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(chapter1:from the clouds)

as the years passed by i sat and watched himsuffer and swim in the darkness of his own fears. as he continued to be reborn over and over again. as i watched him every waken minute .and as he tried to kill all humanity because he was tired of living and being left behind for the first time in my life knowing some one that didn't wont to live became even more shocking to me even most people would kill for immortal power but this Haman didn't because he wonted to die just like everyone else not repeat being bought back and remember all the thing from his past and all the people that left and i could do nothing but just sit,watch and wait for my day to come when I'll finally be able to help him,to take him away from this cold earth,to take his pain and loneliness away.

but when will that day come?

what if it never comes?

what if i never get to save him?

but i wont to save him! i thought to my self pushing the other thoughts away and knowing if i tired to save him without the order's from the gods i will be kicked out of heaven.

looking away from earth trying to hold back the tears of not being able to help thosewho suffer and mainly this boy even thou i don't know his name i still feel such pity to help him so badly that if breaking the gods order's i will do so to help this lost soul that lingers in sorrow even if it wasn't meant for him to be save or helped i would still do it.

whipping away what little tears i had left and turning to look back at earth to find rain and some kids dancing to freya's violin as the boy sat to himself and watched them from the distanced.i could read all his feelings and aura that spilled out to me as thou they were crying out for help

as the pain in my chest started to tense up from this boy that has so many different feelings that he sends off and wondering to myself how could such a human have these kind of feelings...

"machika! how long are you going to day-dreaming and come feed me?" kiki said tugging at my sleeve

"in a minute kiki" i said shrugging her off and falling back in to my daze

she growled and walked off in to the fluffy clouds and mumbling low about should have stayed with the doc or something

(a hour later)

as i continued my daze and not knowing that an hour has passed by

when i had suddenly got a little reminder and paws ponce on my back

and a angered voice "machikaaaaa! feeeeeeedd meeeeee!"Kiki screamed poncing

up and down on my back

"OK,KO get off you not small anymore"i said getting up from the softly cloud

"ah! that's so mean I'm am to still small I'm 3" she said glaring at machika

"just because your 3 doesn't mean your not fat" machika laughed as she took off into the clouds

knowing she was going to get it

"whaaat! who are you calling fat get back here machika!"she yell taking off after her


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