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I had been stalked for the past few months, my privacy exploited, and been shot at numerous times. All of this seemed to pale in comparison to the fact that Edward was home. Of course now that the FBI was here and planning to take down these guys, well, it wasn't exactly easy to try and push the freak out away from my mind.

Edward, however, was totally fine with it.

I couldn't help but think how fucked up our reactions have been.

Seriously, Edward was actually happy. The morning of our meeting with the agents, Edward was whistling in the shower. I on the other hand was texting my living will to Rose. Well not really I guess. I just told her she could have the dogs and the shoes. She was down with it.

Yesterday when it was pitch black and we were around the campfire, an agent showed up from the house next door and informed Edward and I that we would be briefed at a hotel back home the next day. This was all he told us because he didn't want to linger.

Edward and I hadn't really had a chance to discuss the men trying to kill him. I mentally slapped my forehead at my wording. I did realize how, like I said, fucked up that sounded.

I didn't know what the agents had planned in order to arrest these guys and make the charges stick. I mean I'm sure you could get attempted murder on a few of them. I realized that I would have to most likely testify in court against a lot of them. Thoughts of the witness protection program plagued my mind. I voiced my concerns to Edward at one point last night.

The answer he gave me was not what I had expected. It shouldn't have surprised me. I mean really, these men had already turned this hunt into a bizarre game, why stop? As it turns out, any man arrested by the police and pressed with charges for the game (the game of course being murdering Edward) was not allowed to do anything whatsoever to harm a witness against them.

As I said, fucking bizarre.

When I pressed on, Edward further explained that it was just another term of the game. If you get caught, it's game over. You lose. If you perform any type of hit while being incarcerated the remaining members of the mob would kill your parents, force your wife in prostitution, make your children servants, etc. In their minds, if you are sloppy enough to get caught, you deserve prison. They don't want their name damaged further with a witness murdered in cold blood.

Again, in a weird twist of events the rules to my boyfriends planned murder were protecting my life.

Edward seemed to be walking on egg shells around me, obviously waiting for my own freak out. It would be coming. I could promise him that. I had no idea when though. As of then, I just wanted to be done with this mob thing. I was tired of trying not to think about it, or pretending it wasn't that big of a deal. I had been downplaying this since day one, and I was ready for it to be done. Just done.

"Are you ready for this?" Edward asked me as I slid my feet into sandals and fastened them. I made an incredulous face at him which made him chuckle.

"Are you?" I asked with a raised eyebrow as he slipped his hand in mine and we made our way to the truck.

"I've been ready for six years," he said plainly as he helped me into the truck and shut the door. I sighed quietly.

We were to drive to the hotel and check into the honeymoon suite. The agents would already be in there waiting. Our cover was that Carlisle and Esme were home, so we were supposed to look like we were so utterly horny. I could do it I guess.

So, with Edward's arm draped around me we walked through the parking lot, me giggling like an idiot, and hanging over Edward while he was kissing my neck and area around it. I think we played our part well. We managed to get to the front desk where the briefed manager gave us a key to the room and instructions how to get there.

When we got into the room, I was taken back. There were over twenty suited agents with a whole shit ton of technology. I mean there were TVs, radios, cords everywhere. It was a good thing that it was such a huge room.

Agent Booth introduced himself to us. He was a man with muscles with brown hair cut excellently and kind brown eyes, and a firm handshake. Then he introduced us to a few key members of the operation before inviting us to sit down on one of the couches while he took the arm chair.

Not knowing what exactly to expect, Edward and I both looked at Booth. "Okay, so I'll walk you through our plan, feel free to ask any questions or if you have any information Masen, just let me know."

We both nodded and he gestured to the many papers lying on the coffee table. There was also a board standing aside where I recognized a bunch of photos that I had taken a while ago of men entering and leaving the abandoned gas station. They had labels and lists of other things under them.

"As you can see, we have 21 known men that we are targeting. But if we can get any others we're taking them as well. Thanks to your pictures Bella, we were able to pin point which guys were here," he indicated the board with his hand before gesturing to another agent who moved another board into place. I jumped in my seat when I saw it.

There were four photos of men's driver's licenses, but the fifth picture was of an unmistakably dead body. I leaned closer and saw that the name BRODY CARLIN was written in big black letters under his name. So that was the man who the police had been investigating.

