Title: Nothing Left But Ashes of Doubt

Pairings/Characters: (one-sided) Sam/Castiel

Rating: R

Genre: SPN, Angst, AU after 5.18, Apocalypse fic

Word Count: 9,800
Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by Eric Kripke, the CW and a bunch of other people I don't know or have anything to do with.
Warnings: Angst lots of it, Major canon character death
Summary: After Dean says yes to Michael, Sam and Castiel go in search of him, but following his path of destruction only leads to tragedy. Alone and trapped between Heaven and Hell, Sam is forced to finally make a choice.

Author Notes: This was written for the spn_reversebang challenge on Live Journal.

The sound of the locks as they gave way to the intruders didnt even make him flinch, nor was it enough to make him move his gaze from its spot on the floor. He did tighten his grip on the gun though as he heard the voices float up from the lower floors, feeling the amulet in his hand sway with the disturbance.

The feeling of the blood on his hands wasnt even a distraction anymore. The night before already felt like an eternity away.

A breeze blew through the broken window beside him; warmed by the burning city, it offered him little comfort. He bit back a bitter laugh at the irony of the last several weeks events had given him.

He finally looked up as the demons opened the door across the room from him. He knew they were demons not only because he could still almost recognize them by their smell, but because if they had been angels, the need to enter through doors would have been unnecessary.

The chair hed been sitting in for hours protested loudly when he stood up to greet, or kill as was most likely the case, the four that walked into the room. They were lead by a short dark haired woman. She didnt even need to speak for him to be able to recognize her.

He pulled Rubys old knife from his jacket and gripped it in the same hand with the amulet. Meg.

She smiled at him. Well hey ya, Sammy.

The other three spread out to the rest of the room, blocking him from any kind of escape; although, if he really wanted to, he still had the option of braving the three story drop from the window that was now behind him. He eyed them warily, suddenly wishing the gun was the Colt rather than his old Taurus pistol.

What took you so long? he asked, forcing his focus back onto her.

Aw Sam, she pouted. Did you really miss me that much?

He responded simply by holding up the knife, feeling the hair on the back of his neck rise as he sensed the other demons in the room closing in on him.

Come now, Sammy. Theres no need to make this harder than it has to be. She took several steps closer but Sam held his ground.

He was fucked no matter how he looked at it and hed be damned if he was going to give them any kind of pleasure by showing them fear. Of course by this point, Sam was too damn tired, angry and possibly even stupid to feel very afraid of anything anymore.

The only way Lucifer is going to get me is if he has to piece me back together himself, Sam said defiantly.

Oh dont worry pumpkin, Meg laughed. That most certainly can be arranged.

This fight was already lost and Sam knew it. He was now utterly alone and there was no way that anybody was going to be walking through that door to lend him any kind of back up this time.

He slipped his gun behind him into the waistline of his jeans and stood ready for them, daring them to attack him. The least he was going to do was take down as many of them as he could before they killed him, and he was going to start with the bitch that was standing in front of him.

He attacked first; blindly throwing himself at Meg in a rage he could no longer control. He swung the knife at her; which she dodged easily, grabbing his arm and planting a well placed kick into his ribcage, sending him flying backwards where he crash landed back into the chair. The knife was wrenched from his hand and clattered away in a direction he couldnt see as he lay there in a heap of pain.

He was roughly grabbed and pulled to his feet by two of the demons only so that the third one could punch him repeatedly in the face. He tasted blood as the demon pulled back for another blow, but Sam was able to duck out of the way and slip his leg around the ankle of one of the ones holding him, causing them to go down, giving him a chance to twist out of the second ones grip.

When he was able to right himself, he had only allowed a fraction of a second to try and find the knife before Meg was on him, throwing punches which he was only barely able to dodge. One of the other demons managed to grab him from behind, pinning his arms to his side despite the size difference between the two of them.

Sam bellowed angrily and attempted to kick out at Meg, but she just stood out of his reach, laughing at him. Mocking him.

I dont know why youre fighting so hard, Sam, she said. Just take a look outside. Youve lost.

Sam struggled against the demons hold on him. So havent you.

Meg shook her head. No, we havent Sammy. Not yet.

I wouldnt bet on that, said that oh so familiar voice.

Suddenly the demon holding Sam was crying in pain and the room filled with a bright light and he quickly crumpled to the floor.

Sam turned to see the others eyes and mouths fill with that same light before they burst into flames. On the other side of them stood Dean.

Meg turned, intending to run Sam guessed, though why she thought that would work was anyones guess. Before she could really move, Dean was blocking her escape.

He didnt give her time to abandon her host. Placing two fingers to her forehead, he rendered her unconscious where she fell and landed in a heap on the floor still alive.

He didnt even bother gracing her further with his attention before he turned to Sam.

Hello, Sam, he said.

The smug and triumphant look on his face twisted Sams stomach in a sickening way. It also fueled the bitter anger within him even more.

Sam didnt even blink as he reached behind him to grab his gun. Bringing it around he aimed it directly at what used to be his brother.

Hello, Michael.