A/N = These Halloween drabbles were written for two LJ groups: HP_Halloween, a one-day fest of 200-word stories, and Snape 100, a community for Snape-centric traditional drabbles (100 words). I thought having one serious and one silly story made for a nice pair of Halloween bookends. I hope you'll be able to tell which is which /g/

Many thanks to my excellent beta, Tetley the Second (Tetleybag on FFN).


Title: With You Always
Characters: Minerva McGonagall
Rating: G
Summary: Minerva attends a Halloween Feast.
Notes: My recipient asked for Halloween traditions, pumpkins, graveyards, loneliness.

Oidhche Shamhna = Scottish Gaelic for the Celtic Samhain/New Year's festival.


Tonight is Oidhche Shamhna, the sixth since the war's end. Minerva waits until the students, satisfied and sleepy after their Halloween feast, are safely abed; then she leaves the castle for her own celebration. Or vigil - - she's not sure what to call it. She knows what he'd call it, though: foolish, sentimental, proof that she's in her dotage at last.

The air is bitter as she crosses the grounds, her way lit by two grinning jack-o'-lanterns from the Feast. They bob alongside her, part beacon, part joke she knows he'll understand. He hates jack-o'-lanterns. "The sort of silliness that will end up laughing on my grave," he'd snarled every year.

She passes Albus's gleaming tomb and reaches the fence that encloses this other resting place, this mound with its small, flat headstone. Casting a warming charm, she sits and unpacks her basket, filling two plates with food and pouring two goblets of wine as she remembers the words her grandmother spoke at every Shamhna: "Set a place for yourself and a place for the dead who are with you always."

Her little feast floats before her. Taking one goblet, Minerva touches it lightly to the other. "Slàinte, Severus," she says.


Title: Aaaaahhhhh
Snape 100 Challenge: #357 - - Snape's Halloween
Pairing: Snape/McGonagall
Length: 100 x 2
Rating: NC-17. Ish.
Warnings: Dialogue-only
Summary: Ever wonder what the teachers did to celebrate Halloween after they settled the business of the troll in the dungeon?
Notes: Written with much authorial snickering, lots of porn clichés, and no excuse.


"Must we make love with that grotesque pumpkin face leering at us, Severus?"

"We're not making love, Minerva; we're fucking. Call it 'making love' on the nights you win the bet."

"I still… oooh! yes, right there… I still contend that I did win. It was my Gryffindors who… aaahhh… stopped the troll."

"And it's your same reckless idiot Gryffindors - - argh! Not so hard! - - who disobeyed orders to go to their common room and instead nearly got themselves killed. So I… ahhhhh, yessss… win. Don't I?"

"No, I think… why are you stopping?"

"Don't I?

"All right! Yes! You win."


"You win, Severus. But I still hate… mmmmmmm… that hideous… "

"Let's put that mouth to better use, shall we? Ahhhhhhh… Stop complaining about the… unnggghhh… pumpkin. You're the one who told Albus jack-o'-lanterns make… oh, fuck, yes, yeeeesssssss… an 'atmospheric contribution' to Halloween."

" - - - -I didn't say I liked the atmosphere, ye daft… mmmppffffgg…"

"And I didn't say you could stop… You'll get your turn… Unngg, yes, th-a-a-a-t's it… Merlin's sweet arse… aaaaaaaah… Nnnngggg, close… Ready for me, Minerva?"


"Oops… There. Ready?"

"Just take me! Now … aahhhhkkk! Oooh, yessss…"

"Unnnn… good, aren't I?"

"Oh, GOD…"

"No. Just Severus."


The End