"These are the five men who died the night of May 2nd. We still do not know the whereabouts of their bodies. However, that is not one of our many priorities as of now, as it is not likely that we will find them." I looked over at Edward, worried. Edward had killed four of those men. His expression was unreadable. I slid my hand into his without a word and felt a squeeze.

"I gotta say man that was impressive. Not many people could take on five armed men and live to tell the tale. Nice work," Booth nodded approvingly. I was confused. An agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation was congratulating Edward on killing people.

Edward voiced his confusion, "How come you're not investigating me?"

Agent Booth looked around the room, some agents were smirking, others were just shaking their heads with a knowing grin, and he turned back to Edward, his own smirk on his face, "Why would we be investigating you? There're no bodies to prove you killed anyone. The night that Brody Carlin died, as far as we were concerned, it was dark and one of the other men on the scene must have accidentally shot him."

Edward nodded, looking dryly amused. Agent Booth cleared his throat and looked back down at the table in front of us, "Anyway, here's the deal. Bella, you're going to be the bait. We want you to drive there in your truck. We will have two agents in the back seat hiding. Agent West," he pointed to a red headed female agent who smiled at me, "will help you figure out what you'll be wearing since you will have a bullet proof vest on." We nodded at each other briefly before I looked back to see him addressing Edward now.

"Edward you won't be far behind her. You'll be taking Mr. Cullen's truck and pull into the lot," he pointed to a bird's eye view picture of the gas station and parking lot, "right after Bella. She'll get out of her vehicle and you yours. Now here's the exciting part." Oh, because this was too boring before. I was too busy holding onto the agent's words to begin panicking.

"You get to have a yelling match." Sweet. "We need it to be loud enough for the ones inside to hear you two. They need to hear that Bella intends to turn you in Edward for her cut of money. At that point, Agent Burns will be the first one out of the station.

"Thanks to Burns who has been working undercover for nearly 18 months in the mafia, we know that tomorrow night there will be a meeting of sorts. They know they only have a week until the 4th of July and they're getting nervous. Most of the men that have been in this area at one point will be meeting there to discuss bending of the rules.

"It'll be dark out, and there's a field of corn behind the station. We'll have six agents hidden in that with a view of the station. The local police will be joining us in efforts and we will use two of their vehicles to block the dirt road so no one can make a quick escape."

Edward and I continued to listen as he talked through the finer details with other agents occasionally chiming in. We had three minutes to park and start screaming at each other and then all the remaining agents and cops would arrive to make arrests. As soon as the officers arrived, we were to get in one of the trucks and stay down in case of gun fire.

Just another day in the life.

"Any questions?" Booth asked once his explanation was finished.

Edward and I looked at each other for a second and then slowly shook our heads. He seemed to have gotten everything.

"Bella why don't you go speak with Agent West while I have a word with Edward and Burns." I nodded and slowly released Edward's hand before going over to Agent West.

We spent the next ten minutes discussing my wardrobe. It was almost refreshing. I described all of my sweatshirts to her in detail. Finally we decided that a black soccer sweatshirt that ran big would work perfectly. Our vests would be delivered in a cardboard box the next day because that was the only way they could be sure the agents wouldn't be seen.

Once that was settled I turned back and made my way over to the guys. Edward was handling a small black handgun, I recognized it as the one he had carried with him back in Ohio and for prom. Well, he was fairly decent shot; it would make sense for him to be carrying it. The longer I thought about it, I realized that Edward had had that gun with him every possible time since he arrived home. Hmm.

"Do I get a gun then?" I asked hopefully. If Edward wasn't going to let me have a gun, maybe the bureau would.

"No," Edward answered firmly at the same time that Booth asked, "Have you ever shot one before?"

"Well, not exactly…" I trailed off, ignoring Edward's response.

"No," Booth said just as firmly as Edward had. I frowned. Edward, however, was looking at Booth with a great deal of respect and smugness.

"How about like a sling shot then? I mean if they're coming at me I should be able to defend myself," I replied sarcastically. Burns and Booth chuckled while Edward just rolled his eyes.

"Yes. You can bring a sling shot if you really feel the need. Though, I must say that your lack of faith in your country's government to protect you does hurt." Now it was I who rolled my eyes.

