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Who's to say it woulda worked, and who's to say it wouldn't have?
I was young and strugglin' but old enough to be your dad
The fear of being a father has never disappeared
Pondering frequently while I'm sippin' on my beer
My vision of a family was artificial and fake
So when it came time to create I made a mistake

Chapter 7: Mistake

"Harry, are you okay?"

Green eyes rose to meet grey ones and Harry realized he had been staring at the same spot for the last few minutes. When Draco didn't get an answer, he asked another question.

Harry didn't hear him. He was already thinking back to what his supposed father had told him.

"Harry, you need to believe me! You can see it too right; his name?" Sirius exclaimed, frustrated and desperate to make his son understand.

Harry could see it, the truth staring him right in the face with bright letters saying Peter Pettigrew. He didn't know what was worse, to continue living on like he had, pretending that nothing had happened or to accept what seemed to be the truth in something that would ultimately change his life.

If his father wasn't James Potter, but instead Sirius Black, that would change everything.

When Sirius explained that he had seen Pettigrew in the newspaper, in his rat form, he had a new purpose to break out of Azkaban. The map he now held was supposed to help him with that.

Intending for a brief stop at his house (Grimmauld Place) he had found the letter.

He now held the proof in his hands. A letter that had been sent to Grimmauld Place ten years ago, addressed to Sirius Black.

'Dear Padfoot, Lily had written.

I don't know if this is the last you will hear from me. That's why I finally managed to sum up my courage and write you this letter. You have a son, Padfoot, a son who is turning 1 in a week.

I know you were suspicious in the beginning, weren't you? That Harry wasn't James. But you were too kind to confront me and stir up memories best forgotten. That's what we promised each other in the morning right? It would be like a simple obliviate. How naïve we were…

Things never turn out the way you want it to. To be honest, I never intended to tell anyone in the beginning, not you, not Harry, not James but I realize that is not right. A child has a right to know who their parents are, even if it's only in a fading memory or an old photograph.

Here, the handwriting had turned more shaken, and you could see traces of dried tears on the page.

I'm so scared Padfoot! What if Harry really is the chosen one, like Dumbledore says? What if I won't be able to protect him anymore? I'm his mother, Padfoot! I should always be here, I should be the one to watch his first step and hear his first word! Damn this war, damn it all!

I love my family so much. That's why Padfoot, if something happens to me, take care of my son.

Take care of our son.

- Lily'

Harry remembered everything so clearly; every word was ingrained to his mind. When he blinked, the words would flash before his eyes. For the first time in his entire life, he wished to be normal; to have been born in a loving family and eventually find love on his own. Then, maybe have a child. He would watch his child grow at the same pace he grew older. One day, he would die and eventually be forgotten by the rest of the world.

It even sounded naïve and stupid in his head, but right now his thoughts were in turmoil and his vision was starting to get dizzy. The last thing he saw was Draco moving towards him to catch him as he fell.

Deeper into the darkness than ever before.

{Unravel Me}

An uncomfortable feeling was surrounding him, almost choking him, as he slowly began to awaken. Not a sound could be heard and the uncomfortable feeling shifted to a feeling of dread and then morphed into pain. It started slowly, but spread like fire through his body, conscience and bones.

He felt like screaming, but he couldn't open his mouth. Then, he realized that he couldn't open his eyes either. The pain went numb with the fear. When images started flashing before his eyes he could do nothing except view them in a disarray of what seemed like memories.

The memories didn't seem like happy ones. A feeling of loneliness accompanied them and he realized that they weren't his own. A loud crash made him draw a deep breath before everything around him vanished into a swirl of dark flashes and horrified screams.

White was the first thing that met him when he opened his eyes. He had to squint to make out anything before he slowly started to get used to the sudden light. The next moment he realized that he could open his eyes and that what he had just experienced had to be a dream of sorts. What else could it be?

One thing he knew for certain, it had been scary, not being able to feel anything but negative emotions while you couldn't move, speak or see anything. He shuddered.

"You're awake!" A voice suddenly exclaimed.

