Who is the man behind the mask The wretch behind the smudgy mask

I really have to see His end I have to be

Who's red hot on my trail at night The wretch is breathing down my neck

My own worst enemy My own worst enemy

Those eyes in slits angrily flashing The fury I have got to match

As I am teasing you To get into your mind

Those eyes I want to see disclosed The fury in your eyes I see

I really have no clue Still I am not your kind

If you and I once more shall meet If you and I once meet alone

Alone and face to face For Rachel you will pay

If you commit one tiny lapse If you display your face again

Your smile will need more space Revenge will have its way

It's haunting me by day and night It's haunting me by night and day

My mind's a one-way street So much I can't think straight

It's haunting me inside my head It's haunting me deep in my soul

We truly have to meet You surely are my fate

Your shining armor freaks me out Your worn-out clothes give me the creeps

After that is what I'll creep I will look out for these

Your shining signal I abhor Your worn-out face and scars appal

It makes me want to weep As does your warpaint grease

Your secret is your biggest strength Your chaos is your agent

I really have no doubt I'm gonna hunt you, clown

Your secret I will soon expose Your chaos I will put to stop

I'm gonna find it out That's why I wear my gown

The people think that you are God The world you set on fire

Those poor deluded fools But you should be on guard

The people is who'll chastise you The world you want to kindle

I'll make you break their rules I'll shield with all my heart

One kill will change the world for you You on the loose, my biggest harm

And finally you'll see It's clear you must be seized

One kill will make you equal to You on the loose brings out in me

The strangeness that is me The worst that I can be

And once your spirit's broken You're mad as dogs, with broken spirit

And crippled as can be As broken as can be

I'll recognize myself in you I fear you loom insid

My own, worst enemy My own, worst enemye of me