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Chapter 6: Taken

"No!" Remus roared as he spun around to face Jade, thrusting out a hand towards her, the other towards the hostages.

The next few moments passed like an eternity. The deadly spells ripped through the air, twisting and knotting together as they shot ever closer to its victims

Meters away from their intended targets the spells began splinter and crack as it hit an invisible force. As it did so Sparks of purple and gold began to appear and multiply, until the small sparks became a thick purple, shimmering wall, which prevented the spells from further destruction.

Relief flashed across the werewolf's face before it became hard in concentration. Tonks watched in horror and pride as the younger Remus stood wandless in front Deatheaters, and not showing a shred of fear. However she knew this could not end well, and stepped closer to the older man next to her as if he would just fade away if his younger self was injured.

One of the Deatheaters let out a small gasp and staggered back against the wall, the other looked furious at his partner's weakness gripping his wand harder. He scowled at the man in front of him, until suddenly his expression change completely his eyes lighting up and letting out a small, mocking chuckle.

Tonks' blood ran cold as she realized what he was looking at or what he wasn't- the younger Remus had no wand! It was still tucked away in the folds of his robs.

"How long can you protect them, when you're defenseless?" the man asked as he began pacing round Remus like a shark and its prey.

In response, Remus locked eyes with the clocked figure following his movements "long enough" he told him.

The Deatheater continued to laugh "we'll see" he hissed as he raised his wand "Crucio" he snapped as he quickly twisted round to face the werewolf

Remus cried in pain and legs bucked from under him, his arms however remained out stretched but he couldn't stop the magic from withering slightly. Tonks had seen this gruesome spell's affect a hundred times, but she still let a small gasped and gripped the old werewolf's hand in comfort, he instantly returned the gesture, clinging to her like his life depended on it.

"Remus!" Jade choked as she tried to stand but the movement only disturbed her wound, making fresh blood seep through her clothes, Remus' eyes widened in horror as he saw her.

Tonks knew he would have to do something soon before it was too late. He seemed to realize this too, as he seemed to forget all about the Deatheater and focused all his attention on his colleague and the hostages. As he did, the solid purple shield began to crumpled back to a lilac mist spinning faster and faster around them, his body began to shake in protest and his turned a pasty white and aged, his eyes became tried and droopy until they were almost full closed, he looked like all his energy was being drained away. Just when Tonks thought he would surly pass out his eyes snapped open, revealing a deep amber centre.

"Goodbye" he whispered a growl mixing with his normal kind voice.

"No! You can't, they're kill you, Rem-" but before jade could say anymore the mist engulfed her, and a second later she was gone.

Back in the house, Remus staggered forward and the memory came in and out of focus until it was almost black with only flashing burs, there was a small thump and the last thing Tonks heard was a muffled "tie him up" then everything went black…

A new scene quickly formed; a small dark room, the walls were bare brick and the floor was dusty concrete the surroundings consisted of piles of unwanted or broken objects, amongst this was a washed out, form. Tonks' eyes widened in horror as she recognized the crumpled figure on the floor.

Remus slowly awoke in a cellar. And to make things worst there was no indication of how much time had passed. As he became more aware, he felt a numb throbbing in his arm. Looking up he saw why. He had been shackled to a rusty pipe that ran along the wall, before disappearing through a small hole in the ceiling.

He quick tried to pull himself free but the pipe didn't budge, he then set about fumbling through his pockets searching for his wand he realized it was gone. One thing was obvious about his situation– Remus was not getting away easily.

A noise brought Remus' attention away from his surroundings. A man, with a completely shaved head and dressed in robes, was walking towards him. He smiled when he noticed Remus was awake. He kneeled to Remus' eye level and asked in a slimy voice "Where's the potter kid?"

"I don't-" Remus began but his words were suddenly silenced as a he clenched his jaw and scrunched his eyes closed as pain ripped up his leg.

Tonks gasped in shock as she realized what had happened, the man had shattered his ankle with some short of spell.

"DON'T play games with me! We know, you know where he is" the man snapped as he thrust a picture at Remus, he recognized it as the picture that he kept in his wallet one of Sirius, harry, James and himself at Christmas. The memory still stung.

"Now I'll ask you again, where is the boy who brought the Dark Lord to his knees?" the man hissed as he crumpled up the photo and let it drop to his feet, making sure it was just far enough away so that Remus couldn't reach it.

Sod it Remus thought bones can be mended "register number 4763, Auror department 3" he spoke out clearly and calmly. It earned him a particular nasty Cruciatus Curse.

"you wanna play?" The man growled "let's see if you can last longer than the Longbottoms'" as he flicked his wand releasing Remus's arm from the handcuff.

After several attempts to get Remus to talk he was left alone, collapsed in exhaustion and pain on to the cold concrete floor with sweat slowly rolling down his face he shook uncontrollably.

"I'll never forget what they did to me". The real Remus mumbled under his breath. He was surprisingly calm for having re-watched what was probably one of the worst experiences of his life.

Tonks however, was not calm, and was trying desperately hard not to throw up.

The horrors dissolved before them.

The next scene was in an entirely different setting, one Tonks new well, the Auror's department at the ministry the office. It was packed with people, the glass evidence board was filled with pictures of the suspected house that Remus and jade had visited earlier, a huge map of the surrounding area and four mug shots of suspects, around the room the phones were ringing off the hook. In the middle of the room mad–eye looked as if he could kill someone any second now.

Suddenly the door of the department was wrenched open and the Minster for Magic strode in to the chaos "Moody! A word" he boomed over the noise.

Mad-eye gave a stiff nod and proceeded towards his office at the other end of the room.

Mad-eye slammed the door behind him making the glass shake and drew the blinds before sitting down and asking "what's the matter minster?"

What's the matter? He repeated in disbelief "my entire force is on the case of finding some, bloody werewolf! Instead of keeping scum of the streets!" he roared. His hands gripping the back of his chair as if he was about to rip it apart

"Minister, this is not just some werewolf as well you know, this is a fellow Auror member" mad-eye snapped back without any regard for the authority in front of him

"Don't make me laugh Alastor, I won't deny that Mr. Lupin is a skilled wizard and asset to the team, but he is NOT an Auror he boomed as he abandoned his grasped on the chair and stormed over to face mad-eye "AND only here because you wished him to be so! You have three days to get more evidence, or bring back a body!" he continued as he grasped the door knob and ripped it open and let it swing back hit the file cabinet with a crash causing the room of Aurors to look up at the commotion. Moody growled an "understood Minster" And turned on his heel and exited the room as the door slammed behind him.

Mad-eye let out a long sigh and rain a hand through his dirty blond hair "where are you Remus?" he grumbled to himself

The scene faded away

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