Tilting his head to the side, he saw Draco sitting next to him, looking rather anxious but relieved at the same time.

"You have no idea how you frightened me when you fainted like that!" Draco said, moving his chair a bit closer to be able to lower his voice.

That's right… He had fainted.

Then, in a second, everything came rushing back to him; meeting Sirius Black, his father, Peter Pettigrew, the marauder map, the letter from his mother and he desperately trying to figure out what the hell was happening with his life.

Just when the feeling of nausea came over him again he finally realized what he was doing.

Since when had he turned into such a wimp? A person who couldn't get anything done by themselves? He could figure this out. He could always figure it out.

"Draco, you don't happen to have some old copies of the daily prophet? Maybe a week or two back?"

That's right. He could handle this.

{Unravel Me}

Easier said than done, the saying goes. Harry never wanted to look at another newspaper again and yet he forced himself to pick up another one to sort through and see if he could find the picture Sirius had been referring to. If Peter Pettigrew was in fact in Hogwarts, Harry would find proof of it. The map in his bag could be fake after all.

Suddenly, a picture caught Harry's attention. It was taken when the new first years were boarding the Hogwarts express and first used now to make some article about Hogwarts that Harry didn't even bother to read. In the corner of the picture, to Harry's big surprise, the person who held a small cage in his hand was someone he recognized. Ron Weasley.

Inside the cage was a rat, and when Harry squinted, he realized the rat was missing a finger.

Realization dawned over him.

Peter Pettigrew was Ron Weasleys pet rat!

{Unravel Me}

Transfiguration was a class that Harry normally enjoyed, but today he simply couldn't concentrate, thanks to a certain redhead. He kept throwing glances at Ron Weasley without being able to stop himself and someone was bound to notice soon.

An elbow suddenly found its way into Harry's ribs and he threw an accusing glance at Draco who just glared back.

"Pay attention and stop staring," Draco hissed quietly.

So somebody had noticed his absentmindedness and honestly, Harry wasn't surprised that it had been Draco. Draco could after all be quite perceptive once he started to use his brain and stopped leaning on his father. One thing Harry had quickly learned about Draco was the fact that he was terrified to be a disappointment to his father.

He wanted to make him proud and get his approval at any cost. That's probably why he competed with Harry in Slytherin for the top marks. Honestly, Harry admired his commitment. Sure, he also put a lot of effort into his school work, but nothing compared to Draco. Still, they almost always shared the same marks.

When McGonagall finally, finally, dismissed class Harry breathed a sigh of relief and before he could rush over to the Slytherin dorms, Draco stopped him with a hand.

"Harry, we need to talk," He sounded serious.

That was probably why Harry threw one last longing glance at Ron Weasley disappearing with someone he vaguely recognized as Dean Thomas from Gryffindor.

He gave Draco a nod and followed him back to their common room. After all, they had a free block before dinner and he wouldn't be able to execute his plan after dinner anyway.

"Harry, would you please tell me what's going on?" Draco finally asked when they had taken a seat in the corner of the Slytherin common room.

The question surprised him, honestly. He thought he had masked his feelings fairly well and avoiding detection from almost everyone. Then again, he had fainted; in front of Draco. With a flick of his wand a privacy spell quickly surrounded them. Harry didn't want to risk anyone overhearing. It never hurt be cautious, after all.

Draco only narrowed his eyes further.

"What makes you say that?" He said.

"Harry! As if the privacy charm isn't enough! You've been vanishing for a couple of hours apparently taking walks around the lake or something like that! I am quite sure that you have an invisibility cloak as well, with all the times you have magically disappeared from thin air! What is it that you are not telling me?" By the time Draco stopped ranting, he was out of breath and Harry was really glad he had thought to put up a privacy charm.

But he had to admire Draco for being able to find out that much. The question though, was whether he could trust the blonde or not. The boy had proved he was a valuable friend, someone he should treasure and keep instead of pushing away.

"I think Peter Pettigrew is in the castle."

Choosing to trust him was absolutely worth it after seeing Draco's face morph into shock and his jaw dropping. In spite of the situation, he couldn't hold back a chuckle.

