Li'l Brat

" wanted to see me, Aizen-taichou?" Gin tentatively opened the door to Aizen's room, peeking in to see his leader sitting in a large leather chair, smiling devilishly.

"Yes, please come inside, Gin," Aizen said, tilting his chin upward slightly, resting his head on his hands, "I did want to see you."

"What's this all about?" Gin asked, trying to keep a straight face as he entered the dark room. In that position, with his legs crossed and his eyelashes batting, Aizen almost looked like, I don't think it's possible for Aizen-sama to be an uke, Gin thought to himself, the idea is breaking my brain!

"Oh, Gin," Aizen said, uncrossing his legs and folding his hands together in his lap, "would you do a favour for me?"

"I...I'd do anythin' for you, Taichou, you know that," Gin said, nodding feverishly. Aizen's overpowering presence was making him sweat.

"Anything?" Aizen smiled, getting to his feet and coming very close to Gin. The silver-haired man swallowed hard, feeling Aizen's warm breath on his face as he put his hands on Gin's shoulders, "I'd be very pleased if you did just one thing for me, Gin. Very pleased indeed."

"W-what is it?" Gin asked, though he knew he'd say yes to whatever Aizen asked him; it was his duty, after all.

"Well," Aizen said, "just go down to Szayel's lab, and say that you said yes. You will have a little operation, but then, when you come back here," he smiled, his hair falling between his eyes, "I'll fuck you, if you want."

"Uuu..." Gin's face went red, "aha, I'll go right now, heh heh!" He smiled broadly and slipped out of the room once more, the reward of sex with Aizen floating above his head. Sure, having a surgery seemed like a large consequence but, really, it was sex. With Aizen. Maybe he'll let me tie him up this time, Gin smiled, hurrying down the corridors towards Szayel's laboratory. He rounded a corner, and-

"Yo, Gin," Nnoitra came out of nowhere, it seemed. Gin ran right into him, which felt like smashing into a brick wall, "Ah! Watch where you're going, man!"

"Oops, hah," Gin fell back, "sorry, I was looking forward, not upwards."

"Oh, you're so funny," Nnoitra said dryly, "where you off too so fast? Never seen you move so fast 'cept when you're being chased."

"Goin' to Szayel's lab," Gin said, "Aizen-sama asked me too."

"Going to Szayel's lab?" Nnoitra looked at him oddly, "why?"

"I just said, stupid," Gin rolled his eyes, "because Aizen-sama told me to. And don't look at me like that, eh? I'm not gonna steal your man." Everyone knew that Szayel and Nnoitra were a couple. A few years prior, per the wishes of Aizen, Szayel had preformed an experiment on Nnoitra, which ended up in an impregnation. Nine months later, and they had a baby girl named Verena and a cute coupling with each other. No one knew that Gin and along quite well, though many of the Espada had a suspicion.

"Hey, I didn't think that at all," Nnoitra said crossly, "I was just gonna come with you. God, you're so mean to me."

"Go away, no one loves you," Gin smiled, taking off down the hall, leaving Nnoitra in the dust, "motherhood's made you weak!"

He ran for a little while, before slowing back down to a walk. A few more feet, and he was at Szayel's door, though he needn't enter, for the scientist as was waiting for him outside.

"Well, hello there, Gin," Szayel said, sounding creepier than normal, "Aizen-sama told me you'd be coming, and here you are!"

"Uh, yeah..."Gin looked at Szayel curiously; he didn't like Szayel much, but did enjoy being a bother to him. There was something about that pink hair; it could not be trusted, "yep, he said you were supposed to do somethin' to me."

"He didn't tell you what it was?" Szayel asked, cocking a pink eyebrow. Gin shook his head no, shrugging.

"I don't really care. Jus' do it, kay?"

"Alright, come on in." Szayel said with a sly smile, opening the door and leading Gin inside the lab, "so, what did he give you to get you to do this?"

"He's my master, I'd do anything for him," he smiled, well, I'd do anything to get laid, "Why? What exactly are you doing to me?" He said this, for Szayel had walked over to a cupboard under one of his work benches, and had pulled out a little Gin-doll.

"Just rearranging some things," he said, smiling as he played with the arms of the little doll, "remember when Aizen-sama made everyone get one of these? They come in handy for medical purposes, don't you agree?" Gin stared at him, his smile unwavering, though he wondered what Szayel did to that doll at night time.

"Um, y'know," Gin stared at the doll as Szayel carefully popped the front plate off of the Gin-doll, "maybe I don't want to go through with this...!"

"Oh, just lay down on the operating table," Gin tsk-tsked, waving a gloved had to an empty work bench, "and it'll be over before you know it."

"Yeah..." Gin laid down on the table, his smile fading. Jus' remember...I get laid by the master tonight, " gonna put me to sleep?"

"Oh, silly me, I almost forgot!" Szayel said, looking up from the insides of the doll, "oh, and take your top off, and let me do my business."

"Hey...Aizen-sama..." Gin entered Aizen's room for the second time that day. He had passed out during the operation, when Szayel started ripping out organs, and now he felt quite queasy, and the thought of putting much effort into anything wasn't appealing, even if it was a night with Aizen. But he was excited, because on occasions like this, Aizen always made tea.

Tonight was no different, with a teapot set on an electric burner at Aizen's bedside. He sat on the bed, having shed some clothing from earlier, reading a book cross-legged. When Gin came in, he looked up casually, and smiled.

"Welcome back, Gin, that took you a while, didn't it?"

"You never told me it was a major operation," Gin said, eyeing the teapot longingly, "I feel queasy."

"Shall I remedy this?" Aizen asked, throwing the book aside, "come here." Gin came forward and sat in front of Aizen on the bed. The ex-captain smiled deviously, and leaned behind Gin to grab the teapot, "with some tea?"

"That might make me feel a little better," Gin smiled, taking a cup in his hands. Aizen poured him a cup and patted his knee, while Gin complained, "yeah, no. I don't even wanna know what he did to me!"

"But tell me, my lovely, faithful companion," Aizen said, leaning forward, closer to Gin, "did Szayel say it was a success?"

"Yeah, yeah he did." Gin nodded, taking a sip of his tea. Aizen laughed quietly, then, throwing his teacup aside, proceeded to make Gin's night a whole lot better.