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Chapter Twelve – A Key and a Revelation

The next morning Kate woke up first again but this morning she didn't panic. Instead she gently eased her way out of Rick's embrace and kissed him softly before heading to the shower. Ten minutes later she walked back into the bedroom to find Rick awake and reading a book in bed. He smiled as she came in.

"Good morning," he greeted, "Sleep well?"

"Like a baby." Kate smiled at him before she leaned down to give him a proper kiss good morning. Rick didn't waste this moment and pulled her back down onto the bed, surprised at the giggle that came from Kate.

"Did you just giggle?" he grinned, finding this fact incredibly amusing.

"No!" she exclaimed quickly getting to her feet and smoothing down her clothes, "It was more of a chuckle."

"Right." Rick grinned, disbelievingly.

Kate rolled her eyes, "Do you think Alexis would let me borrow her hair dryer?" she asked.

"I have no doubt, you know which one is her room." He said as he got out of the bed and walked towards the bathroom. "Why don't you go and asked her whilst I make myself gorgeous for my Detective girlfriend."

"Good because you need a shave!" Kate called as he closed the door. She could hear him laughing at this and she smiled as she made her way down the corridor to Alexis' bedroom. She knocked on the door and a few seconds later it opened to said girl.

"Morning Kate, what can I do for you?" she asked as she walked back into the room, leaving the door open as a clear indication that Kate could in. She went back to packing her books as Kate replied.

"I was wondering if I could borrow your hair dryer?" she asked.

"Sure no problem, it's on the desk there." She pointed out. "Just make sure my Dad doesn't get hold of this one. I had to buy a new one after he decided to use it to inflate the ball pool he decided to get for my 14th birthday but he burnt out the motor and I like this hair dryer."

Kate laughed at that, "You have my word." She grinned before thanking Alexis and making her way back to Rick's room with the hair dryer.

She started drying her hair and as she did she had an excellent view of Rick getting dressed as he came out of the bathroom and walked over to his wardrobes. When she was satisfied with her hair she turned the hair dryer off and unplugged it ready to take back to Alexis. She turned around to face Rick who was tying the laces on his shoes.

"Can you stay again tonight?" he asked, looking hopefully at her.

"Yes," she smiled at him, "That'd be great." Kate felt giddy. They had not once felt uncomfortable or awkward around each other since the change in their relationship and he was actually encouraging her to stay more often.

"Ok, fantastic!" he smiled, "Now before I give you this I don't want you to freak out, it's just so you can let yourself in if you ever arrive before any of us or so you don't have to wait whilst we open the door." He held up a key. Her breath caught in her throat.

"Isn't that ..." she cleared her throat, "Isn't that a little soon?" she asked.

He walked over to her and knelt down in front of her. "Kate I am not asking you to move in, or get married or anything like that, I just want to know that if I'm late because of a signing or a meeting with my agent that you won't be waiting in the corridor until someone gets home."

"I ..." Kate started.

"If you don't want to use it when we're all home then I understand but please just ..." Rick interrupted. Kate started to smile as he rambled and interrupted him the best way she knew how. She kissed him.

"Thank you Rick." She said as she took the key. "But it's only for emergencies." She stressed. Rick nodded unable to wipe the grin off his face.

When they got to the precinct and stepped into the elevator, Kate pushed the button to go down to the morgue rather than up to the homicide floor.

"Pulling off the band aid?" Rick asked.

"Come on now Castle, don't sell yourself short ... it's more like a wax strip." She smirked as Castle winced at the imagery. The doors opened and they walked in silence down to Lanie's office. "Ready?" she asked Castle.

"Shouldn't I be asking you that?" he asked and they grinned at each other before opening the door and walking inside. Only to find Lanie pressed up to the wall by Esposito, who was kissing her senseless.

"Kate!" she exclaimed as she saw their arrival and slack jawed expressions. "What are you doing here?" she hissed.

"What am I doing here?" Kate asked, a grin making its way onto her face, "That's not the interesting question, the question is ..."

"What are you two doing here?" Castle finished as he smirked at Esposito who was trying to wipe the lipstick off his mouth.

"Castle, you and Beckett here can hardly talk after I had to make a certain CCTV tape disappear from yesterday's security camera in the elevator!" he challenged with a smug smile as the smiles dropped from Kate and Castle's faces and they were rendered speechless. "Yeah, that's what I thought."

When Kate finally found her voice, she looked over at Lanie and gave her a half smile, "That's why I'm here this morning." She admitted sheepishly, "We were coming to tell you."

"And what about me and Ryan?" Esposito asked.

"You were next on the list." Kate told him, rolling her eyes at how the boys always seemed to love being the centre of the gossip.

"Well I for one can't understand what took you guys so long." Lanie smiled.

"Thanks Lanie, but no asking about our relationship in front of anyone, we're trying to keep it quiet." She told her friend.

"Girl that won't last long, especially not with you two making out like teenagers in the elevator." She said.

"How did you ..." Kate started to asked.

"Oh please! Some gossip that juicy and Javi didn't show me?" she answered. Kate and Castle looked at each other and shrugged. After a few more minutes of conversation Kate, Castle and Esposito all made their way up to the homicide floor and to their desks.

"Hey Esposito?" Kate called and continued as he turned to look at her, "Fill Ryan in would you?" she asked.

Esposito smiled, "Sure thing," he agreed, "Hey Ryan, come on man we've got some stuff to do!" he yelled at his partner who grabbed his jacket and followed him to the elevator, waving at Kate and Castle as he passed.

As they were waiting at the elevator, the doors opened and two uniforms walked out holding a swearing man by the arms.

"Let go of me man!" he yelled. "I didn't go near any bastard dealer!"

They walked passed Ryan and Esposito, w ho quickly walked into the elevator, glad to be getting away from the man. The officers walked over to Kate.

"Detective Beckett, this is Kyle Marks." One of the officers told her.

"Thanks Harris, put him in interrogation one for me will you?" Kate nodded.

"Sure thing." And with that they hauled him into the room closing the door behind them.

Kate turned to Castle. "Shall we?" she asked.

"We shall." Castle replied, gesturing for Kate to lead the way.

The End.

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