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So let's get this show on the road, yeah?

Sasuke sighed quietly in irritation as Naruto wriggled once again. Usually laying like this—Naruto stretched out on the floor laying on his stomach with Sasuke's head pillowed in the small of the blonde's back—was a comfort to both of them but today it seemed that the whisker-faced boy was restless. The raven haired boy reached up and loosened his tie—damned school uniforms; who suddenly decides that uniforms would be 'safer for the children of our school district' anyway?—and mentally ran through a list of reasons as to why his lover would be so keyed up. He almost slapped his forehead when he realized why the blonde was so keyed up. They hadn't had any P.E. classes all week which meant the blonde couldn't work out a large portion of his seemingly endless amount of drive, which meant the blonde was practically buzzing with pent up energy.

Reaching a hand up the raven twisted his arm awkwardly to pet soft blonde locks while he desperately thought of a way to run Naruto's energy out. Suddenly he grinned. He knew exactly what they could do for the day.

Slowly he sat up and nudged the squirming blonde "Get dressed in some workout clothes; I'll be back in half an hour."

Standing the raven ignored Naruto's confused protests of 'Wait, what? 'and made his way to the door.

Sasuke paused at the door and threw the younger male a slight grin over his shoulder "Trust me, you'll love it," and with that he swept purposefully out the door.


Sasuke stared at the picture of his mother that sat in the center of ribbons and trophies. His mother, who was now a pristine and proper lady, was once hell on the dirt diamond. He looked over the picture carefully, noting the way that his mother held her shoulders strongly and tilted her head back to give the camera a 'bring it bitch' face, her hair was a mess and dried sweat and dirt clung to her face, along with the smeared lines of thick black war paint. It was one of the most beautiful pictures he'd ever seen of his mother, coming in second to only her wedding and pregnancy pictures.

Most people thought that Sasuke got his athletic ability from his Uchiha blood. Those people were idiots. His mother was one of the greatest softball players in the world and had won several sports related awards in both high school and college.

The raven briefly wondered if he and Naruto would have something like this when they got older. Something one of them achieved but that they were both so proud of. Like the way his father almost glowed with pride every time he passed the trophies and meddles because his wife had done that and it meant so much to her.

Sasuke shook his head to clear away his musings and set out to find what he'd come to get. He hoped Naruto would like what he had planned.


Sasuke slung his bat-bag into the bed of Naruto's orange truck then made his way to the driver's side and slid into the seat. He chuckled and started the truck then reached over to stroke a tanned cheek.

"Quit pouting or your face is going to freeze like that," the raven murmured, dropping his hand from the soft flesh to intertwine with a smaller, darker hand. Using their joined hands the raven shifted the truck into reverse and backed out of the driveway before shifting it into drive.

"It's my truck, why am I riding passenger's seat?" The blonde whined

"Because your driving is worse than my blind grandmother's." Sasuke smirked, never taking his eyes off the road.

The blonde scoffed childishly and twisted his hand, trying to free it from the raven's grip. He resumed pouting when the older male just tightened his grip. He shot Sasuke the middle finger with his free hand instead.

"Don't be like that, baby," Sasuke cooed in an overly sweet voice, causing Naruto to stick out his thumb to complete the universal 'fuck off' sign.

"You know I love you," the raven continued and swiftly ducked to plant a kiss on a whiskered cheek.

Naruto giggled slightly when the raven pulled away and opened his hand to rub at his cheek "You need to shave, you scruff is itchy."

"Do I?" Sasuke asked and brought their clasped hands up, rubbing his face with the back of the blonde's hand, causing the blonde to laugh more. Sasuke smiled, he loved that the blonde was so ticklish.

"Yes!" Naruto said firmly, trying to pull his hand from his boyfriend's grip and away from the pale face.

Sasuke chuckled and let the blonde's hand fall away from his face.

They sat in a comfortable silence until Naruto remembered something "You never told me where we were going."

"I know."

"Well?" Naruto asked with an eye roll.

"It's a surprise."

Naruto narrowed his eyes and remembered the bat-bag Sasuke had tossed in the back before groaning "You better not be taking me to another baseball practice Sasuke!"

It's not that Naruto didn't like baseball, because he did—he really liked baseball when Sasuke was pitching from 'the stretch' as baseball players called it; legs slightly spread and bent at the waist, causing tight pants to pull even tighter…mmm…Yeah, he really liked baseball then—but he hated going to the practices. He had to sit there all by himself while Sasuke and the rest of the team did repetitive drills and ran sprints when they screwed up.

Sasuke chuckled and shook his head "Not quite."

Naruto sighed in relief and perked up when Sasuke said "Here we are."

The blonde looked up and blinked "Home-Run Ally Batting Cages?" he read off the sign "You brought me to batting cages?"

"Yes," the 'obviously, stupid' was heavily implied by the older boy's tone of voice.

"What are we doing here?" Naruto questioned and Sasuke heaved a put upon sigh.

"To work on batting, clearly."

