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This story will probably be between 3-4 chapters in length. Hope you enjoy it!

Chapter 1

I stood at my front window, waiting for Eli's hearse to pull up outside. During lunch at school today, he had invited me out for our official second date, but he had his second counseling session after school so I was worried about what state he would be in. He said that he didn't want to be alone afterward, and I'd be happy to spend time with him anyway, but I didn't want the stress of the afternoon to overwhelm what was supposed to be a nice night between us.

We had spent the last two weekends in his room, working on getting rid of things and it wasn't going very well. I was trying as hard as I could to be a supportive girlfriend but it was difficult when your boyfriend looked like he was going to have a panic attack when you suggested that he might not need to keep fifty dirty empty popcorn tubs in his bedroom.

I was really looking forward to our date, which he said was going to be a surprise. I just hoped he was up for it.

When he finally pulled into my driveway, he turned off Morty and opened his door, but I didn't really want to have to deal with him and my mother being in the same room. I knew that was another problem I had to fix, but it definitely wasn't going to be tonight. I yelled to Mom that I was leaving, grabbed my purse and ran out of the house. I met Eli on my front porch and threw my arms around him.

"Well, hello to you too," he said, giving me a quick kiss on my cheek.

I pulled back to look at him and saw that although his eyes were a little red, he had his signature smirk on his face and I knew we were going to have a good night together. He held my hand as we walked over the Morty and unlocked the passenger side door for me.

"So where are we going?" I asked after I reached over and unlocked his door and he got into the car.

"I thought we could just have a low-key night together," he said, but he didn't give me any more information than that. So I was a little bit surprised when he pulled up in front of his house.

We walked in and I started to go up the stairs but he grabbed his hand. "We're going to stick to the TV room tonight."

I breathed a sigh of relief when we walked in and it was neat and tidy. He smiled at me. "My mom keeps this area clean. She spends a lot of time in here." He gestured to the couch. "Have a seat. Would you like a drink or some popcorn?"

Wow, could he be any more formal? "Sure," I said. I was feeling a little confused about where this evening was going but I was just glad Eli seemed to be doing okay.

He came back a few minutes later with a decorative ceramic popcorn bowl and two cans of Pepsi. "My mom got me this," Eli said, gesturing to the bowl. "So I don't have to worry about throwing out the disposable ones."

"Good idea," I said, grabbing a handful.

"So I got this movie that I really think you'll like," he said, waving a red Netflix envelope in front of me. He lowered his voice, "It's a…romantic comedy."

I shot him a skeptical look. "Where someone gets murdered in a terrible gory way within the first five minutes?"

"I don't just like horror movies, Clare. Way to stereotype someone based on their clothes and choice of motor vehicle transportation. I thought you knew me better than that."

"I'm sorry I missed the memo on how you like sappy movies. Next thing I know you'll want to go dancing in the rain and paint your room a nice baby blue."

"It's not sappy. It's sweet." He held out the movie. "It's called Little Manhattan. It's about two twelve years olds who fall in love one summer in New York City."

"Sounds adorable," I giggled, and Eli swatted my hand away as I reached for his.

He put the DVD in and sat back down next to me. He pulled me into his arms and I smiled up at him. "And I definitely wouldn't be opposed to dancing in the rain if you were with me," he said, and I gave him a quick kiss.

Eli was right; the movie was really sweet, and I was really glad he picked it. I never expected that sitting on a couch watching a movie with Eli would be the most romantic date I could think of, but it really was. Occasionally he would lean over and place a kiss on my temple or my bring my hand up to his lips, and if it weren't for the fact that I was really enjoying the movie, I would have jumped into his lap and kissed him.

When the movie was over, I leaned back into his arms and looked up at him. He was sniffling a little bit and I saw a tear barely hanging on to the corner of his eye. "Eli, are you crying?" I teased, cupping his cheek in my hand.

He laughed. "No, I'm not," and broke out into a huge grin. "It's a really great movie."

"Uh huh. Wait until everyone at school finds out not only do you like romantic movies but they also make you cry. I guess people were right when they called you emo."

He tackled me to the couch and tickled me. "Eli, stop it," I squealed as I tried to push his hands away, laughing hysterically. He let me up immediately and I felt bad that he thought I was really upset.

"Well, I guess you know all my secrets now. Closet hoarder and complete and utter sap."

Eli looked down at his hands and I realized that the fun and games portion of tonight was over for now. I laced my fingers in his and he looked at me.

"I love that you're a sap."

