Angel on Campus Keeperoliver Chapter 1

He entered the office, after gaining permission. He sat and faced the wall across from him. He was tired, hungry, sore, and alone. His friends decided they didn't need to go with him to speak with his portrait began to move, and looked down on the young man sitting in the chair across the desk, separating them. He noticed the worn, sad look on his face.

"Harry, are you all right? You look sad. You must realize that what happened, was not your fault. You could not prevent any of what happened last night. Destiny is a very unforgiving entity. She does as she pleases, at the expense of all involved. You can fight destiny,but, Destiny and Fate work hand in hand. If you fight Destiny, then Fate will find another way to achieve it's goal. It is best, just to allow Destiny to do it's job, and go along with it. Fred, Remus, Tonks, and young Colin were fated to die. It could not be prevented. Just as I was fated to die. Just rest assured, they are in a better place, and will be loved."

"Thank you Albus, but, that doesn't change the fact that there are families out there who are missing a piece of them. There is a baby out there that will never know his parents. I have to feel for them, because I have felt the same pain of loss. I have lost all ties to my parents. I will never hear stories of their lives again. I will never share in the joy of watching Remus and Tonks raising their son. I will never see Fred and George working together to bring to life, their dream of running their business. Why couldn't Fate have chosen me to die, to let the others live. Why must I bare the burden of knowing that it was because of me that they all died. If I had gone to Voldemort right away, maybe I could have stopped all the needless slaughter."

"No, Harry, you couldn't. It was their time to die. Nothing you could have done, would have changed that. Harry, war always brings deaths. Many good people die. It is never forgetting these people, and letting them live on, in your heart, that preserves their spirit. It is hard, and will take a while, but, you must get past their deaths, to let them live in your heart. Let others help you get through your pain. Your friends are the key to your letting your feelings for the lost ones flourish, and never forgetting the moments you had with each of them."

"How can they help, when each of them also lost someone close. They are as hurt as I am. I can not burden them with my pain, when they are going through the same pain. I am sorry Albus, but, I cannot carry on like this. I hurt real bad, but, there is nothing I can do about it. I feel I have let everyone down, and Must carry my pain alone. Good Bye Albus."

The portrait watched as the young man left his office feeling no better, than when he entered. If he doesn't find peace of mind soon, he may never find it again.

As Harry exited the Heads office, he did not look forward to seeing all the pain from the many gathered in the Great hall. He did not know what to expect. Would any be there to comfort him? Would they all ignore him in his grief. Would they shun him, like they did before, in his earlier school years.

As he came to the entry, he took in the sight of all the grieving people. The Weasleys sitting together, with their heads bowed. Mr. and Mrs. Weasley holding each other, with Mrs. Weasley crying on her husbands shoulder. Bill and Fleur were comforting each other. George, and Percy sitting close, trying their best to stop the flood of tears pouring down their faces.

Then there was Ginny, sitting a little separated from her mother, staring down at the table, lost in thought. Harry approached her, knowing what to expect. She will probably ignore his presence, or worse, turn he back on him. But, still he went to her. He had to know if there was still a chance she would talk to him.

"Ginny, can we talk, Please."

She never raised her head to look at him. He tried again to get her attention, but, once again she ignored him. He looked down at her, with tears in his eyes. She finally looked up at him, but it was not with caring. It looked more like loathing. Like she hated the fact that he was there bothering her. Harry took one last look, then turned and walked away. It was expected, but, it still hurt.

He continued to walk down the aisle, and came to Hermione and Ron. Ron had his face buried in Hermione's bosom, and it appeared as if he was sucking on her breast, while his other hand was feeling her other breast. Hermione looked up to Harry, and mouthed, with out words, 'Go away Harry.' This hurt Harry even more than Ginny's actions. Hermione had always been there for him. She never turned him away, yet, there it was.

Harry left the two, and continued his long trek down the aisle. He saw Neville, and started to approach him, and Neville raised his hand, and it looked as if he was also telling Harry to leave, with his backhand flip of dismissal.

It was true then, he was being ignored by all. Just like in fourth year, when no one believed he did not enter his name in the Goblet., or at the end of the year, when people refused to believe that Voldemort was back.

Harry had to get away from the rejection. He had to find a place to be alone in his turmoil. As he got to the entry of the Great Hall, he saw Luna walk past. He started for her, when sh saw him. "Hi Harry, Bye Harry." and she was gone. Once again, he was pushed off by a friend.

He couldn't take it any more. He went to the one place where the gathered couldn't leave. They would be forced to stay and listen to his sorrow. He went to the tent, where the bodies were being kept. He found the ones he was looking for. Luckily they were all together.

Harry collapsed between Remus, Tonks, and Fred's bodies, and started crying. "Why? Why was it you, and not me? Why can't Teddy have his parents, and Fred have his family? Why can't I be with my parents, and Sirius? They didn't deserve this. They didn't deserve to die, and leave behind loved ones."