We lingered for about twenty more minutes at the hotel room before being released. We left the hotel with Burns following us at a distance that we were supposed to pretend not to notice as he was keeping up his mafia front. Once we pulled into the garage we saw him in his car keep driving past our house.

Carlisle and Esme had both left for work while we were at the hotel so we had the whole house to ourselves. And we were to stay in our protected house for the next day. So after we greeted the overly enthusiastic dogs Ares and Sarge at the door and filled their water dishes I sat on a stool at the counter and Edward stood across from me, his face lost in thought.

"I'm such an awesome girlfriend," I sighed shaking my head with mock vanity. Edward cracked a grin in response.

"You're okay I guess," he teased back.

"This'll be story to tell the grandkids," I said after a moment, rolling my eyes. Well kids, your grandpa and I fought the mafia in an epic battle of truth and lies, and in the end, good prevailed… Eh, I had plenty of time to work on that.

"We are so badass," he agreed. Looking at his cocky crooked grin, I decided on a way that we could pass the time. I slid off of the stool and walked around the counter to his side and pushed myself so that I was sitting on the counter with my legs open and dangling. Edward moved to stand in between them.

"Does this remind you of anything?" I asked as his lips went immediately to my neck and begin sucking and kissing at the exposed skin.

"Our fish gut moment?" He asked in a husky whisper as his hands slowly slid up my shirt.

I laughed breathlessly and nodded. His lips moved up my neck towards my mouth and he chuckled in a sexy whisper, "That was definitely one of my better plans." We made what happened next make the fish cleaning moment appear chaste.


"Are you ready for this?" Edward asked for the 8th time in the past three hours as I slipped the exceedingly heavy vest over my tank top.

"If you ask me one for time I will throw that shiny gun of yours at you," I threatened as I shrugged my shoulders getting used to the feel of the vest.

Edward was slipping on his own vest, much more effortlessly than I did. "I just want to be sure. I mean there's still time to back out if you want, everyone will understand-"

"Some people do drugs, drink and get pregnant in their reckless years. Could you just let me go through a rebellion my own way?" I asked exasperatedly, slightly sarcastic, slightly speaking the truth.

Edward just shook his head as he shrugged on his own gray sweatshirt, he grinned at me with awe. "I don't even know how the fuck I ended up with someone like you."

"You mean perfect in every way possible?" Maybe it was the nerves that were making me so…witty. Or rather lack there of.

"Exactly," he grinned, placing his hands on my hips and leaning down to kiss me slowly and with purpose. I smiled against his lips as we broke apart.

"Are you ready for this?" I asked, looking once more in the mirror to see how I looked. Agent West was right; black was a good color. You couldn't even notice I was wearing a vest that felt like it weighed sixty pounds.

Edward looked at his watch and ran a hand through his hair. The only reason he was nervous, or so he told me last night, was for me. He had been trained for situations similar to this. He would be fine. Those were his cocky words, not mine. Though I did believe them entirely.

"Time to roll," he said, his face once more unreadable. Well not so much unreadable, more like filled with too many emotions, the main one being anxious.

"Just remember, anything I say to you out there is not the truth," I reminded him as we descended the stairs. He nodded as we got tennis shoes on. We had decided just to wing it when we were screaming at each other, but I had some pretty good ideas on what I was going to say.

"I love you," he told me as we both stood up. He placed one more, soft meaningful kiss on my lips.

"You better," I winked as we broke apart.

Driving to the gas station I could no longer ignore my pounding nerves. I had been absolutely terrified of doing this for the past week. I know I hid it well with my sarcasm, but in reality, I had not stopped freaking out. My heart was pounding harshly in my chest as I drove through the night being followed by Edward in Carlisle's truck. There were two agents crouched in the back seat, neither of them making a sound.

You only live once, I told myself as I peeled into the small parking lot and slammed on the brakes. I hadn't even parked but I angled the truck so that it was parallel to the station. With my hands shaking I put on an angry face and got out of the truck, slamming the door behind me. Three minutes. I could do this for three minutes. There were agents all around me, I was safe.


But for the time being I had to will myself to believe it and concentrate on the task ahead of me. I had to do this for Edward. That thought made me square my shoulders as Edward leapt out of his vehicle.

"Bella, please don't do this! Get back here!" He yelled in desperation, reminding me that I should be walking to the station.

