Chapter 1: Unexpected Visitors

"I said no, Sirius!" Molly shrieked, rising abruptly from her chair at the other end of the long table, her hands clenched into tight fists. She faced the group of three so-called adults and four desperate looking teenagers, two of who were her own children. It was four days before her youngest son Ron was due to celebrate his fifteenth birthday, and a certain moronic individual, who Molly strongly suspected went by the name of Sirius Black, had suggested that they should all bundle themselves off to the Cannon's Quidditch stadium to watch Ron's favourite team play. The debate...alright then, argument, had been raging in the kitchen of 12 Grimmauld Place for some half an hour already, and Molly was starting to get tired of it.

She was not being harsh, as they had put it, she was simply just trying to looking out for them all.

"Oh come on Molly! It's just a bit of fun!" Sirius complained wearily, slumping further down into his chair. He was getting quite tired of this conversation - it had been dragged out for far too long!

Molly looked livid. Of course she should have known Sirius bloody Black would be behind this, but she had been astounded when Remus and Tonks had turned against her too. After all, Remus especially was supposed to be the sensible one of the group!
She was also running out of things to say against the idea. They seemed to have thought of everything! How to get there, how to keep everyone safe, and they had even found a way to get Sirius (a falsely accused criminal on the run) to be able to go too!

For all these brilliant ideas she assumed she could thank Remus for. She glared at him. To her further irritation, Tonks would not stop reminding her about the tickets. Every time Molly looked her way, the Auror would wave the sparkly tickets at her, with a meaningful look upon her heart-shaped face. It was obvious that Tonks had gone to a lot of effort to get them; nevertheless they were driving Molly insane!

Remus practically had to force down sigh of frustration, it had been at least an hour and she still hadn't backed down. He had been completely amazed that she had not crack after having to put up with Ron following her around the house asking her every few minutes if he could go to the match that of course was another of Sirius' 'brilliant' plans. But to be honest, even he'd not expected it to be this much of a struggle.

He longed for his nice and comfy bed. Full moon was in the next few days and his exhaustion was showing pretty bad, but he had to stay awake for Ron's sake. Besides, this wasn't just a birthday present for Ron, it was a chance for Sirius to get out of the house before it drove him insane, even if it was only a Chudley Cannons Quidditch game.

Molly looked up at all the pleading faces opposite her and finally admitted to herself that she could not say no any longer. It was her son's birthday gift after all...

Her shoulders slumped, admitting defeat.

"It would be cruel not to let you go, really." she admitted, causing their faces light up instantly and their cheers to fill the room. "But," she added sternly, "Remus, you're in charge! I want them back in one piece!" She was forced to shout, in order to be heard over their cheering.
"You have my word," Remus said assured her, with a smile.
"Right you lot!" Sirius cried, clapping his hands together and rising from his chair. "Next Wednesday it is then! Be here at 8 o'clock!"

It was five minutes to eight on the night of the Quidditch match and everyone was gathered in the low-lit kitchen. Tonks was sporting bright, orange hair along with big earrings with the letter 'C' on them. Remus wore his old bomber jacket, which he had acquired years ago after helping Alastor on some missions.

Even though the full moon had only been last night, Remus had banished his exhaustion from his mind and to his delight he had one arm wrapped around Tonks' waist; they were playing husband and wife for the evening. A huge black dog lay at their feet and all four teens had Chudley Cannons t-shirts on.

Remus smiled to himself as he remembered how she had practically read his mind; "So I was thinking," Tonks announced from her position perched upon the table, swinging her legs back and forth as she spoke. "We should go to the match in disguise. You know, for security and stuff."

It was an idea that Mad-Eye Moody would have been proud of, Remus mused as he reached to rub the fatigue from his eyes, or at least it would have been had Tonks not sounded so very excited by it, as if it were some sort of game.

"What did you have in mind?" he asked her, both intrigued and yet rather apprehensive at the same time.

"Well..." Tonks began, pausing to slide from her perch and onto her feet, grinning in what Remus thought was a rather alarming fashion. "How'd you feel about posing as a married couple for the evening?"

Remus was not entirely sure how to answer this question, he was far too preoccupied with the sudden flood of colour that was no doubt blooming upon his cheeks. It was not long, however, before a voice in the back of his head demanded loudly: SAY YES! For the love of Merlin, say yes!

"Yes." Remus said, quickly adding, "That...that sounds like a good idea to me."

Sirius sniggered and the werewolf instantly shot him a warning look. But really, Remus mused, who actually cared what Sirius thought? This could quite possibly be the best night out he'd had in years…

The group chatted amongst themselves until eight, when the floo network would be engaged. Remus looked at his watch and saw that it was exactly eight.

