Angel on Campus Keeperoliver Chapter 30

A/n: Well don't I feel stupid. I have to read my own story to see that I have a huge missing piece of this story. Since the story is supposed to be complete, I will treat this like a movie,and call it a deleted scene. I know I am going to get some ribbing from this, but I still had to do it. I hope you enjoy, and don't be too harsh. As always, Ollie the Keeper, brain dead as usual.

AoC-} A Missing Moment.

Harry and Ginny just got back from their Honeymoon the day before, and were sitting at the kitchen table watching Luna waddle around. It seemed the twins were taking over her body. They watched as she fought the imbalance as she tried to sit down.

Rolf was on his two week exploring expedition with his class, and wouldn't be back for another week. He did it early, so that he could be with his wife, when she delivered his special gift. He was thankful for Harry talking him out of the position he was offered by the Ministry as the Ambassador for Magical and Mystical creatures. He heard from a source that the new position had caused a break up of the planned wedding of the person who did take the job, because of his constant trips and his absence from his fiance. He now felt he could never put his job over his wife, no matter what the circumstances.

It was the weekend, and Harry was thinking what they could do for fun. Ginny then brought up a subject that he completely forgot about."Harry, I think it is time you paid a visit to your cousin and is family. Yo promised him two months ago that you would, and yet you still aven't done it. Besides, he owes me an explanation of what he meant that I was the one, and I want to get to know his wife Stephanie, and his daughter Amanda. I think James and Lillian would like to see Dudley again as well."

Harry let out a breath he didn't know he was holding. Ginny was right of course. He never did go visit Dudley as promised. He has been so busy with things that created his whirlwind of a life lately, he forgot all about his cousin. He hoped he would be forgiven.

Harry had James and Lillian get ready, and asked Luna if she wished to go as well. Luna accepted, as it was an excuse to get out of the house. She had been couped up for the past two weeks, not even able to go to work Molly was once again filling in for the pair of them. Molly didn't mind, as she loved the work she was doing, almost as much as Luna did. Luna wanted to delver her babies as soon as possible, as she wanted to get back to work. Richard put her on maternity leave for the last month of her pregnancy.

Luna's mood swings were becoming more noticeable. At any time you could find her laughing, then crying. She was getting difficult to be around, and her cravings were enough to drive a person to drink. He cussed Rolf for choosing this moment to leave. He loved Luna as more than just a sister, but right now he wanted to take to St. Mungo's and drop her off to let the Healers deal with her. Tina needed the training to deal with hormonal women.

They took the train to Surrey and then the bus to Little Whinging, and Dudley's house. Harry knocked on the door, and a cheerful little girl answered the door. Amanda looked at Harry and she said, "Hewo, my name is Amanda, and I am twee years old. Who are you?"

"Hello Amanda, I'm Harry, and I am your cousin. Is Daddy home?"

"Uh huh, DADDY, your cousin is here to see you." and she ran off to find her dad. Soon Dudley came to the door laughing, and let the group in, "Sorry about that Harry I was tied up and couldn't get to the door. About time you came to see us. Steph was beginning to think you didn't like us."

"If it wasn't for my love, I still wouldn't be here. I swear I don't know where I have been keeping my head lately. Ginny reminded me of my promise. So, where is that beautiful young lady I saw you with at my wedding."

Dudley chuckled at his cousin, "This way. She has been dying to meet your daughter."

Harry stopped when he heard this. "Um Big 'D', I don't have a daughter."

Dudley turned around with a stunned look. "Then who is this young lady. She certainly can't be a younger sister. I would have known about that. Is she James and Lillian's older sister?"

Ginny was laughing at the look on Harry's face. "When did you get a sense of humor D? It must be from your wife. She must be rubbing off on you."

Dudley just fired back, "Ya your probably right, but how would you know of humor, you sourpuss?"

Both Luna and Ginny were now laughing, and James and Lillian were giggling. Harry even started to laugh.

Dudley led them to the kitchen to where Stephanie was bringing the tea pot to the table. She had heard Amanda yell, and put the water on as soon as she came over to greet Dudley's family with a hand shake, and Harry pulled her into a hug which shocked her. Harry just said, "Family don't shake hands to greet each other. They hug instead."

She continued to get hugs from Ginny, Luna, James and Lillian.

They sat down to the table, and Steph poured the tea, and then they talked. Ginny started right up, "Dudley you made a statement to me when I first met you that I didn't understand. Would you care to explain it for me."

"Sure Ginny. After Harry completed his sixth year, he came back in a miserable mood. He moped around like he lost his best friend. He had dreams where he would talk in is sleep. I went to use the Loo one evening, and I heard Harry talking. He was saying he loved someone, and couldn't believe he let her go. He did it to keep her safe from the Dark Lord, who ever that is. He wanted so bad to take his words back that hurt her so much, but, he knew he couldn't, if he wanted her to be safe. When I saw you that day, I had a feeling it was you he was worried about. I mean it could have been any of the three of you, but for some reason, I knew it was you."