"I'm done with this Edward! So fucking done!" I yelled back with fire. I was proud that my voice didn't convey my fear but rather a heated anger.

"Look, I'm sorry! You don't need this money! This isn't the way!" He yelled back way louder than necessary. We were about ten feet away from each other, a single street light as our source of illumination. The lights in the gas station were on and there were cars surrounding, parked in various places.

"You lied to me! You lied! I can't believe you cheated on me in Iraq! How dare you! You bastard! After all I fucking did for you!" It was the first thing that came to mind I guess. Luckily for me, my nerves were making it surprisingly easy to just shout.

Edward didn't miss a beat. His face remained anguished and anxious. "Please Bella, it was a mistake! I'm sorry! You have to believe me!" I chanced a glance over to the station where sure enough I saw shadows moving.

"You're not worth it Edward!" I shrieked as loud as I possibly could, lying perfectly, "I gave you everything! I have put up with so much shit for you, and you don't even care! Well you know what? I don't care anymore either! You deserve this!" I shouted trying to be furious. It felt so good to yell.

In the second where Edward didn't yell, I could hear cars in the distance. We had about a minute left.

"After all we've been through?" He roared, almost making me shudder with his volume. "I should have listened to that man when I took you to your fucking prom!" he sneered, "You are a bi-"

Apparently Edward was finding the yelling healthy as well. I interrupted his yell with my own furious one. "Don't you dare call me a bitch! I have put up with all of your shit for too long! I'm done!"

Not much longer now. I heard the door being pushed open of the station. Keeping up my fearless charade I turned bravely to see a bunch of men coming out of the door and stepping onto the pavement. They were all dressed in suits and some were smoking cigars, watching our exchange with a smirk.

"I brought him here! You're fucking welcome! I want my cut!" I screamed at them, not fazing most of them. If I had a gun, I would have shot their arrogant bastard faces. I guess it was probably best that Edward did veto that.

"Bella!" Edward yelled in desperation. I saw a few triumphant looking men draw their guns from their waists and point them at Edward. Without missing a beat Edward pulled out his own gun. He was about forty feet away from them, but it was still way to close if you ask me.

I yelped as a shot was fired from their side. A loud horrendous bang followed it. The bullet had hit the door of Carlisle's car. Shit. Edward, no longer looking desperate or anxious held his gun out fearlessly, looking calmly furious. I started making my way back towards the truck.

"Really boys? Here I am after all those months and only one of you fired? No wonder I'm still alive. My father would be so disappointed," Edward shook his head tauntingly.

I cringed.

Don't taunt the mobsters Edward!

I had almost made it back to the truck. They seemed to have forgotten entirely about me. About eleven of them had their guns drawn at Edward.

Three more shots were fired. Edward ducked once and three more bullets hit Carlisle's door. Edward laughed with the same taunting tone in his voice. "You're going to have to do better than that!" he hollered.

I had reached the truck and made it to the other side of it, standing behind the hood watching. My heart was pounding against the heavy vest on my chest, and my palms were sweating against the hood. With heavy breathing I waited for the sirens.

Two more shots were fired, one of which by Edward, considering the chaos it caused on the other end of the shootout. Before any more shots were fired, sirens erupted into the quiet night. They weren't off in the distance, they were extremely close. The doors of the trucks flew open from both trucks and four agents burst out of the vehicles. They looked just as deadly as Edward as they drew their weapons and pointed them.

Before the mobsters could even make a face of surprise, three black SUVs peeled into the lot and out shot about ten agents, each with their weapons drawn, wearing their own vests. I recognized Agent Booth's shout. "Drop your weapons!" he yelled in warning.

The response was more fired shots. I had lost sight of Edward, the newly arrived vehicles blocking my view. I saw a body on our side go down. Before I could even let out a scream, I realized the body had an FBI jacket on and therefore couldn't have been Edward's.

"I said drop your fucking weapons!" Booth yelled again, his voice frighteningly full of authority.

More shots were fired, though less than before. I saw a body in a suit go down. None of the men next to him even glanced as he fell. Another body fell not 10 seconds later.

Four agents who must have been hiding in the cornfield appeared from the side of the building. "You're surrounded!" A voice from the side called, alerting them to their presence.

It was hard to follow what happened next. The men scattered. A few actually did drop their weapons, but most went running in various directions, most likely to a car. Only a few shots were fired as bodies were slammed onto the ground, being tackled.

