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So, yeah. I thought I was done with fanfiction for keeps, but the end of Season Four was just too heartbreaking and this wouldn't leave me alone until I wrote it down.

She is Donna Noble
A temp from Chiswick
(nothing interesting ever happens to her)
In a strange place
with a strange, strange man
and so she shouts
(screams, rather, if we're being honest)
Demands to know where she is
and how she can go home
by accident or instinct
Just by being Donna
she holds the world together
and, when she does get home
she dreams of being
in a strange place,
with a strange, strange man
where interesting things happen all the time
and so she searches
with frightening persistence
(because she's Donna Noble, and that's just how she is)
she finds him
And it's just as it should be
two brilliant adventurers
partners in crime
burning bright
dashing about in time and space
in love with adventure
and friendship.

Over time
she becomes not just Donna Noble
but Noble Donna
who can hear love and answer in kind
who fights for those who can't
who will throw herself in front of fate
or a bus
to make things right
and she does
she holds the world together
by courage or daring
just by being Donna.

And then a miracle happens
and she is even more
The Doctor Donna
his other self
with a mind like a knife
(finally sharp enough to match her tongue)
Daft and wizard and perfect
As if the Doctor were a girl, and ginger
and human, and happy
as if this is what she was always meant to be
and she holds a thousand worlds together
by genius or sheer style
just by being this crazy new Donna
But somehow
it's too perfect
too bright
too much
and the only way to tame the stunning, brilliant fire
before it burns her all away
is to douse it altogether

And so she dies
Noble Donna
the Doctor Donna
with frightened brown eyes
and no time for farewells
and a final darkness
and nothing left but a shadow
of former glory.

She is Donna Noble
Temp from Chiswick
and nothing interesting
can ever
happen to her