The old man turned to face the young group of ninja. They saw a smiley toothless grin on the face of an old friendly looking man, with his clothes on…backwards? He continued his toothless grin and said to them cheerfully, "Now I know what you're thinking…but my clothes aren't on backwards…my head is! Hahaa I use to tell my science students that one, they didn't laugh either…"

however as he said that Rock Lee let out a spluttered laugh as if he had been trying to hold it in, "My! Hahaa My HEAD! Is on backwards! Hahahahaa not my clothes, my HEAD! Hahahaaa" lee laughed, Naruto looked at him, his eyebrows raised, "He's actually crying. Literally. Happy tears of joy…who would have thought…" (Apparently it was only Lee who found it funny.)

The old man blinked and then laughed along with Lee "haha you found that funny huh!" Lee stumbled forward, placed his hand on the old man's shoulder and spluttered through his happy tears, "That hahaha was haha hilarious! Hahaha!" the old man and Lee held onto each other for support as they laughed uncontrollably. The others – sweat dropped – and stood there awkwardly until Sasuke said quietly, "Maybe if we just walk away, they won't notice…" Hinata replied, "Wh-what about Lee?" Shikamaru who had started to take a few steps backwards said, "Let him take his own chances with the madness…" so the five young ninja started tip toeing away, calmly feeling slightly guilty about leaving Lee but hey, if he didn't catch up, they would go back for him (how they expected a crippled Lee to catch up sounds kinda fishy to me…) and hell, he seemed to be enjoying himself so why ruin that? That was their reasoning. They had taken a few steps away...nearly far away enough to run…they were far enough to run Naruto said, "let's make like a Sasuke whose butt is on fire coz a fireball jitsu went wrong..!"



Shikamaru rolled his eyes, "Translation…we're far away enough so let's make a run for it…" They all got ready to run, Sasuke in the lead…they were picking up speed! CRASH! Sasuke hit into something! He fell backwards causing a sort of dominos effect as he fell back knocking Naruto back who knocked Shikamaru back and so on so forth… they looked up from the ground to see the old man in front of them with Lee standing next to him (wiping his eyes and trying to breathe from lack of oxygen from laughing so hard) the old man laughed, "Sorry about that chicken butt head!" Sasuke twitched as anger engrossed him, Naruto burst out laughing, "HAha! OK I like you gramps! Nice to meet ya!" Naruto got up and shook hands with the old man, "My names Naruto Uzumaki!" The old man answered, "Nice to meet ya Naruto I'm Grandpa Robinson! And this here estate is the Robinson estate! if you don't mind me saying so Naruto…you don't look like a Naruto…you look more like a…like a Cornelius!" Naruto blinked, "I do?" Sasuke was standing close by smirking,"I totally I agree."



Shikamaru twitched, "Would you two cut that out!" Grandpa Robinson (Yes, from the movie Meet the Robinsons x] ) chuckled merrily as he said, "Say, you haven't seen my teeth anywhere have ya?" Sasuke and Naruto looked shocked, "What?" Grandpa brought his face right up to Sasuke's, opened his mouth and spluttered, "My teeth!" Sasuke - twitch - "Why would I know where your teeth are?" Naruto replied, "Because you don't have any teeth of your own! That's why they're so white coz they're FAKE!" Sasuke glared "Shut it dobe"

"Make me teme!"

Grandpa continued, "Been looking everywhere for 'em! Just can't seem to find them anywhere…seems to happen often these days…" Sakura stepped forward and said in her politest tone, "Excuse me Grandpa Robinson sir, but, do you know how we can get back to Konoha?" He looked at her confused, "Konowoahwe-what?"

"Konoha, Konoha Japan…do you know how we can get back?" he clicked his fingers and said, "Oh! Konowhoawe Japan! Why didn't ya say so! I know exactly how to get you young wipper snappers back!" Shikamaru yawned, "Well that's a relief…" (I don't think he has much faith in gramps =S ) "This way kids!" they started following Grandpa Robinson. Naruto walked alongside Lee who was still chuckling slightly and whispering to himself, "Head on backwards! Ha! Genius! Pure genius! I must tell Gai sensei that one…" Naruto squinted his eyes at Lee and asked, "Lee…how the hell did you and Gramps get in front of us..?" Lee – blank expression – "You know…I have NO idea…" Lee continued to hobble along using his cane for support.