"What?" Draco finally managed when he stopped choking on thin air.

"You heard me. Peter Pettigrew is in the castle." Harry began and then told him of his meeting with Sirius, the letter and everything else, leaving out the most private parts.

When he was finished, Draco looked ever paler than usual.

"So you're saying that Peter was the one who betrayed your parents… mother… whatever." Draco paused and met Harry's gaze. "So, what's the plan?"

Harry smirked. He had found a good friend in Draco that he could count on. Digging through his bag he got up the map he had gotten from Sirius and opened it on the table.

"I solemnly swear I'm up to no good," He whispered and watched Draco's expression turn from surprise to intrigue in just a few seconds.

"You got that from… your father?" Draco asked, hesitating only a bit on the 'father' part.

After all, even Harry hadn't quite accepted it yet, how could Draco?

"Yes," He answered and searched for the spot that would mark where Peter Pettigrew was currently hiding in the shape of a rat.

Draco saw him first and pointed at a fast moving spot, on its way to disappear from Hogwarts grounds. But the reason why Harry hadn't seen the spot first was because he was so focused on the other spot moving towards Peter Pettigrew.

His father; Sirius Black.

{Unravel Me}

When Harry and Draco were running through the empty castle as fast as they dared, thoughts of his father and his parents betrayer flashed through his mind. There were no doubts in his mind that his father wanted Peter Pettigrew dead, by his own hands if possible.

Sirius had been best friends with his father and maybe even loved his mother? Even Peter Pettigrew had been considered a friend once, before he had turned out to be a coward that feared death enough to betray his friends in every way possible.

He didn't realize how long they had been running before he could see the outline of the infamous shrieking shack. He had never actually been there before, but he had heard the rumors. Not even the ghosts of Hogwarts dared to roam inside the shrieking shack. That didn't stop him from hearing the howl coming from said place that could only belong to his father. Tearing the door open he quickly surveyed the scene in front of him.

He came just in time to see Ron's pet rat, Scabbard, morph into a small, almost grotesque man who really resembled the rat he had pretended to be for all these years. Wormtail. Now Harry could fully understand the name. The man resembled a rat as much as it was possible while still remaining human: yellow teeth, almost a bald head and small eyes that squinted in the faint light coming from the moon.

Across from him, another shape changed form into his father and he could hear Draco draw in a sharp breath of air from behind him. So he had finally caught up then.

A wail from Peter made him focus on the scene in front of him again. Sirius had his wand pointed at Pettigrew with a dark look on his face. Even though he had denied everything dark that was in his inheritance, he truly looked like a dark heir to the Black family right now.

"Harry," His father suddenly said, voice eerily calm. "What you are about to witness is something I want to call justice."

Harry couldn't help but shudder at his tone. It sounded so deeply dark, like he was completely submerged into ending the person in front of him. The most terrifying thing however, was the feeling of complete thrill that washed through him at the display.

He could practically feel the magic radiating from his father and no matter how much Sirius had tried to deny it, a large part of it was dark, oh so sweet and dark.

When the first spell hit Pettigrew he hadn't heard the name. But he would recognize that shining red light anywhere. No other spell had such a radiant and pure red colour as the 'Crucio'.

Peter went down with a shriek that spoke of agonizing pain. It wasn't the person writhing on the floor in pain that held Harry's attention, however. No, it was his father. Those grey eyes that had seemed almost dead when he had met him only hours ago where now ablaze like thundering clouds.

Then, the spell ended and Sirius spoke again.

"It's enough now," He began in a flat tone as he watched with impassive eyes as Peter Pettigrew, former Marauder, tried to crawl back from him. But even he seemed to realize it was futile as Sirius pointed his wand at him again. Something akin to regret flashed through both Peter and Sirius eyes, before Sirius whispered the two forbidden words.

"Avada Kedavra."

Justice indeed, Harry thought as he closed his eyes when the green flash disappeared to leave behind the body of his parent's betrayer.

Or was it really justice? A voice whispered, hidden deep within his conscience.

{Unravel Me}

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