He leaned over and gave me a peck on the lips. He looked a little bit distracted and didn't say anything.

"Do you want to talk about your counseling session today?" I asked gently. I didn't want to pry but after his first meeting he hadn't told me much and I was curious as to whether he thought it was going to be helpful. "You don't have to tell me everything but how do you feel about it?"

He stood for a second and pulled his wallet out of the back pocket of his jeans. "She had me make this list," he said, taking out a folded sheet of paper and handing it to me. There were three columns and lists of words on them scrawled down in Eli's terrible handwriting. I noticed my name at the top of the first column and skimmed down.

"The first column are the things that are really important to me. You and my mom and dad and Julia and Adam were the first people that came to mind. But she made me think of everything I really value like music and my grandfather who died three years ago and my journals and photos. She said for now, I could keep everything I have that fits into these categories while I work on the rest of it."

My eyes filled with tears. I knew Eli hadn't necessarily prioritized his list as he wrote it, but the fact that I was that important to him so soon in our relationship really made me happy. I squeezed his hand as he continued. "The second column are things that either I need or I like and I should have some of these things but not need to keep all of it." That list included books, video games, personal hygiene supplies, school stuff, and clothes.

"Then the last column are the things that I don't need and I don't value. That's the assignment that she gave me. To start allowing myself to get rid of this stuff. Like empty containers or old food or scraps of paper that are blank or unimportant." He cringed, and I was reminded once more of just how hard this was for him.

"Do you want me to help you do some of that? I know it seems impossible but I'm sure I can convince you that rotting pizza crusts really need to get thrown away."

He laughed wryly. "I don't know. We talked about this list for over an hour and even as I could hear myself admitting that I don't care about those things and don't have any association that is positive with them, I still felt my heart racing as I thought about getting rid of them. But she told me I have to try, and I really want to."

I stood and yanked on his hand, but he pulled me down into his lap. "It's date night, not rescue Eli night. We can work on the room tomorrow." He gave me the most devilish grin I have ever seen. "There are other ways to make my heart race that I would much rather experience."

Most of the time when we kiss Eli initiates it, but looking at him in that moment, I just couldn't help myself and I pulled his lips to mine. The kiss instantly heated up and I could feel my cheeks flushing. Eli wrapped his hands around my waist and pulled me closer.

We kissed for a few minutes, all lips and tongues and sweetness, with his hands caressing my back gently. I ran my fingernail lightly against his neck and he let out a sigh that was breathtaking. He moved his mouth to my neck and kissed down to where it met my shoulder, biting me lightly. I knew Eli knew about my vampire obsession but I didn't know just how amazing that felt when someone did that to me.

I was starting to feel a bit twisted, splayed out sideways over his lap with my legs dangling over his leg and wanted to feel a little bit closer to him. Without breaking our kiss, I maneuvered so that I was straddling his legs. I pressed my chest up against his more firmly and he groaned. He put his hands on my butt and pulled me closer to him and I could feel him against my leg.

It wasn't like I hadn't had study dates that turned into makeout sessions back when I was dating K.C. so it wasn't the first time I was in this situation. But kissing Eli so fiercely and passionately was turning my brain into mush and for the first time I was a little bit curious about what was going on down there.

Focus, Clare. Eli said we should wait and he was right. You know you're not ready so don't let your mind get away from you.

But apparently Eli had other ideas because his hands were creeping up the back of my shirt. I let out a moan at the first feeling of him touching my skin besides my arms or my neck or face, and I guess that encouraged him because next thing I knew his fingers had made it up to the hooks on the back of my bra.

"Eli!" I said as I pushed on his arms until they exited my shirt.

He held up his hands in surrender. "I'm sorry," he said. "I didn't mean to take it too far."

"I thought we decided we were going to wait," I said. I looked down at his Dead Hand t-shirt because I couldn't meet his eyes.

He put his hand on my neck and forced me to look at him. I could see the confusion in his eyes. "We are going to wait. For sex. We're not going to have sex until you're good and ready, whether that's a few months from now or when we get married."

I gave him a look of surprise. "I'm not saying we're going to get married, Clare." He looked bashful. "I'm just not ruling it out."

I kissed him and moved closer to him so that our faces were forehead to forehead. "So we should probably stop then."

Eli ran his fingers along my neck and I shivered. His other hand wrapped around my waist and danced along the hem of my shirt, occasionally caressing my skin and my eyes closed at the sensation. "If you really want to stop, I will, Clare. But there's something I think we should clear up first."

