chapter 3 the struggles!

not soon after we were tyed up another few strigoi joined us. but what was with the strigoi made me gasp. they had alive mori. the mori were scared. "Lizzy!" i gasped as i saw her face. they had taken her! oh and Daniel! Daniel was with her. daniel a strong brown haired mori male. when night fell again. no one had come to rescue us. it had only been a half a day anyway. "walk" they commanded as they herded us somewhere farther from the school. it seemed like we had been walking for miles. the mori began stumbling as they got tired. they were not trained for long treks. soon a building loomed before them. "were are we?" i insistently questions our captors. after a wile i gave up on getting a response. entering the building it was an empty ware house with several strigoi. a group was not a usual finding. strigoi were usually solitary creatures. they pushed us to the middle. placing chains around our wrists, witch were thus warped around a pole to hold us in place. they apparently didn't want us going any were. siting us down they moved out of ear shot so that they may speak but close enough for them to hear us. there was no escaping from this situation. unless some one happen to break in release us and get us out. but that seems ALMOST impossible. lizzys face seem to have gone paler then ever before and daniel was in anger. me and dona were scanning and taking in every detail of the place. if we did figure out away to get out we needed to know which way to go to get OUT. the mori soon began to get sleepy. they needed rest. dona and me nodded in unison and looked at the mori who were watching us. lizzy lay back on the pole and began to drift into sleep i could feel it in the "bond". daniel was soon to fallow. it was not long after they fell asleep when a strigoi silently approached. i gave the strigoi a nasty glare. but it ignored me. moving closer in looked at both mori and dona and me. smiling it gripped my shirt standing me up the blond curly haired female strigoi pinned me to the pole. moving closer, pushing my neck to the side the strigoi bit down into my neck. the strigoi began drinking my blood. my struggles below her were futile they did nothing to throw her off balance. after a wile the bliss of a vampire bite began to take over. the hazy high taking over my mind. a smile cracked on my lips. when she had finished i could barley stand but she had left me alive which was a plus. lizzy was now awake. alarm shot through the "bond" as she saw my bloody, pale, bruised neck and the blond strigoi walking away. the strigoi all around the ware house watched us. i felt like i had lost a part of me when she had stopped drinking my blood. now the haze was beginning to drift away. i was begining to be able to think clearly once more. what was going to happen now?

lizzy could feel the tears welling behind her eyes. why had they done this? what did they want from her? but who knew, the strigoi sure did. looking around lizzy felt as though she had to do something. she had to save her friends. but...but how? it was something she could feel had to happen. deep withing lizzys...mind? no heart, she could feel what she had to do. not only feel but hear! it was as if some thing or some one was telling her what she had to do. she knew then that she had to release her friends during the day when the strigoi would be asleep or most of them at least. lowering her voice she whisperd almost silently to daniel. "daniel, daniel... i have a plan" she whisperd to daniel. daniel stured, lowering his voice as well. "well tell me lizzy, im all open for geting out of here" daniel whisperd to lizzy. glanceing at me lizzy spoke to daniel "i need you to use your fire ability, to burn my ties as well as nanitas." she whispered confidently. he siled "it will hurt". looking unmovable he nodded.