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Chapter One: Because Of You

His footsteps echoed in the numerous corridors and rooms of the high-class house, or rather mansion, that belonged to none other than his current lover. But, he knew that he will soon be his ex-lover.

The suitcases and boxes with his stuff, as well as his trusty old cat, were already gone from this house, transported to the temple that his parents owned, or already sent to his new apartment in New York, close to where his older brother lived now. The funny thing was, his lover, even until this moment, hadn't noticed the lack of his stuff, or presence actually, in this house. Even the maids and butlers, more precisely, the whole staff of the house and his lover's parents knew about his leaving, except the man himself.

Ryoma didn't know what to do, cry, laugh or be angry about all of this.

The white envelope in his hand was no longer as smooth and unharmed as the day he had found it between his papers, contracts and documents. The pictures, countless pictures, with his soon to be ex, or better yet, his ex, in it had fallen out on the floor once he opened it. The shock, pain and betrayal were clearly written over his face when the man's mother had come in to talk to him about something.

They decided that this has to end.

Why so fast, you want to ask? Because, Ryoma had known for a long, long time now. He knew about the countless affairs that his ex had, and still has, with both men and women, not even bothering to hide the scent of the expensive perfume or cologne that was still lingering on him when he came home. Not to mention the times he had caught him in the act, in their own bed or seen the men and women running out of the house, right past him and the clothes or jewelry left behind.

He stepped in front of his ex's study's closed doors and could hear him talking to someone, Tezuka and Fuji to be exact, and clenched his fingers around the envelope even stronger, the paper ripping in some places. He took a deep breath, calming himself down and putting on the emotionless mask on his face. Without bothering to knock Ryoma opened the door, making Tezuka jump away from Keigo, and walked inside, straight to Keigo's desk and throwing the envelope, with the pictures inside it, in front of him.

Keigo looked at Ryoma and then back at the piece of paper in front of him: "What's this? A love letter from my dear lover?"

"Yeah, something like that." Ryoma forced the words out of his mouth, voice cold.

From the corner of his eye he saw Tezuka and Fuji looking at each other, before pointing their eyes on the envelope, which was now in Keigo's hands, as he slowly opened it. The man peered inside, the color draining from his face and cheeks becoming a bit paler. He quickly closed it and tried to hide it from Ryoma and the other two. A pointless action since Ryoma was in the room and ready to finally do what he had wanted to do for so long.

Snatching the thing from his ex's sweaty hands he ripped it open and let the pictures, of Keigo and so many different people that he knew and didn't know, having sex in various places, drop on Keigo's desk, floor and the documents. He felt, more that saw, others, another bunch of cheap whores that had sex with Keigo and still dared to call themselves Ryoma's friends, walking into the room and then freezing after seeing what was going on.

Keigo started to get up from the chair he was sitting on, "Ryoma, listen love, I can-"

"Oh, shut the fuck up for once, you asshole!" Ryoma cursed a lot and they all knew it, but never before he had talked like that to Keigo, not even when he was pissed off to the limits. It seemed that now, it was worse than ever. "Do you really think that I'm a fucking moron who doesn't see and has mental problems!"

Keigo wanted to say something, but Ryoma once again cut him off. "I told you to shut the fuck up, didn't I?" the coldness and disgust that sipped though the words as Ryoma spoke made everyone in the room shudder. "Let me tell you this, you fucker." He then glared at Oshitari, Gakuto and Kikumaru that had come before he started to talk, "I'm neither blind, deaf, mental, nor am I simply oblivious to everything and everyone. I have known since the very beginning about you fucking everything that moves, has two legs and a hole where you can put in that thing that hangs between your legs and you know what? I was a complete idiot to hope that maybe, just maybe, you would stop being a fucking monkey in heat."

The words left a deadly, suffocating silence in the room, Ryoma was breathing a little heavier than before, the three by the door moved closer to them, Oshitari reaching out a hand to touch Ryoma. "Echizen. Atobe was just… Umm… Confused about his feelings and…"

Ryoma snorted. "Confused? So he was confused for whole three years?" the sarcasm dripped from his words and he glared at the five behind his back. "Well, if he was so confused then why the hell you didn't help him get less confused? Or maybe even better," now he turned to look at Keigo again, slamming his hands on the black, wooden desk, "Why didn't you just stop using me as a shitty blow up sex doll and just dump me and get over it? Huh? Your consciousness didn't let you or something?"