I pulled back from him slightly so I could look into his eyes but his hands kept their hold on me. "I know in those absurd teen dramas you love to watch, there's kissing and there's sex and that's it. And whenever a couple has been dating for little while, they always have to make that big decision of whether they are ready to sleep with each other or not."

His lips moved closer to my ear and his voice sounded a little more gravely. "But that's not how it has to be in real life. There are loads of things to do between kissing and sex and over time, I'd really love to explore them with you."

"Like what?" I breathed. His hot breath on my ear was intoxicating and I was starting to feel willing to do anything he asked.

His eyes dropped down to my chest and I felt my face flushing. He took the hand that was on my neck and with agonizing slowness, began moving it toward my breast. His finger felt cool against my warm skin and I felt slightly disappointed when it jumped from my bare skin to the neckline of my t-shirt. Although it was still on its way to its destination, I couldn't wait any longer. I grabbed his hand and placed it right on my breast.

He gave me such a delighted look that I had to laugh. I wasn't sure which of us were enjoying this more: him, because I was letting him touch me or me, because it felt so nice.

His other hand was back under my shirt and I had no intention of stopping him this time. He gave me a questioning look and I nodded. He attempted to unhook my bra, but seemed to be having some difficulty.

Eli stopped kissing me. "How many hooks does this damn thing have?"

I laughed. "Three." He gave me a questioning look and moved his other hand under my shirt to assist himself. "In case you haven't noticed, I'm pretty well-endowed."

My bra sprang apart and Eli cradled my back in his hands. "Oh, I've noticed." He leaned over to suck on my earlobe. "You have no idea how much." I shuddered as his hands moved around and slid underneath my bra.

"Eli," I moaned. He quirked his eyebrow at me before his lips met mine again. Our kisses had been sweet before, but now they were fiery and forceful. I pushed myself into his hands and he explored every inch of my torso.

"Clare, can I see you?" He held onto the hem of my shirt and gave me a pleading look.

I instantly felt really shy. "I don't know."

Eli moved his hands away. "That's okay. We don't have to."

I missed the feeling of his hands on me. "We're in your TV room. What if your parents come home?"

"They're at a Pixies reunion concert that Dad's station is hosting. They won't be back until long after you're home in bed, dreaming about me."

I bit my lip, trying to figure out if I had enough guts to let Eli see me. I ran my hands along his abdomen and slipped them under his shirt. "Will you take your shirt off?" I whispered.

He placed my hands on the hem and leaned forward so I could pull it over his head. Eli's chest was really smooth but he had a small trail of hair on his stomach. He was very skinny but there was a little bit of muscle definition in his arms and chest. I ran my hands over him as I tried to get up the nerve to do the same for him.

"Okay," I said finally, and Eli's eyes lit up. He slowly lifted my shirt over my head. My plain white bra was still loosely covering me so he couldn't really see, and he slid his fingers under the straps at my shoulders. I nodded and he slid them down my arms.

I buried my face in his neck because I didn't really want to see his reaction, and in doing so, I pressed our bare chest together for the first time. His skin felt so smooth against mine. Eli tipped me off his lap and onto my back on the couch. He lowered himself onto me and as he did, I could see he got a good look at me without my shirt on.

He collapsed on top of me and I wrapped my arms around his back. "Clare, you are so fucking beautiful," he said.

Normally I would have told him to watch his language but at this moment his words just sent a jolt through my body and if I had any doubts that I was wet and ready for him, they were all gone now. His lips trailed from my neck down to my breasts as he alternated stroking and licking and sucking.

Any hesitance I had due to my experience flew out the window and my body took over. I wrapped my legs around his waist and pulled him toward me. He groaned as I attempted to ease the tension between my legs by rubbing myself against him. It wasn't really easing anything but it felt pretty good, so I kept doing it.

Eli ripped his lips from mine and looked over at the TV. "Shit," he said. He ran his finger down to the button on my jeans and tapped against it. "As much as I'd love to take care of this for you, your curfew is rapidly approaching so I think we better call this a night."

He took one look at my disappointed face and laughed. "So you'll just have to go home and take care of it yourself." He gave me an impish smile as he sat back and pulled me into a seated position.

"In your dreams, Eli," I said, reaching for my bra and trying not to be too embarrassed getting dressed in front of him.

He pulled his shirt over his head and grinned at me. "That's exactly what I'll be dreaming about tonight."

I rolled my eyes and he gave me one last kiss. "Good second date?"

"Great second date," I said. "I'm really looking forward to the third."