Ginny looked to Harry, and saw him with his head down not wanting to look her in the eyes. Once again, Ginny wanted to kick herself in the butt for the way she treated Harry after the battle.

Luna saw where this was going, so she tried to get them off the subject by using her sudden cravings to get their attention. "Stephanie, do you think I could get a Tuna Fish sandwich with mustard and pickles please. All of a sudden I had this feeling this is what the kids wanted. You can't fight it as you well know. Oh and some onion would be nice too. That's for me. The kids don't mind it, as long as I don't eat them too often. They give them gas."

Harry looked up to his best friend, and bust out laughing. Luna has aways had the way of breaking him out of his moods. Every one else soon joined him in his laugh. Steph got up and made the sandwich for Luna, laughing the whole time she worked on it. She asked if anyone else wanted on, and she laughed even harder, when they all asked for one. Steph made the tuna with Honey mustard, and put the platter of sandwiches on the table for every one to eat.

Amanda was the first one to make a comment."Mummy, how come this tastes better than before. I like this one better than the kind you usually make."

Steph tried it, and agreed to Her daughter's assessment. It was better. She got compliments from every one, but Luna had one complaint. "Not enough onion." Just then her belly growled. "On second thought maybe there is just the right amount of onion." Her stomach was not heard from again.

After eating, Dudley had the kids run upstairs to play with Amanda. James and Lillian had learned from Harry, that this meant adult talk was going to take place, so they grabbed Amanda's hand and took her upstairs.

Dudley looked at Harry and asked, "Can you tell me about the war. I know how it ends, but not how it got there."

Harry started from the moment Dudley left to go into hiding, to the end of Tom. He didn't go into the aftermath, but Ginny did.

"Dudley, that is not all to the story. Harry is leaving out the part that hurt the most, but was probably the best thing that ever happened to him." Ginny's talk lasted about fifteen minutes, and Dudley and Steph had tears showing in their eyes at the end of Ginny's talk.

Luna was once again trying to lighten the mood, so she went into Harry's exploits in his early years. The troll, the three headed dog, the man with two heads, all of this came in the first year. She went up to Harry's fourth year, and the tournament, leaving off the end of the year and the loss of Cedric. She didn't go any further, as the rest of the years were too painful. When Dudley asked about them, Harry reminded him why they were here. Dudley screwed up his face in curiosity, then remembered the demented things. He nodded his head in acknowledgement.

They were there for over five hours, and enjoyed the visit to his cousin and his wife and daughter. He promised he would be back, and gave Dudley the address to his home in Cambridge, and got him to promise to visit. Dudley promised, and Harry and his family left Dudley and his family.

Stephanie hugged Dudley and asked what Harry meant by why they were here.

Dudley told her how Harry had saved him from the demented things. How it felt like he was having his soul ripped out of him. How Harry sent that light at the creature, chasing it away from Dudley before he did any more harm to his cousin.

Steph then asked Dudley what Harry's life was like before he started school, and had all those adventures. Dudley was ashamed to tell her but did so anyway. "Steph, what have to tell you, is not good, and I want you to know that it all in the past, and would never happen again." He then went into detail of Harry's life with the Dursleys. His room under the stairs, Harry hunting, The missed meals. The taunting, harassing and beatings he gave to Harry while growing up. Harry dropping the dessert on his dad's client, blowing up his aunt Marge., all the way up to where he and Harry said goodbye before he and his family went into hiding. After many tears and laughter, Steph pulled Dudley into hug and kissed him with passion, knowing for a fact that this was indeed a changed Dudley.

Harry and Ginny were lying in their bed going over what went on that day, and Ginny had to hug him to keep him from crying. Harry also was going over what his life was like before Hogwarts was like. He confessed to Ginny what it was like, and Ginny had to close her eyes and control her temper. This was the first time Harry told her about his so called family, and was also glad it was all in the past.

Ginny never brought it up again, and she knew that Dudley was changed because of his encounter with the Dementor. Once again Harry being the hero had changed someone's life for the better. They made sure that Harry's relationship with his cousin would grow stronger, by keeping in touch with him and his family.

Harry felt that he had closed another chapter in his life by telling Ginny of his childhood. He could now say that he could look back on it as saying it was what made him stronger in the long run, by showing him that here was love in the world. He just had to wait and fin it. He did find it in Hermione and Ron first, Then Mrs. Weasley. Luna was the next key to his life, and then finally Ginny, James, and Lillian. Yes, Harry now knew what love is, and embraced it, cherished it, and shared it with the others. This evening had opened his eyes to the truth. He was one lucky son of a gun, and he would never forget it.


End note: Hopefully I can Put this to bed again, but you can see where I had to add it. It should have been chapter 23 or 24. I knew there was something I was missing in the story, but just couldn't figure it out, until read t again. Hope you enjoyed it. The Keeper.