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Chapter One – The Morning After

When Kate Becket had been a child, waking up had always been a really slow process. Her Mom used to joke that she could sleep through anything and then she grew up and her responsibilities started to weigh on her. This usually meant she was lucky to get six uninterrupted hours of sleep per night and she was always up early, wide awake from a dead sleep and ready to take on the world. This morning, however, something was different. Kate felt completely relaxed and comfortable as she started to wake up as she had when she was small, slowly and calmly. She was about to take advantage of this rare morning by drifting back off to sleep when her eyes snapped open and the world came rushing back into focus. Someone was lying behind her, spooning her with a large hand pressed to her stomach gently holding her in place. She froze as she looked around the room and realised it wasn't her bedroom but as she did this she remembered where she was. This didn't help her relax again, on the contrary, it caused her to panic.

She had slept with Rick Castle ...

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