I was suddenly awoken by the phone's unbearable ring. I rubbed my eyes and sat up in my bed. After letting out a big yawn, I slowly hobbled over to the other side of my room, where the phone was located. I was able to answer it before its final ring.

"He-yawn-llo… Sheriff Loll-yawn-pop speaking…" I meowed.

"Hey Lolli! It's me, Cinderblock! Are you dressed?" my perky cat-friend purred.

I could sense that Cinderblock was jumping up and down. I wasn't surprised at that, she got excited over almost anything! But, what was she talking about? It was 8 o'clock in the morning, how could I be dressed yet?

"No…" I answered slowly, "I just woke up…"

"So you're not coming?" Her voice changed to a sad tone.

What was she talking about? What was I not coming to? I thought. But then, it finally hit me: Today was the first day of winter! Today, and only today, Donald's Dock's lake was perfectly frozen! On this day, Toons could finally ice skate and play hockey on the frozen salty waters. I know you're wondering why Toons can't do that at the Brrrgh. Well, the Toontown Law specifically states: Frozen fishing ponds are not to be skated upon, for that will interrupt the fishermen trying to earn Laff Points and/or do Toontasks. However, Toons don't mind the long wait! All Toons are very patient, its in their genes!

Toons are also able to keep flexibility, strength, or any other type of skill without practicing it coincidently. So everyone's Axels and Clip Hits were as good as they were last year. This keeps the Toons coming back to the Donald's Dock's Ice Rink every year!

"I can't believe I've forgotten! I'll get my gear and meet you in front of my house."

"Okay, see you there, Lolli!"

"Bye Cinderblock!"

I hurriedly hung up the phone and dashed to my closet. I picked out my fancy, crystal-blue ice skating dress. It was a couple inches above the knee and very sparkly. The dress was strapless, but it had fur-colored mesh to keep my arms and legs warm. I threw on some of my Uggs and stuffed my ice skates into my skating bag. Even though the Gag Shop sold rental skates this time of year, I thought it would be easier and much more comfortable to skate in my own.

After doing the once-over, I raced outside just to run right into Cinderblock! Neither of us fell nor got hurt, but both of us laughed our heads off! After simmering down, we teleported to Donald's Dock using our special Freeze-Proof Teleportation Holes that we bought at Goofy's Gag Shop the previous year. Both of us popped up right in front of the dock, which was left up so skaters could safely enter the rink. We couldn't wait to finally go ice skating again!