"Harry." came a whispered voice.

Harry looked behind him, to see who was calling him, but, no one was there. He turned and once again cried for the loss of his friends. "Harry, it's not your fault."

Harry again looked to see where the voice was coming from. He turned back around, and there before him were three glowing visions, Fred, Tonks, and Remus were floating in front of him.

It was Remus that called him. "Harry, none of this was your fault. We all came here knowing that there was a chance that none of us would make it out alive. But, we did it so that others would live. Remember us as we were Harry. Keep us in your heart, and we will always be with you. Let go of the pain."

Tonks took over with the calming of Harry's soul. "Wotcha Harry. You have a great task ahead of you Harry. You have to help mom raise my boy. He is going to be a handful, and mom will need all the help she can get. Take care of my son Harry. Tell him of our love for him, and that we will never forget him. Teach him how to prank Harry. It is our greatest legacy, besides love. Teach him to be a Marauder. Can you do that for us Harry?"

It was now Fred's turn,"Hello partner. You are our partner Harry. You have to make sure that George continues what we started. Harry, stuffed in my shirt, you will find an envelope. It's for George. Please make sure he gets it, for me. And tell him that if he doesn't get over this soon, I will personally come back and kick his ass. Also tell mom and dad that I love them, and will be waiting for them on the other side. But make you sure you tell them that there is no hurry. They have to meet their grandchildren, and great grandchildren before they join me, to tell me all about them. Thank you Harry, for every thing you have done for my family. You saved Dad, Ron and Ginny for us, and for that alone you will always be a Weasley. For helping George and I in our business, you will always be our friend."

Harry was crying even harder. What he had to tell them was the hardest thing he had ever had to say. "Guys, I just can't do these things you ask. I have been turned out by all of those you spoke of. George and Percy, Bill and Fleur, Molly and Arthur, Ginny, Ron, Neville, and Luna all turned their backs on me. Hermione flat out told me to leave. Since I entered the Magical world, I have been idolized, rejected, called a liar, called a murderer, and now a savior. I have lost all the people I loved, to include a familiar, and a very dear friend who was not human. I will never look on the wizarding world again. I will do as you ask Fred, and deliver your messages. But Remus, and Tonks. I can not help with the raising of your. My magic is not a good magic. All it has brought me is heartache and pain, and I don't know if I can face it again. I will be leaving Hogwarts, and the wizarding world, never to return. Magic has brought me too much grief."

They tried to talk Harry out of it, but it was of no use. Harry stood up and left the tent. He was stoppred by the last person he wanted to see. Draco Malfoy.

"So Potter, giving up on us are you? Can't face the suffering of the masses can you? Just because of a little rejection, you are ready to leave."

"Yes Draco, you are right on all of this. I am weak. I am tired, and I am lonely. What would you do, if everyone of your friends told you to go away?"

"I would stay just to piss them off. To hell with them. Can't be much of friends, if they turn their backs on you."

"That may be true for you, Draco, but, for me, they were more than just friends. They were the only family I acknowledged. The only ones who loved me for me, not who I was, or became. They loved Harry Potter, not the boy who lived. Now, they could care less if I live or die. Do you know, that my best friend told me to go away? Ya, Hermione looked me right in the eye, and mouthed Go away Harry."

"So, your going to do as they ask. Why? This is as much your world, as theirs. You belong here just like they do."

"Because, I could not stay knowing they all want to see me gone. To see their faces, every where I turn around. To be reminded of fact that they don't want me here." Harry was shedding more tears. How many more was he going to shed, before he has no more. He walked back towards the great hall, to deliver his message.

He walked up to George, and handed him the letter from Fred. He then turned to the gathered mourners. "A great feat was accomplished here last night, but, at a great cost. Many loved ones lost their lives, to preserve our own. Never forget those who lie outside these walls. Their memories must live on. Granger, you must tell Professor McGonagall about Professor Snape. He deserves better than what he Will be thought of, as a Death Eater. Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, Fred wants me to tell you, that he loves you both, and will meet you on the other side, but, not until you see your Grandkids, and Great Grandkids." And with that, Harry left the Great Hall, leaving some very confused faces in his wake.

The Weasleys were trying to figure out what Harry meant. George read the letter left to him by Fred, and passed it along to the rest of the family. This was when Draco made his presence known. "You call your selves family. You say you love some one, then turn your backs on them, when things don't go right. You ignore someone in pain, because you are hurting also. You tell him to go away, because you are feeling too good, because your boyfriend is is having public sex with you. You wave off your friend, as if he were nothing. You tell him Hi and Bye in the same breath. You are all pathetic. You just let the one person who needed comforting the most, walk out of your lives. You are all hypocrites. Preaching one thing, and living another. At least he knew where he stood with me. I never lied to him, or make promises I never meant to keep. How does it feel Granger, knowing you just sent the best thing that ever happened to you away for good. Or you Weaslett. The one person he loved, and you let him go, without a word. Longbottom, you wave him off, like you are royalty and he was a piece of shit. Lovegood, You had no more to say to him. Four words were all you could manage. And Weasel. Too busy sucking on your Girlfriends teats, to say any kind words to your best mate. I may not have had any friends, but, at least I wasn't lied to by them. It's a wonder he didn't tell you all, to Fuck Off."