"Ryoma, it's not like that… I was just… Oh God." Keigo took his face in his hands, "I'm sorry, I just never had enough, I needed more and I loved you, still love you, but just didn't have enough. I'm sorry." There was regret in his voice, but at that moment Ryoma didn't hear it. He didn't want to hear it.

"Your pathetic apologies won't bring me back the three years of my life that I wasted." At those words Keigo's head snapped up, his eyes wide and staring at the 20-year-old man in front of him, not believing what he had just said.

He stood up, hands on the desk as well, "Ryoma, you-"

"That's right, you heard me right." Ryoma stood straighter up, ready to leave any moment, "I wasted three whole years dating a fucking asshole and motherfucker like you, and now…" he laughed, "I will stop hoping that you might change, because that will never happen, obviously, I will stop hurting and finally start living. Away from you."

Tezuka, the man he once respected, grabbed his hand and twirled around to face him. "You can't do that Echizen. Kei-Atobe, didn't know what he was doing and he loves you more than anything."

"Oh yeah, I can see that." The sarcasm was there again. "Oh and by the way, you shouldn't treat a sick person like that, my doctor won't be happy you know." Ryoma pulled his hand away from Tezuka's grasp and faced Keigo again. "By the way, it's your fault you know that?"

Gakuto and Kikumaru didn't even know what to say, they both had that expression of guilt on their faces, as the pictures looked up from the floor at them, laughing and making fun at them. Kikumaru slumped on the floor, his face hidden in his palms and quiet, badly hidden, sobs came from behind them.

"What do you mean, you're sick Echizen?" Fuji asked, coming closer to the young male, stepping on the colorful pictures on his way, "Did something happen?"

Ryoma snorted again, "Yeah, a lot of thing happened. But I don't think that I have to tell about my private affairs to you of all people, Sunday lover-san." The sweetness of Ryoma's voice was piercing. "It sickens me that I even know your sex date schedule Atobe. I almost feel like vomiting." Though, only he knew that the vomiting was the cause of something else, not the information that he knew.

"Ryoma…" Keigo stretched out his hand, wanting to touch the hurt man he once could call his lover, but the other stepped back a few steps, something similar to disgust on his face.

Ryoma stepped back and whispered in a quiet voice: "Don't touch me with your dirty hands you bastard." He looked around one more time, taking in the expressions of the people in the room and then let his gaze land on Keigo for the last time. "I'm leaving, far away, for good. You hear me? And I don't want you going around looking for me, trying to apologize and all that other shit that you would do. I want to be left alone and I don't want to hear from you ever again, got that?" he didn't wait for an answer as he turned around on his heel and walked away, from both Keigo and his pain. "I hope your dick rots and falls off, maybe then you will start thinking with your head not that piece of flesh." Ryoma smirked to himself and raised his middle finger back at the six people that he left behind.

I'm finally free. He thought to himself and allowed a real smile grace his lips once he was outside the cabinet and let his left hand brush over his abdomen. Maybe now he will be able to live for once.

"I fucking fucked up." Keigo whispered to the empty room.

Those pictures with him having sex with all those people still were on the desk and floor, some torn up and had the marks of someone's shoes on them, but still, they were laughing straight in his face. He didn't ask his maids or butlers to pick them up and dispose of them, it didn't matter anymore.

Because Ryoma was gone and it was all his fault, he was the one who pretended that Ryoma wouldn't find out. He was the one that treated Ryoma like some cheap prostitute who will always be ready to please him and would never leave. He had seen the looks on Ryoma's face, the pain and hurt, but didn't bother to think too much about it.

He had been the one to ask Ryoma out, so he thought that it was ok to do what he did, because Ryoma would stay by his side anyway. But it seemed that he had just been a huge idiot. And now.. Now, just now, when he has lost Ryoma forever, he finally understands why he asked the man, young teen at that time, out and wanted Ryoma to be besides him.

He realized that he loves Ryoma so much and so desperately only now, when it's too late.

"Fuck." Keigo cursed under his breath and two hot, salty tears streamed down his cheeks from behind his palms, that covered his eyes. "Fuck."

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