Grandpa led them to a hole, which he jumped down and shouted joyfully, "This way you kids!" they blinked their eyes. Silence. Then Sakura said, "Hell no." Sasuke looked down the hole suspiciously then straightened and said, "Well, I don't see we have any other choice…if it gets us back to Konoha…" Sakura smiled and shouted, "Exactly what I was thinking Sasuke!" Inner Sakura CHA! I don't want to go down that dark old hole but if Sasuke is then I will show him how brave a woman like me can be CHA! They stood there until Naruto said, "Sooo…whose going first?" no answer "Oh COME ON!" Sakura glared at Naruto, "Well I don't see you volunteering either Naruto!" Sasuke smirked, "yeah Scaredy cat, you go first!" Naruto –twitch – "You first teme!"

"Why don't you go first? You really are scared! Wuss!"

"Age before beauty!"

"That really does mean you should go first!"


"Again! You're just talking about yourself Naruto!"



Shikamaru twitched and sighed as he said, "Quit your bickering! Jeez you two are like an old married couple…I'll go first." Shikamaru lazily stepped forward and jumped in. "YOSH! Now I will go! That would make Gai Sensei proud!" as you might have guessed Lee went next, then Sasuke, then Sakura. Leaving Hinata and Naruto to go, Hinata stood nervously pressing her fingertips together looking down the hole doubtfully. She shyly looked at Naruto, who fox grinned and said whilst rubbing his hand behind his head, "It's OK Hinata you go next! I'll go after you, don't worry! I'll make sure nothing goes wrong! That's why I'll go last, promise k!" She blushed slightly, nodded her head as she said, "OK…" she then timidly jumped down the hole. That left Naruto by himself. He looked down the hole confidently, then his confidence wavered as he looked down into the gloom… - gulp – "Oh man…Sasuke would never let it go if he knew I was…was…AHH!" he grabbed his hair in frustration, and then started pacing by the hole telling himself, "I can do this I can do this! Look I can trick myself" points his hand at the hole "hey look at that! What? ARRGH!" Naruto toppled into the hole, apparently tricking himself worked.

When Naruto reached the other end of the tunnel, he ended up coming out the right way up landing feet first on the ground. "OK. That was weird…" Gramps was standing scratching his head, "That's funny I coulda swore that tunnel led to Konoawhoawe Japan but it seems we're still on the Robinsons estate!" He finished spreading his arms out. "You don't say…" Sasuke replied sarcastically. They were now just outside the Robinsons house, Grandpa toddled up the steps the little group of ninja following loyally behind. "Ring my door bell!" the Gennin nearly died of shock when two men? Are they men? Popped their heads out of two flower pots and tried to get gramps to ring their door bell, "No gramps, ring my door bell, you must remember what happened the last time you rang that one!"

"Don't listen to him! He cheats, you press that bell your pressing the cheating door bell!"

"At least my door bell won't give anyone a rash."

Grandpa held up his hands and said, "Look boys I'll just go and do the good Ol' fashioned knock!"


"Old man"

So he knocked and believe you me the group of young Shinobi were NOT expecting what happened next…who answered the door, but, a HUGE OCTOPUS! And it was PINK! (=O ;] ) and HUGE (did I already mention it was huge? ;] ) the young Genin were so taken aback and in pure shock! All except Naruto who sensed a threat, so straight away took a defensive position and shouted "MULTI-SHADOW CLONE JITSU!" multiple Narutos appeared behind him ready to strike the giant octopus, "C'mon! I'll take you on!" Naruto growled. The octopus with his one eye tried to follow the movements of all the Narutos but it appeared too much for him as his eye flickered, he groaned, and BANG! He…collapsed? Grandpa Robinson rushed forward, "Lefty!" Grandpa fussed over Lefty and gradually the octopus began to wake. Once he had, Grandpa Robinson turned to the blonde knuckled headed ninja and frowned, shook his finger at him (when he did the Naruto clones went 'poof' and disappeared.) "That wasn't very nice young man! Don't you know poor Lefty here has a weak heart!" he scolded, Naruto looked uncomfortable, "Er…sorry?"

"That's right!" Grandpa replied before smiling, "Oh don't look so down cast sunny boy! No harm done! C'mon young wipper snappers come in come in! Oh and by the way! This is Lefty, he's our butler!" Lee gulped, "Their butler is a…giant…pink…octopus?" Sasuke remarked, "Well done dobe, just nearly kill the guide's butler! Real smooth." Naruto glared at him "How was I s'pose to know jerk?"

"Oh I don't know, with your awesome bitch skills!"

"Ass hole!"


Shikamaru thought to himself as they entered the Robinson house, well at least they're getting more creative with the 'jerk & bitch' thing…nice to see they're branching out…man, this whole thing is such a drag…