"Right everyone, listen up!" he called, trying to be the sane adult of the group. "Tonks is going to go first, and then the teens, then Sirius and I will be right behind you. Everyone got that?"
Everyone nodded. Tonks stepped towards the fireplace, grin already on her face.

"See you in a minute!" she called over her shoulder, before she picked up a hand full of powder and flung it in to the fire. Flames erupted around her and she was gone. The teens quickly followed suit.

"Right Padfoot, are you ready to go outside?" Remus asked the dog as he reached down to take hold of his collar but quickly ceased his movements as his vision burred and a searing pain in this forehead began to burn he stumbled forward, only just catching himself before he hit the floor.

Tha dog barked in alarm at the sight of his friend

"Remus waved him away "it's ok, I just took a bit of a beating last night" The dog looked at him sadly. Ignoring the pain he grasped the collar and flung the floo powder into the fireplace.

When Remus' feet slammed down onto the soft, muddy ground he almost lost his balance again, but just about managed to stay standing. He silently cursed the moon and the power it held over him, wishing at least that it didn't have to make him feel so feeble. Letting go of Sirius he stood up straight the cool air gently soothing his aching head. As soon as Sirius was free he bounded around the group, barking and wagging his tail happily he still couldn't believe he was finally outside.
They were surrounded by hundreds of tiny groups of witches and wizards. Some were chanting, singing songs, and waving flags, whilst others sent huge fireworks streaking up into the air, lighting up the black sky in an array of glittering sparks and shooting stars that shone a fiery orange for the Cannons Quidditch team. The atmosphere was exhilarating.

Remus couldn't stop smiling at the scene before him, and the match hadn't even started! He hadn't felt this alive since Lily and James.

"Right Tonks my dear, lead the way!" he instructed cheerfully, throwing his arm out towards the maze of little groups.

Tonks shrieked with excitement, grabbing him and Ron by their sleeves before running full speed into the crowd.

"THIS WAY!" she cried, "I got us ace seats! Cost me an arm and a leg! But that doesn't matter..."

As they entered the brightly lit stadium a wizard checking the tickets cried "Oh if it isn't Nymhpadora!"

From across the room, Remus' gaze came to rest upon the man who had spoken. He had short brown hair and a stubbly chin. Remus wondered when he had last bothered to have a shave.

Tonks' face fell, but she forced a smile back onto her face before spinning around and going towards the scruffy looking stranger.

"Mike!" she greeted him with a strained smile. The man was wearing black Auror robes with three gold stars stitched onto one arm.

"What are you doing here?" he asked her, propping himself up against the wall, crossing his arms and smirking down at her, even though they were almost the same height.

"Oh, I see you finally made Auror," he noticed before she could answer, looking down at her red Auror coat. "Still haven't made three stars yet though, have you Nymhpadora?" he added smugly.
"I'm here to watch the Quidditch, I thought that was obvious!" Tonks told him irritably "And no, I haven't got my stars yet." Her hair flashed red and her hands clenched in to fists as he continued to smirk at her.
Harry noticed Tonks from the other end of the room; she seemed to be pretty angry at what Mike was saying.

"Erm... Remus...I think Tonks is about to smack that guy in the face" Harry mumbled to Remus under his breath, looking worriedly at the scarlet haired Auror.
Remus, who had been too busy looking over his shoulder looking out for danger to notice, turned to see what Harry was talking about.

Sure enough, Tonks looked like she could kill the man in question within seconds! Remus readied himself for any furious attack she might decide to launch – at least he could drag her away from the man.
"Is everything alright Dora?" he asked, reaching to wrap his arm around her and gave the man a warning glance what on earth had the man said to get her this upset? He had to get her away from this man before she loaded her guns as the Muggles would say

"It's just that we have to get going, the match is about to start." He explained trying to inject calm in to the situation. He began to pull her away, but the stranger's next words stopped him.
"Oh Nymhpadora, got yourself a boyfriend, have you?" Mike asked smugly, looking Remus up and down, a snide look upon his face.

Before Tonks could say anything Remus answered for her: "Yes, she has. Is that a problem?" Remus asked mildly mock confusion on his face (just to annoy the man) Auror or not, Mike had no right to be so rude!

"Oh, Tonks, I see your boyfriend likes to think he's an Auror! Well he's obviously not one!" Mike said, glaring at his old jacket, "You know they stopped making those about ten years ago."
Remus clenched his hand into a fist until his knuckles were white as not to punch this guy in the face there and then.