Naruto rolled his eyes "Okay smartass; let me rephrase, what am I doing here?"

Sasuke grinned "You're going to learn how to hit."

Blue eyes blinked, he'd never had anyone show him how to play baseball—be orphaned at such a young age and everything.

He grinned at the raven in return "Okay!" the blonde almost squirmed in excitement, he'd never really done anything like this before.

Inwardly Sasuke patted himself on the back for picking such a great activity for them to do.


Sasuke hummed to himself as he positioned Naruto's hands correctly on the bat "You have to make sure you're knuckles are lined up if you want your wrists to roll right, keep your feet shoulder width apart and snap you're hips when you swing, it should make your back foot turn but don't over rotate it or you'll lose your balance, keep your elbow locked in at a 90 degree angle, yes like that…remember to keep your eye on the ball, everything else is useless if you can't see what you're swinging at."

Naruto smiles and does what he's told, wondering all the while if this was what Sasuke's weekends with his mom were like when he was younger. The blonde would bet his guitar that it was.

He honestly couldn't believe he was learning how to hit a baseball, well a softball actually; Sasuke said something about the cages having slow pitch softball machines while only having 65mph and up baseball machines.

"Okay good, now you're ready for the machine; they don't throw perfectly every time so if you think it's going to hit you just back out of the box and wait for it to go by."

Naruto blinked "Wait, what?" he didn't sign up to get pegged by dimpled balls.

"Don't be a wimp, if it does hit you it won't hurt that bad," Sasuke said, waving his hand in dismissal. He bent down and picked up a helmet that had a facemask on it and shoved it onto the blondes head

The blonde glared but pushed the net aside anyway and pushed the gold token into the blue box and stepped up to the plate.

Sasuke sat back on his heels and watched as the metal arm wound around and slung the first pitch. He held back a smile when Naruto swung a perfect—for a beginner—(if a little weak) swing and dribbled the ball back to the machine.

"Swing like you mean it!" he called to the blonde and bent down to pick up his own bat. He chuckled under his breath when the blonde huffed and rocked the pitch back up and into the machine.

Satisfied the raven made his way to his own batting cage and started the machine. He was halfway through his second round when his lover's slightly strained, raised voice reached his ears.

Black eyes narrowed when he came upon a scene that caused his blood to boil. A white haired boy had a hand raised and was slowly stroking his blonde's whiskered cheek. Sasuke could tell by Naruto's face that the boy was also saying something unpleasant to the blonde.

He swiftly moved to rectify the situation by sliding around the pair and wrapping one arm around the blonde and pulling the smaller boy to his chest while the other arm was crooked at an angle to let his bat rest lazily against his shoulder.

"Is there a problem?" he asked in a deceptively pleasant voice.

"Oh, no," the boy said with a false smile "Not at all."

Sasuke hummed and nodded his head but tightened his arm around Naruto slightly when he felt the blonde's own fist clench tighter around the handful of the raven's shirt he held.

"Good, that's good." The youngest Uchiha said steadily with a creepy smile. He pulled the bat from his shoulder and rested it against the side of the white haired boy's head, right against his temple.

"Because if there was a problem, I would have to take serious steps to fix it, I'm sure you understand?" his voice was smooth and agreeable on the surface but the dark promise was rolling just underneath.

The other boy paled and nodded.

"I think it would be best for everyone if you'd make yourself scarce, yes?"

The boy nodded even faster and Sasuke leaned in so that his slightly shaken beloved couldn't hear "If I ever see your face anywhere near him I'll bash it in so thoroughly that your own mother won't even be able to identify your corpse at the morgue, are we clear?"

He allowed himself to feel grim satisfaction as the boy swallowed loudly and nodded so quickly Sasuke thought his head was going to fly off his deathly pale neck.

"Leave, now." Sasuke commanded as he pulled back. The other male spun on his heel and made his way swiftly to the door.

The raven dropped his bat and stared at the slightly shaking Naruto "Who was that? What did he want?"

Taking a deep breath the blonde looked the raven in the eye "My ex-adopted brother, Kabuto."

Sasuke gripped the blonde hard enough to bruise. Kabuto, adopted son of Orochimaru, and one of the people who made his love's life hell before the blonde had finally managed to find his godparents. Thoughts ran wild through the Uchiha's mind—why was the boy here? Last Naruto knew he was where Naruto had run from, in Suna. Why had Kabuto been at the batting cages? He didn't have anything indicative of being there to practice. Most important of all, why had he spoken to Naruto?—he shook his head and refocused on the blonde.

"What did he want?" Sasuke asked quietly reaching up to pet the blonde hair soothingly.

Naruto took a shuddering breath "He just wanted to ask how his 'beloved otouto' was doing."

Sasuke hummed quietly and waited for the other to continue "He also said that he always thought that the whisker marks looked stunning on my face and then asked 'weren't you glad I gave them to you?'"

The raven ground his teeth together and pulled the blonde completely into his chest, littering his temples and head with light kisses. He would take his love home and then start planning on how to take that vile creature apart.

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