Ezio laughed. "That was … something."

Halfheartedly, Altair gave a minute kick to the other's side and raised the blanket higher up on his shoulders. "You said you wanted it rough, so I gave it to you."

"I am not complaining, geezer," the younger male stated, propping himself on an elbow as he raked his hand through his hair. "I was just surprised that you could be so … what is the word? Complying?"

A tick. "Sleep, or consider asking Malik for a bed."

"Aye, after you flipped me over onto my knees and fucked me raw? Such heartless measures."

Silence, before: "As if you had let me initially."

"Fair game, here."

The night was never quiet from then on.







Ezio paused, shaking his head at the other, who cocked his brow in silent inquisition.

"Somehow, training with hidden blades turned quite dirty."


"That was unnecessary."

Amusedly, Altair turned and leveled his gaze onto Malik, tidying up his parchments before he strode over to the other and looked out the window; he peered downwards and ignored the more than irritated expression on the rafiq's face, his silence prolonging his behalf of the lazy tension that coerced said being to cross his arms against his chest indignantly. If he was not already laughing at the preposterous event, he was sure to have rewarded his companion in any way possible.

"He is causing a ruckus, and I cannot get any work done, Grand Master," Malik bit, emphasizing the title in a way that contradicted his 'polite' argument. "You coddle him too much."

"Quite the opposite, actually."

A growl. "Well, take your lovesick plays elsewhere! He thinks that I am attempting to rob his position as your little plaything."

"It is amusing."

"How is mapping your ass on my maps amusing?"

A smirk donned Altair's features.

"It seems he knows me better than I thought."