Draco stormed out of the Hall to shouts of denial.

Hermione looked down at her blouse. What she thought were tears, was indeed, slobber. And dirty finger prints on her other breast. She looked back up to Ron, and landed a right to his nose, breaking it. Mrs. Weasley came running, ready to scold Hermione for hitting her son, until Hermione explained what Ron had done. Mrs. Weasley grabbed Ron by the ear, and hauled him back to the rest of the family. Ginny apologised to Hermione, and then asked what Draco meant.

"It's true Ginny. As Harry was walking by, He looked at us, and I mouthed Go Away Harry. I thought I was comforting your git of a brother, and he was busy taking advantage of the moment. I can't believe I did that to Harry. Since our second year, Harry has always been there for me. When ever Ron made me upset, Harry was always there to comfort me. Our six year was the worst, when Ron was busy snogging Lav Lav's mouth off her face, Harry sat and comforted me. Harry has always been the brother I never had. And when he needed me the most, where was I? Being slobbered on and fondled, and not wanting to be bothered by someone who was in real grief. What does that make me, a fucking whore?"

"No Hermione, it doesn't. It makes you human. You thought Ron was grieving,and needed a shoulder to cry on. Ron took advantage of the situation. You are only human. You saw Harry as a distraction in your shared grief with Ron. You told him Ron needed you more than he did. If there is a fucking whore here, It's me. I knew that Harry was hurting, but in my temper tantrum induced state, I wanted nothing to do with Harry. I was being a bitch, and I am afraid to say, I enjoyed the look on Harry's face, as he left, feeling proud, that I had hurt him, like he had hurt me."

"Ginny, Harry never meant to hurt you. He loved you. All that crap he said about wanting to protect you, was not a lie, but it was also not the full truth. He never expected to live through the battle, and he wanted you to live, knowing you were free to fall in love with someone else, with out feeling like you were cheating on him, or betraying him. The whole time we were gone on our mission, he was constantly looking at the map he had, looking for you, to make sure you were safe."

"Then why didn't he say something? Why did he just walk out like he did?"

"Because he felt like the Ministry Six, had just turned their backs on their leader. And in truth, we had. Harry was probably hurting more than any of use. He had just lost the last link to his mother and father. He just lost A friend, and business partner. He had just lost a woman who made light of a terrible situation, to make us aware that we were still alive. We were all so caught up in our own little worlds, that we forgot that Harry was a part of that world. I fear we have lost that part of our world."

Her and Ginny were shaking from the sobs that were escaping from them. They had to hold each other to keep from collapsing. They found a seat, and sat down to continue their flow of tears.

Luna was sitting by herself, crying her eyes out. She did not realise that what she had done was to send her best friend in the world away from her. Harry was the only person that noticed her, when she was being tormented by her house mates. He had asked her to join Dumbledore's Army, where she was accepted by the other members. From there, she made friends with Hermione, and Neville. Ginny had been her friend for a long time, but, they were never really close. Harry had been the only person that listened to Her, in her musings. And now he was gone. All because of her wanting to see her recently released Dad. He had been taken into custody for collaborating with the enemy. If it had not been for the letter that Harry had sent to Kingsley, he might still be there.

Neville was crying on Hannah's shoulder. He wanted Harry to come over and sit with them, so that they could get over the grief of the situation together. He didn't know what his wave looked like. It wasn't meant to be a dismissal.

Ron sat there in a mood. Why did Malfoy have to spoil everything. He didn't start out to do the things he did. He really was grieving. But, then the softness of Hermione's breasts got the better of him. They were so warm, and fragrant. Supple and firm. And they were available. So, under the pretense of Grieving, he took advantage of the situation. He has since regretted it. He knew what he did was wrong, but why did Malfoy have to spoil the moment. Harry let it go.

George was lost. He lost a brother, another one that was like a brother, and two business partners. And Fred knew that one of them was not going to make it, so he made that letter. It was to them both, he and George. It said that though one of us is gone, the business must continue. The people were going to need any source of entertainment they could get their hands on. And the WWW was going to be there to provide it.

Molly and Arthur knew they lost two sons tonight. Fred to Lily and James, and Harry to the Muggle world, where they may never find him. When had their children become so self centered. They were not brought up that way. Ron's display was degrading to Hermione, and the rest of the family. Ginny had hurt the one person in the world that could make her happy.

Molly was afraid, the wizarding world had just lost their savior, and she had just lost a son.