Title: As You Wish
Author: The Rockerbabe
Claim: Detroit 1-8-7
Table: Buffet (at fc_smorgasbord over at livejournal)
Prompt: #1 (Desire, Ask, Believe, Receive)
Rating: T (Just in case)
Summary: Rook is dead and Sanchez and Washington are safe. But the memory of the events still linger…
Warnings: Implied Sensuality; The Epilogue to Dangerous Game
Notes: AU after "Lost Child/Murder 101", set in my "Bailamos/Rhythm Divine" Universe. As always, this is unbeta-ed, please forgive any mistakes!

Disclaimer: Detroit 1-8-7 does not belong to me in any way

Three days passed. Damon Washington and Ariana Sanchez had been brought to the hospital and evaluated. From their initial kidnapping, the car crash, cuts and bruises were scattered across their bodies. From Rook, Washington had two sprained wrists and a few fractured ribs; having received the less of the blows.

Sanchez on the other had needed stitches for the deeper cuts from the blade Rook used. Like Washington, she had a few fractured ribs, but also two of hers were broken. But some of her internal organs were bruised. She stayed under supervision in the hospital for a couple of days, until they were sure she wouldn't get an infection or any other complication from her injuries.

After enough time had passed, the doctor's released her with pain meds and the order of taking it easy until she was fully healed. By the time Fitch got her back to her apartment, she was exhausted. He guided her into her bedroom and helped her out of her clothes. While she got into bed and got comfortable, he removed his clothes and climb in beside her.

He longed to hold her against him but didn't want to add on to her pain. Instead, he lay against her side, careful to keep enough space between them. Sanchez turned to face him and their eyes met in the dim light from the moon that filtered in from her blinds. Fitch reached out and ghosted his fingertips over her face.

She smiled at him and it was slow and contented. He smiled in return and watched as her eyes drifted shut and her sleep overcame her. It had been a very long time since Louis Fitch prayed. But has he watched her sleep, he found himself thanking God that she made it out alive and in one piece then somewhere between thoughts, he fell asleep.

He awoke to Sanchez screaming. He opened his eyes and found her sitting up in bed, her breathing erratic. Fitch sat up slowly and touched her shoulder gently, wincing as she jumps under his touch.

"Shhh, Ariana," He soothes her, "It's alright, you're safe, I have you."

He can feel her still and her muscles relax as his voice registered. She's still breathing hard. Sanchez tried not to panic as she couldn't catch her breath, the pain in her ribs exploding with each inhale. Fitch rubs her back and murmurs words of encouragement until her breathing became normal.

"Do you want your meds?" His voice is soft

Sanchez silently shook her head and leaned in carefully, kissing him on the lips. She lay back and pulled him with her.

"We shouldn't." Fitch's voice was a gentle warning

"I don't care." She replied firmly

He smiled down at her. He could never resist her when she was determined.

"As you wish," He murmured before bringing his lips back to hers