes at the mention of his parents and he slowly moved forward and took a seat across the headmaster, almost like he deemed him trustworthy enough to finally sit down.

"I know almost nothing of my parents," Harry spoke quietly. "Only that they died in a car crash."

"A car crash?" Dumbledore repeated, surprised. "They did not die in a car crash, my boy. They were… killed." Albus said finally after a short pause.

Harry just stared at him, not quite wanting to believe what he heard.

"By whom?" He finally managed to ask.

"By a dark wizard," Dumbledore began, ignoring the surprised expression crossing Harry's features in favor of explaining. "You see Harry; your father was a wizard, just as your mother was a witch. They were kind and light people but because of that, they were hunted by dark wizards and witches." Here, Dumbledore paused before continuing.

"There was one wizard especially, who was more than any other. His name was Voldemort. Your parents were killed by him, when they were trying to protect you. Have you ever wondered about your scar?" Albus questioned and watched as Harry, almost unconsciously, placed a hand across his forehead, where the scar was.

"That is not a normal scar," He continued after seeing Harry nod mutely. "It's from a curse. The killing curse, actually. You are the only one to have ever survived it. You are quite famous already in the wizarding world." He finished.

Harry just stared blankly ahead, looking all like he was currently not present in the room. It was a lot to take in, Dumbledore supposed. He decided to wait to tell him about the fact that Voldemort most likely would come back, and that he would want to finish what he had started; namely, killing Harry.

"But now, to the matter at hand, I'm offering you a place at my school, Hogwarts. It's a school of magic."

"You mean… what I do is magic?" Harry whispered after a long and uncomfortable (At least in Dumbledore's opinion) silence.

"Oh? What is it that you can do, my boy?" He questioned, with the warm grandfatherly smile in place, not at all expecting the answer he got.

"I…" Harry hesitated at first. "I can make things vanish. When I get hurt, I can make the pain go away. And… animals, they listen. I can make them do what I want. There's-…" Harry stopped talking abruptly.

"There's what?" Dumbledore asked, smile long gone from his face. The boy could do wandless magic? At this age? Without training?

"Nothing," Harry finally said and kept his eyes stubbornly on the floor.

Albus Dumbledore didn't really know what to think. The boy seemed very closed off, nothing at all like he had expected and it didn't look like he was about to shed his secrets anytime soon. For now, the headmaster decided he could let it go. He needed the boys trust and pushing it too far now might break that.

"Well, leaving that aside," For now, Dumbledore thought. "You need to buy the things you need. Your parents have left quite an amount of money. I have a list here with me so we should-"

"You are accompanying me?" Harry interrupted.

"Yes, I assumed that you would need someone to come with you," Dumbledore said slowly.

The guarded look in those intense green eyes intensified and he seemed to straighten up in the couch.

"I would prefer going on my own," Harry continued before the headmaster could interrupt. "I'm used to doing things on my own. If you could perhaps draw me a map of where I need to go, I'll make sure that I have the things I need for Hogwarts."

As he said this, he carefully took the paper and the key to his parent's vault Albus was still holding and scanned through it. There was little Dumbledore could do except agree and quickly write down instructions how to get to Diagon Alley and then a map to the right platform for the Hogwarts-express.

"Well, just follow the instructions and I'll see you at Hogwarts. Is there something else you want to know?" Harry seemed to hesitate again, before he seemed to have made up his mind.

"Um… Do wizards normally have the ability to speak to… animals?" There was an obvious pause before the last word where Dumbledore could practically feel himself freeze.

"What kind of animal are we talking about?" Albus said slowly, every resemblance of an old grandfather gone.

The boy eyed him for a long time before his expression became completely closed off.

"Nothing, sir," He said carefully. "It's been a long day, with loads of new things to take in. I'm simply tired."

Albus would almost have believed him, if it weren't for the cold feeling in the pit of his stomach.

"I'll see you at Hogwarts then. Good luck with your shopping." Dumbledore said instead.

"Yes sir, you surely will."

Albus Dumbledore could feel the intense green eyes on his back as he left Privet Drive 4. It sent shivers down his spine.