NegixKotaro yaoi flick...

disclaimer: oh yes I live in Japan, make awesome manga, and get to eat good food everyday, but then I wake up and realize, dang just another good dream.
Negi woke up to sticky sheets that morning. Thank goodness he wasn't sleeping with Asuna-san, Negi thought, she would have killed me, but now I have to clean my laundry. Negi then remembered the scene that had cause him to have his little wetdream, Kotaro in nothing but his underwear. Negi sighed, he didn't understand why Kotaro affected him so much. It wasn't as though Kotaro was a girl, but he was the only one who affected him out of all of his friends, Negi hadn't felt this way since he had first seen him. Negi remembered the arcade in which they had first met, and when he had first seen him he thought he had gone to heaven. The raven black hair that had complemented his pale features, so beautiful that he couldn't help but like it. Now though Negi knew better, he knew that Kotaro was part dog-god. Why didn't it change anything? Why did Negi still want to kiss and hold Kotaro in his arms? It wasn't as if he was in love with Kotaro, was it? Negi thought all of this through in the morning and didn't know quiet what to say still as he found Kotaro that morning at the rooftop cafe. Kotaro was wearing a white t-shirt and coat as normal but his pants were tighter and shorter than usual. Kotaro caught Negi looking at his pants, blushed and said, "Chizuru-neechan said that capris would look good on me, I didn't know what they were so I said okay. What do you think about them?" Kotaro seemed anxious for the answer, "I mean if you don't like them I can change so that you wont be embarrased to be seen next to me and all, if that is what you want." Negi was surprised that Kotaro cared so much of his opinion, but waved it off as Kotaro wanted to look good for Natsumi-chan. She has a crush on Kotaro and maybe he reciprocated more than he let on. "I really like it Kotaro. I'm sure everyone else will too." Negi didn't notice Kotaro's happiness at Negi saying that he liked his clothes, or his slight displeasure at the mention of everyone else.
Kotaro sighed and said, "Negi can you come with me for a minute, there is something that I want to talk to you about." Kotaro was hoping to pull the right string and get him to come with.
"Sure Kotaro-kun. What is it?" Negi said as he followed the fast moving Kotaro to an alley and they went in, it seemed completely devoid of others. Kotaro pulled him close and kissed him, moaning as his tounge entered Negi's mouth. Negi blushed as his eyes closed to the immense pleasure that was building up in his groin. It felt so good, and suddenly Kotaro's hand went under his shirt, moving to Negi's nipples and started teasing them, Negi's hips started to roll in the pleasure, Kotaro reciprocated with a harder kiss, dominating his mouth as though there wasn't anything he would rather do.