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If You Only Knew, Chapter 1

"Omega. What a pisshole." Shepard dimly registered the clipped, cool voice of the Cerberus officer behind her. "I had to come here on business once. I felt like I needed a shower afterward…in addition to regular decontamination…"

Emily could only agree. The place was filthy, the very air seemed to cling to her skin, and the lighting gave the whole place a foreboding atmosphere. Still, there was good tech to be found in its markets and potential squadmates in the streets, so here they were.

Afterlife was just as dark and filthy as the rest of Omega. The only difference was the music pounding through the air and the dancers that twisted around poles, much to the delight of the patrons. Drunken yells blended in with the music and Shepard blanched. Never had she been in a nightclub as awful as this one.

Her clear green eyes surveyed the area and she spied an asari surrounded by guards, gazing out at the scene before her with veiled contempt and pride. Shepard regarded her from a distance. If this wasn't Aria T'Loak, then Jacob had a personality.

She made her way to the back of the club and climbed two flights of stairs, acknowledging the batarian at the steps with a nod. Aria seemed to sense the Spectre's presence.

Without turning around, she said, "That's close enough."

Aria's voice was that of someone who had the world in her hands and knew it. It reverberated with confidence and power, and Shepard found herself rather intimidated by this new power. She concealed this, however, allowing only a contemptuously raised eyebrow as Aria's security detail trained their weapons on her and her companions.

A batarian, which Emily recognized as Moklan, held out his omni-tool to scan her. "Stand still," he said gruffly.

She smirked and grabbed the guard's collar, pulling him within an inch of her face. "Try it, and you'll be scanning the inside of your colon," she snapped.

Aria T'Loak laughed sarcastically. "I'd almost pay to see that," she drawled. "But it's not an option. You want to talk, you get scanned."

Shepard rolled her eyes and let the batarian continue his scanning. "All you had to do was ask."

"I don't ask."

"I had some questions I was hoping you could answer."

Only when the scan was done did Aria turn around. "Depends on the questions."

"You run Omega?"

The asari laughed, as if the question was completely insipid. She turned away from Shepard, glorifying in the view before her. "I am Omega."

She turned back around and regarded Shepard with a suspicious eye, evaluating her as a potential threat. "But you want more. Everything wants more something and they all come to me." Her lips curved up in a smile. "I'm the boss, CEO, queen—if you're feeling dramatic. It doesn't matter." Aria sat down on the couch against the wall, at ease.

"Omega has no ruler and only one rule," she said, relishing the words on her tongue. "Don't fuck with Aria."

Emily arched her eyebrow into the air. "I like it. Easy to remember."

"If you forget, someone will remind you."

It took a while for them to get down to business. Mordin Solus was in the slums of Omega, running a clinic. This wasn't surprising—he was a doctor, after all.

The bit about Archangel was a little more intriguing. He was apparently a turian vigilante who'd managed to piss off every major merc group in the Terminus, and they'd teamed up to corner him in his hideout. Time was of the essence, it seemed. Shepard got up to leave, thanking Aria for the information.

"You have all the time in the world," she sneered. "Archangel? Not so much."

Archangel took precedence, then. Shepard looked forward to meeting this guy.


The turian held up a single talon, motioning at her to wait. The gun spat out a single bullet, and Shepard heard the audible death cry of a human merc.

The presumed Archangel turned back to her and she surveyed the towering figure. There was something hauntingly familiar about him. She couldn't quite put her finger on it, and then he removed his helmet.

Commander Emily Shepard almost fainted.

"Shepard," the turian said, shaking his head in disbelief. "I…I thought you were dead."

Her eyes widened. "Garrus!" She held out her arms to her old friend. "What are you doing here?"

Garrus POV

Garrus didn't quite know what he was doing on Omega, either.

It had started with a news report, followed by a funeral announcement. Lieutenant Commander Emily Shepard has been killed in action. When he first heard it, Garrus had not wanted to believe. Dead? How could she be dead? It was impossible.

The funeral had been rather interesting to behold. Tali cried for the entire hour. Wrex had been downing ryncol faster than anyone could. Kaidan had sat in his chair, staring directly ahead, as if numbly rooted to the spot. As for Garrus, he'd just felt…detached. It had been hard to describe the feeling.

Suddenly life was just a directionless cycle of misery, anger, and grief. Garrus had been dismissed from Spectre training after multiple failures in essential training. He'd returned to C-Sec as an investigations officer, but that quickly became a pain as well when his father turned up on the scene. Vakarian Senior had wasted no time in berating his son on even considering Spectre training, and blamed it on Shepard's insipid prompting.

Garrus had spent a month wandering around like a vagrant, lost and confused. Finally, he had picked up the sniper rifle Emily had given him and bought a one-way ticket to Omega.

And here he was.

Hearing Shepard's voice in the darkness of his hideout two years later was like a spark, a tiny pinprick of light that quickly flared up in his heart. It was as if her return had restored purpose to his once meaningless life.

Whatever this purpose was, Garrus resolved to find it, but it wasn't quite that simple.

He resolved to find it with Shepard.

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