None of this mattered though, because I still couldn't see Edward. I leaned around, trying to get a better view of the area, but I couldn't see anything.

"Masen!" I heard Burns yell, "What the hell are you doing?!" And then I found him.

There had been a man retreating back into the gas station. Since most of the agents had scattered to pursue others, he looked like he was going to be able to slip through. But then I caught sight of Edward running through the chaos fiercely after him.

"Edward, no!" I yelled pointlessly. Before I could contemplate farther, I moved from my safe place and began running in his direction.

I was intercepted halfway through my run. Out of nowhere I felt arms around me, halting my run. I struggled against who I saw out of the corner of my eye was Agent Booth.

"Edward!" I screamed, fighting with no result against the arms stopping me and slowly dragging me back.

Before I scream again, a loud crash was heard and we watched the door to the gas station shatter from a bullet. I screamed when I saw a body with unmistakable copper hair fall to the ground.

The terror I experienced when Edward fell to the ground was something I would never forget. I would never ever take life for granted again. It can end in just a spilt second by a bullet.

When Emmett had called me months ago to tell me that Edward and been shot, well, it had been the worst hour of my life waiting for a call back. I never wanted to experience that pain again. And here I was, watching my boyfriend get shot. The pain and terror were multiplied ten times.

I had almost broken free of Booth's hold. I was struggled to get away, I needed to get to Edward. That was my only conscious thought at the time. Why did the universe always have to keep us apart?

And then I saw something that I would never forget. Edward's head moved up slowly. He propped himself up with his elbows for a second before he slowly, with what looked like a great deal of energy, stood up.

Now that he was up. I would kill him.

The relief came with such force that had Booth not been struggling to keep me up, I would have collapsed. I sagged back against him as I watched Edward get up all the way and fire his gun once more. He was alive.

Tears threatened to spring to my eyes. I was so consumed with my relief that it was hard to see anything else that was going on. My relief that he was alive didn't do much to deter the fact that this was still an FBI bust and guns were still blazing.

The thing I saw Edward do next reminded me why I loved the man. Through the shattered door way, I had an excellent view of Edward cornering the man who had just shot him. What did he do? He punched the guy so hard in the face that I could practically hear his nose break.

That's my man.

"Stay here!" Booth urged me, releasing me out of his hold now that he saw Edward was breathing and well. He took off sprinting after a guy who had just slipped out of his car and started running toward the cornfield.

By now police cabs had arrived at the scene and several beat up looking men were being cuffed and stuffed into the cars. There were still a few stray shots here and there, but the agents looked rather pleased with themselves. However, there was still plenty of resistance and the men were still trying to get away.

It took every ounce of self-control in me to wait for Edward to walk out of the station with the man. The guy's nose was bleeding heavily and he looked downright murderous. Edward had the man's hands behind his back roughly and was escorting him carefully to the cops, looking just as much as the soldier he was.

Edward's eye found mine and his glance said it all. I nodded back at him in silent understanding. I don't know what exactly that understanding was. Maybe it was that this was all finally over. Or perhaps it was an understanding that he wouldn't be taking anymore bullets for a long time. Maybe it was just that he loved me and I loved him with everything in me.

"Bitch," the bleeding man spat unkindly at me. Edward's eyes left mine and we both turned our attention back to the bleeding felon. I arched an eyebrow and glared at him.

"Really?" I asked in exasperation, putting my hands on my hips and returning his glare. Could we pretend he wasn't 13? In fact he looked like 40.

"Why is she always fucking here?!" He asked in exasperation of his own. I recognized his voice vaguely. I was pretty sure he had been in the alley that night. Maybe I even threw the heel at him. I hoped so.

He was hardly threatening with disgusting blood gushing from his nose while he was being restrained by a very strong Edward. "Do you want me to throw a shoe at you? Don't put it past me."

The man wasn't deterred that easily, "She's just like your mamma Masen. Of course your mother was stupid enough to get herself killed though," he chuckled.

I suddenly understood why Edward had risked his life and ran in after this man. I was staring at the man who killed Edward's mother.

My response was fast and furious. I kneed the man right in his most delicate area.

His groan was the most satisfying noise I had heard in a long time. I enjoyed watching him double over in agony. Edward twisted his wrists back not allowing him any relief. Edward looked over at me with an expression of unmistakable pride.