It was almost fifteen years since he had signed up for missions with the Auroras. Of course, he would never have gotten to do any of them if Alastor had not threaded to resign, if they did not accept him. However, naturally when Alastor retired a few years later they did kick him out but not before he had been awarded his stars, and that was all that mattered to him. Furthermore, once he was in it was easier. Sure, it took at bit of time to be accepted, but once he had shown his worth, most of them did come to like him. He had nothing to live for at the time, so he did the jobs gits like Mike, did not want. The number of times he had almost died, the number of bodies he had carried home, their faces still haunted him. He should have been able to save them but he had been too weak, too exhausted, if something happened it would always seem to be the night after the full moon.

He was pulled back to the present when Tonks exploded: "How dare you talk to Remus like that! You have no idea what he's done!"

Remus smiled to himself she didn't have to defend him and yet she was.

Of course, she also was completely clueless about his past, Remus recalled, but he did not remind her of this fact.

He had never told anyone about these demons in his past. Nevertheless, Tonks carried on with her ranting.

"He has risked his life whilst you were tucked up in bed, drinking hot milk!" She raged, reaching for Remus' arm. Remus tried to calm her down "Dora, please don't, it doesn't matter, calm down..."

But, naturally, Tonks ignored him. She gripped hold of his arm and thrust his star covered sleeve at the man.

Why had I worn this jacket? Remus asked himself. A little voice in his head, that sounded very like Sirius to answered, to impress Tonks, you moron. Mike visibly stiffened; looking both shocked and embarrassed and looked for the first time at Remus' scared face, obviously assuming they were battle scars and picturing the horrors those blue tired eyes had seen.

Oh why didn't the ground swallow him right now if the world was being nice that would have happened But of course, the ground remained solid and embarrassment washed over him every second stood in this man's presence was torture. Before Tonks could punch the Auror in the face, he dragged her past Mike and into the stadium.

The game had been going on for a while now and the teens were still faithfully cheering on their team, even though the Cannons were losing miserably. However with the wards Tonks had designed Sirius could at least be in human form.

As good as the game was, Remus and Sirius had given up cheering once Remus had remembered that he had brought some Fire Whiskey with him.

They had settled themselves in some comfortable club chairs in the corner of the room, somewhere discreet to enjoy their secret stash. Tonks meanwhile had bet Sirius that she could cover all three walls of their box with homemade Chudley Cannons posters. Surprisingly, to his annoyance, she had managed it.
"Ten gallons please, Sirius!" she asked smugly, waving her hand in front of his face. Before reaching for his wallet, Sirius looked around the room. Every scrap of wallpaper was covered in orange paper, apart from the huge window that looked out onto the match.

"Well done Tonks. Here then, as promise..." He upturned the contents of his wallet into her open hands.

"Beautiful!" she exclaimed, shoving the money into her back pocket. Then she dropped down into the remaining chair and reached for the bottle of whiskey.

"So..." she stared at her two friends in front of her, both staring glumly at their glasses. Since neither of them had taken up her offer of a conversation she began with the question she had wanted to ask all evening.

"Remus, are you going to tell me how you got your stars?" She asked sweetly.

Remus laughed, he loved how she was always so forward about everything.
"No," he replied, causing to her face fall. He had never said no to her before. He grinned at her expression. "Let me finish! I cannot tell you-" it was too terrible to tell and besides he would not do in comrade's justice. He stuttered those years would haunt him for the rest of his life. "But, I could show you."
"Really?" Tonks' face lit up happily she always won when it came to Remus.
"Yes, but not now, later." he replied, downing his full glass and sinking back into his chair before closing his eyes at least he could get some much needed sleep.

"Do you want a game of exploding snap, Tonks?" Sirius asked, pulling out a pack of cards from the bag at his feet.

"Yeah, okay then." Tonks replied, dragging her eyes away from the man in front of her to look at Sirius and the pack of cards.

Twenty minutes later Tonks and Sirius had given up with exploding snap and had begun cheering for their team again. The Cannons had taken back the lead at last.

All of a sudden, Remus' eyes snapped open as he smelt something that had not been there a moment beforehand. Something that only a werewolf would recognize...

As the all too familiar scent assaulted his nostrils, Remus felt a sense of dread creeping over him. He immediately jumped up and started to throw things back into Tonks' bag. Sirius turned around at the sudden noise.

"What you doing, Remus?" he asked, instantly worried. He knew his friend would not act like this unless something was very wrong...
"We have to go!" Remus announced hurriedly.

"But the Cannons are..." Tonks began, only for Remus to shout her down.
"Now, Tonks! Greyback's here! And Greyback means Death Eaters!" And with that he hurriedly swung the bag up onto his back and drew his wand.

In the distance Remus heard a faint pop and another and another and again…

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