Agent Booth had returned from the cornfield with a man cuffed in tow. He laughed loudly as he saw the sight before him. He handed the man he had caught off to Agent West who was smirking at what I had just done as well. Booth clapped Edward on the back and gave me an amused look. The man continued to agonize.

"Look who we have here," Booth taunted as he pulled yet another pair of hand cuffs out of his belt and took it over from Edward. "Marian Brown."

Edward and I both snickered at the man's name. "You were number one on our list. Hope you have a good lawyer."

"The girl will hear from me. That was assault. I know my laws," Marian said poisonously after he spat out a mouthful of blood. Charming.

"What assault? I didn't see anything. Did you Edward?" Booth asked feigning ignorance. Edward smirked and shook his head replying with a solid no. Booth smirked as he pushed Marian roughly against the hood of the car, a nice thud resulting from it.

Booth took the man and shoved him into a back seat before nodding at us and going to help out others with handcuffing. As the excitement slowly began to die down, Edward pulled me abruptly to him and engulfed me in his arms. I didn't like hugging his hard vest, but it didn't take away the greatness that it felt to have his arms around me.

When we finally broke apart I saw the small hole in his sweatshirt on the right side of his chest. I changed my mind. I would hug that vest forever.

"Were you watching?" Edward asked with a cringe as I stared at the small hole in his gray sweatshirt. I nodded slowly, not wanting to relive a second of that terror. "I'm sorry baby," he apologized, pulling me back against him in a warmer more desperate hug.

It was done. Done. Edward was home and no one was longer trying to kill him. I could cry of happiness

Edward and I lingered around the site for about an hour as things quieted down. Edward was getting continually congratulated for getting Marian and I was praised for my fantastic acting skills. I was flattered. Edward fit in perfectly with these people. It was interesting to watch.

Agent Booth finally was able to come and speak with us. I was sitting on the opened back of my truck and Edward was standing near me when he arrived. Once again he clapped Edward on the back.

"That was really impressive," Booth said once more with truth. Edward nodded with a small, modest smile. "What are your plans from here? Returning to the army? College?"

"It's still up in the air at the moment, but at one point I'll get my degree," Edward replied.

"What are you planning to major in?" Booth asked with genuine interest. I couldn't help but think there was deeper purpose to this conversation.

"Criminal justice or law enforcement I think." This was news to me… but then again not unexpected. I'd never really thought about what Edward would do.

Booth nodded and then paused, "Ever think about trying for the Rangers?" he asked.

"Briefly yeah."

"I was a sniper for the Rangers; some of the most exciting years of my life. Josh told me that you did the job justice a few months ago," Booth said in the same conversationally tone. I was having issues following the conversation. Though I was pretty sure Josh was the sniper Edward worked with in that mission he went on awhile back.

Edward shrugged with modesty again. "With your experience in the army and a major in one of those two things you'd make a helluva agent. I would be happy to give you a recommendation. And between us, I never do that. I happen to have some pull in the bureau. You'd be almost a sure in."

Edward looked surprised and pleased. He held his hand out and shook Booth's excitedly. "Thank you! I'll be in touch I guess," he grinned as they dropped hands. Booth nodded and then turned to me.

"What about you Miss Fearless? What are you planning for a career?" I blushed at the name. I think Miss Stupidity would be a better name.

"I was thinking about law school possibly. Something in criminal justice since my dad was a police officer so I guess it kind of flows in the veins. Or maybe some psychologist work with veterans or officers. " I shrugged, uncomfortable with the sudden spot light.

"With your spunk and intelligence the FBI would love an attorney such as you. You don't take crap, you would be perfect. If you decide to, just make it through school and give me a call," he smiled warmly. I grinned brightly at this. I hopped off of the truck and gave him a hug.

"Thanks for everything," I said appreciatively as I moved away again.

"No, we wouldn't have been able to get these bastards if it wasn't for you two. Thank you," he said with sincerity. He nodded once more at Edward as he moved to walk away; "Give me a shout if you're ever in D.C." he smiled at us before going to talk to Burns and West.

I'm pretty sure the man just offered us jobs in the FBI. Like I haven't had enough excitement in life yet.

Edward wrapped his arm around my shoulder as one of the agents called over, "Thank you sincerely, Sergeant Masen!

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